Podcast: When is slavery profitable? Texas' "Law of Parties," why traffic enforcement doesn't make us safer, and breaking down the #TexasGeorgeFloydAct

Here's the April 2021 episode of Just Liberty's Reasonably Suspicious podcast. co-hosted by me and Mandy Marzullo. This is Part Two of our special on the Texas George Floyd Act (here's part one). Listen to it here: We started with a discussion of the hearing on the Texas George Floyd Act and then broke down aspects of the bill we didn't get to in Part One:Qualified Immunity, featuring interviews with Arif Panju and Keith Neely from the Institute for Justice (4:50)Corroboration in Drug Cases, f...
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A researcher suggested US Capitol rioters came from towns that fear the rise of immigrants and people of color. Reactions to that finding reveal how divided the right and left are.

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 6: Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people try to storm the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. - Demonstrators breached security and entered the Capitol as Congress debated the 2020 presidential election Electoral Vote Certification. Brent Stirton/Getty Images A researcher found that Capitol rioters hailed from towns with dwindling white populations. Robert Pape found rioters came from towns with a fear of growing populations...
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Seven Chicago alums clerk on SCOTUS for second year in a row

I hope readers will indulge my sharing some local good news. [Author: Brian Leiter]
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"How Ron DeSantis’s critics are turning him into a hero for the right"

A WaPo column by Aaron Blake. Over the past year, DeSantis has repeatedly found himself targeted for his coronavirus response, sometimes in overwrought ways. The culmination came Sunday in a “60 Minutes” piece that cast a spotlight on his decision to run Florida’s coronavirus vaccination program through the grocery store chain Publix, which had donated $100,000 to his campaign in the weeks prior.... Even Florida officials with ties to the Democratic Party have defended the decision to use Publix...
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We took a walk in the Arboretum today.

Meade caught me wandering off:  I was sticking to close-ups:   [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Matt Gaetz sought a preemptive pardon from Trump before he left office, according to report

CHEYENNE, WY - JANUARY 28: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) holds a phone to the microphone as Donald Trump Jr. speaks remotely to a crowd during a rally against Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) on January 28, 2021 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Gaetz and Trump Jr. added their voices to a growing effort to vote Cheney out of office after she voted in favor of impeaching Donald Trump. Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz sought a pardon from Trump before he left office. The New York Times report...
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Marine Corps launches second, broader investigation after AAV training accident

The Marine Corps is launching another, broader investigation after the July 30 training exercise in which eight marines and a sailor died, this time looking at how preparations for deployment might have contributed. The men died when the amphibious assault vehicle they were training in took on too much water and sank off San Clemente Island. They were part of Battalion Landing Team 1/4, which was attached to the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, based at Camp Pendleton and under the 1st Marine Exp...
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"Long-time reader, first time commenter. I love the café style blog you created and have spent way too many hours reading you and your commenters over the past eleven years."

Writes a reader who calls herself lawlizard. The email continues: I was sad to see that you ended comments, but having had some time to think about it, I would offer the following. I think the comment section had become less of a café to offer freewheeling conversation and thoughtful opinions and was more like a bar. For the regulars, everybody knows their name, but they also had gotten boring. I could read your post and often it would spark interesting ideas and then read the comments and too ...
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"Low-Ball Rural Defense"

The title of this post is the title of this notable new paper authored by Maybell Romero now available via SSRN. Here is its abstract: Focus on the deleterious effects of the privatization of different functions in both the criminal adjudicative system and criminal legal system on the whole has increased on both the scholarship and policymaking fronts.  Much of this attention lately has been directed to privatized police forces, privatized prisons, and even privatized prosecutors.  As important...
Tags: Law, America, Douglas A Berman, Maybell Romero

