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When I was young, I left Sudan in search of ‘success’. Now I yearn for family and home | Nesrine Malik

In the stillness of lockdown, I now see that the costs of globalisation have come to outweigh its benefitsFor as long as I have been able to remember, I have known that I would not always live where I was born. I knew that at some point, I would have to leave my country of Sudan if I wanted to secure work that would provide a meaningful living.At the time, it wasn’t a sad realisation but more an exciting prospect, one that promised a shot at a “modern” life. To me, that modernity meant social mo...
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Aid agencies can be harmful, says Somaliland tycoon

Ismail Ahmed, a refugee turned multimillionaire, says his country has had to battle ‘negative PR’Aid agencies are hindering development and undermining efforts to attract investment in Somaliland, according to a former World Bank and UN official turned entrepreneur.Ismail Ahmed, founder of the money-transfer company WorldRemit, claims Somaliland, his birthplace, has had to battle “negative PR” from aid agencies exaggerating their role to protect their interests. Somaliland declared itself a sove...
Tags: Business, Africa, Economics, Society, World news, Global Economy, United Nations, Aid, Global development, Un, World Bank, Somalia, Inequality, Remittances, Worldremit, Somaliland

Zimbabwe under renewed pressure to give up Rwanda genocide suspect

Protais Mpiranya is top of a list of remaining fugitives indicted by an international tribunalUnited Nations investigators tracking one of the most notorious killers in the Rwandan genocide believe he is hiding in Zimbabwe and are launching a new effort to convince authorities in Harare to allow the 60-year-old fugitive to face trial.Protais Mpiranya, the former commander of the presidential guard of the Rwandan army, has been on the run for 27 years charged with war crimes, genocide and crimes ...
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‘Think of others’: elderly people in Zimbabwe dispel scepticism on Covid vaccine

While younger generations remain suspicious, growing numbers of senior citizens are taking up the jabThey may be old, frail, and vulnerable but they are the foot soldiers at the front of Zimbabwe’s Covid vaccination drive. Amid widespread scepticism among the younger population, it is elderly people who are coming out to lead by example.The queues at the vaccination centres in the capital, Harare, are dominated by older people. At Wilkins Hospital, Felda Mupemhi, 85, grasps her walking stick as ...
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UK halts funding for Oxfam over sexual misconduct claims

Foreign Office acts over alleged sexual misconduct by staff in Democratic Republic of CongoThe UK has halted aid funding for Oxfam following allegations of sexual misconduct made against staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo.The charity confirmed last week that two members of staff in the DRC were suspended as part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of abuses of power, including bullying and sexual misconduct. Continue reading...
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‘I miss school’: 800m children still not fully back in classes

Rights groups warn that children across the world are being pushed into abusive situations, from early marriage to child labour Across the world 800 million children are still not fully back in school, Unicef is warning, with many at risk of never returning to the classroom the longer closures go on. There are at least 90 countries where schools are either closed or offering a mix of remote and in-person learning.The UN agency’s chief of education, Robert Jenkins, told the Guardian that the clos...
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Carrie Symonds, a network of family wealth and a charity investigation

Behind the Aspinall Foundation is a history of power, riches and links to the Tory partyWhen Carrie Symonds was welcomed to her job at the wildlife conservation charity the Aspinall Foundation back in January, her new boss gushed that she had arrived at an “exciting time” for the organisation. Symonds, said Damian Aspinall, would be be a “huge asset to us”.Coverage of Boris Johnson’s fiancee’s appointment as head of communications focused on her well-publicised love of animals – useful, given th...
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Oxfam to investigate misconduct claims against staff in DRC

Two aid workers suspended as charity looks into allegations of bullying and sexual misconductTwo Oxfam aid workers have been suspended as part of an investigation into allegations of bullying and sexual misconduct against senior managers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).The inquiry comes just a few weeks after the charity’s statutory supervision status was lifted, following reforms prompted by a 2019 report into conduct by its staff after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Continue reading...
Tags: Africa, Society, World news, Charities, Voluntary sector, Aid, Global development, Oxfam, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Drc

