Scarlet elf cups.

"Sarcoscypha coccinea, commonly known as the scarlet elf cup, scarlet elf cap, or the scarlet cup, is a species of fungus in the family Sarcoscyphaceae of the order Pezizales."    We found them today in Blue Mound State Park, where we walked my favorite trail, the Over Lode. AND: Here's the photo Meade took of me:  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"On Friday, West Point officials said in a statement that the [second-chance] program had 'not met its intended purpose' of increasing the self-reporting of honor code violations and reducing cadets’ tolerance for them...."

"'The tenets of honorable living remain immutable, and the outcomes of our leader development system remain the same, to graduate Army officers that live honorably, lead honorably and demonstrate excellence,' General Williams said in a statement. 'West Point must be the gold standard for developing Army officers. We demand nothing less than impeccable character from our graduates.'... Tim Bakken, a professor of law at West Point, said the involvement of so many athletes in a cheating scandal was...
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Coronavirus live news: France to impose 10-day quarantine on Brazil arrivals; Oscars reinvented for pandemic

Global death toll tops 3m; pandemic made 2020 ‘the year of the quiet ocean’, say scientistsPeak District welcomes visitors as Mansfield cases riseWhat are the new Covid variants?For all our coronavirus coverage 11.29pm BST South Africa’s health regulator on Saturday recommended that the government lift the pause on the use of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, as long as certain conditions are met. Reuters reports:“These conditions include, but are not limited to, strengthened screen...
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Former Legal Tech Founder Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison For Fraud, Forgery

Between 2016 and 2018, I wrote a series of posts about Derek Bluford, a one-time rising star on the legal tech start-up scene whose star fell after I reported in 2016 of his settlement of a lawsuit charging him with impersonating a lawyer, forging legal documents and fraudulently swindling two clients. Now, Bluford has been sentenced to seven years in prison on charges related to those forgeries and fraud. On Thursday, Phillip A. Talbert, acting U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Californ...
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AAVs given OK by Marines to go back into the water after deadly accident last summer

Marines at Camp Pendleton were back in the ocean this week training in amphibious assault vehicles for the first time since nine men died when one of the troop carriers sank on July 30 during a training exercise off of San Clemente Island. The Marine Corps’ fleet of the seafaring vehicles was suspended from all water training immediately following the deadly accident. Using the armored vehicles to transport troops from a ship to shore and back – what the AAV that sank last summer was doing – is ...
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Coronavirus live news: UK put 600,000 vaccine doses into arms on Friday; Brazil crisis likened to ‘raging inferno’ by WHO

Global death toll tops 3m; pandemic made 2020 ‘the year of the quiet ocean’, say scientistsPeak District welcomes visitors as Mansfield cases riseWhat are the new Covid variants?For all our coronavirus coverage 7.31pm BST Music lovers in Liverpool will get the chance to enjoy the uninhibited intimacy of a gig once again, after the government announced a pilot event without social distancing. PA reports:The live concert at Sefton Park on May 2 will not require the audience to be socially dist...
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Coronavirus live news: Tunisia announces school closures to slow spread; Brazil crisis likened to ‘raging inferno’ by WHO

Global death toll tops 3m; pandemic made 2020 ‘the year of the quiet ocean’, say scientistsPeak District welcomes visitors as Mansfield cases riseWhat are the new Covid variants?For all our coronavirus coverage 5.46pm BST Police in cities across Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, on Saturday refused to make random stops greenlighted by the provincial government seeking to impose a stay-at-home order amid a surge in Covid-19 cases.Reuters reports:Toronto, the country’s largest city, Ot...
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Bible as worn as my Grandfather’s

We are not quite on boat yet. Waiting. So we came to a hut for breakfast. Am thinking they are short on Hollandaise. Driver has very word Bible. I photographed my Grandfather’s long ago. Am now with Panama Missions. Diane Edrington is leading this mission. Diane is a nurse and previously worked for NASA. Diane has been coming every few months for about 20 years, but more often in recent years, for a total, Diane reckons, maybe a hundred times. Everywhere we go people know Diane. ...
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Magnolia, scilla, fritillaria.

Flowers in Madison, this past week. The magnolia was in the arb, the frittilaria and the scilla on the Meadhouse property. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Whenever the national media reports on a black person killed by cops, we must ask ourselves 'Would a white cop not have done that if the person were white?'"

"Because: we are taught that white (and even non-white) cops ice black people (usually men) out of racism. It’s possibly subconscious, but in the heat of the moment, they revert animalistically to their white supremacist assumption of black animality and pull that trigger.... Black people are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by cops, and exactly 2.5 times more likely to be poor, and data shows that poverty makes you more likely to encounter the cops, as even intuition confirms. This is why som...
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"I cannot tolerate a school that not only judges my daughter by the color of her skin, but encourages and instructs her to prejudge others by theirs."

