Resignation Accepted

The Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers accepted an attorney's resignation In connection with the respondent’s representation of a plaintiff in litigation against the United States government, he signed the name of the Assistant United States Attorney to a settlement document... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Premiere Recap: Stabler's Got a New Gig, Old Vendetta in SVU Spinoff

Perps of the world, you’re on notice: Law and Order’s Elliot Stabler is back on duty. The detective, played by longtime SVU star Chris...
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Supreme Court sides with Facebook in narrowing the federal robocall ban

On Thursday, the Supreme Court unanimously sided with Facebook in a lawsuit over unsolicited text messages the social-media giant sent to a cellphone number in the company’s database. In an opinion authored by Justice Sonia Sotomayor in Facebook v. Duguid, the court adopted a narrow... The post Supreme Court sides with Facebook in narrowing the federal robocall ban appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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'Law & Order: Organized Crime': Where Stabler, Benson left off

It's been nearly 10 years since "Law & Order" broke up one of TV's most beloved partnerships. Here's a refresher before Thursday's reunion.
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Have We Found The Real Reason Behind Biglaw Special Bonuses — See Also

More Biglaw Special Bonuses: McDermott, O'Melveny, Kramer Levin, Vinson & Elkins, and Sullivan & Cromwell get in on the action. Lateral Market is HOT: Maybe that's why so many firms are on the bonus bandwagon. No Defamation Here! Even when the statement includes accusations about being racist, a fraud, a hack, and a wannabe, as well as having herpes and abusing an ex-girlfriend. Balancing Zoom Court And Pandemic Life: It aint' easy.
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This Law School Took A Ratings Tumble

Last year was a good year. This year, not so much.
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Occam’s Razor And The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Why do we make things more obtuse, more complicated than they need to be?
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Judge Denies ROSS’s Motion To Dismiss Thomson Reuters’ Copyright Lawsuit

The judge found that TR’s allegations are sufficient to allow the case to proceed to discovery.
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‘2021 Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Live Action’ Review: A Cross-Section of Cinematic Activism

Law and order, and the lack thereof, were impossible to ignore amid last year’s “defund the police” protests, and the same tensions are reflected in the Oscar-nominated live-action shorts lineup. Some of the entries predate the George Floyd killing, while another was shot in direct reaction to that tragedy last summer; two more were made […]
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"I’m floored. I’m thrilled to hear President Biden would call out the Claiborne Expressway as a racist highway."

Said Amy Stelly, an architectural designer, who is "part of a growing movement across the country to take down highways bored through neighborhoods predominantly home to people of color." From "A woman called for a highway’s removal in a Black neighborhood. The White House singled it out in its infrastructure plan" (WaPo). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Madeisy’s Journey: Two of the Dead Migrants who died passing though Darien Gap — total seems to be about 12 dead, others raped, all robbed

Panama City, Panama Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit Madeisy and her Mother contacted us last night. Chuck Holton took the call. They provided exact location via GPS. I will not reveal their location other than Nicaragua. They are making fast progress to America. Madeisy (16) is with her brother Miguel (12) and their Mother. According to conversation with Chuck, they have not eaten in two days and last night slept on a floor. We last saw them in Colombia and began tracking from there. Th...
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Sullivan & Cromwell Enters The Special Bonus Arena

The firm Biglaw used to rely on for spring bonuses is back at it.
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The AIA Patents have Arrived

by Dennis Crouch The America Invents Act of 2011 included a major reshuffling of what counts as “prior art” against a given patent. 35 U.S.C. § 102 was substantially rewritten with a new focus on an application’s effective filing date, and zero focus on whether a patent applicant was the “first to invent.”  The new law applies only to post-AIA patents.  The Act defines these as any patent that “contains or contained at any time” a patent claim “that has an effective filing date” on or after Marc...
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Excavating The Hyperlocal Legal Landscape With Amanda Ostrowitz Of CannaRegs

CannaRegs collects everything that might be relevant to canna law and provides early insights.
Tags: Technology, Law, Marijuana, Cannabis, Jean O'Grady, Canna Law, Amanda Ostrowitz Of CannaRegs

Maybe SPACs Shouldn’t Just Be A Cash Machine For Sponsors?

