"FollowByEmail widget (Feedburner) is going away."

So I am told by Blogger, "because your blog uses the FollowByEmail widget (Feedburner)."The notice continues: "Recently, the Feedburner team released a system update announcement , that the email subscription service will be discontinued in July 2021. After July 2021, your feed will still continue to work, but the automated emails to your subscribers will no longer be supported. If you’d like to continue sending emails, you can download your subscriber contacts. Learn how."Ugh! I don't know if I...
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6:23 a.m.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Could Raises Be Coming? — See Also

Bonus Checkup: Perkins Coie, Foley & Lardner, and Quinn Emanuel. Bonuses Are Great... But What About Base Salaries: We used to wait years between industry-wide raises, but studies suggest we might be closer to another round than you might think. Math Is Hard: Breaking down the USNWR Law School rankings reveals a few curious calculation issues. How Is This Still Getting Worse?: The Matt Gaetz scandal just keeps growing more bizarre.
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It's the time of year to go to Governor Nelson State Park and see the Dutchman's breeches.

    "Dutchman's breeches is one of many plants whose seeds are spread by ants, a process called myrmecochory. The ants take the seeds to their nest, where they eat the elaiosomes, and put the seeds in their nest debris, where they are protected until they germinate. They also get the added bonus of growing in a medium made richer by the ant nest debris." "Governor Nelson State Park is a 422-acre Wisconsin state park... on the north shore of Lake Mendota. It is named for former Wisconsin Gov...
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Medical Student Sues School After Being Suspended For Questioning Microaggression

Does questioning a panelist on microaggression -- even persistently -- warrant a professionalism concern card?
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Magic mushrooms show promise in treatment for depression, study says

Trial suggests psilocybin combined with psychological therapy is as effective as antidepressant drugMagic mushrooms have a long and rich history. Now scientists say they could play an important role in the future, with their active ingredient a promising treatment for depression.The results from a small, phase two clinical trial have revealed that two doses of psilocybin appears to be as effective as the common antidepressant escitalopram in treating moderate to severe major depressive disorder,...
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What SEC Finding Of ‘Potentially Misleading’ Claims Around Investing ESG Issues Means For You

Learn more about the preliminary results of an ESG regulatory review of investment advisors and funds.
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Blogging For Myself, More Than Others

Rather than blog for someone else – to share information on an often loud and a crowded Internet, I blog for myself. Much like digital media consultant, speaker and long time blogger, Euan Semple describes it. ”…[I]t has always been true that I write as much, if not more, for myself as for anyone who reads these posts. Writing helps me notice what I notice, it helps me understand what matters to me, and helps me gain perspective on things. Writing “in public” helps me to take what I am ...
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Biden unveils Afghanistan troop withdrawal plan from the same room where Bush announced the war in 2001

President Joe Biden; former President George W. Bush ANDREW HARNIK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images; CHRIS KLEPONIS/AFP via Getty Images Biden on Wednesday unveiled his plans to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan. He spoke from the same room that then-President George W. Bush used to announce the start of the war. Both sets of remarks were given nearly 20 years apart. See more stories on Insider's business page. President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled his plans to withdraw US troops from ...
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Covid-status certificate scheme could be unlawful discrimination, says EHRC

Exclusive: Equalities watchdog tells government documents could create ‘two-tier society’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageCovid-status certificates being considered by ministers to help open up society could amount to unlawful indirect discrimination, the government’s independent equalities watchdog has advised.As ministers decide whether the documents should be introduced as passports to certain events later this year, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has told...
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First-Year Associate Salaries Are Up, But Is It Time For Another Raise?