It pays to be tolerant: Dutch national identity

The roots of Dutch tolerance run deep. Perhaps its sources are to be found in centuries old Calvinist prescriptions, according to which everyone has the right to interpret the Bible in their own way.Or maybe in the economy, since international trade necessitated respect for others."According to our report, there is no such thing as Dutch national identity," announced Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands, in 2007, which delighted some, outraged others, and left others still unimpressed. This expert r...
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Death without answers: an agonising 24-hour hunt for medical help in Guinea-Bissau

Bernardo Catchura spent a last desperate night seeking treatment in the healthcare system he had spent decades campaigning to improve. His wife is still unsure how he diedIn their 15 years together, Maimuna Catchura had not known her husband to be ill. But one night in late January, 39-year-old lawyer, activist and musician Bernardo Catchura could not sleep, and complained of severe stomach pain.The pain forced Catchura from his bed at his house in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau’s capital. That night he ...
Tags: Health, Africa, Senegal, Society, World news, Global development, Governance, Guinea Bissau, Global Health, Bissau Guinea Bissau, Bernardo Catchura, Maimuna Catchura, Catchura

Who pays for Suez blockage? Ever Given grounding could spark years of litigation

Ship likely to be centre of protracted legal battle over what caused it to run aground in the Suez and who is to blameAfter hauling its 240,000-ton bulk down the Suez canal a week after blocking the essential waterway, the container ship the Ever Given is likely to become the centre of a protracted battle over who will pay for its rescue.The 1,312-ft-long ship was aground on the banks of the Suez Canal for a week, causing an estimated £7bn loss each day in trade owing to ships stuck on either si...
Tags: Business, Law, Africa, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, Water transport, Insurance industry, Suez Canal, Suez, Suez Canal Authority SCA, Shipping Industry, Osama Rabie

Four-fifths of Sudan's £861m debt to UK is interest

Freedom of information data will increase calls for country to be granted debt amnestyWhen Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, was in Sudan in January he offered £40m in aid to help its poorest people, who are facing unprecedented food scarcity in a debt-laden country where austerity is deepening.Sudan, ruled by an unelected military-led transitional government after longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir was deposed in 2019, owes the UK almost £900m. But the Observer can reveal that almost 80% of that ...
Tags: Business, UK, Africa, Economics, Society, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Sudan, Debt relief, Omar al Bashir, Dominic Raab, International Monetary Fund (IMF

Covid third wave may overrun Africa's healthcare, warns WHO

Leap of 50% in cases in three months and just 7m jabs across continent ‘infecting 11 health workers an hour’Rising cases of coronavirus in Africa threaten to overrun fragile healthcare systems and test the continent’s much-touted resilience to the disease, according to the World Health Organization’s regional office for the continent.The global health body stated that infections were on the rise in at least 12 countries in Africa including Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya and Guinea. Continue reading....
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Chariots of steel: Barcelona's hidden army of scrap recyclers

Thousands of migrants play a key role in collecting Catalonia’s waste but must live on the marginsThey are everywhere and yet they are almost invisible, living below the social radar as they crisscross the city pushing supermarket trolleys piled with metal tubing, old microwaves and empty beer cans.The chatarreros are Barcelona’s itinerant scrap-metal collectors, and there are thousands of them. Most are undocumented migrants and so there is no official census, but Federico Demaria, a social sci...
Tags: Europe, Human Rights, Africa, Environment, Employment, Senegal, Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona, Society, World news, Migration, Global development, Recycling, Waste, Saharan Africa

Kenyan police officers to go on trial accused of British aristocrat's murder

Alexander Monson, son of Lord Monson, died in 2012 after allegedly being beaten in a police cellFour Kenyan police officers will stand trial for murder after a judge ruled they had a case to answer in the death of the British aristocrat Alexander Monson, who died in 2012 a day after allegedly being beaten in a police cell.The ruling, handed down by a high court judge in Mombasa, follows a years-long legal battle by his family after the 28-year old died after he was arrested outside a nightclub a...
Tags: Africa, Society, UK News, World news, Kenya, MOMBASA, Monson, Diani, Aristocracy, Alexander Monson

De Klerk seeks accountability. What about his own?

