Unions fighting police reforms up at #txlege on Thursday

Three bills scheduled for votes on Thursday on the floor of the Texas House are all stand-alone parts of the Texas George Floyd Act: HBs 829, HB 830, and HB 834, and all by state Rep. Senfronia Thompson.HB 829 requires civil-service cities to create a disciplinary matrix to keep arbitrators from overturning punishment so often.HB 830 forbids arrests for Class C violations of the Transportation Code.HB 834 requires corroboration for police officer testimony to secure a drug conviction.For the mos...
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A Case Can Be Made To Replace Law Reviews With Law Blogs

No one could have imagined the changes we have seen the last ten or twenty years. Two day delivery of anything we want from the largest company in the world, a company that didn’t exist twenty plus years ago. A newly minted electric car company with a valuation in excess of all the other U.S. auto manufacturers, combined. All the result of innovation, technology and the Internet. While we hear of legal tech left and right, today, we hear little, if anything, of innovation when it co...
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Justices weigh available defenses to criminal re-entry for certain immigrants

The court heard argument on Tuesday in United States v. Palomar-Santiago, a case involving certain noncitizens’ ability to defend themselves from federal charges for re-entering the country after they were deported. The charge of criminal re-entry requires the prior existence of a removal order entered by a federal immigration agency. In Refugio Palomar-Santiago’s case, that prior removal order did exist. However, the Supreme Court’s 2004 decision in Leocal v. Ashcroft, decided after the entry ...
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3 Things You Need to Know about Filing a Personal Injury Suit

Personal injury lawsuits are so common throughout the United States. Whether you are looking for a personal injury law firm in Kingston, PA , or somewhere else in the United States, there are a few things to keep in mind about filing a personal injury lawsuit. Most people who file personal injury lawsuits are confident they are going to win. While the percentages may be in your favor, it may not be so easy. Before you actually file for the lawsuit, we want to make you aware of some importa...
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Judge No Longer

The New York Commission on Judicial Conduct has accepted the resignation of a town court justice who had stipulated On June 23, 2020, the Commission authorized an investigation of a complaint alleging that Judge Miller had been charged with criminal... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Devil's Lake.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Earnings insurance ‘should be permanent feature of UK welfare system’

Resolution Foundation says pandemic has highlighted pre-crisis flaws in welfare stateThe government needs to learn lessons from its furlough scheme and make earnings insurance a permanent feature of a radically reformed welfare system, a thinktank has said.The Resolution Foundation, which focuses on the needs of middle- and low-income households, said emergency action during the pandemic had protected living standards but also highlighted pre-crisis flaws in the welfare state. Continue reading.....
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World of Tanks Joins Forces Once Again With Girls und Panzer

World of Tanks is once again cooperating with tank battle anime Girls und Panzer, this time allowing those in the West to experience all the content, such as voice lines from each of the main girls, their iconic tank in-game, special decals, and a whole slew of missions. Information on the event is available through […]
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Not even much lip service about sentencing reform in Prez Biden's first address to Congress

Prez Joe Biden gave a very lengthy speech this evening (full text here), but it only included a precious few sentences about criminal justice reform.  Here are these sentences: We have all seen the knee of injustice on the neck of Black America. Now is our opportunity to make real progress. Most men and women in uniform wear their badge and serve their communities honorably.  I know them.  I know they want to help meet this moment as well. My fellow Americans, we have to come together.  To rebu...
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Go Back To The Office You Drones! — See Also

This Square Footage Isn't Going To Justify Itself: Sullivan & Cromwell considered the increasingly modern trend of promoting remote working and scoffed. Former NYAG Disciplined: Remember when Eric Schneiderman was accused in these cases and Andrew Cuomo demanded he step down immediately? What a fascinating standard to deploy against other former NYAGs... Speaking Of Former NY Officials: FBI pays Rudy Giuliani a visit. Please Refile: The Federal Circuit is out of hand, but they're not as much ...
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Is Justice Kavanaugh eager to bring proportionality review to government sanctions ... to protect speech under the First Amendment?

