Brilliant positioning by Kid Rock.

Dinner time at my house. What do you think Schumer is spoon-feeding Stabenow tonight? — Kid Rock (@KidRock) July 21, 2017 I love everything about the photograph, including the salt and pepper shakers that are luring haters to say things like "Nice salt and pepper shakers, grandma."Stroh's = Detroit, Michigan. In August 2016, Pabst partnered with a brewery in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood called Brew Detroit to begin brewing batches of Stroh's Bohemian-Style Pilsner...
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Arizona Spring Hunt Recommendations to be Available for Review

Turkeys PHOENIX, Ariz. -( The Arizona Game and Fish Department has scheduled a series of six “open houses” for its constituents to review and ask questions about proposed hunt recommendations for spring hunts for turkey, javelina, bison and bear.The department annually makes recommendations to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission regarding the management of game species, which establish the seasons, dates, bag limits, open areas and permit-tag allocations based on the framework o...
Tags: Guns, Arizona, Hunting, Tucson, Flagstaff, Kingman, Hunting News, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Stockton Hill Road, Arizona Spring Hunt Recommendations, Flagstaff 3500 S Lake Mary Road Tues Aug

Using Instagram to Get Leads for Your Law Firm

Instagram is not on many law firm’s radars, which makes it rife with opportunity for savvy social media legal marketers to use this popular channel to acquire new leads. Instagram is all about images. 20 million users in the U.S. visit the site every day to see photos and read stories that inspire and connect with them. The photos you post should reflect your firm’s branding image and your target audience. For example, if you are a divorce lawyer, you might want to post humorous memes that can h...
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What could be more surrealistic than exhuming the surrealist?

You might say, no, it's not surrealistic. There's nothing more down to earth than digging a decayed corpse out of the ground. But Salvador Dali — the surrealist in question — was extracted not from some graveyard, but from a crypt within his own museum.Here's the NYT article about the exhumation, done according to a court order in a case about whether Pilar Abel, "a 61-year-old Tarot card reader," has a claim to "the worth hundreds of millions of dollars that Dali left to the Spanish state." So ...
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At the Enjoyable Sandwich Café...

... you can talk all night.And you can shop all night, too, preferably through The Althouse Amazon Portal.That sandwich photograph originally appeared on this blog back here, in 2009. Sandwiches happened to come up twice on the blog today (if you count a cheeseburger as a sandwich), so that — in my entirely made-up rules of blogging — made it right to go into the archive for a sandwich photo for the café post. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Auto Insurance: How to Dispute an Insurance Company's Findings of Fault for an Accident

My question involves an accident that occurred in the state of: Washington Hi all, I'm looking for some clear-headed advice on an insurance situation that continues to rattle me more and more each day. The accident: In late May I was coming home from work on my motorcycle. There was a moderate amount of traffic, since it was almost that time when everyone was heading home from work. As I was proceeding up a three lane road (one two-way turn lane in the middle), traffic began to slow down in my ...
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Bergara Rifles Experiencing Enormous Demand During Industry Leveling Off

Due to hard work, an increase in name recognition and a growing reputation for impeccable rifles, Bergara Rifles has seen an enormous increase in product demand over the past two years. Bergara B-14 HMR Rifle Bergara Lawrenceville, Ga. ( – Bergara Rifles, a division of BPI Outdoors, is pleased to announce it has experienced an increase in product demand over the past two years. Dealers, distributors and retailers are reporting that demand for Bergara’s rifles continues to in...
Tags: Guns, Hunting, Npr, Lawrenceville Georgia, HMR, Shooting Industry News, Rifles, BPI Outdoors, Bergara Spain, Bergara, Lawrenceville Ga Ammoland, Ben Fleming, Bergara Rifles, Precision Shooting

VCs love insurance, even if you don’t

 At first blush it may seem like insurance and venture capital make an odd couple. Venture capital is all about taking big risks for the potential of even bigger payouts down the road, while insurance is all about quantifying and mitigating risk. But make no mistake, there are vast sums of venture dollars going into insurance deals. Read More
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New Report: Parenting Assessments and Their Use in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia

The Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family has just released a new report on parenting assessments, prepared by Calgary articled student and UBC graduate, Zoe Suche. These assessments, also called “custody and access reports” and “bilateral assessments,” are usually requested when the views and opinions of an independent expert are needed to help separated parents or the court determine the parenting arrangements that are in the best interests of minor children. The report uses a mix...
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Man hands.