Apartheid-era South African president calls for justice for female victims of violence in Guardian article but some say his own record needs scrutinySouth Africans don’t give much thought to FW de Klerk these days. Like Mikhail Gorbachev, his fellow Nobel peace laureate, the last apartheid president is more highly regarded outside his own country than in it.But some South Africans were taken aback to see De Klerk putting himself forward in a Guardian article on 10 March as an advocate of protect...
Tags: Law, Africa, Society, World news, Domestic Violence, South Africa, Nelson Mandela, Global development, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ending Sexual Violence In Conflict, De Klerk, ANC (African National Congress, Rape and sexual assault

Killing Escobar review – the hard men behind plot to kill drug lord

Mercenaries Peter McAleese and David Tomkins tell the story and backstory behind their contract on the Colombian kingpinHere’s a documentary that shines a light on squalid corner of British post-imperial legacy: the batches of mercenaries – largely former military personnel – who roamed the world’s trouble spots in the 70s and 80s, killing for hire in numerous civil conflicts in Africa and Latin America. (As this film suggests, these ex-SAS types weren’t politically neutral: they were actively k...
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‘We clap if none die’: Covid forces hard choices in Sierra Leone

With medical resources diverted to the pandemic, years of progress in children’s healthcare are under threatCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageNurse Magdalene Fornah was on duty at Freetown’s Connaught hospital when she heard that Sierra Leone had its first confirmed coronavirus case. It was five years after Ebola had killed about 4,000 people in the small country, ravaging the fragile health system. Soon after that initial case was announced last March, the UN estimated...
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Lesotho sacks hundreds of striking nurses as doctors warn of dire shortages

The African state was already struggling to cope with TB, HIV and Covid before latest response to demands for equal payLesotho has sacked hundreds of its nurses over the past few days in a row over pay. The small southern African country’s main hospital in the capital, Maseru, fired 345 nurses and nursing assistants, who have been on strike for the past month, with immediate effect.The nurses went on strike to press the government-owned Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital (QMMH) to give them the sa...
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'We forget our troubles': crystal meth use rises during lockdown in Zimbabwe

Harare’s drug dealers say business is booming as more young people, some at school, use mutoriroInside a tiny room in Kuwadzana, a township in Harare, Solomon Sigauke* and his friends talk animatedly about football and listen to loud music. The misty vapour from the crystal meth fills the room as they take turns on a fluorescent pipe.Sigauke, 25, has no cigarette lighter so he is improvises, holding a burning candle while his friend Kudzo puffs the smoke from the burning substance, known locally...
Tags: Children, Drugs, Africa, Society, World news, Global development, Zimbabwe, Drugs trade, Young People, Harare, Kuwadzana, Solomon Sigauke, Kudzo

U.S. Law Blogs May Lag Behind Law Blogs Published In Other Countries

Remember a time when legal blogging was blogging. Lawyers penned law blogs to share information, insight and commentary to help others – lawyers and lay people – and advance the law. Legal blogs were real publications. A byproduct of this style of blogging was a reputation and relationships, much the same as speaking and writing built for a lawyer, before the advent of the net. Today, ask a lawyer in the States about a law blog, and they’re apt to assume you mean something a lawyer ...
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Quarter of women and girls have been abused by a partner, says WHO

Largest such study finds domestic violence experienced by one-in-four teenage girls with worst levels faced by women in their 30s One in four women and girls around the world have been physically or sexually assaulted by a husband or male partner, according to the largest study yet of the prevalence of violence against women.The report, conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UN partners, found that domestic violence started young, with a quarter of 15- to 19-year-old girls and youn...
Tags: Europe, Gender, Africa, Women, Americas, Society, World news, Mental Health, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, South and Central Asia, United Nations, Global development, World Health Organization, Un, Young People

Domestic violence and workers' rights: women protest worldwide – in pictures

A wide range of issues affecting women, from abortion rights to femicide, were highlighted at rallies and events for International Women’s Day on 8 March Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Gender, Protest, Africa, Women, Americas, Society, World news, Australia news, Asia Pacific, South and Central Asia, Global development, Abortion, Women's rights and gender equality

Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: Aaron Searle: Vivint Sues ADT for Patent Infringement (Source: Business Wire) Lindsey Paris: Disney Files Patent to Turn Any Resort Room Into a Show (Source: Inside the Magic) Luke Tyson: Morocco Third in Africa for Most Patents Filed in 2020 (Source: Morocco World News) Cho Mu-Hyun: LG Wins Patent Lawsuit Against TCL in Germany (Source: Zahra Tayeb: Sony has Filed a Patent Application for a System that Could Turn Bananas and Other Household Item...
Tags: Apple, Law, Germany, Africa, Eu, Morocco, Sony, Uspto, Lg, Patent, Adt, Tcl, Roberts, Zdnet, AMICI CURIAE, Bits and Bytes

'So much trauma': Mozambique conflict sparks mental health crisis

Aid groups warn of collapsed health system as traumatised people displaced by Islamist insurgency in Cabo Delgado seek helpThe insurgency in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province is causing a mental health crisis, with a quarter of the region’s population now displaced.People are struggling with untreated trauma after witnessing extreme violence, including mass beheadings, said humanitarian groups concerned about the strain on those who have sheltered dozens of displaced people in their homes. Cont...
Tags: Health, Africa, Society, World news, Mental Health, Global development, Humanitarian response, Mozambique, Cabo Delgado, Conflict and arms

Afro Influencers: how agency for Italy's black Tiktokkers is challenging prejudices

Social media influencers of African origin have banded together, using ‘fun activism’ to make their voice heardWhen Aida Diouf Mbengue made her debut on TikTok in 2019, it was partly to show solidarity with a Moroccan classmate who was being mocked for her dance clips on the social media app, but also to challenge prejudices.The 15-second sketch features Mbengue, who was born in Senegal and has lived in Bergamo, northern Italy, since the age of three, wearing her hijab on a street and looking at...
Tags: Europe, Business, Instagram, Celebrity, Youtube, Africa, Senegal, Life and style, Society, Italy, Black Lives Matter Movement, Bergamo, Tiktok, Diouf Mbengue, Mbengue

'Fun activism': how agency for Italy's black Tiktokkers is confronting prejudices

Social media influencers of African origin have banded together, using ‘fun activism’ to make their voice heardWhen Aida Diouf Mbengue made her debut on TikTok in 2019, it was partly to show solidarity with a Moroccan classmate who was being mocked for her dance clips on the social media app, but also to challenge prejudices.The 15-second sketch features Mbengue, who was born in Senegal and has lived in Bergamo, northern Italy, since the age of three, wearing her hijab on a street and looking at...
Tags: Europe, Business, Instagram, Celebrity, Youtube, Africa, Senegal, Life and style, Society, Italy, Black Lives Matter Movement, Bergamo, Tiktok, Diouf Mbengue, Mbengue

‘It's radical’: the Ugandan city built on solar, shea butter and people power

Ojok Okello is transforming his destroyed village into a green town where social enterprises responsibly harness the shea treeThe village of Okere Mom-Kok was in ruins by the end of more than a decade of war in northern Uganda.Now, just outside Ojok Okello’s living-room door, final-year pupils at the early childhood centre are noisily breaking for recess and a market is clattering into life, as is the local craft brewery, as what has become Okere City begins a new day. Continue reading...
Tags: Energy, Africa, Environment, Renewable Energy, Society, World news, Uganda, Conservation, Global development, Social enterprises, Solar Power, Kok, Ojok Okello, Okere City

Marine aviation marks history as last FA-18 Hornets land from deployment with USS Nimitz

Eleven F/A-18 Hornets launched from the deck of the USS Nimitz on Thursday heralding the end of an era for the famed fighter jets in the Marine Corps. The flight to the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar’s tarmac marked the last time the Marines would deploy with Hornets on an aircraft carrier. By 2028, most pilots will fly the more stealth F-35 B fighter jets. A F/A-18C Hornet, from the Death Rattlers of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 323, launches off the flight deck of the USS Nimitz...
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Kenya's Serene Haven school opens doors to teenage mothers - in pictures

Private school in central Kenya is welcoming pregnant teenagers, teenage mothers and their babies to ensure they have the chance to finish an education otherwise denied to them by stigma, logistics and lack of money Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Africa, Society, World news, Kenya, Young People, Teenage pregnancy

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