It comes as no suprise that a lot of attention is being given to the Supreme Court case argued today inolving a First Amendment claim brought by a young public high schooler suspended from the cheerleading squad for dropping f-bombs on his Snapchat.  This Politcio piece reviews the basics of the arguments, and I was both surprised and struck by a comment during argument by Justice Kavanaugh.  Here, via this oral argument transcript from Mahanoy Area School Dist. v. B. L., is the comment and cont...
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Some Proposed HIPAA Changes Could Inadvertently Expose The Data It’s Supposed To Protect

The government's proposed changes to HIPAA aim to provide guardrails against data breaches and misuse, but some of the modifications may not work as intended. Three healthcare experts delved into the ways in which certain proposals could provide inappropriate access to health data during a recent panel discussion.
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"Harm Reduction at the Center of Incarceration"

The title of this post is the title of from Square One Project authored by Nneka Jones Tapia who, according , is "one of the first clinical psychologists to ever run a jail" and who has piloted "innovative healing-centered programs at Cook County Jail.  Here is an overview of the report from this webpage discussing its contents: Everyone within a correctional facility — both the staff and the people housed there — is exposed to trauma at a significantly higher rate than the general populatio...
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Colorado Passes Pro-Surrogacy Legislation

The new law-to-be makes it clear that the intended parents would have the protection of state law regardless of their genetic connection -- or lack thereof -- to their child.
Tags: Law, Colorado, Family law, Surrogacy, Ellen Trachman, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART, Colorado Passes Pro Surrogacy Legislation

Analysts Largely Shrug Off Effect Of Higher Capital Gains Tax On Roaring Equities Market

A proposed big increase to the long-term capital gains rate would likely affect higher earners, but not stock indexes.
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“Home stretch” at SCOTUS with Constitutional Accountability Center

On Thursday, April 29, at 12 p.m. EDT, the Constitutional Accountability Center will host a discussion on the events and decisions that have shaped the current Supreme Court term, and what to expect as we head toward its close. The panel will feature CAC’s Brianne Gorod, Dale Ho of the American Civil Liberties Union, and professors Melissa Murray of NYU Law and Jeffrey Fisher of Stanford Law, and will be moderated by Kimberly Atkins of the Boston Globe and MSNBC. Click here for more information...
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It’s Time For All Vacations To Be Billable And Bonus Eligible

This is necessary for attorney mental health. Take action!
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Justices ponder narrow ruling in student speech case

The Supreme Court on Wednesday appeared conflicted over a school district’s plea to be allowed to discipline students for their speech outside of school. Some justices expressed concern about whether allowing schools to regulate off-campus speech could sweep in too much speech by young people, while others worried that – particularly in the internet era – a contrary rule would give too little weight to the harmful effects that some speech, such as cyberbullying, can have at school even when it ...
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Kirkland Uses Its Immense Wealth In Pursuit Of Associates

It's the hottest associate lateral market in history, and Kirkland is making moves.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Kirkland, Kirkland & Ellis, Lateral Moves, Associate Issues, Unprecedented

Avoiding Scammers As A Small-Firm Lawyer

Lawyers need to be vigilant about a variety of scams to protect themselves and their clients.
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How It Works: Ironclad’s Contract Lifecycle Management Platform

In today’s episode of How It Works, we look at Ironclad, the contract lifecycle management platform used by innovative companies such as L’Oréal, Staples and Mastercard to collaborate and negotiate on contracts, accelerate contracting while maintaining compliance, and turn contracts into critical carriers of operational business intelligence. To introduce the product and demonstrate how it works, I am joined by Damon Miño, Ironclad’s vice president for sales. How It Works is a sponsored video...
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Rudy Gets Raided

Imagine the former prosecutor's surprise at discovering the feds using aggressive investigative tactics!
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Money for pain and suffering because your email was hacked?

Plaintiff and defendant worked together doing real estate appraisals. Defendant accessed plaintiff’s email account without authorization and was later found liable for violating the federal Stored Communications Act. When it came time to assess damages, plaintiff asked for $150,000 for the pain and suffering he endured because of the email access. He alleged that he suffered mental decline, began drinking a lot and had troubles with his marriage. The court was sympathetic to plaintiff’s “very re...
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Prestigious Biglaw Firm To Reopen In July Without Work-From-Home Flexibility, Sources Say

Associates are displeased with their lack of options for remote work.
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Disgraced Former New York Attorney General Has Law License Suspended

The suspension comes after an investigation into abuse allegations.
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The Law Schools With The Most Underemployed Graduates (2020)

Working in retail after getting a law degree? You're not the only one.
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Joshua Schiller Case Dropped, But Remains Case Study For Law Firms

It's not a position firms want to be in, but with a good process, it's one firms can handle.
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California Court Holds Amazon Strictly Liable for Marketplace Items Amazon Didn’t Fulfill–Loomis v. Amazon

This is another lawsuit over a fiery Chinese-manufactured hoverboard sold through Amazon’s marketplace. In Bolger v. Amazon from August 2020, a California appellate court held that Amazon was strictly liable for marketplace items it fulfilled, and Section 230 immunity didn’t apply. A second California appellate court has endorsed Bolger but goes further: strict liability applies even if Amazon doesn’t do the fulfilment. This puts Amazon is a legally dicey spot, and its countermoves will likely s...
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