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Reflections On My First Oral Argument

It may be impossible to get rid of the nerves you'll be up against, but if you're well-prepared, things will go smoothly for you.
Tags: Law, Advice, Trials, Litigators, Oral Arguments, David Forrest

The Importance Of Mentors In The Legal Profession

Good advice from mentors never goes out of style. It’s ageless.
Tags: Law, Advice, Uncategorized, Mentorship, Small Law Firms, Jill Switzer

On Thinking Versus Really Thinking

If you'd like to develop a reputation as a competent person, you'll choose to think seriously about stuff. 
Tags: Law, Advice, Biglaw, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel

5 Professional Lifestyle Tips For The New Lawyer’s First 5 Years Of Practice

This is advice you may hear frequently, but some people have learned it the hard way.
Tags: Law, Advice, Work/Life Balance, Small Law Firms, Steven Chung

Arguing Before SCOTUS: An Advocate’s Perspective

What's it like to argue before the Supreme Court of the United States? A leading high-court advocate offers insights and tips.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Scotus, Advice, United States, Courts, Biglaw, Litigation, Litigators, Paul Weiss, Appellate Advocacy, Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison, Kannon Shanmugam, Williams & Connolly

5 Things Operational Leaders Need To Get Right

Leaders care about more than just results. They also care about those who follow them. Be kind and empathetic.
Tags: Law, Advice, Legal Operations, Mike Quartararo

The Best Work is Not Always Perfect

Simply put, don’t waste the court’s time just to show off how perfect you are.
Tags: Litigators, Advice, Christine A. Rodriguez, Perfectionism

The Key To Consistency Is Caring, But Accuracy Still Reigns

Being accurate is still the most important thing you can do as an attorney.
Tags: Law, Advice, Boutique Law Firms, Brian Grossman

How To Use Speaking Engagements To Build Your Practice

Here are a few things that you can do before, during, and after speaking engagements to maximize their effectiveness.
Tags: Law, Advice, Uncategorized, Public Speaking, Small Law Firms, Kerriann Stout

Hold Back Sometimes

You never know when doing this could help you at trial.
Tags: Law, Advice, Litigators, Boutique Law Firms, John Balestriere

Ask the Lawyer: Is there any defense if your dog bites someone who enters your yard?

Q: Our terrier, Jessie, bit the neighbor’s hand, but he (the neighbor) climbed over the wall to get into our yard – without our knowledge or permission – supposedly to help Jessie during the rains. The next day our neighbor went to a doctor. Are we financially responsible? If so, for what? -G.E., Lomita Ron Sokol A: Some states have a rule that the dog has to have shown prior propensity for violence before the owner is held liable for a dog bite. California, however, enforces strict liabilit...
Tags: News, Law, California, Advice, Sport, Soccer, Local News, Manhattan Beach, Jessie, Hermosa Beach, Top Stories LADN, Top Stories OCR, Top Stories PE, Top Stories IVDB, Top Stories RDF, Top Stories Sun

The Power Of Your Voice: Why You Should Incorporate Speaking Into Your Practice

Consider incorporating public speaking into your career to make your leadership and expertise more visible.
Tags: Law, Advice, Public Speaking, In-House Counsel, Olga V. Mack

The Bar Exam Pep Talk Every Student Needs To Read

If you aren’t going to study the day before the exam, what are you going to do? Read this.
Tags: Law, Advice, Law Schools, Bar Exams, Kerriann Stout

Why Innovation Dies In Law Firms

Even the most established firms need to think like startups.
Tags: Law, Advice, Innovation, Biglaw, James Goodnow, Emerging Companies / Startups

Don’t Forget To Do These 5 Things The Week Before The Bar Exam

If you ignore all the other advice in this article, follow this one piece: Do NOT study the day before the bar exam.
Tags: Law, Advice, Law Schools, Bar Exams, Kerriann Stout, February 2019 Bar Exam

Working From Home

With technology as it is, we are no longer tied to our desks. Here are some tips and tricks for the logistics of working from home.
Tags: Law, Advice, Working From Home, Litigators, Telecommuting, Boutique Law Firms, Jillian L. McNeil

Professor, Can You Just Give Me A Straight Answer?

No matter what area of the law you find yourself in, rarely will 'straight answers' exist.
Tags: Law, Advice, Law Schools, In-House Counsel, Law Students, Law Professors, Stephen R. Williams

5 Things To Do In The Final Weeks Of Bar Prep That Are More Effective Than Googling Essay Predictions

And if you take a peek at those predictions, allow yourself a few hours to brush up on the subjects predicted and then move on to something else.
Tags: Law, Advice, Law Schools, Bar Exams, Kerriann Stout

Our Offer Is A Million Bucks Today, And It’s Going Down Every Week After That

This ain't exactly a good way to settle your case.
Tags: Law, Advice, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, Settlement Offers

You Are Responsible For Controlling How Your Time Is Spent

Use good judgment to spend your time wisely and win for your clients.
Tags: Law, Advice, Litigators, Boutique Law Firms, John Balestriere, Phone Calls

Facing Impostor Syndrome As A Minority Woman In The Male-Dominated IP World

It’s important to know that there are others just like you who feel this way, even if they project themselves with confidence.
Tags: Law, Advice, Intellectual Property, Women's Issues, Impostor Syndrome, Health & Wellness, Minority Issues, Krista L. Cox

Being Your Own Worst Client

As in-house counsel, your duty to protect your client is absolute. Even if they may not immediately appreciate it.
Tags: Law, Advice, In-House Counsel, Stephen R. Williams

Getting Through Law School AND Hardship At The Same Time

Sometimes law school isn’t the only hurdle for law students.
Tags: Law, Advice, Law Schools, Law Students, Law Professors, LawProfBlawg

The Safety Blanket: The Delicate Co-Dependency Balancing Act Of The In-House Counsel

What happens when someone from the business team treats the legal team like a well-worn blankey...
Tags: Law, Advice, In-House Counsel, Kay Thrace

Preparing Witnesses For Trial, Rather Than Deposition, Testimony

Trials are different than depositions. Make sure that your witnesses understand that.
Tags: Law, Advice, Trials, Litigators, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, Depositions

Watch Out For These 5 Bar Prep Roadblocks

Now you know what to look out for and how to avoid it. Best of luck!
Tags: Law, Advice, Law Schools, Bar Exams, Kerriann Stout, Bar Prep Roadblocks

If Law Students Focus On MLK’s Blueprint, Then They Can Straighten Their Question Marks Into Exclamation Points

Don’t let anybody make you feel like are nobody. Always realize your self-worth.
Tags: Law, Advice, Martin Luther King Jr, Law Schools, Renwei Chung, Law Students

Transitioning To A New Law Firm: Growth & Growing Pains

A few points that will help you get through the first couple of weeks at a new firm.
Tags: Law, Advice, Boutique Law Firms, Lateral Moves, Peter S. Garnett

The 5 Most Important Tips For Client Development

Be sure to add these to your arsenal ASAP.
Tags: Law, Advice, Biglaw, Cordell Parvin, Business Development, Sponsored Content, Lateral Link

I Told You So: Now What? The In-House Counsel Search And Salvage Mission

Sometimes, you just need to let your team fail, especially when they don't listen to your advice.
Tags: Law, Advice, In-House Counsel, Kay Thrace

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