Just a week's worth of good reads from The Appeal

Just about every week, The Appeal has too much great new criminal justice content for me to keep up with. So, as I often like to do, I will try to make up for limited time with a round-up of links that here merely highlight some of this notable recent content: By Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, "Unless Biden Acts, Thousands Could Go Back To Federal Prison: A Department Of Justice Memo From January Could Have A Devastating Effect On Many Federal Prisoners Who Have Been Released On Home Confinement." ...
Tags: New York, Law, Department Of Justice, Biden, Douglas A Berman, Molly Greene, Elizabeth Weill Greenberg, Veronica Riccobene Cuomo

Patients in Wales to be first in UK to receive Moderna Covid vaccine

Nation’s mass rollout begins on Wednesday, while Scotland will administer first doses later this weekCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coveragePatients in Wales will from Wednesday become the first in the UK to receive the Moderna vaccine as part of a mass vaccination programme, with the first doses in Scotland set to come later this week.The initial jabs would be given at the West Wales general hospital in Carmarthen, the Welsh government said. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, UK, Wales, Scotland, Society, UK News, World news, Vaccines and immunisation, west Wales, Carmarthen, Moderna, Coronavirus

Patients in Wales to receive Moderna Covid vaccine

Welsh health minister hails ‘significant addition’ to country’s vaccination programmeCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coveragePatients in Wales will from Wednesday become the first in the UK to receive the Moderna vaccine as part of a mass vaccination programme, with the first doses in Scotland set to come later this week.The initial jabs would be given at the West Wales general hospital in Carmarthen, the Welsh government said. Continue reading...
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Big Hairy Audacious Goal for Legal Blogs and LexBlog

Ask anyone who talks to me, and you’ll hear that I am anxious to establish a big hairy audacious goal for LexBlog. LexBlog started with the goal of bringing blogs to the law as a way for lawyers to development business in a manner superior to advertising, websites and SEO. We’d charged $200 a month for a professional turnkey blog solution as a business model. Most everyone thought us nuts. Lawyers would never use blogs. Plus, blog publishing platforms were free. We followed it up w...
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Weigh In On The Absolutely, Positively Worst Supreme Court Justice Of All Time — See Also

Got An Opinion On The Worst Supreme Court Justice Of Them All? Of course you do! So go vote. New Benefits: At Akin Gump. More Bonus News: From Alston & Bird, Sheppard Mullin, and Fish & Richardson. Matt Gaetz Is Hoisted By His Own Voting Record: In light of the allegations he's facing it says... a lot.
Tags: Law, See Also, Worst Supreme Court, Alston Bird Sheppard Mullin, Richardson Matt Gaetz

Gordon M. Bobb to Receive Variety’s Power of Law Award at Virtual Breakfast

Variety announced Tuesday the programming for its virtual, invite-only Power of Law breakfast, presented by City National Bank, on April 9. Variety’s Power of Law is tied to the annual Legal Impact Report, which profiles the top business lawyers working in entertainment and media. This year’s Power of Law honoree will be Gordon M. Bobb […]
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It’s Not Just You — This Supreme Court Is Wildly Pro-Religion

They are very consistent under Chief Justice Roberts.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Scotus, Religion, Courts, Trivia Question of the Day

Using Data For Anti-Racist Medical Research: An Interview With COTA’s Chief Legal Officer

Nadine Peters, chief legal officer of COTA, shares her journey to leadership in health data privacy law and policy recommendations for the Biden Administration on achieving health equity through data use and education.
Tags: Law, Cota, Health Care / Medicine, Biden Administration, Healthcare Docket, Nadine Peters

Justices validate Google’s use of Java platform in Android software code

Monday’s decision in Google v. Oracle reminds us that occasionally the Supreme Court can take a big case and actually decide it! So many of the intellectual-property cases that reach the justices reflect minor circuit conflicts of largely technical interest or end up with a decision so narrow as to contribute little to the development of the law. Google is not that kind of decision. Justice Stephen Breyer’s opinion for a 6-2 majority decisively rejects Oracle’s challenge to Google’s use of comp...
Tags: Google, Featured, Supreme Court, Law, Ford, Java, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Roy Orbison, Richard Nixon, Stephen Breyer, Breyer, Android Google, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Gerald Ford

Bye-Bye, Biglaw! Millennials Want To Go Out On Their Own.

