Opinion analysis: Justices uphold broad interpretation of immigration detention provision

In Nielsen v. Preap, four justices joined Justice Samuel Alito yesterday to adopt an expansive interpretation of a mandatory-immigration-detention statute. In Demore v. Kim, in 2003, the Supreme Court interpreted 8 U.S.C. § 1226(c) to require detention (without bond hearings) for the broad class of potentially removable immigrants identified in the statute. With their decision in Nielsen v. Preap, the Supreme Court further broadened this mandatory-detention provision to cover immigrants who, res...
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Argument analysis: Justices grapple with meaning of final decision made after a hearing

In Monday’s oral argument in Smith v. Berryhill, the justices confronted a split among the courts of appeals as to whether an SSI disability claimant can obtain judicial review of the Social Security Appeals Council’s dismissal of his appeal as untimely under 42 U.S.C. sec. 405(g). Section 405(g) provides that “[a]ny individual, after any final decision of the Commissioner of Social Security made after a hearing to which he was a party, … may obtain review of such decision by a civil action.” ...
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"Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2019"

The Prison Policy Initiative has today posted the latest, greatest version of its remarkable incarceration "pie" graphic and associated report on the particulars of who and how people are incarcerated in the United States.  The extraordinary pies produced by PPI impart more information in one image than just about any single resource I can think of.  Here is part of the report's introductory text and the concluding discussion on my favorite law-nerd version of pie day: Can it really be true tha...
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"Who Still Buys Wite-Out, and Why?"

They're asking the rite question at The Atlantic.But correction fluids are not only surviving—they appear to be thriving, with Wite-Out sales climbing nearly 10 percent in 2017, according to the most recent public numbers. It’s a mystery of the digital age....Yeah, Mike Nesmith's mother... Liquid Paper... We needn't go back into that history. I'll just say Wite-Out is to Liquid Paper as Oreo is to Hydrox. Back to the question at hand: Why are people still buying a lot of correction fluid?Even as...
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Towards An AI Policy And AI Incident Response Plan For Businesses (Part II)

Part two of a three-part series on the motivation for AI policy and incidence plans for businesses.
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Can You Guess Which Law Schools Have The Best LSAT Scores? See Also

The Best Of The LSAT List Looks Pretty Familiar: But you know you still want to read it. The Poor Kids At Cardozo Law School: Elevators really aren't their friends. Biglaw V. Biglaw: The battle over contingency fees. A Lesson On Adverbs By Justice Alito: Who cares how the law is actually supposed to work anyhow? Suspicious Package Shuts Down Federal Courthouse:Big backup in Rochester.
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The U.S. Army is building a giant VR battlefield to train soldiers virtually

Imagine if the U.S. Army was able to rehearse battlezone scenarios dozens, or even hundreds, or times before settling foot on actual terrain. Thanks to virtual reality, that's now a possibility. The post The U.S. Army is building a giant VR battlefield to train soldiers virtually appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Janus: what comes after

The Supreme Court’s Janus decision on public sector union fees was not received in a spirit of total cooperation by all public sector unions and employers. Two Cato Daily Podcasts from late last year, one with Robert Alt of the Buckeye Institute, the other with Ken Girardin of The Empire Center: Related: Federalist Society podcast with William Messenger and panel with Messenger, Steven Greenhut, Hon. Chuck Reed, and Hon. Ryan Nelson; William Baude (critical of Janus). And now, citing the ...
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Surprise! The DNA Test Revealed That Your Mom’s Fertility Doctor Is Your Father

Don’t take the home DNA test unless you want to face some hard truths.
Tags: Law, Family law, DNA tests, Ellen Trachman, Fertility Clinics, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART, Donald Cline, Jody L. Madeira

The Cognitive Dissonance Surrounding Violence

Violence is not becoming more prevalent in society, only our awareness of tragedy.
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"20 years ago, if you saw something on TV that offended you and you wanted to let someone know, you would’ve had to get a pen and paper and write, 'Dear BBC, I’m bothered.'"

