Failure To Supervise

The Maryland Court of Appeals has suspended an attorney who was admitted in 1972 and has practiced discipline-free for nearly 50 years. The six-month and a day suspension will require him to petition for reinstatement. The ethics issues involved his... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Malpractice Arbitration Upheld In Wyoming

The Wyoming Supreme Court has held that We conclude the district court: erred when it failed to stay the malpractice action as required by the Wyoming and Utah Uniform Arbitration Acts; properly limited its review to whether the arbitration provision... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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The Marine Corps is preparing for a new fight, here’s how

  With new global threats emerging, especially in the Indo-Pacific, the Marines’ top commander sees a new kind of fight on the horizon that will need more unmanned planes and remote weapons and smaller infantry units that can swiftly respond, packing their own arsenal of surveillance drones and anti-aircraft missiles. Commandant Gen. David Berger, on Monday, April 26, released an update on how the Marine Corps is doing in carrying out his 10-year vision to reorganize and modernize its troops and...
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Marines retire heavy equipment, become more agile to prepare for the future fight

  With new global threats emerging, especially in the Indo-Pacific, the Marines’ top commander sees a new kind of fight on the horizon that will need more unmanned planes and remote weapons and smaller infantry units that can swiftly respond, packing their own arsenal of surveillance drones and anti-aircraft missiles. Commandant Gen. David Berger, on Monday, April 26, released an update on how the Marine Corps is doing in carrying out his 10-year vision to reorganize and modernize its troops and...
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Justices add new cases on state secrets, free speech

The Supreme Court issued orders on Monday morning from the justices’ private conference on Friday, April 23. The court added three new cases to its docket for arguments next fall, including a major new case (covered in this article) on the scope of the Second Amendment right to carry a gun outside the home. The justices also turned down (at least for now) efforts by a group of states, led by Texas, to revive litigation over the “public charge” rule after the Biden administration refused to defe...
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Frivolous tree in a dark mood.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Justices doubtful on California donor-disclosure requirement

The Supreme Court on Monday seemed poised to side with two conservative groups challenging the constitutionality of California’s requirement that charities and nonprofits operating in the state provide the state attorney general’s office with the names and addresses of their largest donors. The requirement, the state insists, helps it to police charitable fraud. But two nonprofits argue that the rule violates the First Amendment by discouraging their donors from making contributions. After near...
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Publishing Your Legal Insight In Silos May Render Your Ideas Worthless

“Silos are computer networks that are walled off from everything else. Your ideas can go in there, they make that easy, even enticing, but they can’t interact with ideas anywhere else. Ideas that can’t interact are fairly useless.” This from the inventor of blogging, Dave Winer aptly describing where most legal publishing historically has gone. Into silos, at the enticement of large legal publishers, law journals, law reviews and trade/association periodicals Much has been ego driven...
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EDTex vs WDTex

Here is a simple chart counting law review articles discussing both patent law and either the “Eastern District of Texas” or “Western District of Texas” (or both).  Because of some law review delays and dating-games, Westlaw can really only provide data through 2019. W.D.Tex. is now the most popular district court for patent infringement claims, followed by Delaware.  E.D.Tex. still caries weight, but is no longer the go-to-district (because of venue restrictions).
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Justices rebuff states’ request to reinstate public-charge rule, but leave door open for further litigation

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to immediately resolve an attempt by 14 states to revive litigation over a controversial Trump-era immigration rule after the Biden administration declined to defend it in court. In a brief, unsigned order, the justices said the states must first make their arguments in the lower courts, but they left open the possibility that the states could eventually return to the Supreme Court on this issue. The so-called “public charge” rule is one with which the justi...
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Back To The Office! — See Also

Bonuses: Thompson & Knight and Linklaters join the fray. Layoffs: Staff getting hit at Clifford Chance. Easing Back In: Davis Polk is taking a low-key approach to bringing people back to the office. Oh, THOSE Parties: Professor Amy Chua couldn't remember hosting any dinner parties for students, but the students seem to have been talking about them all along. This Should Have Worked!: Telling the defamation court that no one should have believed you and the sanctions court that you never file...
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How Much Does A Biglaw Equity Partner Actually Make?

There's a pretty nice payday for partners.
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"'Vibe' as slang, referring to an aura or feeling, emerged in the sixties, in California, and gave the word its enduring hippie associations."

"The underground paper Berkeley Barb made frequent use of it as early as 1965. The following year, the Beach Boys hit 'Good Vibrations' exposed the slang to broader audiences.... In some ways, the rise of digital life allowed for a vibe revival....  Whereas Instagram’s main form is the composed tableau, captured in a single still image or unedited video, TikTok’s is the collection of real-world observations, strung together in a filmic montage....  TikTok’s technology makes it easy to crop vid...
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"Handling Aggravating Facts After Blakely: Findings From Five Presumptive-Guidelines States"

The title of this post is the title of this great new paper authored by Nancy King ow available va SSRN. Here is its abstract: This Article reveals how five states with presumptive (binding) sentencing guidelines have implemented the right announced in Blakely v. Washington to a jury finding of aggravating facts allowing upward departures from the presumptive range.  Using data provided by the sentencing commissions and courts in Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington, as wel...
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Some death penalty news and notes from around the USA

I have noticed a number of notable recent new press pieces about death penalty issues, and I figured a round up was in order:  From the AP, "MO Supreme Court continues death penalty trial despite positive COVID-19 cases" From the Canton Repository, "Canton man's new mission: Eliminating Ohio's death penalty" From CNN, "Biden vowed to end the death penalty. Activists are demanding action as he nears the 100-day mark" From Nevada Public Radio, "Will Nevada Abolish The Death Penalty?" From the Tenn...
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AliveCor Seeks Ban On Import Of Apple Watches

The digital health company filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission last week, seeking a ban on the import of the Apple Watch. AliveCor cited copyright violations related to Apple’s ECG feature as the reason for seeking the ban.
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Speaking of movies, here's something on Netflix I watched recently and absolutely loved.

