For cruelty's sake: Texas prisons lose money every year to keep prisoners picking cotton, other field crops

Texas ended "convict leasing" - essentially hiring out prisoners as slave labor - just more than a century ago, but the prison system's Agricultural Division never really stopped so much as they brought the practice in house.TDCJ officials have testified under oath that having prisoners pick cotton in the summer heat is "essential" to the agency's operations. But we learned recently the agency is actually paying for the privilege of doing so. It'd be cheaper to buy it on the open market.Over the...
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At the Sunrise Café...

 ... you can talk all night. And please think of supporting this blog by doing your shopping through the Althouse portal to Amazon, which is always right there in the sidebar. Thanks! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Litera Acquires DocsCorp, Rounding Out Its Document Drafting Capabilities

Legal technology company Litera said today it has acquired one of its competitors, DocsCorp, a global software company with a range of products related to document productivity. With the acquisition, Litera acquires a group of products that complement and round-out its own document-productivity and document-drafting products. Litera says the acquisition will enable firms to add a unique set of products to enhance their document drafting workflow. For example, DocsCorp provides PDF editing and el...
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Another Day, Another Large Stack Of Dollars — See Also

Bonuses: Freshfields, Cadwalader, Clifford Chance, Fried Frank, Winston & Strawn, Schulte, and Orrick. I Am Once Again Asking For Your Vote: What's the most epic Zoom fail of the pandemic? Test, Test: LSAT scores are up! Remaining Silent Is Still An Option: Matt Gaetz had a lot to say about the DOJ's investigation into his relationships. Amateur Performance: The NCAA was not ready for what the justices were dishing out today.
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"If you didn’t know Ms. Anglund’s stories, you probably knew her drawings of children: Their faces were blank orbs with just two wide-set dots for eyes."

"They became ubiquitous, appearing on Hallmark cards, dolls and ceramics, as Anglund merchandise secured a prominent niche in the collectibles market... Ms. Anglund’s illustrations were particularly distinctive. While the adults in her drawings all displayed fully formed and expressive facial features, the children had none at all, save for those dots for eyes. Ms. Anglund, who used her own children as models, said she had never made a conscious decision to omit her young characters’ mouths and...
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Justices employ full-court press in dispute over college athlete compensation

With just a few days until college basketball begins its “Final Four” to crown the men’s and women’s champion, the attention at the Supreme Court on Wednesday turned to college sports. The spotlight was often harsh, with several justices openly criticizing the state of elite... The post Justices employ full-court press in dispute over college athlete compensation appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Omega ‘PregnancyCare’ Surrogacy Insurance Scandal Moves Offshore, And The Outlook For Victims Is Grim

The liquidator painted a grim picture for intended parents left holding the bag on hefty medical bills.
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Orrick Offers Big-Time Bonuses Plus Above-Market Money For High Billers

These above-market bonuses are wow, wow, WOW!
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Rounding up some (not-qute) mid-week reads

I have seen a lot of blog-worthy stories in recent days, not all of which are from this week, but all of which are worth checking out: From CNN, "Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution and other low-level offenses" From The Hill, "Biden urges leniency for harsh crack sentences fueled by his crime bill" From NBC News, "Texas woman sentenced to five years for trying to vote gets new appeal" From NPR, "When It Comes To Email, Some Prisoners Say Attorney-Client Privilege Ha...
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Court Reduces An Attorney’s Fees Award By $180,000 Due To Uncivil Conduct

If civility will play a bigger role in litigation, there should be some definitions on what constitutes uncivil behavior.
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Everlaw’s New Version Adds Early Case Assessment, Automated Quality Assurance and Office 365 Connector

The cloud-based e-discovery and litigation company Everlaw today released the latest iteration of its platform — the largest release in the history of the company — which adds early case assessment capabilities, new automated quality assurance features, and a connector to Microsoft Office 365, among hundreds of improvements. The company says these new features provide legal teams with sophisticated technology to improve efficiencies and substantially reduce discovery costs, giving legal professi...
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Staff Attorneys Are Treated As Second-Class Lawyers At Some Firms

Staff attorneys are lawyers just like traditional associates of a law firm and administrators should treat them more like how they treat other attorneys at a shop.
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It pays to be tolerant: Dutch national identity

The roots of Dutch tolerance run deep. Perhaps its sources are to be found in centuries old Calvinist prescriptions, according to which everyone has the right to interpret the Bible in their own way.Or maybe in the economy, since international trade necessitated respect for others."According to our report, there is no such thing as Dutch national identity," announced Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands, in 2007, which delighted some, outraged others, and left others still unimpressed. This expert r...
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"The man accused of beating an Asian American woman during a broad-daylight hate-crime attack in New York City on Monday was on lifetime parole for murdering his mother..."

"... years earlier in front of his 5-year-old sister, police and sources told Fox News. Brandon Elliot, 38, was arrested shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday in Manhattan. He has been charged with attempted assault as a hate crime, assault as a hate crime, assault and attempted assault, police said Wednesday. Around 11:40 a.m. Monday, Elliot is said to have attacked a 65-year-old woman on West 43rd Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues in Manhattan while she was on her way to church..  A startling ...
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Certificates of Correction 2021

by Dennis Crouch For the most part, Certificates of Correction are boring, simple, and quite common. 35 U.S.C. § 254 & 255 provide for correction of minor mistakes by the PTO and applicant respectively.  PTO mistakes are fixed when a mistake is “clearly disclosed by the records of the Office.”  For applicant-mistakes, the correction is allowed for “clerical or typographical nature, or of minor character” made in good faith.  Larger mistakes should be corrected via Reissue.  Errors can also be co...
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What Does It Mean To Be A Market Leader?