The pandemic couldn't stop salaries from climbing. Is it time for a $200K first-year salary?
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There’s A LOT Wrong With These U.S. News Law School Rankings

Even if all you do is replicate their methodology with better data.
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The “great chief” and the “super chief”: A final showdown in Supreme Court March Madness

Forget Ali vs. Frazier, Celtics vs. Lakers, or Evert vs. Navratilova. It’s time for Marshall vs. Warren. After three rounds of the first-ever SCOTUS bracketology tournament, only two justices remain. Both held the title of chief justice. Both reshaped American law and society. Both are legal titans who defeated a string of worthy contenders to reach the championship. But only one can be chosen by SCOTUSblog readers as the greatest justice in the court’s history. To see how we got here, you ca...
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Noting the importance of charging policies and practices (and consistency?) as federal rioting charges get resolved from coast-to-coast

A few weeks ago, as blogged here, Politico spotlighted some case processing realities surrounding the on-going federal prosecutions of persons involved in the insurrection on January 6, 2021.  That lengthy piece highlighted reasons why it could turn out, in the words of the headline, that "Many Capitol rioters [are] unlikely to serve jail time."  Politico now has this additional interesting piece on the same beat headlined "Leniency for defendants in Portland clashes could affect Capitol riot ca...
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Marine Corps Recruit Depot opens graduations back up to the public

Ceremonies will be more festive at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot as families are welcomed back onto the San Diego base to watch their new Marines graduate. Starting April 22, Marines will be able to invite two family members to their graduation, a welcome break to the lesser fanfare of the last year where families and friends could only watch virtually. “It will be a lot more lively on the depot,” said Capt. Martin Harris, spokesman for the base that each year hosts more than 40 graduations. “I...
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"This was not a two-week process, I needed to educate myself a lot. I realised I have had a date with destiny with this thing for 31 years."

"I really do apologise. I know you weren’t asking for that, but it’s important. I apologise for my part in creating that and participating in that. Part of me feels like I need to go to every single Indian person in this country and personally apologise."Said Hank Azaria, quoted in "Simpsons voice actor Hank Azaria offers apology to ‘every single Indian person’" (London Times). Here's the top-rated comment over there: As an Indian having watched Simpsons I didn't even know I was supposed to be O...
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Priti Patel’s detention policies found to breach human rights rules

Court finds home secretary accountable for failures to ensure that deaths in immigration detentions centres are investigated properlyA landmark court ruling has held the home secretary, Priti Patel, accountable for failures in ensuring that deaths in immigration detention centres are properly investigated.Two judges in the immigration court on Wednesday ruled that three of the home secretary’s detention policies breached human rights rules and that she could not frustrate or undermine inquiries ...
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Solos Are Prospering In A World Gone Remote [Sponsored]

Many solo practitioners showed a higher disposable income than ever by the end of 2020, noted the CEO of XIRA, which provides a fully integrated law practice management platform.
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The Billable Hour – Friend or Foe?

Last night (April 13th, 2021) I had the privilege of being on the “stage” for a Clubhouse discussion around the Billable Hour. Is it alive and well? Yes. It is COVID resistant. Is it ever going to change?  Hopefully! What do in house counsel think about the billable hour? Some hate it, some love it. The Billable Hour, is it the industry’s friend or foe? When I was asked what the Billable Hour meant to me, I suggested that the Billable Hour is the scapegoat for everything that is wrong with the l...
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"The danger in presenting a defense case, especially in a prosecution that is so video-dependent, is that it allows the prosecutor..."

"... through leading questions on cross-examination, to walk witnesses through the video, explaining to the jury moment-by-moment exactly what the prosecution’s theory of the case is. If he does this skillfully, the prosecutor turns his 'questioning' into the equivalent of a summation.... In addition to stressing Chauvin’s patent awareness that Floyd was in pain, the prosecutor had the witness concede that the defendant had been told by his fellow officers that Floyd had lost consciousness, ough...
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Would Thomas Jefferson Have Supported Sperm-Swapping Doctors?

Like a gruesome car crash, it’s hard to look away.
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When It Came to @RealDonaldTrump, Twitter Couldn’t Please Everyone–Rutenberg v. Twitter

The plaintiff Maria Rutenberg (a lawyer, perhaps not surprisingly) was unhappy Twitter shut down the @realdonaldtrump account, which meant she lost the opportunity to read and engage with Trump’s tweets. So, represented by a lawyer (Mark Javitch), she sued Twitter for violating her civil rights. It only takes a few pages for the court to say that Twitter isn’t a state actor, Section 1983 doesn’t apply to it, case closed: Rutenburg makes no allegation that Twitter exercised any state right or p...
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Above The Law’s Law Revue Video Contest: Yea Or Nay?

We could all use this happy distraction.
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