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UK faces 'Covid decade' due to damage done by pandemic, says report

British Academy review calls for wide-ranging new policies to reverse rise in deprivation and ill healthBritain faces a “Covid decade” of social and cultural upheaval marked by growing inequality and deepening economic deprivation, a landmark review has concluded.Major changes to the way society is run in the wake of the pandemic are needed to mitigate the impact of the “long shadow” cast by the virus, including declining public trust and an explosion in mental illness, the British Academy repor...
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Bonuses Keep On Coming — See Also

Davis Polk Will Not Be Denied: Look, they told you that they wanted to have the best bonuses this year and they're just going to keep raising the bar until you accept that. Cuomo Administration Sending Attorneys To Work With Witnesses: Your boss's lawyers are not your lawyers. Law School Looking Into Professor: Troubling blog posts spark inquiry. DC Looking Into Statehood: House members looking into insane reasons why not.
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Ten Reasons Legal Bloggers Should Write a Book

Last week, marketer, speaker and one of the best bloggers going, Seth Godin shared ten reasons to write a book. The reasons are spot on for legal bloggers. Makes sense in that over eighteen years, Seth has blogged about blogging to build a reputation, relationships and to help others – not blogging for SEO and website traffic. His reputation has taken off as a result. The ten: Clarifies thinkingLeaves recordProject is completely youWay to shareTakes up little space/portableYou...
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Notable SCOTUS partners urging (unavailable) USSC to clarify a guideline point

As noted before, the big SCOTUS news today for sentencing fans was the Justices' decision to grant cert to reconsider the reversal of the federal death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  (How Appealing collects some of the major media coverage here).  But for federal guideline gurus, the SCOTUS order list also included a fascinating little statement by Justice Sotomayor, joined by Justice Gorsuch, respecting the denial of certiorari in Longoria v. United States, No. 20–5715....
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New Zealand moves to rein in runaway housing market with billion dollar plan

Jacinda Ardern announces more support for first homebuyers and measures to dampen property speculation but admits its no ‘silver bullet’The New Zealand government has announced a series of billion-dollar measures aimed at tackling the country’s housing crisis as prime minister Jacinda Ardern warns there is “no silver bullet”.House prices have been driven up 23% in just 12 months, far ahead of wage growth, pushing younger and lower-income buyers out of the market. On Tuesday morning Ardern announ...
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This Law School Really Cares About Providing Equal Opportunities For Women

You don't have to sacrifice eliteness to do the right thing.
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The Top 5 Gonzo Arguments Against DC Statehood … So Far Today

Who doesn't love taxation without representation, right?
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Former ROSS CEO Leaps From Law To Medicine With New Startup

The company plans to develop products to digitize data from diagnostic tests and lab reports and then create analytic dashboards for health professionals to interpret and analyze that data.
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Justices will decide whether to reinstate death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber

Nearly eight years after two homemade bombs detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring hundreds of others, the Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would review the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was sentenced to death for... The post Justices will decide whether to reinstate death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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China Protecting Soldiers, Executives From Spying, Spontaneous Combustion

There’s a long list of reasons China might not want officials using Teslas, including the one it actually offered.
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‘Tech’ To The Future

Some parts of the legal profession really take it out of you.
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The Spectacle Of Stigma

It has become very interesting to see when kneeling at a football game is acceptable behavior. 
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Prosecutor Gets Demoted For Working As DoorDash Driver While On The Job

In the criminal justice system, late and cold food deliveries are especially heinous.
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CUNY Law School Dean Leaving Over ‘Slaveholder’ Remark

This response shouldn't be such an outlier.
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"Wim Hof’s technique of using physical discomfort—like ice baths—to improve mind and body is gaining popularity as it seeks scientific acceptance."

The Wall Street Journal reports.In 2013, researchers at Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands found that 12 people trained by Mr. Hof and then injected with E. coli had milder flulike symptoms than an untrained control group. In 2019, tests indicated a significant decrease in inflammation in 13 people suffering spinal arthritis over eight weeks of training in breathing, meditation and cold exposure....Mr. Hof’s career was born out of tragedy. He was in the Pyrenees working as a mo...
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Sturgeon welcomes 'official, definitive, independent' ruling she did not breach ministerial code – as it happened

This live blog is now closed. For more on this story, you read the news report hereFull report: Nicola Sturgeon cleared of breaching ministerial codeTimeline: what we know so far about Sturgeon and the Salmond inquiry 6.15pm GMT The army’s increased deployability and technological advantage will mean that greater effect can be delivered by fewer people. I’ve therefore taken the decision to reduce the size of the army from today’s current strength of 76,500 trade trained personnel to 72,500 ...
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Law School Launches Investigation Into Professor’s Shocking Blog Post

Students say it was 'racist, it was offensive,' and fuels the ongoing violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
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Can the UK avoid a third wave of Covid?

Analysis: as lockdown restrictions ease, the country now faces a race between vaccination and infection Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBritain’s latest lockdown has dramatically reduced cases of coronavirus, and the number of people being admitted to hospital and dying from the disease. What the country faces now is essentially a race between vaccination and infection: can we protect people faster than the virus spreads as restrictions are eased?This was always going...
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"The Supreme Court said Monday it will consider reinstating the death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev..."

