For journalists: How to read a Texas racial profiling report, or, a case study demonstrating discrimination through police search patterns in Amarillo

Grits has started to see local reports on law enforcement racial profiling data from Texas traffic stops, but it's evident most local reporters don't understand what they're looking at. So they ask the department what it means, the chief soft pedals it, reporter files the story, bada bing, bada boom. That's how a local Amarillo TV station covered the report. Reporters seem to have gotten into a habit of doing the same simplistic story every year, even as the data has improved and much more can b...
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Let’s Praise Some Law Firms — See Also

Exciting News: DLA Piper announces raises for 2021. Who Doesn't Love A Good Rating System?: We give our thoughts on the Davis Polk gift packages. It's A Day That Ends In 'Y': So the Supreme Court is punishing immigrants arbitrarily. No, Take Your Time: The government needs a timeout because the Capitol Riot evidence is too overwhelming.
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At the Sunrise Café...

 ... you can talk about anything you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The Law Schools Making Big Employment Strides In 2020

These law schools are getting their grads work in Biglaw.
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Why I Became A Lawyer

Helping others is a wonderful way to spend your career.
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A habeas circuit split and Ohio’s public-sector unions

This week we highlight cert petitions that ask the Supreme Court to consider, among other things, when a habeas corpus filing is a barred “second or successive” petition and whether Ohio’s exclusive representation for public-sector unions violates non-consenting public-sector employees’ First Amendment rights. The Antiterrorism... The post A habeas circuit split and Ohio’s public-sector unions appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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COVID-19: One Year Later — How To Network And Thrive During A Crisis, Featuring Anjie Vichayanonda

If you're interested in getting a candid perspective of how other lawyers have juggled their work and personal lives during the pandemic, check out this book.
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Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is pregnant, and is requesting her federal trial be delayed again

Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos. REUTERS/Stephen Lam Theranos founder and former CEO Elizabeth Holmes is pregnant, her lawyer says. Holmes expects to give birth in July, and is asking to push her trial back to the end of August. The federal prosecution also requested a delay due to her pregnancy. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Founder and former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is pregnant, according to new court documents.Holmes expects to give birth in July, a...
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Patent Claims as Elements rather than Boundaries

I teach Introduction to Intellectual Property Law every spring semester, an experience that often causes me to reflect on some of the fundamental premises of intellectual property law in a way that advanced courses don’t necessarily always invite.  When you’re deep in the nuances of the effective date provision for post-AIA § 102, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the big questions.  This post is one of a few half-baked ideas from that return-to-basics reflection. *** I grew up steeped in the w...
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Keeping Your Data Safe In The Remote Work Era

A conversation with Kelvin Coleman of the National Cyber Security Alliance. 
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Bellingcat is transforming investigative journalism with open-sourced information

Bellingcat has used open sources, such as satellite maps and social media posts, to unmask Russian spies and solve mysterious plane crashes.The independent news collective blends the investigative methods of citizen journalism with the guidelines of a traditional news outlet.It hopes to make open-source investigative techniques mainstream, setting an example in our era of vast data and "counterfactual communities." On July 17, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) was shot down over eastern ...
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Top 25 Law School To Offer Mandatory Course On Racism

The top law school is the first in the country to require such a course.
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Trident nuclear warhead numbers set to increase for first time since cold war

Defence and foreign policy review expected to signal rise, in move analysts say is diplomatically provocativeDowning Street’s integrated review of defence and foreign policy is expected next week to signal a potential increase of the number of Trident nuclear warheads for the first time since the end of the cold war.Whitehall sources indicated that a cap on total warhead numbers – currently set at 180 – is expected to increase, although the exact figure is not yet known, in a move that analysts ...
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Applicants who are the Obligated Assignee

About 10% of the patent applicants file their patent application as an “obligated assignee” rather than the actual “assignee.”   Those 10% have apparently not yet received a assignment of rights from the human inventors but are still allowed to walk through the patenting process under 37 CFR 1.46, which allows patent applications to be filed “by an assignee, an obligated assignee, or a person who otherwise shows sufficient proprietary interest in the matter.” I picked a obligated-assignee paten...
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Long Covid more likely in working-age women than in men – study

