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Thousands Have Signed an Online Petition for Jeff Bezos to Buy and Eat the Mona Lisa

For some bizarre reason, thousands of people want Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to buy and eat the Mona Lisa. To clarify, the Mona Lisa in question is not food, it’s probably the same Mona Lisa you’re thinking of—the painting by Leonardo da Vinci that lives in the Louvre Museum in Paris.Read more...
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Ohio Bans Competitive Keyword Advertising by Lawyers

No one: Absolutely no one: (in the third decade of the 21st century….): * * * I guess we’re doing this again. It’s 2021, long past the time consumers have come to understand competitive keyword advertising, and yet a bar regulator issues an evidence-free and inappropriately brief opinion that competitive keyword ads deceive prospective clients. UGH. The opinion addresses three rules of professional conduct: Rule 7.1. “The simple act of purchasing a keyword, including another lawyer’s name, do...
Tags: Amazon, Florida, Texas, Law, California, Marketing, Search Engines, Ohio, Trademark, BPI, Ftc, Florida Bar, Cannon, Greenberg, Adler, CDF

AI CLM Platform Lexion Raises $11M; Targeting Smaller Corporations

Positioning itself as offering a simpler and more affordable AI-driven contract management system for mid-market corporate enterprises, startup Lexion has raised $11 million in an oversubscribed Series A round. When combined with its seed round of $4.2 million, total funding for the company is now $15.2 million. The Seattle-based company says its product is intuitive and easy to deploy, while backed by cutting-edge natural language processing developed by a team with deep technical expertise in ...
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Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott gives away $2.7bn to hundreds of charities

Ex-wife of Jeff Bezos gives to 286 groups and says she wants to donate ‘fortune that was enabled by systems in need of change’The American novelist and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott said on Tuesday she had given a further $2.7bn (£1.9bn) to 286 organisations.Scott, who was formerly married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, issued a statement regarding distribution of the latest tranche of her $57bn fortune. Continue reading...
Tags: Amazon, Gender, Technology, Education, Race, Society, World news, Jeff Bezos, Inequality, Philanthropy, Scott, Mackenzie Scott, Coronavirus

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott gives away £2bn to 286 organisations

Ex-wife of Jeff Bezos says she wants to donate ‘fortune that was enabled by systems in need of change’The billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, known for her impromptu multibillion-dollar donations to charities and racial equity issues, has announced that she has given a further $2.7bn (£1.9bn) to 286 organisations.Scott, the ex-wife of the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, wrote in a Medium post that she made the gifts to enable the organisations to continue their work, and as a “signal of trus...
Tags: Amazon, Gender, Technology, Education, Race, Society, World news, Jeff Bezos, Inequality, Philanthropy, Scott, Mackenzie Scott, Coronavirus

Want to Engage in Anti-Competitive Trademark Bullying? Second Circuit Says: Great, Have a Nice Day!–1-800 Contacts v. FTC

Starting in the mid-2000s, 1-800 Contacts sought to control how its competitors bought search engine advertising triggered by its (so-called) trademarks, a process I call competitive keyword advertising. To do this, 1-800 Contacts typically sued its competitors and then quickly entered into a no-money settlement agreement that required each party to stop bidding on each others’ trademarks. To property maximalists, 1-800 Contacts’ efforts may sound like run-of-the-mill trademark enforcement. How...
Tags: Amazon, Florida, Supreme Court, Law, California, Marketing, E-commerce, Trademark, BPI, Federal Trade Commission, Ftc, Lens, Florida Bar, Phillips, Greenberg, Second Circuit

An Amazon employee's husband was sentenced to prison for insider trading- and earning a $1.4 million profit

Securities and Exchange Commission at the SEC in Washington on Thursday, March 28, 2019. Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call A former Amazon employee's husband was sentenced after pleading guilty to insider trading. Between 2016 and 2018, Viky Bohra illegally traded Amazon stock for a profit of $1.4 million. Bohra used confidential financial information ahead of eleven straight earnings announcements. See more stories on Insider's business page. The husband of a former Amazon employee was sent...
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The fintech endgame: New supercompanies combine the best of software and financials