"But you didn’t do it because it was too much trouble. Now with Twitter, you can just go, 'Fuck you!' to a comedian who’s offended you. Then a journalist will see that and say, 'So-and-so said a thing and people are furious.' No. The rest of us don’t give a fuck and wouldn’t have heard about it if it hadn’t been made a headline. Everything is exaggerated. But everything’s also an illusion. No one would talk to you in the street like they do on Twitter. They’d never come up and say, 'Your article...
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Other Violations: Code 5200(A)- No Plates; Listed As a Moving Violation

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California I was given a ticket today for having no plates on my car. The officer listed it under traffic (moving violation), but I'm not sure if that is correct. I believe all moving violations result in a point being put on your license as well? Can anyone shed some light if on this situation... - Can a 5200(a) violation be a traffic/ moving violation - What will be the result? Just roughly $200 fee, or will it include a point ...
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Shamima Begum family challenge Javid's citizenship decision

Relatives say it was unfair to remove UK citizenship when others who went to Isis territory were allowed backThe family of Shamima Begum has formally started court challenges against the home secretary, saying Sajid Javid’s decision to strip the teenager of her citizenship is unfair because hundreds of Britons who went to Islamic State territory have been allowed back.Begum fled her east London family for Syria in February 2015, aged 15, along with two school friends after reading terrorist prop...
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White male artists dominate US gallery collections

Major art museum works do not reflect ethnic or gender diversity, researchers find. Andrew Masterson reports.
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Federal judge pens extraordinary and compelling order requesting US Attorney to vacate old stacked 924(c) conviction in extraordinary and compelling case

I learned last night of a remarkable new four-page order entered in US v. Marks, No. 03-CR-6033 (WDNY March 14, 2019) (available for download below).  Chad Marks' case has been followed for years by clemency advocates like Amy Povah, and this CAN-DO profile page has lots of background materials about his case, his requests for clemency, and all the positive work he has done since being sentenced many years ago to 40 mandatory prison years due to stacking § 924(c) firearm charges.  As informed re...
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Food writer Mark Bittman "has bounced around since leaving The Times."

"He spent less than a year at Purple Carrot, a vegan meal-kit start-up. He wrote a column for New York Magazine and Grub Street. He started a newsletter. He posted recipes on his personal website. All along, he said, he had the idea of creating his own publication.... Salty, which is making its debut on Tuesday, will comprise recipes, stories related to food and more. 'There’s a large part of me that wants people to be interested in food agriculture, or policy, or kids, or immigrants, or race,' ...
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Network Monitoring and

by Dennis Crouch It appears that the Federal Circuit has sharpened its blades and is now slicing the bologna extra thin.  This results-oriented decision unfortunately shades-facts and provides no clarity in its legal analysis of eligibility. While I agree that this network security invention should be eligible for patenting – the court’s analysis does not provide a convincing foundation for that result.  SRI International, Inc. v. Cisco Systems, Inc. (Fed. Cir 2019) At the close of trial, the ju...
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Men’s Rights Firm Teases ‘Hot New Girlfriend’ In Ad Somebody Thought Was Cool

They should call themselves 'The Firm For Fragile Men.'
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The Office Of The Public Administrator: An Important Government Office, Albeit One You Hope To Never Have To Use

Who will be the executor for your estate? Make the hard decisions and ask the difficult questions now, to save grief later.
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Sold Wrong Size Tires

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California I replaced my front two tires in November because they were worn, while the rear tires were fine. I went to a local tire specific store for the tires. After the tires were installed, I did not realize that the two new tires were larger (aspect ratio) than the rear tires, because I assumed a tire company would double or triple check that they were installing the correct new tires. In March I had my car serviced by a differ...
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Activists project 'refugees welcome' on Acropolis to show crisis not over

Amnesty says calling migration deal successful ‘flies in face of reality’ given plight of people trapped on Greek islandsActivists have marked the third anniversary of a controversial migration deal between the EU and Turkey by projecting a slogan on to the walls of the Acropolis.Two weeks after Brussels claimed the migration crisis was over, Amnesty International projected the words “humanity first: refugees are welcome” on to the ancient citadel above Athens to highlight the plight of thousand...
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LA-area pursuit suspect breakdances before surrendering

