Where's Johnny?

A Hearing Panel of the British Columbia Law Society concluded that an attorney violated professional standards by improper closing argument to the jury in a personal injury matter resulting in a mistrial and in subsequent published remarks. As to a... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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IPR Joinder Estoppel (Sometimes)

Uniloc 2017 v. Facebook (Fed. Cir. 2021) The PTAB sided with Facebook in this inter partes review proceeding.  Finding most of the claims in Uniloc’s US8995433 unpatentably obvious.  On appeal, Uniloc raised two main issues: Procedure: Whether Facebook, as well as WhatsApp and LG, should have been estopped from bringing the IPR challenges under 35 USC § 315(e)(1).  Inherent to this question is whether the estoppel question is barred by the “no appeal” provision of Section 314(d). Substance: W...
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That Law School Is So White! How White Is It? — See Also

The Whitest Law Schools: An actually useful ranking. Unpaid Jobs Are A Societal Ill: Oh, look! There's one at the DOJ. Biglaw Partner To Investigate Cuomo: This doesn't look good for the governor. Biglaw Firm Tries, Fails To Celebrate International Women's Day: Social media is hard, y'all.
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Your Promotion Prospects Are Grim At These Biglaw Firms

Not a lot of folks make it to partner here.
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The Billions Boost

This verdict shows that juries are prepared to award big verdicts even when the current patent holder is a nonpracticing entity.
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AT&T Says Rule Barring Selective Disclosures To Analysts Can’t Possibly Be Designed To Bar Selective Disclosures To Analysts

The SEC has a different interpretation of Reg FD, alas.
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Flagging federal criminal justice reform as great bipartisan legislative opportunity

Van Jones and Louis Reed have this great new CNN piece under the headlie "The one issue that could bring Democrats and Republicans together."  Here are excerpts: Political commentators continue to wonder whether President Joe Biden can deliver on his promise of national unity and healing.  While his prospects for doing so seem increasingly limited, there is one area that offers some hope: criminal justice reform.... Biden has a unique opportunity to build on his predecessors' progress. To start...
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Highlighting why those concerned about mass incarceration need to be concerned with murder spike

Adam Gelb has this notable new USA Today opinion piece under the headline "America's surge in violence: Why we must reduce violent crime for prison reform to work: We simply won’t shed our status as the planet’s leading incarcerator without reducing violence." Here are excerpts: Amid the pandemic and protests last year, violent crime spiked. Homicides in 34 large cities rose 30%, a single-year jump that is unprecedented in modern American history. In those cities alone, there were 1,268 more mu...
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Cases testing Trump’s “public charge” immigration rule are dismissed

Just over two weeks after the Supreme Court announced that it would review the Trump administration’s “public charge” rule, which governs the admission of immigrants into the United States, the case (as well as two others presenting the same question) was dismissed on Tuesday, at... The post Cases testing Trump’s “public charge” immigration rule are dismissed appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Success At Any Size: Business Development Strategies For Smaller Firms [Sponsored]

Smart marketing can be a big asset to small law firms. Deborah Farone, who wrote the book on law firm business development, discusses today’s challenges – and opportunities.
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MI5 policy allowing agents to commit serious crimes ruled lawful

Human rights groups indicate they will seek to take case to supreme court after appeal court judgmentMI5’s partially secret policy of allowing agents to participate in serious crimes in pursuit of intelligence was legal, three court of appeal judges have concluded.The judges held on Tuesday that MI5 was “not above the law” because the long-established power did not equate to an immunity from prosecution, in the latest step in a long-running legal case brought by four human rights groups. Continu...
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 Talk about anything. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Universal Design and the Legal System: Part I, Background

While I find Twitter posts too often to be vicious, bigoted (neither in those I actually follow, but in retweet comments), frustrating and a lagoon of self-congratulatory messages (“I’m honoured and humbled to have won/been recognized for/have been included among these fabulous people….”), I also enjoy some people’s very clever humour and discover news of developments I might not otherwise see. So it is with a Tweet from @lawtech_a2j (aka the UK’s Roger Smith): “The concept of user-centred legal...
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Chrome Extension Searches Thousands Of Legal Tech Companies and Products

Say you are reading an article online about contract lifecycle management and want to know what companies offer products for that. A new extension for the Chrome browser puts the answer a click away. With the new Legalpioneer Chrome extension installed, highlight a word or phrase on any web page to search and explore a database of more than 5,500 worldwide technology businesses serving legal professionals and the law. The extension searches, a non-profit site launched in 2016 th...
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Butterfly population collapse linked to climate change