A Drudge theme right now:A topic that came up in the Dali thread, where I'd said "What path did your eye take and how many points of interest did you take in before you saw... the snake around her wrist?" and holdfast said: "before you saw...the creepy man-hands?" Closeup:Classic "Seinfeld" bit: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Navy increasing Railgun power and rep rate

The US Navy work will focus over the next year on increasing railgun power with which projectiles are fired to the target of 32 megajoules and increasing the firing rate to 10 shots per minute, or one every six seconds. said Dr. Tom Beutner, head of Naval Air Warfare and Weapons for ONR. At 32 megajoules, the railgun will have a range of about 110 nautical miles. Engineers will bring a new composite launcher designed to support the increased power and rep rate to where railgun prototypes are alr...
Tags: Technology, Navy, Future, Military, Innovation, Ships, US Navy, Future Weapons, Railgun, Tom Beutner, Naval Air Warfare

WIRTW #468 (the “big in Japan” edition)

True story. While trekking between San Francisco’s Coit Tower and Lombard Street, we passed a group of Japanese tourists exiting their bus. One of girls, wearing a striped shirt sort of similar to Norah’s striped dress, asked if she could take a selfie with Norah. A little Puzzled and very curious, my wife asked, “Is it because you’re both wearing stripes?” “No,” she replied, “It’s because she’s so pretty.” Somewhere in Japan, Norah has a fan club of a half-dozen girls, all with Norah selfies on...
Tags: Japan, Law, San Francisco, Connecticut, Ohio, Ada, Nlrb, Joe, Robin Shea, Engadget, Lombard Street, Donovan, Eric Meyer, Jeff Nowak, Jimmy John, OSHA

Bergara B-14 HMR Rifle Chosen by Field & Stream for Best Hunting Gear of 2017

The B-14 HMR was one of only two bolt action rifles chosen by editors to make the exclusive list. Bergara B-14 HMR Rifle Chosen by Field & Stream for Best Hunting Gear of 2017 Bergara Lawrenceville, Ga. ( – Bergara Rifles, a division of BPI Outdoors, is pleased to announce its Bergara B-14 Hunting and Match Rifle (HMR) was chosen by the editors of Field & Stream for its best hunting gear of 2017 list.The Bergara B-14 HMR Rifle was one of only two bolt-action rifles to make t...
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Petitions of the day

The petitions of the day are: Lagos v. United States 16-1519 Issue: Whether 18 U.S.C. § 3663A(b)(4) covers costs for reimbursement under the Mandatory Victims Restitution Act that were “neither required nor requested” by the government, including costs incurred for the victim’s own purposes and unprompted by any official government action. M-I, LLC v. Syed 16-1524 Issues: (1) Whether an “informational injury” satisfies the article III standing requirement of real-world harm articul...
Tags: Law, United States, Robins, Lagos, LLC, Burr, Cases in the Pipeline, Safeco Insurance Company of America, Spokeo

Traffic Accidents: Disputing an Auto Insurance Decision

My question involves an accident that occurred in the state of: Washington Hi all, I'm looking for some clear-headed advice on an insurance situation that continues to rattle me more and more each day. The accident: In late May I was coming home from work on my motorcycle. There was a moderate amount of traffic, since it was almost that time when everyone was heading home from work. As I was proceeding up a three lane road (one two-way turn lane in the middle), traffic began to slow down in ...
Tags: Law, Washington, Accidents and Injuries

This Week on ‘Mojo TV’ – Whistling Wings of the North

Mojo TV USA -( The MOJO TV crew heads to Canada to hunt thousands of mallards with Rob Reynolds of Ranchland Outfitters. It is an annual trip for a reason.The hunting and fellowship is top notch. Mike relives some of his favorite hunts and watches Remington follow in his dad’s footsteps.Check out our motion devices for the upcoming duck seasons as they work together to achieve realism. Flash effect from the Flock A Flickers and Blue Wing Teal and water movement from the full body...
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"Circuit Court Nominees In The Trump Administration: The Latest News And Rumor (Part 1); What are the chances of these folks getting confirmed?"

