On This Week’s Episode of ‘Mojo TV’ – Days of Texas Thunder

Mojo TV Turkey Decoy USA -( Gobbling long beards keep spirits high as Mike Morgan and Preston Pittman compete in the Clay County Turkey Fest Competition in Texas.Both Preston and Mike get a shot behind the Stoeger but which will put down a hammer? Gobble Gobble Bang!New episodes premiere Saturdays afternoons at 3:30/2:30c on The Sportsman Channel (DISH 395, DIRECTV 605) in the U.S. and Mondays at 1:30 p.m. ET on Wild TV in Canada.Preview:  Broadcast Schedule for MOJO TV on the S...
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Will I see you in Las Vegas? LMA Annual 2017

I’m in Las Vegas for the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual conference this week. Not my favorite city, but I always enjoy LMA Annual for any number of reasons. As always with conferences, it’s about the people. Relationships are what make the world go round. I’m pretty active on social media, but there’s no substitute for meeting face to face. Even hugging a long time customer (yes, there’s a lot of hugging) can mean a lot. Drinks or dinner with industry colleagues we work with or want t...
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Wednesday round-up

Today the court will hear oral argument in two cases. First up is Turner v. United States, which involves the scope of the prosecution’s duty to disclose exculpatory evidence under the Brady rule. Amy Howe previewed the case for this blog. Alla Khodykina and Rachael Hancock at Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute also provide a preview. The second argument today is in Honeycutt v. United States, which asks whether co-conspirators can be jointly and severally liable for for...
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Argument analysis: A seemingly unanimous and unsurprising view that the statutory term “obtained” limits forfeiture

The law of asset forfeiture has become intricate and complicated since Congress enacted and subsequently amended several forfeiture statutes, beginning in 1970. Some of those complexities were explored in Wednesday morning’s argument in Honeycutt v. United States. But as Assistant to the Solicitor General Brian Fletcher finally pointed out to the court, some 40 minutes into the argument, much of the discussion was “ancillary … [to] the question presented.” Perhaps the justices were tired from th...
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Wednesday: What’s Hot on CanLII

Each Wednesday we tell you which three English-language cases and which French-language case have been the most viewed* on CanLII and we give you a small sense of what the cases are about. For this last week: 1. R. v S.B., 2016 NLCA 20 [43] If the complainant had denied having the affair and said that she had been truthful in her statements to police, one can see the rationale for defence counsel putting to the complainant, “Don’t these messages show that you were having an affair and, therefore...
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“Truth, Justice, and the Ethical Way”: The Legal Ethics of Government Lawyers

Ever wondered what government lawyers and superheroes have in common? Although you are unlikely to see counsel in capes, flying through the metropolis, government lawyers and superheroes serve the public in the pursuit of justice. Both are accurately described as guardians of the public interest, albeit in very different contexts. Government lawyers and superheroes also hold great power and must use it to advance the public interest ahead of all else. And with great power comes great ethical ...
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"Ann, minute to chat?"

I don't know, Tom. It depends on what the meaning of "chat" is....Click to enlarge the email I just got from Tom Perez:That doesn't look like chatting to me. That looks like 7 big red "DONATE" buttons. You could at least pretend to want to talk to me, Tom. That was such a radical subject-line-to-body-of-the-text switcheroo, Tom, it wounded my sense of belonging. Not that I had any, but you didn't know that. Because you never take the time to chat with me, Tom. [Author: [email protected] (Ann A...
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Drug Manufacture / Cultivation Marijuana Legalization in 21 Century

2016 brought many changes to the legal status of marijuana nationwide. Numerous states had marijuana issues on the ballot, and many of the passed new or modified existing marijuana laws. Marijuana is currently legal in several states, including California. It is also medically allowed in even more. By 2018 the commercial sale of cannabis for adult use will begin in California as well, and it is already available in several other states. The growing evidence that cannabis and its compounds can ha...
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HR’s Increasing Role in Ensuring Data Privacy

Last night I had the opportunity to speak to the Colonial Total Rewards Association on the topic of Data Privacy and HR.  I titled the presentation “Is Your HR Data Going Rogue” and really focused on the role that Human Resources professionals should play in ensuring that company data is secured. For those who have been following the blog for a while, you know that I’ve spoken a bit about this before (see some posts here and here). Lest you think, this could NEVER happen at your company, the hea...
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How the EU's imaginary "value gap" would kill user-generated content online