The justices agreed to hear an appeal filed by the Trump administration, which carried out executions of 13 federal inmates in its final six months in office, including three in the last week of President Donald Trump’s term. The case won’t be heard until the fall, and it’s unclear how the new administration will approach Tsarnaev’s case. The initial prosecution and decision to seek a death sentence was made by the Obama administration.... Biden has pledged to seek an end to the federal death p...
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LawNext: BYU Law’s Innovative Dean Gordon Smith On His Next Five Years

Gordon Smith has just been appointed to a second five-year term as dean of the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University. Two years after becoming dean in 2016, he told an audience of law school advisors, “I want BYU to be known as, if not the most innovative law school in the country, then one of the most innovative law schools in the country.” As we recounted when Smith was first on LawNext in 2019, he has worked hard to make that vision a reality, launching the nationally reco...
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Sturgeon welcomes 'official, definitive, independent' ruling she did not breach ministerial code – UK politics live

Latest updates: Scotland first minister had been accused over investigation into allegations against Alex SalmondFull report: Nicola Sturgeon cleared of breaching ministerial codeTimeline: what we know so far about Sturgeon and the Salmond inquiryGlobal coronavirus updates – live 5.21pm GMT Nicola Sturgeon is speaking now to broadcasters about the findings of the Hamilton report.She repeats points she made in her earlier written statement. (See 4.56pm.) 5.10pm GMT This is from the SNP c...
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"This is propaganda."

Teaching kids to be neoracists. Note how the assumption in this story is that this is a self-evident good. Not a single source suggesting this has critics. Not a one. This is propaganda.— Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) March 22, 2021 Little children are always subjected to propaganda, though, so the real question is whether this is the propaganda we want for them. Let's look at the article: Leigh Wilton and Jessica Sullivan, Skidmore College psychology professors who stud...
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UK army, navy and RAF all to be cut back, defence review confirms

Cuts come despite pledge by Boris Johnson during election campaign not to cut armed services ‘in any form’Britain’s army, navy and air force will all be cut back over this parliament, despite promises made by Boris Johnson during the election campaign “not to be cutting the armed services in any form”.A five-year defence review, published on Monday afternoon, confirms that the army target size will be cut by 9,500 to 72,500 by 2025, its lowest level since 1714, and the number of navy frigates an...
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"An unlikely coalition of Democrats across the ideological spectrum mounted an 11th-hour push in the final weekend before the American Rescue Plan for President Biden to go big on tackling child poverty."

"They prevailed over what one person involved in the process called the 'cost police' in Biden’s inner circle, those anxiously warning about the ballooning cost of the stimulus package.... This under-the-radar success created what could be the most consequential piece of the $1.9 trillion package — one that, if made permanent, could approach the impact of the programs established under President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty. The sudden, unexpected creation of an approximately $120 billion ...
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The attorney general v the ABC

Christian Porter is suing the ABC for defamation over an article reporting that an anonymous senior cabinet minister had been accused of rape in 1988. Porter later identified himself as the minister in question and strenuously denied the allegation. Paul Karp explores how this case could play out, and whether Porter can continue to do his job while fighting to clear his nameThe crisis support and suicide prevention service Lifeline can contacted on 13 11 14. Support for sexual assault is availab...
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Nicola Sturgeon awaits publication of report into handling of Alex Salmond allegations – UK politics live

Latest updates: findings of James Hamilton QC due on Monday afternoon, as Scottish Conservatives plan no-confidence vote on TuesdayGlobal coronavirus updates – live 4.24pm GMT Half of all eligible adults in Wales have now had a first dose of vaccine, the Welsh government has announced.Over half of all eligible adults in Wales have now had their first dose 1,273,186 people in Wales have now had their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.346,058 people are now fully vaccinated.Latest @Public...
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Preparing for a Storm

Operation Desert Storm had important implications for the Air Force, with the tenet of air superiority taking on new meaning as the air campaign became the initial phase of the war. During this time, the U.S. developed a new strategic concept for the use of airpower that continues to influence air operations today. The lessons learned from this conflict led to development of the modern Air Expeditionary Force which supports combatant commanders with theater airpower capability. ...
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No Coverage for Insured Who Plants Hidden Camera in Neighbors' Bathroom

    The homeowners policy did not cover the insured after he was sued for planting a hidden camera in the bathroom of his neighbors. State Farm Fire & Cas. Co. v. Rodriguez , 2021 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 22161 (D. Haw. Feb. 5, 2021).      The insured's neighbors brought suit alleging that the insured secretly installed a hidden miniature camera in their bathroom. The discovery of the camera shocked and outraged the neighbors and their girls, aware that someone had snuck into their home and placed a hi...
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Coronavirus Update 3-22-2021: Covidiots at Whole Foods

"I'm Jewish; I don't have to wear a mask." That's what the maskless woman (shopping with her maskless teenage daughter) in front of me in line yesterday at the Whole Food fish counter said to the employee who politely reminded her that the mask she was holding in her hand was required to be on her face while inside the store.  Her statement was bad enough. As a Jew, I know of no tenet of my religion that says masks don't have to be worn. But it's what came next that caused my jaw to hit the f...
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