Security for Judgment Awarded in Ontario

Civil litigation can be an expensive ordeal. In many circumstances, it’s not entirely clear that either side has the resources to go the full distance for an entire trial, and with competent counsel and reasonable parties, it’s frequently not necessary to do so. For every step along the way though, there are still expenses to be incurred. Rule 56.01 of the Rules of Civil Procedure in Ontario allows a party to see security for costs, typically where another party is ordinarily a resident outside ...
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Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: Larry W. Reaugh: American Manganese Patent Application Receives Notice of Allowance from Korean Intellectual Property Office (Source: Yahoo Finance) Brian Taylor: Apple Patent Application Describes Recycled-Content Aluminum it Used (Source: Recycling Today) David Nield: Siri Could Soon Learn to Whisper and Talk more Loudly, According to New Apple Patent Application (Source: Tech Radar) Michael Potuck: Apple Patent Opens the Door for Future iPhones to Use Mac...
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US Sentencing Commission may still lack a quorum, but now it has a podcast!

I am ever grumpy that the US Sentencing Commission has been without a quorum for well over two years (see here), while also being ever hopeful we will get new Commissioner nominees soon (see here and here).  But this past week I was ever pleased to see a notice at the US Sentencing Commission's website spotlighting "COMMISSION Chats: NEW PODCAST SERIES."  This USSC webpage explains: Brought to you by the Office of Public Affairs, Commission Chats is a podcast series designed to inform the publi...
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Green Buildings are Subsidizing Conventional Buildings Stymying Climate Progress

Green building bonds, which are higher rated and could provide cheaper capital for green building projects, can correct the current market that prices mortgages, green building or nongreen, the same, stimulating the economy and repairing the planet. The financial value of green buildings is well documented, from commanding higher rents, greater occupancy rates, and increased occupant satisfaction, to lower operating costs for everything from reduced insurance premiums and less energy utilized, e...
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Easter sunrise.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Plea to ease Covid maternity rules as women continue to get bad news alone

But Not Maternity Alliance says postcode lottery remains despite guidance issued in DecemberThe majority of women who have received bad news about their pregnancy since December were on their own at the time, despite the NHS ordering trusts to allow partners to be present throughout scans, labour and birth, the Guardian can reveal.An alliance of pregnancy rights campaigners have written to the health secretary, Matt Hancock, urging him to draw up a roadmap for easing visiting restrictions in mat...
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Retrain your brain for long-term thinking

Roman Krznaric, philosopher and author of the book "The Good Ancestor: A Radical Prescription for Long-Term Thinking," says that there are two parts of the human brain that are driving our decisions and ultimately determining what kind of legacy we leave behind for future generations. Short-term thinking happens in the marshmallow brain (named after the famous Stanford marshmallow test), while long term thinking and strategizing occurs in the acorn brain. By retraining ourselves to use the acorn...
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I'm considering changing the approach to comments on this blog.

I'd appreciate it if all readers would participate in this poll, whether you comment regularly, occasionally, or not at all.  The best approach to comments would be... Keep it the way it is. No comments, but readers can email, and Althouse may update the post to quote email. Comments must go through moderation, but nearly everything is published. Comments must go through moderation, and Althouse selects the most readable for publication. Something else, which I will describe...
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Madeisy now in Guatemala.

We chatted long time. Her written English is good. Spoken English not. This is normal. Many Japanese, for instance, write English at even university level but do not speak English. Madeisy is 16 and seems to write at about high-school level. (Not sure of level, but plenty good to chat — her high intelligence shines through). But when we all met in Colombia, she did not seem to understand spoken English and did not speak English to us. We communicated through Spanish. Madeisy wants to beco...
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"There were a number of prominent theologians during the years that I was going through the seminary who watered down the Resurrection, arguing that it was a symbol..."

"... for the conviction that the cause of Jesus goes on, or a metaphor for the fact that his followers, even after his horrific death, felt forgiven by their Lord. But this is utterly incommensurate with the sheer excitement on display in the Resurrection narratives and in the preaching of the first Christians. Can one really imagine St. Paul tearing into Corinth and breathlessly proclaiming that the righteous cause of a crucified criminal endures? Can one credibly hold that the apostles of Jes...
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Seemingly encouraging, but quite complicated, analysis of racial disparities in federal drug sentencing

The past week's Washington Post included this notable op-ed by Charles Lane under the headline "Here’s some hope for supporters of criminal justice reform." A focal point of the op-ed was this newly published paper by sociologist Michael Light titled "The Declining Significance of Race in Criminal Sentencing: Evidence from US Federal Courts."  Here is how the op-ed discusses some key findings with a positive spin: How many more months in prison do federal courts give Black drug offenders as opp...
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How about some clemency grants from Prez Biden to go with Second Chance Month, 2021 proclamation?