One of the music industry's dumbest, most pernicious talking-points is the "value gap" (AKA the "value recognition right") which is code for, "Online platforms should employ an army of copyright lawyers to assess everything that users share for copyright compliance." (more…)
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How to Get Your Law Firm Website Up to Speed [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google loves speed. The faster a web page loads, the greater the user satisfaction. In fact, Google measures page speed load in microseconds and believes it is especially important on mobile devices when consumers are searching “in the moment” and will not tolerate slow loading times. You see, research has shown that most consumers expect a web page to load in no more than two seconds. If it takes longer than that, they are on to the next thing and they typically will never return to your law fi...
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Notable review of recent ups and downs in federal prosecutions

In this new posting over at the Pew Research Center, John Gramlich has assembled interesting data on federal modern criminal justice realities under the headline "Federal criminal prosecutions fall to lowest level in nearly two decades." Here are highlights: After peaking in 2011, the number of federal criminal prosecutions has declined for five consecutive years and is now at its lowest level in nearly two decades, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of new data from the federal court ...
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When will employees learn that online comments can, and will, be used against them?

Business in the front, party in the rear I’ve recently given two different speeches discussing the balance between an employee’s privacy and an employer’s right to know. One of the themes of this talk is that social media has irreparably blurred the line between one’s personal persona and one’s professional persona, and employees best be careful with that they say online, because employers are watching and holding them accountable. Case in point? Buker v. Howard County (4th Cir. 3/20/1...
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Looking for petroglyphs.

In Capitol Reef National Park, March 9th.Feel free to explore about any subject in the comments (and to use The Althouse Amazon Portal to pursue any shopping needs). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"A Daily Mail front page that declared 'Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it!' next to a photograph of Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon and British prime minister Theresa May..."

"... has prompted widespread outrage," The Guardian informs us.Inside the paper there was was more ogling at the female leaders, with a headline reading: “Finest weapons at their command? Those pins!” A column by Sarah Vine referred to Sturgeon’s legs as “altogether more flirty, tantalisingly crossed … a direct attempt at seduction”.Ludicrous, of course, but The Daily Mail is very trashy, so who looks unless we're in the mood for utter garbage? DM seems to be at least 50% about how women look. H...
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50 years ago today: 40 children go to a New York publishing company to "Find Out What Their Daddies Do at the Office."

According to the headline in the NYT at the time. (The first sentence of the article includes mothers parenthetically.) It was the idea of the president of Hayden Publishing Company, James S. Mulholland, who said: "I got the idea for the tour from a sociological report I read a few years ago. It theorized that middle-class delinquency, particularly among boys, stems from their not knowing what their fathers do and so not having a model to pattern themselves after."One of the pictures shows Mulho...
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Longer Monopolies and Single Legal Proceedings vs Generics – the Gift of CETA to Canadian Drug Patentees

Canadian pharmaceutical patent owners can expect two substantive changes in the next year following implementation of the Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (“CETA”): certificates of supplementary patent protection (“SPC”) of up to 2 years will be available to compensate for regulatory approval delay an overhaul of the NOC litigation procedure is expected, with current “not-so-summary” proceedings to be replaced by one action, similar to US ANDA litigation The r...
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Timing is Everything

Years ago I got into the legal speaking circuit after presenting on the future of the legal profession to a group of bar leaders. I called the presentation "Staying Relevant." I credit this moment with pushing me into the spotlight of change in the legal profession since it lead to a slew of speaking invites and for me becoming known for driving change in the legal market. This was 1999. A lot has happened since then - but somethings from my presentation have yet to materialize. On ...
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Law:Will former Fox News CFO get immunity in settlement investigation?

Immunity. Mark Kranz, former chief financial officer of Fox News, has reportedly been offered immunity from U.S. government attorneys looking into the network’s payments to women who claimed to be harassed by former CEO Roger Ailes. Variety reported that federal prosecutors are investigating whether Fox News and its parent company, 21st Century Fox, properly disclosed financial settlements made to former employees who made harassment claims. These employees included former anchor Gretchen Carls...
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How Many Camo T-Shirts Can 1 Person Wear at Once?

