New PatentlyO Law Journal Article: Covid-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the U.S. Patent System Through November 2020

New PatentlyO Law Journal article by Nicholas Shine.  Mr. Shine is  a J.D. Candidate 2021, BSEE, is a 3L student at the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law. This essay was conducted as a directed research project under the supervision of Professor Bernard Chao.  – Jason The Covid-19 pandemic has had and continues to have a major impact on people and countries across the globe.  The pandemic has not only affected people, it has affected many facets of life including the economy.  The Unite...
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The 2022 U.S. News Law School Rankings Are Here

Check out some of the largest rankings tumbles and gains. Yikes!
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"I'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom. We have so much to look forward to... but right now, I'm scared."

"We have come such a long way...just please hold on a little while longer. I so badly want to be done. I know you all so badly want to be done. We are just almost there, just not quite yet." Said CDC Director Rochelle Walensky: Not long after that, as the NYT reports:President Biden on Monday called on governors and mayors to maintain or reinstate mask-wearing orders, saying that because of “reckless behavior,” the coronavirus was again spreading fast, threatening the progress the nation has m...
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"Here's how the full moon helped free the stuck ship Ever Given in the Suez Canal." explains."We were helped enormously by the strong falling tide we had this afternoon," Peter Berdowski, CEO of Boskalis, the salvage firm charged with freeing the Ever Given, told The Associated Press. "In effect, you have the forces of nature pushing hard with you, and they pushed harder than the two sea tugs could pull." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"The uproar over Michael Tomasky’s hiring at TNR underscores the extent to which any institution that isn’t explicitly right wing now faces enormous pressure to go 'woke.'"

"Tomasky is a through and through liberal but is being cast as a villain simply for not being further left." That's a tweet by Thomas Chatterton Williams, quoted in a Substack piece John Ganz titled "The Dumbest Tweet I Have Ever Seen/Not Really, but C'mon."Ganz writes:  Is there a political aspect to the disappointment with the situation at The New Republic? Certainly. Have some of the things written online about Michael Tomasky been uncharitable to him, not even giving him a chance before he ...
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At the Sunrise Café...

 ... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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An Expert Explains: Behind the Tata-Mistry feud, the crossed wires of history

The Supreme Court has set aside a Tribunal ruling that had reinstated Cyrus Mistry as Executive Chairman of Tata Sons. Tracing the history of the Tata, Wadia and Mistry families, leading to the ongoing conflict. Written by Coomi Kapoor Ratan Tata with Cyrus Mistry, whose removal as Tata Sons Exceutive Chairman has led to a long legal battle. (PTI File photo) For fresh insight into the high-stakes billion-dollar Tata-Mistry corporate battle, which set off tremors in the Bombay Stock Exchange...
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Mic flip: A catch-up and a look ahead with Amy Howe

It has been a busy month for the Supreme Court, with no slowing down in sight. SCOTUSblog’s media editor, Katie Barlow, turns the mic around on host Amy Howe to get the latest. The pair discuss the court’s recent oral arguments in Cedar Point Nursery... The post Mic flip: A catch-up and a look ahead with Amy Howe appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Firms Need To Be A Part Of The Vaccine Solution — See Also

Being Part Of The Solution: Are law firms stepping up and encouraging people to get their vaccines? Someday We're Going To See People Again: Trust the vaccine process. FedSoc Isn't Even Trying To Make Sense Anymore: Unlawful discrimination against students is a core part of the First Amendment... or something. The Digital Age: An interesting suspension.
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The Modern Free Exercise Doctrine Is Inconsistent And Dishonest

A conversation about the free exercise doctrine generally and discussion on an important free exercise case heard by the Supreme Court this term.
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"The Louvre museum in Paris said Friday it has put nearly half a million items from its collection online for the public to visit free of charge."

"As part of a major revamp of its online presence, the world's most-visited museum has created a new database of 482,000 items at collections."  Yahoo reports.  Here's the site.  Here's the first thing I looked for: I wanted to see that because I have a strong memory of drawing it (in person) and only remembered my drawing (blogged before, here):  ADDED: Oh, no, wait. It's this one — an older, nakeder Voltaire. This is the "portrait absolument fidèle" that I drew: [Author: [email protected]
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BBC just picked up on Darien Gap. Looks like we may have just woken up the world again:

Your donations helped make this happen. And Chuck Holton’s expert guidance. Thank you! [Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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Cravath Special Bonuses Have Finally Arrived!

Good news! Cravath has now spoken on 2021 special bonuses.
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Biglaw Firm Rewards Associates, Counsel With Generous Bonus Payments

Congratulations are in order for everyone at this firm!
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NY Supreme Court finds that excluding incarcerated people in New York from vaccine access is "arbitrary and capricious and violates Equal Protection"

A state judge in New York Supreme Court ruled today in Holden v. Zucker that New York had violated the constitutional rights of incarcerated people by refusing to offer them COVID-19 vaccines at the same time it was offered to other groups in congregate settings. In Holden v. Zucker, No. 801592/2021E (N.Y. S. Ct. Mar. 29, 2021) ( ), the judge ordered that every incarcerated person in the state be made eligible for the vaccine immediately, and here is part of her discussion: In all material resp...
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​How important is civility for democracy? For Habermas, not very.

Have we become unreasonable? In democracies around the world, anxious commentators exhort their fellow citizens to be more open-minded, more willing to engage in good-faith debate. In our era of hyperpolarisation, social-media echo chambers and populist demagogues, many have turned to civility as the missing ingredient in our public life.So, how important is civility for democracy? According to one of the greatest theorists of the democratic public sphere, the German philosopher Jürgen Habermas,...
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Two suspended after 'lockdown breach' by east Midlands hunt

Masters of Foxhounds Association launches inquiry as police examine activities of Quorn Hunt membersOne of Britain’s most prestigious hunts has suspended two managers over an apparent breach of national lockdown regulations after taking to fields as part of a 70th birthday “surprise”.Police are also examining the circumstances in which figures from the Quorn Hunt in Leicestershire engaged in an event organised for the birthday of Joss Hanbury, its senior hunt master. Continue reading...
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Looking up health symptoms online less harmful than thought, study says

Results show uptick in self-diagnosis accuracy after participants searched for advice onlineThat throbbing headache just won’t go away and your mind is racing about what may be wrong. But Googling your symptoms may not be as ill-advised as previously thought.Although some doctors often advise against turning to the internet before making the trudge up to the clinic, a new study suggests using online resources to research symptoms may not be harmful after all – and could even lead to modest impro...
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Covid probably passed to humans from bats via other animal, finds WHO report

Much-delayed report from team that visited Wuhan all but rules out lab leak theory Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageCovid-19 probably passed to humans from a bat via an intermediary animal, an international expert mission to China has concluded in a report, with investigators all but ruling out a laboratory leak.The intermediate host hypothesis was deemed “likely to very likely”, while the theory that the virus escaped from a lab was considered “extremely unlikely”, ac...
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Oklahoma Finds Policy Can Be Assigned Post-Loss

    Oklahoma joined the majority of court in finding that after a loss occurs, the insured can assign the policy to another. Johnson v. CSAA Gen. Ins. Co ., 2020 Okla LEXIS 118 (Okla. Dec. 15, 2020).     Johnson's property was damaged in a storm. She filed a claim with her insurer. She also executed an assignment of her claim in order to repair the property with the execution of assignment to Triple Diamond Construction LLC. An appraiser retained by Triple Diamond determined the storm damage wa...
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Supporting our AAPI employees in their time of crisis

The stats are jarring, disturbing, and scary. During the past year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been nearly 3,800 reported anti-Asian hate incidents, including shunning, slurs, and physical attacks. That number represents a stunning 46 percent increase over the prior year, and still just a small percentage of the actual number that has occurred. These incidents culminated last week in Robert Aaron Long shooting and killing eight people at three Atlanta-area massage parlor.Your AAPI (Asi...
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"'There is no political or social cause in this courtroom,' Mr. Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric Nelson, says. He is trying..."

"... to focus the jury on the specifics of the evidence and steer them away from the wider issues of race and policing in America that the case symbolizes to the world outside the courtroom." From "Derek Chauvin Trial Live Updates: Lawyers Present Case in George Floyd Killing/The murder trial of the former police officer begins Monday in Minneapolis, 10 months after Mr. Floyd’s death set off protests across the nation" (NYT). The defense will try to argue that Mr. Floyd took a fatal amount of fe...
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"I was repulsed and even a little afraid (I could easily imagine that the homeowner belonged to a militia group) but also fascinated..."

"... perhaps because he plainly also wanted very much to connect, to declare himself, to put forth his vision as any storyteller would. It also seemed as though he wanted to make people laugh, or at least smile. Because, as the display evolved over time, it became clear that he wasn’t just putting up political signage; he was directing a subtly changing Kabuki entertainment for the neighborhood. Some days you’d go by and the white-guy doll would be wearing a scowling Trump mask; then he’d be him...
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Resignation Accepted

The New York Commission on Judicial Conduct has accepted the resignation of a non-attorney judge who faced an investigation into two allegations Judge DiVietro was apprised by the Commission in July 2020 that it was investigating allegations that, inter alia,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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New empirical study finds "nonprosecution of a nonviolent misdemeanor offense leads to large reductions in the likelihood of a new criminal complaint"

This local press piece from Boston reports on new local empirical work that is likely to garner a lot of attention around the nation. The press article is titled "Study finds not prosecuting misdemeanors reduces defendants’ subsequent arrests," and it discusses at length the findings in this new Working Paper (also here) titled "Misdemeanor Prosecution" authored by Amanda Agan, Jennifer Doleac and Anna Harvey. Here is the abstract of the Working Paper: Communities across the United States are r...
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