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The Hypocrisy Of Alabama Is Staggering

What does it say that the state with the strictest abortion law also institutes one of the most cruel, constitutionally violating mass incarceration systems and is among the lowest in education levels?
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Trump takes war on abortion worldwide as policy cuts off funds

Sexual health organisations warn women will die if they are forced to seek DIY abortions‘We have to fight’: Alabama’s extreme abortion ban sparks wave of activismThe Trump administration has taken its war on abortion worldwide, cutting off all funding to any overseas organisation or clinic that will not agree to a complete ban on even discussing it.The Mexico City policy, dubbed the ‘global gag’ by its critics, denies US federal funds to any organisation involved in providing abortion services o...
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US more anti-abortion than other developed countries - global poll

America on a par with India and Turkey, with almost half finding abortion unacceptableThe US is much more hostile to abortion than other countries in the developed world, with more Americans opposed to terminations than supportive, according to a survey of 23 of the world’s biggest countries.The YouGov-Cambridge Globalism survey, which was conducted before this week’s move in Alabama to impose the strictest abortion legislation anywhere in the US, found 46% of Americans said abortion was unaccep...
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Alabama and Tennessee both complete executions in same night

As reported in this extended AP piece, two states carried out executions this evening.  Here are the details: A man convicted of killing his wife decades ago at a camping center he managed in Memphis was put to death Thursday in Tennessee.  Separately, a man condemned to die for his role in a quadruple killing that followed a dispute over a pickup truck was put to death Thursday evening in Alabama, declining to make any last-minute appeals in the hours preceding his execution. Sixty-eight-year-...
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Game Of Thrones Invades Biglaw — See Also

Even Biglaw-ers Are Obsessed With Game Of Thrones: We have the departure memo to prove it. Of Course The Kentucky Derby Spurred A Lawsuit: Complete with Constitutional claims. Obviously Alabama's Abortion Ban Is Terrible: But it is also terrible strategy. Oh, WeWork: Are people actually buying what they're selling?
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Sun Tzu And The Art Of Alabama’s Abortion Ban

The Supreme Court sent a clear signal on abortion. Alabama completely missed that signal.
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Relist Watch

John Elwood reviews Monday’s relists. The world’s a mess: Tension in the Persian Gulf; turmoil in global trade; persistent conflict. The way things are going, many people can’t even seek comfort in simple escapism. But amid all the conflict and strife, you can at least take comfort in the familiar ritual of opening a new week’s installment of Relist Watch and saying those familiar words uttered by legions of readers since our second installment: “It’s not funny anymore.” Last week’s relists yiel...
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Morning Docket: 05.16.19

* Alabama's new abortion law takes aim at a Supreme Court that just all but junked stare decisis. How's that "no drama" Court looking, Mr. Chief Justice? [NPR] * Law firms are in the midst of a decent financial run, so obviously they've stopped innovating because self-relection is for losers. [American Lawyer] * John Dowd has registered as a lobbyist eschewing the customary diplomatic game of pretending not to be a lobbyist for a couple years after leaving the service of the president. [Nation...
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Thursday round-up

Adam Liptak reports for The New York Times that although “[a]bortion rights are at risk at the Supreme Court, … the short-term threat may not come from extreme laws like the one passed by Alabama lawmakers” this week: “The court led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is more likely to chip away at the constitutional right to abortion established in 1973 in Roe v. Wade than to overturn it outright,” and “[i]t will have plenty of opportunities to do so.” Joan Biskupic writes at CNN that “in his ...
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Revealed: the fringe rightwing group changing the UN agenda on abortion rights

Anti-abortion lobbying group using its influence in the Trump administration to help shape policy on the world stageLast spring, Laurie Shestack Phipps, a diplomat at the US mission to the UN, received a set of talking points from the state department before an international women’s conference, setting out clear red lines against mention of “sexual and reproductive health” care. Related: Alabama’s abortion ban is about keeping poor women down | Emma Brockes Continue reading...
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Alabama abortion ban: governor signs bill into law – live

New law is the most restrictive in the nation, making it a crime to perform the procedure at any stage of pregnancySign up to the US briefing and get a new perspective 11.15pm BST Alabama’s Republican-controlled state senate passed yesterday the most restrictive abortion law in the nation, making it a crime to perform the procedure at any stage of pregnancy. Today, despite protests and lawsuits, governor Kay Ivey signed the bill into law.Today, I signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protec...
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Trump declares national emergency over telecoms threats in apparent swipe at China – live