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Law-breaking turned into breakdancing at the end of a Southern California vehicle pursuit. TV news helicopters were overhead Tuesday night when a suspect pursued by the California Highway Patrol finally surrendered, but broke out into a 10-second dance before being handcuffed. The pursuit began in the Calabasas area and headed east […]
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Modification of Support: Determining the Obligor

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: NH Recently in 2018 NH RSA-461-VI was changed to say "Each parenting plan shall include a detailed parenting schedule for the child, specifying the periods when each parent has residential responsibility or non-residential parenting time. Neither parent shall be described as having the child "reside primarily" with him or her or as having "primary residential responsibility" or "custody" or be designated as the "primary residential pa...
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"Dear ABC, when you asked me back to once again bail out your sh*t, f**kin’, low-rated network, I did so with the same vigor I’ve always rocked..."

"... and I delivered you the highest ratings you’ve had in 10 fucking years. At the first sign of controversy, you killed me off with a drug overdose. But you know what, I ain’t dead, bitches."Said Roseanne Barr, quoted at HuffPo.ADDED: Click the link to watch the video. It was embedded before but seemed to be hanging up my browser so I got rid of it. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Enhanced Governance, ShareSpaces, Binders and More on NetDocuments’ 2019 Roadmap

During my visit to Utah last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Lehi headquarters of NetDocuments and sit down with Alvin Tedjamulia, cofounder and chief technology officer, for a briefing on the company’s road map for 2019. Among the features planned for release later this year is a governance module that effectively embeds governance policies in the document at the platform level, circumventing the Achilles’ Heel of end users whose carelessness or naivete can expose documents. Other enha...
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March 20 roundup

Sports betting: best to ignore the leagues’ special pleadings and let federalism work [Patrick Moran, Cato, related podcast] Everything you thought you knew about corporate personhood in the law is wrong [David Bernstein reviews Adam Winkler’s We the Corporations] Federal judge John Kane, on lawyer’s filings: “I have described them as prolix, meandering, full of unfounded supposition and speculation, repetitive and convoluted almost to the point of being maddening.” And he’s just getting sta...
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Enhanced Governance, ShareSpaces, Binders and More on NetDocuments’ 2019 Roadmap

During my visit to Utah last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Lehi headquarters of NetDocuments and sit down with Alvin Tedjamulia, cofounder and chief technology officer, for a briefing on the company’s road map for 2019. Among the features planned for release later this year is a governance module that effectively embeds governance policies in the document at the platform level, circumventing the Achilles’ Heel of end users whose carelessness or naivete can expose documents. Other enha...
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The Road to Automated & Connected Cars Is Not a Straight One

It seems that everyone is doing studies or adopting positions on automated/connected cars these days. That is understandable given the potential ramifications on subjects including safety, ability to function in adverse weather, infrastructure, traffic, public transit, cybersecurity, data volumes, privacy, liability, insurance, ethics, and jobs. Level 5 (fully autonomous) self driving cars may not arrive for many years. Depending on who you ask, they are somewhere between a couple of years and a...
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FIFA Foundation Community Programme – in pictures

Star striker Samuel Eto’o represented the UNHCR Sport and Cooperation Network in Cameroon to coach child refugees from neighbouring Central African Republic, part-funded by the Fifa Foundation Continue reading...
Tags: Africa, Football, Sport, Society, World news, Football politics, Cameroon, Fifa, Central African Republic, Philanthropy, Samuel Eto'o, FIFA Foundation Community Programme, UNHCR Sport and Cooperation Network, Fifa Foundation Continue

Reusing the soap.

At Facebook this morning:John (quoting from "Hilton is recycling used bars of hotel soap to save the planet" (CNN)): "Hilton Hotels ... announced Monday that it will collect used bars of soap from guest rooms across its hotels and recycle them into 1 million new bars of soap by October 15, which is Global Handwashing Day."Me: Gross! "Crushed, sanitized and cut into new soap bars." So the pubic hairs and whatnot are in there, but it's okay, they're sanitized.John (quoting from "Friends"): "Soap i...
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