 Great storytelling; beautiful hyperreal photography; fantastic action, comedy, landscapes, melodrama. 6 separate and entirely distinct episodes so you can't get tired of anything. I'm not much of a reader of the old-time Western stories, but even I was highly amused by all the Western elements they managed to squeeze in — singing cowboy, sharp-shooting, shootouts, saloon brawls, poker game, hanging, cattle-rustling, prospecting for gold, wagon train, Indian attack, mountain man, stage coach. ...
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Reynen Court’s New Offering Targets Mid-Sized Firms And Corporate Legal With Simplified Testing And Deployment

The new offering provides provides firms and legal departments turn-key access to what the company describes as 'Innovation in a Box.'
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"Over the past decade, the United States population grew at the slowest rate since the 1930s, the Census Bureau reported on Monday, a remarkable slackening..."

"... that was driven by a leveling off of immigration and a declining birthrate. The bureau also reported changes to the nation’s political map: The long-running trend of the South and the West gaining population — and Congressional representation — at the expense of the Northeast and the Midwest, continued, with Texas gaining two seats and Florida, one. California, long a leader in population growth, lost a seat for the first time in history.... 'This is a big deal,' said Ronald Lee, a demograp...
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Court to decide requirements for noncitizens defending against federal prosecution for criminal re-entry

Non-U.S. citizens who are deported and later return to the United States can be prosecuted for criminal re-entry. In order for federal prosecutors to sustain a charge for criminal re-entry under 8 U.S.C. § 1326, they must prove the existence of a prior removal order adjudicated by a federal immigration agency. But if the earlier removal order is invalid on legal grounds, then how can the noncitizen use that fact to defend against the criminal re-entry prosecution? On Tuesday, the justices will ...
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Tech-Savvy Law Librarians for the New Era

This submission is part of a column swap with the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) bimonthly member magazine, AALL Spectrum. Published six times a year, AALL Spectrum is designed to further professional development and education within the legal information industry. Slaw and the AALL Spectrum board have agreed to hand-select several columns each year as part of this exchange.  The role of the law librarian continues to evolve in exciting and challenging ways. In the mid-2000’s, we s...
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US to share up to 60m vaccine doses amid pressure to lead global virus fight

White House to distribute AstraZeneca vaccine overseasBiden calls Modi to offer assistance as Indian surge continuesThe US will share up to 60m doses of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine with other countries, the White House has announced, amid intensifying pressure for it to lead the global fight against the pandemic.The pledge came as Joe Biden spoke with Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, which is reportedly running out of Covid-19 vaccines just as a virulent second wave continues to...
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Amy Chua Denied Hosting Parties That Got Her In Trouble — Contemporaneous Texts Disagree

Student accounts suggest she really had breached her agreement despite what she told Yale.
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Sidley Elects Woman Of Color As Its First Female Leader In More Than 150 Years

Congratulations! May she be the first of many.
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"Terms like Op-Ed are, by their nature, clubby newspaper jargon; we are striving to be far more inclusive in explaining how and why we do our work."

"In an era of distrust in the media and confusion over what journalism is, I believe institutions — even ones with a lot of esteemed traditions — better serve their audiences with direct, clear language. We don’t like jargon in our articles; we don’t want it above them, either. A half century ago, Times editors made a bet that readers would appreciate a wider range of opinion. We are making much the same bet, but at a time when the scales of opinion journalism can seem increasingly tilted again...
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British woman to sue UAE royal she accuses of sexual assault for damages

Caitlin McNamara’s lawyers say she is taking the step after the CPS refused to prosecute Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al NahyanA British woman who accused a senior United Arab Emirates royal of sexually assaulting her has issued a formal claim for damages.Caitlin McNamara is claiming damages for multiple sexualassaults and false imprisonment she allegedly suffered at the hands of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan on 14 February 2020 at a private residence in Abu Dhabi. Continue reading...
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A clash over renewable fuels hinges on the meaning of a single word

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in HollyFrontier Cheyenne Refining, LLC v. Renewable Fuels Association. The case presents an issue of statutory interpretation involving the Renewable Fuel Standard  program — a part of the Clean Air Act that calls for incorporating renewable fuels into transportation fuels. With the meaning of the word “extension” at the core of the dispute, the case promises to yield insights into the justices’ interpretive stances. As clean-energy initiat...
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Davis Polk Sets Up Optional ‘Back To Office’ Days For Lawyers To Reacquaint Themselves With Office Life

The compensation leader has spoken on what its return to work will look like.
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