Move gives government power to bar US companies from business with foreign suppliers, including Chinese firm HuaweiSign up to the US briefing and get a new perspective 10.24pm BST Hey all, Vivian Ho taking over the blog for Joanna Walters and Jessica Glenza. In case you missed it, here’s FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s statement on President Trump’s national emergency declaration over alleged telecoms threats from foreign companies.Protecting America’s communications networks is vital to our nationa...
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White House refuses to sign on to Christchurch call to combat online extremism – live

White House said in response to an international agreement to to curb hate speech that ‘productive speech’ is the best tool to defeat itSign up to the US briefing and get a new perspective 5.58pm BST With both chambers of the Alabama legislature passing a near-total abortion ban, attention is going to turn to Republican Governor Kay Ivey, who must sign the bill for it to become law.Abortion rights advocates Wednesday morning urged Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey to reject the bill and vowed swift lega...
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Alabama passes nation's strictest abortion ban – live updates

Bill part of wave of legislation from Republican-led statesAnti-abortion campaigners hope to challenge Roe v WadeSign up to the US briefing and get a new perspective 2.18pm BST Why has Alabama passed such a strict abortion ban? Anti-abortion campaigners hope the bill will challenge the 1973 US Supreme Court case which legalized abortion, Roe versus Wade. It goes after Roe directly... We’re going in the front door and we’re saying to the supreme court, please explain to us how this isn’t a pe...
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Morning Docket: 05.15.19

* Donald Trump Jr. has reached an agreement for “limited” testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, where he’ll discuss no more than a handful of topics for no longer than two-to-four hours. But will he plead the Fifth? [New York Times] * Just when you thought Georgia’s fetal heartbeat law was too extreme, Alabama shows up with a near total abortion ban like it’s some race to see which state can get Roe v. Wade overturned the quickest at the Supreme Court. [NBC News] * Can Presiden...
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Justices spar over death penalty (Corrected)

Tensions over the death penalty resurfaced today at the Supreme Court. The justices declined to take up two petitions for review filed by death-row inmates in Alabama and Tennessee, in orders accompanied by opinions that were sometimes biting. The justices also took the unusual step of issuing new opinions relating to their decision in March to put the execution of a Texas inmate on hold. In the early morning hours on April 12, the Supreme Court cleared the way for Alabama to execute Christoph...
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Is the latest SCOTUS sparring in capital cases only likely to get worse and worse?

The question in the title of this post is prompted by today's Supreme Court developments in older capital cases, some of which I missed when just blogging here about the morning order list.   Specifically, I missed that Justice Alito penned a lenghty dissent to a stay in a capital case from Texas six week ago(!), which in turn prompted a four-page defense of the stay by Justice Kavanaugh.  (This discussion can be found at this link following the original stay.)   Adam Liptak summarizes all the a...
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The Guardian view on abortion: protecting a human right | Editorial

Cruel laws risk lives and harm women around the world. Attempts to extend them must be resistedNo law can end abortions, however severe its restrictions and however harsh its penalties. Each day almost 70,000 unsafe abortions are carried out around the world, and they are vastly more likely to happen in countries with strict laws. What such legislation does do is force some women to continue pregnancies against their wishes, while risking the lives and wellbeing of others. Women in the US have s...
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Empirical SCOTUS: Competition to speak during 2018 Supreme Court oral arguments (Corrected)

Oral arguments for the 2018 term are now complete. In a term in which we have the potential to see heightened polarization on the Supreme Court, oral arguments are affected as well. Last term, all 5-4 decisions made across ideological lines ended in conservative victories. So far this term Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh have all been in the majority in all but one of the court’s 5-4 decisions (In Washington State Department of Licensing v. Cougar Den Inc...
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How Cerberus Drove Remington Out Of Business

New York Times: By choosing to place Remington in a Southern state, Press was acknowledging how much the gun business had transformed. Historically, gun makers operated in the North, in New England’s “Gun Valley” or, like Remington, in upstate New York. Smith & Wesson and Colt were established in the 1850s by businessmen in Massachusetts and Connecticut, respectively. During the Civil War, arsenals in Massachusetts furnished huge quantities of firearms to the Union Army. But social mores had cha...
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Ask the authors: “Plain words, easily understood”