Shiran Shalev Contributor Share on Twitter Shiran Shalev is a principal at Battery Ventures, where he focuses primarily on software and consumer investments, including fintech. More posts by this contributor Why Breach Detection Is Your New Must-Have, Cyber Security Tool Aaron Rinberg Contributor Aaron Rinberg is a vice president at Battery Ventures. ...
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Print Ad’s “Terms and Conditions” Don’t Create Binding Arbitration Clause–Soliman v. Subway

Subway ran a promotion offering deals if customers signed up for text messages. The stores displayed the following print ad: The language in the bottom right: Limited Time Only. Message and data rates may apply. Max10msgs/mo-Msgs may be autodialed from SUBWAY Restaurants. Consent not required to buy goods/svcs. Terms and conditions at and Privacy Policy at For help, text HELP to 782929. To opt-out, text STOP to...
Tags: Amazon, Uber, Law, Marketing, E-commerce, Meyer, Nicosia, Second Circuit, TCPA, Licensing/Contracts, Soliman, Registered Trademark of Subway IP Inc, Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust Ltd

'Tiger Mom' Amy Chua speaks out about her battle with Yale Law

Hello!Welcome to this weekly roundup of stories from Insider's Business co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.What we're going over today:How "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua became the pariah of Yale Law.50 founders and VCs dish on what it's like to work with Jason Calacanis, Silicon Valley's most polarizing investor.Gen Xers, in the middle of middle-age, are embracing the status quo.Capitol Hill staffers vent about unlivable pay an...
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"The reason we’re still watching Bond movies after more than 50 years is that the family has done an extraordinary job of protecting the character through the thickets of moviemaking and changing public tastes."

"Corporate partners come and go, but James Bond endures. He endures precisely because he is being protected by people who love him. The current deal with Amazon gives Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson, who own 50 percent of the Bond empire, ironclad assurances of continued artistic control. But will this always be the case?... The Bond movies are truly the most bespoke and handmade films I’ve ever worked on. That’s why they are original, thorny, eccentric and special. They were never created ...
Tags: Amazon, Movies, Law, Homosexuality, James Bond, Sam Mendes, Barbara Broccoli, Sam, Bond, Michael, Logan, Barbara, Michael Wilson, Raoul Silva, John Logan, Ann Althouse

"Amazon said Wednesday it will acquire MGM Studios for $8.45 billion..."

"'The real financial value behind this deal is the treasure trove of IP in the deep catalog that we plan to reimagine and develop together with MGM’s talented team,' said Mike Hopkins, senior vice president of Prime Video and Amazon Studios... The deal emphasizes Amazon’s willingness to spend deeply to remain competitive in the crowded streaming market... [MGM] owns the James Bond catalog and has made several hit shows including 'The Handmaid’s Tale' and 'Fargo.' It also owns premium cable netwo...
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"It is a very good idea to have a good idea of what is going on in the world, but it is also a good idea to have a good idea of what is going on in the world."

I encountered this strange sentence on page 26 of this Kindle version of "In Praise of Shadows," by Junichiro Tanizaki. I bought this very short book — it's only $3.99 — after clicking through from "25 Best Japanese Books of All Time" (Japan Objects), which I was idly scanning, looking for something new to read. Why Should I Read This Book? Here is a unique examination of the art and aesthetics of Japan by one of its most beautiful writers. Junichiro Tanizaki is the only author to appear on thi...
Tags: Translation, Amazon, Japan, Law, Tanizaki, Ann Althouse, Junichiro Tanizaki, Misreadings, Light And Shade

Embedded finance will help fill the life insurance coverage gap

Melbourne O’Banion Contributor Share on Twitter Melbourne O’Banion is co-founder and CEO of digital life insurance company Bestow. An estimated 41 million Americans say they need life insurance but have yet to purchase coverage. Despite this awareness among consumers, the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association estimates a $12 trillion coverage gap, with about 50% of millennials planning to purchase coverage within t...
Tags: Amazon, