MIT News presents a robot to brush your hair.

 We're told: "With rapidly growing demands on health care systems, nurses typically spend 18 to 40 percent of their time performing direct patient care tasks, oftentimes for many patients and with little time to spare. Personal care robots that brush hair could provide substantial help and relief." So you've got someone who can't brush her own hair. You're going to need to position her next to the robot. I can't believe that's not harder than just brushing her hair directly. But maybe there's ...
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"Marijuana legalization and expungement in early 2021"

The title of this post is the title of this great new report authored by David Schlussel that was assisted in various ways by folks at Collateral Consequences Resource Center and Drug Enforcement and Policy Center (DEPC) at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.  Here is the abstract to the report: Early 2021 was an unprecedented period for policymaking at the intersection of marijuana legalization and criminal record reform. Between February and April, four states enacted legislation...
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No itemizing needed to claim these 23 tax deductions

Even before 2017's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) greatly increased the standard deduction amounts, most people chose to use the standard deduction amount. But one thing that the latest tax reform law didn't change is the ability for many to get some added deductions without itemizing. These used to be called, at least by the tax community, above-the-line deductions. They got that moniker because pre-TCJA they appeared in the last section of the old long Form 1040, just above the last line of tha...
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In the Arb...   [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Typos In Blog Posts

A leading venture capitalist and widely read blogger, Fred Wilson commented this morning about typos in his blogging at AVC. Referencing a post of his from yesterday, Wilson shared his philosophy. “A number of readers let me know about the typo, which I very much appreciate. But for some reason, I am not all that motivated to change it.  I make typos all of the time in my emails and texts and other informal communication. And I am increasingly seeing AVC as another form of info...
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Spotlighting effectiveness of home confinement under CARES Act and concerns about OLC memo disruption

USA Today has this lengthy new piece highlighting the administration of home confinement in the federal system during the pandemic and the worries about a Justice Department memo which could return offenders to prison. I recommend the piece in full, which is headlined "Inmates sent home during COVID-19 got jobs, started school. Now, they face possible return to prison." Here are some excerpts: In the weeks and months since he was sent home, RJ Edwards found a job, bought a car, got an apartment...
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What To Buy The Law School Grad In Your Life — See Also

Law School Gift Guide: Sidney Powell Just Can't Help Herself: Buh-bye only defense. Speaking Of Things We're Saying Goodbye To: The five-day, in-person workweek. Also Getting Chill Points: Sheppard Mullin's back-to-the- office plan. And The Not Chill Response: Cough, SullCrom, cough, cough.
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Covering some interesting developments in some Capitol riot prosecutions

I have previously noted that the high-profile Capitol riot prosecutions provide an interesting lens on how a set of distinctive cases work their way through the federal criminal justice system.  And today I noticed a bunch of recent press pieces with interesting accounts of certain parts of this federal case processing story for certain defendants.  Here are links and headlines: From BuzzFeed News, "They Said Trump Told Them To Attack The Capitol. Judges Are Keeping Them In Jail Anyway." From CN...
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Whoops, Once Again

The State Bar of California: just when it couldn’t seem to get any worse, it has.
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Where You Need To Be Remote

What difference does a state’s suitability for remote work mean for law firms?
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Is Delta-8 THC A Controlled Substance?

A growing number of states seem to think it is.
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New May CLE: Postmortem Toxicology, Legal Issues In Surveillance And Social Media, Vaccine Liability, And More [Sponsored]

To help you combat any stress and anxieties and stay up-to-date on all of the latest COVID implications, Lawline is continuing to highlight the pandemic’s effect on the legal profession.
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US-Germany rift as Berlin opposes plan to ditch Covid vaccine patents

Germany says waiver would inhibit private sector researchOpposition to Biden plan threatens to deadlock WTO talksThe US and Germany are at odds on the issue of waivers for patents on Covid-19 vaccines, as Berlin argued that a waiver would not increase production and would inhibit future private sector research.The disagreement is the first major rift between the two economic powers since Joe Biden took office, and threatens to deadlock discussions at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and sour r...
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Sullivan & Cromwell’s July 6 Reopening Plan Is Allegedly Not Mandatory

Angry associates continue to express displeasure with the firm's edict.
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EU accuses UK as France seeks to ‘rapidly defuse’ Jersey fishing row