The following is a series of questions prompted by the publication of Lee C. Bollinger and Geoffrey R. Stone’s “The Free Speech Century” (Oxford University Press, 2019). As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes famously suggested in 1919 in Schenck v. United States, the Supreme Court’s first attempt to interpret the First Amendment’s free speech clause, the “most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.” But what does free s...
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Alabama Extreme Risk Protection Order Bill Coleman’s bill would create a measure allowing the court to prevent a person deemed a threat to themselves or others from owning or buying a firearm for one year. The bill, if signed into law, would require the surrender of all firearms and ammunition and would allow law enforcement to search the residence for firearms and ammunition. Family members, law enforcement officers or educators could request a gun violence protective order, which the court could issue immediately without notice...
Tags: Washington, Alabama, Military, Gun Control, Coleman, New York Chicago, Red Flag Laws, Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Stalking: The Person Who Has Filed a Restraining Order Against Me is Doing Work at My House

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Alabama In 2017, a former topless dancer of whom I was a client years earlier (2009) filed a restraining order against me. She claimed I had been stalking her, although that is not accurate. The order is good for two years, so it will be in effect until at least August. I am currently having some work done at my place of residence. She is employed by the contractor doing the work. Knowing full well that this is my house, she still accepted the...
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Violation & Enforcement: Barred from My Own Home by a Protection from Abuse Order

My question involves restraining orders in the State of: hello guys I just realized something VERY alarming.!! I got served with a PFA order after I gave my elderly mother an eviction letter. I for the past four years gave my mother a place to live rent free. I finally decided the home was to far dilapidated to let her maintain in at her age safely. My mother " now disgruntled" then gave my sister power of attorney to help her dispute my disicion. The first thing they did was file for a PFA ...
Tags: Law, Alabama, PFA, Orders Of Protection

Very Scary Pfa Ruling

My question involves restraining orders in the State of: hello guys I just realized something VERY alarming.!! I got served with a PFA order after I gave my elderly mother an eviction letter. I for the past four years gave my mother a place to live rent free. I finally decided the home was to far dilapidated to let her maintain in at her age safely. My mother " now disgruntled" then gave my sister power of attorney to help her dispute my disicion. The first thing they did was file for a PFA ...
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Non Sequiturs: 04.21.19

* What's the future of Elizabeth Prelogar, the beauty queen turned Harvard Law School grad turned Supreme Court clerk turned Team Mueller member? Not clear, except that it's blindingly bright. [Ozy] * How often do you see this? A federal judge praises counsel -- specifically, J. Christian Adams of the Election Law Center, Douglas R. Cox of Gibson Dunn, Michael E. Rosman of the Center for Individual Rights, and local counsel Mun Su Park -- for their "conscientious billing practices." [Volokh Con...
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In Montgomery April 25

Alabama readers: I’ll be giving a 11:30 a.m. talk to the Federalist Society chapter in Montgomery this coming Thursday at the Capital City Club in Montgomery, discussing gerrymandering and the cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. Drop by and say hello! Tags: Alabama, live in person, redistricting reform
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Notable account of similar states now having different approaches to parole and sentencing reforms

Thanks the the Marshall Project, I just saw this recent local article headlined "As Alabama slowed early paroles, it was slapped for its overcrowded prisons."  The piece is notable in the wake of the recent awful Justice Department report, noted here, about the horrible condition of Alabama's prisons.  And I found particularly interesting the lengthy article's contrasting account of parole and sentencing reform practices in a neighboring state: Mississippi, according to the Sentencing Project, ...
Tags: Mississippi, Law, Alabama, Justice Department, Montgomery, Wright, Marshall Project, Bennett Wright, Douglas A Berman, Board of Pardons and Paroles, Sentencing Project, Alabama Sentencing Commission

S.C. Lawmakers Wisely Back Away From Open Carry Laws

So says some dude named Brian Hicks. A substitute teacher in Alabama accidentally fired his gun in a first-grade classroom recently. No one was hurt, luckily. In Michigan, a man threw his shoe at a cockroach — forgetting that’s where he kept his pistol. He literally shot himself in the foot. And in New Mexico, a driver showing off his 9 mm to a friend in the passenger seat accidentally shot a woman … in the car next to them. All these accidents occurred within the past month. Know what else they...
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Fascinating map and data highlighting prevalence and intensity of marijuana's criminal enforcement footprint

Over at the Washington Post, Christopher Ingraham has fully titled "Where the war on weed still rages: In some U.S. counties, more than 40 percent of all arrests are for marijuana possession." The title highlights the piece's themes, but the text and a map therein reinforce the point in various ways: Marijuana possession led to nearly 6 percent of all arrests in the United States in 2017, FBI data shows, underscoring the level of policing dedicated to containing behavior that’s legal in 10 st...
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