Looking away from the sunrise.

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Studying Nonobviousness

By Jason Rantanen There are lots of quantitative studies of patent litigation appellate court decisions, going all the way back to P.J. Federico’s 1956 article Adjudicated Patents in the Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society.  One of the big limitations of these studies, though, is that there hasn’t really been any work done to examine how replicable their observations are – even for variables as seemingly simple as whether the court affirmed or reversed on a particular issue, or re...
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Tennessee asks court to restore waiting period for abortions

Tennessee filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court on Monday, asking the justices for permission to enforce a 48-hour waiting period for abortions while it appeals a federal district court’s ruling that declared the waiting period unconstitutional. Characterizing the waiting period as “materially indistinguishable”... The post Tennessee asks court to restore waiting period for abortions appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Zoom Etiquette Guidance Offered to New York Lawyers

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** Zoom Etiquette Guidance Offered to New York Lawyers If you regularly read my column you know that I’ve been encouraging lawyers to use technology for over a decade now. When I first started writing about technology, I highlighted the benefits that social media and blogging could offer lawyers. From there I shifted my focus to mobile computing and cloud-based tools, and then eventually artificial ...
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You’re Fully Vaccinated. Now What?

Over the weekend, I became one of an ever-growing club: The Fully Vaccinated.  (A lucky extra dose at a pharmacy was my early miracle.) By early May, there will many millions more. What then? I posted on Twitter over the weekend that being fully vaccinated right now is a strange world that is causing the voices in my head to go “Let’s go outside! Maybe even a restaurant!” and “There’s so many people here! Do we have to?” Yes, there have many of you that have continued to go into an office or ret...
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Highs And Lows In Bonus Reporting — See Also

Bonus Guide: Irell, Gibson Dunn, Covington, McKool, and Arnold & Porter. Some of these associates are happier than others. RICO Non-Suave: Devin Nunes continues to lose his non-sensical RICO suits. Office Space: The next way for a firm to make a big splash in Biglaw is announcing a permanent work-from-home plan. And it's increasingly likely to happen. It All Comes Down To This: The finals of the annual Above the Law bracket challenge are set.
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No, You Can’t Say That In Court

An important step for LGBTQIA+ equality.
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Former CFO Of Badly-Run Company To Become CEO Of Badly-Run Company Hunter

Carl Icahn needs someone who can smell bad governance and also tolerate 99% humidity.
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US Sentencing Commission releases "Overview of Federal Criminal Cases, Fiscal Year 2020"

The US Sentencing Commission, despite the persistent lack of a quorum, can still churn out federal sentencing data and can still produce helpful reports about that data.  One such report is its annual review of federal criminal cases, which was released  today under tht title "Overview of Federal Criminal Cases, Fiscal Year 2020."  The full 27 page report is available here, and the USSC describes and summarizes the report this way on this webpage:  Summary The United States Sentencing Commissi...
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A Good Sign

I picked up a good sign for tonight’s National Championship Game this morning. Apple has a photo widget for the iPhone that displays photos or a video series of photos, with accompanying music in a random fashion. I am finding that that the widget, which displays the photos or video on your home screen, runs in more than a random fashion. Apple seems to know what the day represents, what I am going to be doing, and even how I am feeling – right at the moment. This morning I awoke to ...
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On Free Speech, The Biden Administration Already Disappoints

The Department of Justice has argued high school officials should have the power to monitor and punish off-campus student speech. 
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Hyundai Blue Link Connects Owners and Insurance

Hyundai Blue Link, a connected-car service first offered in 2018, can now be used to save on auto insurance. Hyundai’s usage-based insurance (UBI) program and Driving Score promotes safe, efficient driving habits. Through Verisk, a global data analytic firm, Hyundai drivers can opt-in to share their driving quirks. Receiving substantially lower insurance rates is the […] The post Hyundai Blue Link Connects Owners and Insurance appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Announcing The Second Annual Virtual Bar Exam Summit

On April 23rd-25th, join Vinco Bar Exam Coaching for 35+ virtual bar exam workshops.
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‘Borat’ Star Has No Sympathy For Rudy Giuliani, Was Afraid He’d Give Her COVID During Filming

She thought lawyers were supposed to be 'really smart.' Oops!
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Court to take up case on “harmless error” standard in habeas proceedings

The Supreme Court on Monday announced that it would add the case of a Michigan inmate convicted of premeditated murder to its docket for next term. The justices granted Brown v. Davenport, a petition filed by the state of Michigan on the standard for whether a constitutional error is “harmless” when a defendant is seeking federal post-conviction relief. The inmate, Ervine Davenport, was convicted after a trial at which he was shackled. State courts in Michigan agreed that shackling Davenport vi...
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Justices throw out Trump Twitter case

Just under three months after former President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter, the Supreme Court put an end to a legal battle over Trump’s personal Twitter account, throwing out a lower-court ruling against the former president and instructing that court to dismiss the case on the ground that it is moot – that is, no longer a live controversy. The lawsuit was filed in July 2017 by the Knight First Amendment Institute and seven individuals whom Trump had blocked on Twitter afte...
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Litigation Powerhouse Offers Special Bonuses For Associates

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the bonuses.
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Solitary Confinement, The Cruelest Form Of Punishment

In decades of practicing criminal law, solitary confinement has been the go-to, knee-jerk response to inmate misbehavior.
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Digital Health Companies Raised $6.7B, Breaking A Record For Q1

Digital health startups raised a record-breaking $6.7 billion in the first quarter of 2021. Large funding rounds propelled them past previous months.
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"See that smile? Ron had slipped up. He knew it and I knew it."

This is the big reveal in the finale of #QIntotheStorm where Ron Watkins says too much to Cullen Hoback and lets his guard slip.It was so good it made the whole six hours worth it.— Shayan Sardarizadeh (@Shayan86) April 5, 2021 Via "A QAnon revelation suggests the truth of Q’s identity was right there all along/The extremist movement’s leader had purported to be a top-secret government operative. But a possible slip-up in a new documentary about QAnon suggests that ...
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The Next Big Announcement In Biglaw: The End Of The Office Work Week

Don't worry, you'll still have to bill constantly.
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Did Ice Cube Check Himself Before He Wrecked Robinhood’s Name?

It is not quite clear that Ice Cube has a slam dunk case against Robinhood.
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How will Covid restrictions be changing in England from 12 April?

Next stage of easing of lockdown will mean non-essential retail can reopen, among other changes Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage England is gearing up for the next stage of coronavirus restrictions being eased from 12 April. So far, step 1 of the proposed roadmap has been completed: on 8 March, pupils and college students returned to the classroom, and care home residents were allowed to receive one regular, named visitor; then on 29 March, outdoor gatherings of up tw...
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"The thing that’s complicated about the body positive movement is it can be for the privileged few who have a body that looks the way people want to feel positive."

"We want curvy bodies that look like Kim Kardashian has been up-sized slightly. We want big beautiful butts and big beautiful breasts and no cellulite and faces that look like you could smack them on to thin women. I have a big stomach, I always have. That’s where I gain my weight — especially after early menopause, I have a straight-up gut, like an old man —and that’s not where anybody wants to see flesh. It’s not like if I posted a sensual nude of myself on Instagram, people would be marveling...
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