France moves to calm diplomatic waters but Brussels says Britain has breached terms of Brexit trade dealThe European Union accused the UK of breaching the terms of the post-Brexit trade deal on Thursday as tensions over fishing rights in the Channel Islands were de-escalated after a dramatic 24 hours, with Royal Navy boats ordered to retreat from Jersey shores.Brussels’ claim that London had flouted the rules came on a day in which 60 vessels blockaded Jersey’s harbour, a French boat rammed a Br...
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The Lawyers Of Substack

If you are not familiar with Substack, it is, depending on what you read, either the salvation of publishing or its ruination.
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"You are … irritating and unbearable, and I consider it most difficult to live with you. No one can tolerate being reproved by you, who also still show so many weaknesses yourself..."

"... least of all in your adverse manner, which in oracular tones, proclaims this is so and so, without ever supposing an objection. If you were less like you, you would only be ridiculous, but thus as you are, you are highly annoying."Wrote Arthur Schopenhauer's mother to her 19-year-old son. Quoted at the beginning of "How Adult Children Affect Their Mother’s Happiness/Plenty of moms feel something less than unmitigated joy around their grown-up kids. Make sure yours feels that she’s getting a...
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Denver Broncos OL Ja’Wuan James Could See His Salary Stricken For A Workout Gone Wrong

Why would a player be penalized for working out, regardless of the location of the workout?
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Sheikh Mohammed updates DIFC's founding law - new version expands free zone's 'strategic objectives' | Banking – Gulf News

Sheikh Mohammed updates DIFC's founding law - new version expands free zone's 'strategic objectives' | Banking – Gulf News Dubai has updated the laws for the Dubai International Finance Centre, thus expanding the financial hub’s “strategic objectives”.These objectives now also include “advancing sustainable economic growth for Dubai, developing and diversifying the economy and increasing the GDP contribution of the financial services sector, to promote investment into Dubai and to attract regi...
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"Advocates of cluttercore... 'admit that they have a lot of stuff but that they're going to take pleasure in that and arrange [their items] in ways they like. As a counter aesthetic to the minimalist hegemony...'"

"'... that makes sense to me.'... Cluttercore turns ordinary people into curators. It takes real creativity to think about what goes where and what each item says about the other. Plus, decluttering can possess bleaker undertones. 'I have a running list of theories... People organise and declutter to distract themselves from the seriousness of living in the Anthropocene and its existential threats – a burning planet, the Sixth Great Extinction – inoculating us against the pandemic of anxiety.' Y...
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In-House Q&A: Kate Bally Of Thomson Reuters

The Director of Labor and Employment Service at Thomson Reuters Practical Law offers some practical advice concerning pandemic-related issues.
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Caitlyn Jenner's campaign ad — complete with images of Bruce Jenner winning the Decathlon and the ancient voice-over "He wants the world record."

Here's how I ran into the ad: Whoever created this stunning breakout campaign commercial just made Caitlyn Jenner a viable candidate for governor of California. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, it’s hard to disagree with a single sentiment in this video: via @YouTube— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) May 4, 2021 Here's a screen shot I made: That's not a fleeting glimpse of the past. There are repeated images from the stellar 1976 Olympic performanc...
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"Could you clarify the purpose of this kind of post?"

David emails:Your blog post today: about a NYT article contained: A pull quote from the articleA link to the article No content from you. Since you disabled comments on your blog, I have been trying to understand how you view the blog's purpose. This particular post, which contained no original content from you, is the kind of thing you used to post in order to elicit discussion. But because that is no longer possible, I do not understand your intent. Do you now see yourself as an unpaid adve...
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Meet Trademarkabilities: The Best Way To Build Up Your Trademark Law Skillset [Sponsored]

As trademark law increases in popularity, attorneys will need instruction and advice they can trust. The founder of Trademarkabilities sits down for an interview to discuss her thoughts on why trademarks are so important, how attorneys can gain the confidence to handle trademark work, and more.
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Uganda and role of the international criminal court | Letter

William Byaruhanga, Uganda’s attorney general, says the country’s justice system is capable and independentAs Uganda is a signatory to the international criminal court, citizens have every right to lodge cases before it (Ugandan president’s son named in ICC complaint over abductions and abuse, 3 May).Yet the ICC is a court of last resort for countries that, whether for capacity or politicisation, cannot be expected to deliver legal redress. This is not needed in Uganda when the justice system is...
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