New research has found that warmer autumns are driving the extinction of monarch butterflies. Globally, 40 percent of insect populations are in decline; one-third are in danger of extinction.Insects pollinate three-fourths of the world's crop supply, resulting in 1.4 billion jobs. Insects might often seem like a nuisance, yet life on this planet would be impossible without them. Sure, mosquitoes kill more humans every year than any other animal, but there's a trade-off when it comes to such in...
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Coronavirus Update 3-9-2021: CDC says fully vaccinated people can safely visit fully vaccinated Grandma (but still have to keep wearing masks at work)

Yesterday, the CDC issued its long-awaited guidance on how fully vaccinated people can safely visit others. Here's who and how the CDC says can fully vaccinated people can safely visit: Other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks or staying 6 feet apart; andUnvaccinated people from one other household indoors without wearing masks or staying 6 feet apart if everyone in the other household is at low risk for severe disease. "Fully vaccinated" means "two weeks after receiving t...
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The de-normalization of "normal."

I'm reading (NYT). The study found that 56 percent of participants thought that the beauty industry could make people feel excluded, and that as many as seven in 10 people agreed that the word “normal” on products and in advertising had negative effects. That figure rose to eight in 10 for people between the ages of 18 and 35.... The changes were long overdue and “completely necessary” after last year’s worldwide Black Lives Matter demonstrations, said Ateh Jewel, a beauty journalist and an ad...
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Quarter of women and girls have been abused by a partner, says WHO

Largest such study finds domestic violence experienced by one-in-four teenage girls with worst levels faced by women in their 30s One in four women and girls around the world have been physically or sexually assaulted by a husband or male partner, according to the largest study yet of the prevalence of violence against women.The report, conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UN partners, found that domestic violence started young, with a quarter of 15- to 19-year-old girls and youn...
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4 Changes To Make To Your LinkedIn Profile That Will Enhance Your Legal Skills And Visibility

With more than 700 million users on the platform, LinkedIn offers you the ability to be seen, noticed, and scouted when you are (and aren’t) job searching.
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"[Cornel] West said in an interview with The New York Times last week that he did not know why his request to be considered for a tenured post had been rebuffed..."

"... but that he thought it could have something to do with his age and his support for the Palestinian cause, which he called a 'taboo' issue at Harvard." From (NYT)(excellent photo of West at the link).  And here's the article from last week:   West rose to prominence with his 1993 best-selling book, “Race Matters,” followed by another best seller, “Democracy Matters.” He graduated from Harvard in 1973 and was recruited to its faculty in 1994 as part of a “dream team” to help rebuild the f...
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Congratulations To Winners Of Startup Alley At ABA TECHSHOW

Yesterday, I moderated the fifth-annual Startup Alley pitch competition, presented as the opening event of ABA TECHSHOW. Fifteen startups presented their pitches to an audience of virtual TECHSHOW attendees, who then voted for their favorites. Each startup presented a prerecorded 2.5 minute video pitch. Plus, each was allowed 30 seconds for a live introduction. While that is not a lot of time to present a product, all 15 startups did a great job. At the end of the competition, the votes were tal...
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"I’m nowhere near as crazed as I was. It’s a lot easier now. I feel like I can hear the thoughts in my own head again."

Said NYT reporter Maggie Haberman, answering the question how her days have changed now that Trump isn't President anymore. Quoted in "Maggie Haberman on life after Trump and the one question she regrets not asking" (Forward).The question she regrets not asking isn't really one question but a line of inquiry:One question that I think is sort of an open one is he has said very little about what he expected the federal government to be like when he came in. Remember, you are talking about somebod...
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"But Biden, so far, has been impregnable. The voice is too bland and devoid of obvious quirks..."

"... and beyond the occasional 'C’mon, man,' his conversational manner too muted and self-effacing, to give the parodists much to work with. Trump supporters and Fox News pundits would undoubtedly attribute this to the media’s liberal bias. And to be sure, Trump was viewed by the (mostly liberal) satirists not just as an irresistible comic target but also as a dire threat to the nation. Biden’s pleasantly boring presidency has been a welcome return to normality — but hardly great material for pa...
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John McAfee (Allegedly) Didn’t Tell Two Interested Parties About His CryptoPromotion Side Hustle

Those parties being the IRS, and the people he was shilling ‘coins to.
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Domestic violence and workers' rights: women protest worldwide – in pictures

A wide range of issues affecting women, from abortion rights to femicide, were highlighted at rallies and events for International Women’s Day on 8 March Continue reading...
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