It's no longer all about the money for some lawyers.
Tags: Law, Millennials, Quote Of The Day, Solo Practitioners, Small Law Firms

After Major Lawsuit, Condé Nast Is Reinstating Its Internship Program

It comes eight years after the publisher eliminated internships in the wake of a class-action suit.
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AstraZeneca Covid vaccine: weighing up the risks and rewards

Despite scientific advice to continue getting the jab, answers about fatal blood clots are urgently neededCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageVaccines have side-effects, as do all medicines. Most often, jabs cause sore arms, a headache or a bit of nausea – none of which would be very significant when weighed against the toll of a serious virus such as Covid-19.But sometimes the risk-benefit calculation may look less simple, as in the case of Oxford/AstraZeneca’s Covid jab...
Tags: Health, Europe, UK, Society, UK News, Medical Research, Astrazeneca, Pharmaceuticals industry, Vaccines and immunisation, Coronavirus, Oxford AstraZeneca

"... I was sensitive to the way my body had not been allowed its own autonomy, growing up as a girl. I began to realize that even [for] a boy, it doesn't mean all is open and everything is game."

"So when we used to play this lovely game called 'the mama clinch,"' where I would hold on to him and he was supposed to kiss me in order to free himself. And I used to love that, and he loved it as a child. And then when he was about 8 or 9, he started to not really enjoy that game and he would not jump into it. And I realized, 'Oh, he's growing up and he wants his own autonomy' and picking up on those cues. And I talk in another chapter about how important it is for us to pick up on those cues...
Tags: Law, Feminism, Spock, Npr, Kissing, Motherhood, Ann Althouse, Hugging, Jha, Sonora Jha

Biglaw Firm Announces Great New Family Friendly Benefit

Helps all employees save for college expenses.
Tags: Law, Employee Benefits, Biglaw, Akin Gump, Perks / Fringe Benefits, The Jabot

The new Murakami book is out today.

"First Person Singular" — a story collection. I put the text in my Kindle and the audio in my iPhone. It was already a great afternoon for a walk, and now....Here's an interview with Haruki Murakami (at NPR). Excerpt: When I'm really focused on writing, I get the feeling that I shift from this world to the other world, and then return to this world. Kind of like commuting. I go there, and come back. Going is important, but coming back is even more important. Since it'd be awful if you couldn't r...
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"The comments section had become very man-centered.... Most posts contained a slur against you, particularly as a woman."

After I added an emailed comment to yesterday's post — "The thing that's complicated about the body positive movement..." — I received email from a woman who does not want to be named:The person you chose to quote yesterday, Mary, wrote something similar to what I was thinking and considered emailing you about. Th[at] post strikes me as a woman's topic -- aging and acceptance as beauty fades -- and I began to wonder if your blog would become more of a woman's space. I'm one of the 77 who voted t...
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Immigration And The Biden Administration: A Changing Landscape [Sponsored]

Immigration law expert Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. discusses the Biden Administration’s bold approach to immigration reform.
Tags: Law, Immigration, Biden, Pli, Sponsored Content, Small Law Firms, Immigration Law, Continuing Legal Education / CLE, Practising Law Institute (PLI, Biden Administration, PLI Custom Small Law, Austin T Fragomen Jr

Oxford/AstraZeneca jab could have causal link to rare blood clots, say UK experts

Evidence ‘consistent with causality’ but vaccination programme must continue, says drug safety specialistCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageDrug safety experts in the UK believe there could be a causal link between the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid jab and very rare blood clots but say vaccination programmes must continue, with risk mitigation for women under 55.Prof Saad Shakir, the director of the drug safety research unit (DSRU) at Southampton University, said the evidence...
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