Keeping up with the competition matters.
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Legal Nonprofits Could Lead In Nuking The Counterproductive Mythos Of The 40-Hour Workweek

Just because lawyers in private practice have a garbage culture around work-life balance and must suffer the albatross of the billable hour doesn’t mean that everyone else should have to.
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France to close schools and stop domestic travel after Covid surge

Emmanuel Macron announces three-week shutdown of schools after leaving restrictions ‘until last moment’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFrance’s schools are to close for at least three weeks and travel within the country will be banned for a month after Easter in an attempt to curb a dramatic surge in Covid-19 cases that threatens to overwhelm hospitals, Emmanuel Macron has said.In a televised address to the nation, the French president said the government had waited “...
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A Copy Is A Copy Even If Warhol Is The Copyist

The Second Circuit tidies up its copyright fair use jurisprudence.
Tags: Law, Andy Warhol, Warhol, Intellectual Property, Fair Use, Second Circuit, Lynn Goldsmith, Scott Alan Burroughs, Copryright

"The plan, set to be introduced by Biden in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, says it will enable drivers across the country to find electric charging stations for their vehicles on the road."

"Every lead pipe in the country would be replaced. All Americans would have access to high-speed Internet broadband by the end of the decade. As many as 2 million homes and housing units would be built, retrofitted or renovated. Biden released the spending plan with a slew of tax hikes on businesses that is likely to be the most contentious part of his proposal. The White House says the proposal would pay for itself over 15 years because many of the tax increases would remain even as the spendin...
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Biden dog update.

One of Biden's dogs pooped on the floor, per pool"Champ and Major were spotted in the hallway outside the Palm Room doors in front of the Diplomatic Room. There was dog poo on the floor. It’s unclear which dog was responsible for it"— Kathryn Watson (@kathrynw5) March 31, 2021 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled Gov. Tony Evers acted unlawfully when he issued multiple pandemic emergency orders — including face mask requirements..."

"The order means the governor will be barred from extending the state's current COVID-19 emergency order and mask mandate, which was set to expire on April 5, unless the Republican-controlled Legislature votes to extend it. Otherwise, it will continue to be up to local governments, such as cities and counties, to impose their own virus restrictions. Dane County's mask mandate remains in place. The court's 4-3 ruling on Wednesday, with conservative swing Justice Brian Hagedorn joining the cons...
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Might we be getting closer to (needed) new nominees for the "frozen" US Sentencing Commission?

I was so excited to see Prez Biden announce his first slate of judicial nominations in part because I have been presuming that we would not get needed nomination to the US Sentencing Commission until at least some judge nominees were first put forward.  (Ever the fan of semantic technicalities, I think we should also call any nomination to the USSC to be "judicial nominees" given that the USSC is the only agency located in the judicial branch.)  Adding to my excitement is this recent Roll Call a...
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Hana Kimura death: Man charged over cyberbullying of Japanese reality TV star

Fans of star, a professional wrestler, decry court fine of £59 as ‘too lenient’ punishment for cyberbullyA Japanese man who sent hateful online messages to a professional wrestler who later killed herself has been charged but is not to face trial.Police told AFP that the man, who has not been identified, was charged with cyberbullying Hana Kimura, who was also a TV reality show star. She died in May 2020. A Tokyo court issued an order to fine the man 9,000 yen (£59). Continue reading...
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World Trade Organization (WTO) members, including the US, are discussing a TRIPS waiver for intellectual property rights associated with COVID vaccines and treatments.  The US has historically been opposed, but President Biden’s newly confirmed US Trade Representative Katherine Tai promised during confirmation to fully consider the issue. I recognize the critical importance of ensuring widespread access to lifesaving vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, treatments, and other key products worldwi...
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French woman sued by man she accused of sexual harassment wins appeal case

Sandra Muller, who founded French version of #MeToo, succeeds in overturning conviction for defaming Eric BrionA French appeals court has overturned the defamation conviction of the woman behind France’s answer to the #MeToo movement, who was sued by the man she accused of sexual harassment.Sandra Muller, a French journalist, coined the viral hashtag balancetonporc (“expose your pig”) to describe TV executive Eric Brion. Continue reading...
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Judge Admonished For Facebook Posts

The New York Commission on Judicial Conduct has admonished a judge for his Facebook posts The Formal Written Complaint alleged that from July 21, 2020 through October 16, 2020, respondent publicly displayed on his Facebook page: (A) two photographs of... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Coronavirus Update 3-31-2021: Covid-19 vaccination cards will be required to do lots of things, including possibly even working

According to the Wall Street Journal, Covid-19 vaccination cards are our only proof of vaccination status and will soon be as essential as a drivers' license or passport. With no national or statewide centralized databases of vaccination records, the piece of paper you receive with your vaccine dose is your only proof of vaccination.  The article suggests that we'll need this record to do lots of things moving forward, such as travel. What about returning to in-person work? Can employers ask fo...
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