How many t-shirts do you think you could wear at one time? 5? 20? 100? Well, recently I found myself asking that very same question. And so an experiment was born; last Friday we decided to see if I could fit 150 on myself at once in honor of reaching 150,000 followers on Facebook and post the attempt live on Facebook.After doing a little research, I realized how incredibly impractical 150 were without advanced training and practice. Formerly, the world record for the most shirts worn at a time ...
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Serbian & Croatian 40mm Grenade Launchers in Syria

This past week a Serbian product, the 40mm/6 M11 made by Yugoimport SDPR J.P. was seen in use by the Safwa Islamic Brigade & Suqur al-Shamal opposition groups in northern Aleppo. The launcher isn’t very prevalent outside of Serbia and thus it’s presence in Syria indicates a line of supply that might lead back to Serbia. The […] Read More … The post Serbian & Croatian 40mm Grenade Launchers in Syria appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The Army is using quack "battlefield acupuncture" based on junk science

The exciting field of "battlefield acupuncture" involves training soldiers and medics to perform what amounts to a "theatrical placebo" involving jamming glorified thumbtacks into fellow soldiers' ears and leaving them there until they fall out. (more…)
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Russia's is testing the Zircon hypersonic missile and a joint longer range India-Russia hypersonic missile should begin testing in 2020

Russia is expected to begin serial production of hypersonic missile Tsirkon or Zircon soon. The missile boasts of speed five times than that of speed of sound. Reports say the missile can travel with a speed of upto 4,600 mph or 7,400 km/h, which makes it almost impossible to be stopped.Countries like the US and Britain, who have most powerful defence forces in the world, are already losing sweat over Russia's new missile defence system."State tests of Zircon are scheduled for completion in ...
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Pennsylvania Pheasant Permit Needed In 2017-18

Two Pheasants Pennsylvania Game Commission USA -( Adult and senior hunters in Pennsylvania who pursue pheasants will need to purchase a pheasant permit in addition to a general hunting license in the 2017-18 license year.The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today gave final approval to creating a pheasant permit that would be required for all adult and senior hunters who pursue or harvest pheasants.The permit would cost $25 for adults and seniors, including senior lif...
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Opinion analysis: A victory for intellectually disabled inmates in Texas

A Texas death-row inmate will get a shot at a new sentence after the Supreme Court ruled today that a state court applied the wrong standards to conclude that he was not intellectually disabled and therefore could be executed. Bobby James Moore was convicted and sentenced to death for shooting a supermarket employee during a 1980 robbery. But Moore argued that he was exempt from execution because he was intellectually disabled – for example, he failed first grade twice, still did not grasp basic...
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Semiautomatic Rifles Ok’d For Pennslyvania Small Game, Furbearers

Squirrels Abound In Pennsylvania’s Forests And Woodlots Pennsylvania Game Commission USA -( Hunters heading afield in the 2017-18 seasons will be able to carry semiautomatic rifles for hunting small game and furbearers, but not for big game, based on regulatory changes approved today by the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners.The commissioners in January preliminarily approved a proposal that would have allowed semiautomatic rifles to be used in any season where manually...
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Bham nonprofit CEO taking new post in North Carolina

Stan Law, who has led YMCA of Greater Birmingham since 2013, is returning to his native North Carolina to head the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina. Law will serve as president and CEO of the organization beginning May 1. While Law said he will be happy to return to his home state and reconnect with family in North Carolina, he has mixed feelings about leaving Birmingham, which he praised for its quality of life, restaurant scene and community. In Birmingham, one of Law's chief efforts was st...
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Argument analysis: Some skepticism, some support for immigrant facing deportation after bad legal advice

This morning the Supreme Court heard oral argument in the case of Jae Lee, a Korean immigrant who was charged with possession of ecstasy with intent to distribute it. Lee accepted a plea bargain after his attorney told him that he would not be deported. That advice turned out to be, as Justice Elena Kagan put it today, “supremely deficient”: In addition to the year and a day in prison to which he was sentenced, Lee’s conviction also carried with it the penalty of mandatory deportation. Lee asked...
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PPL and PRS have begun merging with 2 million + tracks and plan to partner with more societies

The UK’s 2 major royalty collecting societies, PPL and PRS, have begun joining forces as a joint-venture company that will cover all of the UK’s most important music licensing. Last year the two collection societies proposed a joint-venture to simplify the process of getting music licenses, making it more appealing for smaller business to apply. Now the two companies are beginning their merger by combining their vast databases and have plans to create “a prototype search tool to improve identi...
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The Limits of Codes of Professional Conduct and the Value of a Lawyer Following Their Own Conscience: Lessons From Atticus Finch

“Is it or is it not an ethical dilemma?” “Does such a behaviour violate the ethical rules in the Rules of Professional Conduct?” These are questions that we students were asked each day in our Professional Responsibility class. However, day after day, we were often unable to reach a conclusive answer to a myriad of ethical dilemmas. I found myself often pondering why it was often so difficult to reach a conclusive answer to an ethical issue. As law students, we are trained to unfailingly follo...
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