You’re not gonna like it, but given how things are going for blank-check companies, IPOs, and NFTs, hear ARS out.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance

Zoom To Grow 

It may be in my client’s best interest to lock my toddler in a dog crate during mediation, but it certainly isn’t in my children’s best interest.
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Tenth Circuit issues another notable ruling on federal compassionate release authority after the FIRST STEP Act

I flagged here earlier this week the notable Tenth Circuit opinion regarding compassionate release authority after the FIRST STEP Act in US v. McGee, No. 20-5047 (10th Cir. Mar. 29, 2021) (available here).  A helpful reader made sure I did not miss a similar ruling also from the Tenth Circuit today in US v. Maumau, No. 20-4056 (10th Cir. April 1, 2021) (available here).  The Maumau name may sound familiar because, as noted here, the district court ruled "that the changes in how § 924(c) sentence...
Tags: Sixth Circuit, Law, US, Second Circuit, McGee, Tenth Circuit, Seventh Circuit, Douglas A Berman, New District Court, Maumau

Barstool Sports Survives Saying Michael Rapaport Had Herpes In This Incredible Federal Opinion

The specific language used to shield the defendants could be important for future litigants involved in allegations of defamation arising from blogs, podcasts, and social media.
Tags: Law, Defamation, Herpes, Michael Rapaport, Darren Heitner, Barstool Sports

Peace camp support for Swiss army underwear move | Brief letters

Inclusivity in the armed forces | Festival of Brexit | Casual sexism | Boris Johnson | Signs of springWomen at the Aldermaston peace camp outside the Atomic Weapons Establishment welcome the introduction of female underwear for Swiss female armed forces recruits (Report, 31 March). They hope that the British defence review and the Ministry of Defence’s climate change and sustainability review will retrospectively copy the Swiss, inculcating a more female, peaceful and caring element into the Bri...
Tags: Gender, Eu, Military, Ministry Of Defence, Spring, Boris Johnson, Brexit, Aldermaston, Derbyshire Continue, Derek Robinson, Ailsa Johnson Aldermaston Women 's Peace Camp

Now Live At The Non-Event: Tame Your Document Chaos!

What to do with all the time you’ll be saving? We suggest ‘fun.’ 
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Pfizer vaccine has 91% efficacy for up to six months, trial shows

Findings based on two doses three weeks apart are first to show shot remains effective for many monthsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech protects against symptomatic Covid for up to six months, an updated analysis of clinical trial data has found.In a statement released on Thursday, the companies reported efficacy of 91.3% against any symptoms of the disease in participants assessed up to six mon...
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Biglaw Special Bonus Bonanza Makes Its Way To Texas

More associates get to share in the special bonus good fortune.
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'It was her story': Riad Sattouf on the real girl behind his Esther comics

When the graphic novelist met an unusually chatty nine-year-old, he was so struck by her talk that he began putting it into cartoons, which have been a hit in France“My name is Esther and I am nine years old. I live in Paris in the 17th arrondissement.” So starts the story of Esther, a girl growing up in the French capital, whose slice-of-life tales have been a huge hit across the Channel. These vignettes of a city childhood are based on conversations between a real, unnamed girl and the prize-w...
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At the Midday Café...

 ... you can write about anything. That's a panorama view that shows the sun and the moon. Click and click again to get a big enough picture. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"For a while now, I’ve been talking about art objects as 'machines for thinking': Our job as viewers is..."

"... to switch them on, and it’s almost impossible to do that when all you’re getting is a glimpse through the gaps in a crowd." Writes Blake Gopnik in (NYT).This essay belongs in the transgressive literary genre, The Blessings of Covid. Have you spent much time gazing at museum art, anticipating lofty thoughts and emotional transport? It's hard to experience the contemplative level of awareness needed when there are always other people shifting around you, taking too little time, shattering y...
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