Preliminary data presented to Sage shows women five times as likely to report new disability or increased fatigueWorking-age women who are hospitalised with coronavirus are five times as likely to develop long Covid as men in the same age group, according to research presented to the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage).Preliminary data shared with scientific advisers suggests that women under 50 are five times as likely as men under 50 to report a new disability, six ti...
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With ILTACON Returning Live In August, ILTA Execs Share Details Of What To Expect

The International Legal Technology Association’s announcement that its ILTACON conference in August will be a hybrid event, with both an in-person conference in Las Vegas and live-streamed programming, makes it the first major U.S. legal technology conference to resume in-person meetings since the outbreak of the pandemic a year ago. But many questions remain about how the conference will be organized, how attendees’ safety will be protected, and what attendees should expect. For answers to thos...
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Remembering-The lady of the Law – Mithan Tata Lam

Women’s Day Special: Remembering-The lady of the Law- Mithan Tata Lam There are few life stories as invigorating as that of Mithan Tata. Mithan Tata has the distinction of smashing the thickest of all professional ceiling- she has the distinction of being the first women, allowed to practice law before the Bombay High Court. In a sense, she was fortunate that The Legal Practitioners (Women) Act 1923 was passed in April, 1923 which allowed woman to practice law. Bombay bar room was radiated wit...
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Forensic hypnosis largely dead in Texas but junk evidence still travels like zombies through the court system thanks to the CCA

Exciting news: Texas DPS has ended the use of forensic hypnosis among the Texas Rangers, the Forensic Science Commission's Lynn Garcia told the Texas Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee yesterday. Your correspondent broke the news on Twitter; see Dallas News coverage here.  The Dallas News had previously reported that the Texas Rangers and the Harris County Sheriff's Office were the last agencies in the state with peace officers carrying hypnosis certifications. Those must be renewed ...
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Coronavirus Update 3-12-2021: What does the American Rescue Plan mean for employers?

Yesterday, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, aka the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill. It's the most significant economic relief bill we've seen in decades. Here are four key provisions to which employers should be paying attention. 1/ DOL Funding for COVID-19-Related IssuesThe Act provides $150 million in funding to various DOL agencies, including the Wage & Hour Division and OSHA, to "carry out COVID-19-related worker protection activities" through September 2023. A...
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I'm not even going to take the trouble to look for the center between these manifestly silly extremes.

These are the top 2 headlines at Real Clear Politics right now: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Featured Resource: The Latest Legal Trends Report from Clio

The latest Legal Trends Report, published by cloud-based legal technology company Clio, aims to refine a vision for this “better normal,” providing data and analysis that shows the legal industry’s “product-market-fit problem,” where the majority of those needing legal help don’t get it, and how law firms can fill the gap. In particular, this year’s report uses aggregated and anonymized data from tens of thousands of legal professionals to share: Strategies firms have used to accelerate recover...
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Out Of Trust

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has disbarred an attorney who had misappropriated "at least $690, 444. 95 in client funds, transferred $943,496.09 from an IOLTA account to his operating account without client designation, commingled more than $35o,000 of operating-account funds... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Social Media Messages And Bar Discipline

The New Jersey Supreme Court has ordered a one-year suspension with reinstatement on conditions for an attorney's Florida cocaine possession conviction and client-related misconduct. The client matter involved defending a husband and wife in a civil dispute. As the Disciplinary... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Pinterest Defeats Contributory Copyright Infringement Claim–Davis v. Pinterest

This is a copyright infringement case against Pinterest for allegedly infringing “pins” by users. The plaintiff alleged claims for direct and contributory copyright infringement. Pinterest moved to dismiss the claim for contributory infringement. The court grants the motion. In addition to the direct infringement by someone else (in this case, presumably the users doing the pinning), the prima facie elements of contributory infringement require that the defendant (1) know of the infringing acti...
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The urgent need for court expansion

[Ed. note: The prospect of adding seats to the Supreme Court has been a rallying cry for some left-leaning politicians and activists for years. When Democrats won the White House in November and narrowly took control of the Senate in January, those calls intensified. President... The post The urgent need for court expansion appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Boies Schiller Takes Big Hit To 2020 Profits

The firm won't be bringing in its usual haul as it regroups with a different mix of business.
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