"Circuit Court Nominees In The Trump Administration: The Latest News And Rumor (Part 1); What are the chances of these folks getting confirmed?" David Lat has this post at "Above the Law."
Tags: Law, David Lat, Circuit Court

EU will hit Poland with deadline to reverse curbs on judicial freedom

Protests continue after senate approves laws seen as serious threat to democracyThe EU is expected to give Poland’s rightwing government until September to reverse a controversial set of laws that give the country’s politicians control over its supreme court. Related: Poland's former president Lech Wałęsa joins protest against judicial overhaul Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Law, Eu, European Union, World news, Poland, Lech Wałęsa

Service Not Given

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Ut. I have a large mobile storage unit on my property. I have called the company locally as well as at the cooperate level and complained. It has been over a month and I still do not have it picked up. Legally what are my options ? I was renting it. Can I sell it since it has been more than 30 day?
Tags: Law, Consumer Law

Evacuatated tower block residents refuse to move back over safety fears

Residents of Chalcots estate in Camden, north London, want further assurances about safety in wake of Grenfell tragedyMore than 100 residents evacuated from a north London housing estate in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire are said to be refusing to move back until they receive further assurances about its safety. Camden council began moving residents back into the Chalcots estate near Swiss Cottage in phases last week after completion of safety works it said were signed off by London Fire Br...
Tags: Politics, London, Housing, Communities, Society, UK News, Local Government, Camden, Swiss Cottage, London Fire Brigade LFB, Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Tower fire, Chalcots

Self Report Leads To Interlocutory Suspension

A Hearing Division Tribunal of the Law Society of Upper Canada has ordered the interlocutory suspension of an attorney who had self-reported his misconduct The evidence supported the granting of the interlocutory suspension. On May 29, 2017, Mr. Findlay self-reported... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Findlay, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process

The Dan Markel Case: Wendi Adelson Finds A New Job

Any negative views people might have about Wendi Adelson haven't stopped her from landing a prominent post.
Tags: Florida, Murder, Crime, Law, Immigration, Deaths, Violence, Trials, Florida State, Law Schools, Non-profits, Job Searches, Law Professors, Dan Markel, Florida State University College of Law, Katherine Magbanua

Compensation and Overtime: Asked to Work Without Pay After the End of a Contract Term

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Missouri I work as a tenured Professor at a small university and I'm on a typical 9 month contract year to year. My employer recently requested that I be available for a month, without pay, to handle some administrative tasks. What legal rights do I have? Is this something that I can report, if so who would you advise that I contact?
Tags: Law, Missouri, Employment and Labor

Job Benefits Newborn Not Added to Health Insurance Coverage

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Kansas Hi , My daughter was born in May and I enrolled her through employer provide online portal to our insurance but it appear due to some system issues information did not get saved in system and its only two months later we figure out she has no coverage Now as I didn't forget to add , but he could not get added due to some system issue can Employer still add her to coverage? Talked to HR and was told nothing can be done as ...
Tags: Law, Kansas, Employment and Labor

"I'm not elitist. I'm elite. There's a difference."

Overheard on the street in University Heights (Madison, Wisconsin). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Law, Ann Althouse, Class Politics, University Heights Madison Wisconsin

"But if you can stand the ear-splitting music that renders 90 percent of the heavily accented dialogue incomprehensible..."

"... or follow what there is of the convoluted plot—or if you’re a fan of war and carnage in general—you won’t be bored."Rex Reed, letting me off the hook on seeing "Dunkirk." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Movies, Law, War, Hearing, Rex Reed, Ann Althouse

Want to Ensure Solo Success? Obsess Yourself.

Obsession isn't necessarily a trait you’d want in a partner, but it’s the secret to successful solo and start-up lawyers.
Tags: Law, Solo Practitioners, Small Law Firms

"His moustache is still intact, [like clock hands at] 10 past 10, just as he liked it. It’s a miracle."

"His face was covered with a silk handkerchief – a magnificent handkerchief. When it was removed, I was delighted to see his moustache was intact … I was quite moved. You could also see his hair."The exhumation of Salvador Dalí — already discussed in an earlier post today, here — does not respect the dead artist's privacy. Instead, an embalmer named Narcís Bardalet — who also handled the body at the time of the entombment in 1989 — gives the press his eyewitness account. He also said that the bo...
Tags: Death, Law, Salvador Dalí, Dali, Mustache, Ann Althouse, Narcís Bardalet, Maria Pilar Abel, Via Metafilter

Pardon me? Legal experts doubt Trump could absolve himself in Russia inquiry

The president, under pressure over a deepening scandal, says ‘all agree’ that he has ‘the complete power to pardon’, but analysts suggest this is not the caseAn apropos-of-nothing assertion by Donald Trump on Twitter on Saturday morning, that “all agree the US president has the complete power to pardon”, raised interesting questions: How broad is the president’s pardoning power, and does it extend to self-pardons?As the Russia scandal deepens, with Congress preparing to interview Donald Trump Jr...
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