"By viewing every element of education, every aspect of history, and every facet of society through the lens of skin color and race, we are desecrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and utterly violating the movement for which such civil rights leaders believed, fought, and died. I object to the charge of systemic racism in this country, and at our school.... Furthermore, I call bullshit on Brearley's oft-stated assertion that the school welcomes and encourages the truly difficult ...
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"So he hauled a new generator into his S.U.V., strapped $800 worth of wood onto the vehicle’s roof and drove down into one of the city’s ravines in the middle of the night..."

"... to build... a wooden box — 7 feet 9 inches by 3 feet 9 inches — sealed with a vapor barrier and stuffed with enough insulation that, by his careful calculation, would keep it warm on nights when the thermometer dipped as low as minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit. He put in one window for light, and attached smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Later, he taped a note to the side that read, 'Anyone is welcome to stay here.' Since then, Mr. Seivwright (pronounced Seeve-right), 28, has built about 100 ...
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Bob Ross, resurrected to paint a Mountain Dew ad, is welcome even as it obstructs the "Repo Man" clip I wanted to find.

For once, I am not annoyed — I am the opposite of annoyed — by the ad YouTube served up in front of the video I wanted to watch:   Well, that's just great. Good to know the beloved dead man is refreshed. There is a Bible verse about tending to the thirst of a dead man: "And he cried and said, 'Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.'" Yet no one pictures Bob Ross in hell. It is more l...
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UK church leaders warn against ‘dangerous’ vaccine passport plans

Hundreds of Christian clergy say proposal could ‘bring about the end of liberal democracy’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageHundreds of UK church leaders have told the prime minister that plans to use vaccine passports for entry into venues is “one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics” with the “potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy as we know it”.An open letter to Boris Johnson signed by more than 1,2...
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Trump rape accuser adds to former president's legal woes by asking court to keep defamation lawsuit alive

Writer E Jean Carroll has accused President Trump of raping her in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s. Eva Deitch/The Washington Post; Saul Loeb/Getty Images In 2020, E. Jean Carroll published an account accusing Trump of raping her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the mid-1990s. The former Elle columnist sued Trump for defamation after he made comments denying sexually assaulting her. A judge ruled that Trump was not acting in a presidential capacity when he made the ...
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"Applying Procedural Justice in Community Supervision"

The title of this post is the title of this interesting report released last month by folks at the Urban Institute.  This page has this abstract for the report: Procedural justice, a framework for authority figures to treat people with fairness and respect, can improve probation supervision and core supervision outcomes.  This report summarizes the approach and provision outcomes of an effort to develop and pilot a new procedural justice training curriculum outlining new tools and practices for...
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I’ve lost my conversational mojo – can I relearn the art of small talk?

Been up to much lately? After a year of isolation, I’ve forgotten how to talk to people – but help is at handA good friend of mine, who started a new job six months ago, is about to meet his colleagues face to face for the first time. They have been buddied up in pairs to make socialisation less daunting, he said. It sounded like breeding pandas, or children being dropped off at summer camp, rather than grownups working in the civil service. Having interacted only through remote meetings, he kno...
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Coronavirus live news: global death toll tops 3m; concerns Indian Covid variant could ‘scupper’ UK roadmap

India has another daily record rise in cases; pandemic made 2020 ‘the year of the quiet ocean’, say scientistsPeak District welcomes visitors as Mansfield cases riseWhat are the new Covid variants?For all our coronavirus coverage 9.43am BST The global death toll for coronavirus has now topped a landmark 3m, according to data compiled by John Hopkins University.On Saturday, it was revealed that there were 3,000,225m and global cases now stand at 139,963,964. 9.07am BST The Indian coronavi...
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Wilhelm Reich: the strange, prescient sexologist who sought to set us free

He believed orgasms could be a healing force and coined the term ‘sexual revolution’. Reich’s understanding of the body is vital in our age of protests and patriarchy, writes Olivia LaingThere are certain people who speak directly into their moment, and others who leave a message for history to decipher, whose work gains in relevance or whose life becomes uncannily meaningful decades after their death. It’s hard to think of a better example of the latter right now, in this year of protests and p...
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‘Her eyes stay shut. She doesn’t respond. But nothing feels real until I tell her’: visiting my mother’s care home after a year

For the past year, the pandemic stopped novelist Katherine Heiny from seeing her mother. Now that she can, where will she start?In Boolean logic, a syllogism is a valid deductive argument having two premises and a conclusion. (I know this because logic is the only even vaguely mathematical class I ever understood.) For example, apples are fruit; all fruit is delicious. Conclusion: apples are delicious.Or in my case: I am eager to visit my mother; my mother has advanced dementia. Conclusion: I am...
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