Last week, the White House released "A Proclamation on Second Chance Month, 2021."  Here is the full substantive text:      America’s criminal justice system must offer meaningful opportunities for redemption and rehabilitation.  After incarcerated individuals serve their time, they should have the opportunity to fully reintegrate into society.  It benefits not just those individuals but all of society, and it is the best strategy to reduce recidivism.  During Second Chance Month, we lift up al...
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The 'elite controllers' who can naturally suppress HIV

Research into how some HIV-positive people keep the virus at bay promises to yield new treatment possibilities, from vaccines to gene therapiesThe year was 1998 when Joel Blankson encountered a patient he would never forget. Blankson was working in the HIV clinic at John Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, when an HIV-positive woman in her mid-40s arrived for some routine tests.Blankson gave her a PCR test, intending to prescribe a newly developed combination of medicines called antiretrovira...
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Summaries Sunday: SOQUIJ

Every week we present the summary of a decision handed down by a Québec court provided to us by SOQUIJ and considered to be of interest to our readers throughout Canada. SOQUIJ is attached to the Québec Department of Justice and collects, analyzes, enriches, and disseminates legal information in Québec. ACTION COLLECTIVE (RECOURS COLLECTIF) : Estimant détenir une créance conditionnelle à la suite de l’approbation de leurs honoraires, les avocats des représentants demandent la communication de l’...
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Home Office: new deportation law may discriminate against ethnic minorities

Internal report reveals risk to migrant rough sleepers in crackdownThe Home Office has admitted that a new immigration rule to criminalise and deport migrant rough sleepers may discriminate against ethnic minorities, including Asian women who have survived domestic violence.An internal document outlines the department’s analysis of how the new power – which prompted widespread outrage when it came into force four months ago – would also indirectly affect at-risk groups, including people with dis...
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Far right puts brakes on a new law that aims to stamp out homophobia in Italy

Attacks on gay people continue unchecked as activists step up their 25-year battle to win LGBT rightsDaniela Lourdes Falanga has had her fair share of battles. The first was to survive a brutal upbringing as the firstborn son of a mafia boss in Naples. Falanga, 43, had been expected to follow in the footsteps of her father, currently serving a life sentence, into the powerful Camorra organised crime syndicate. Instead, she found the courage to break ranks, and in 2019 was elected the first trans...
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Lockdown brings alarming rise in modern slavery

Sexual exploitation rose by a quarter and criminal exploitation by 42% in 2020, analysis of helpline data showsReports of sexual and criminal exploitation have risen alarmingly during the pandemic, according to new data measuring the scale of modern slavery and trafficking in the UK.Cases of sexual exploitation, which includes people held captive in brothels and coerced into prostitution, rose by a quarter in 2020 compared with the previous year. Nearly a quarter of cases involved children. Cont...
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Life after a stroke: a mountaineer's guide to his biggest challenge yet

The British climber Malcolm Bass tells of the mental therapies that are helping him – and which others desperately needOne morning last August leading British mountaineer Malcolm Bass woke up knowing something was wrong with him but having no idea what it was. “I remember thinking I was struggling to sequence putting my contact lenses in, getting dressed and going through to the kitchen for breakfast,” says Bass, 56. “That sequence of tasks seemed very complicated to me when it wouldn’t normally...
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George Floyd's girlfriend shared his opioids pain – Derek Chauvin refused to see it

Courteney Ross’s testimony showed how police departments fail in their duty to protect those who battle addictionChauvin trial, week one: vivid testimony and focus on force Of all the accounts of George Floyd’s life and death heard in a Minneapolis courtroom this week, perhaps the least expected was his girlfriend’s description of their shared struggle with opioid addiction.Courteney Ross’s wrenching testimony gave a very human glimpse into the remorseless search for a fix and a mutual fight to ...
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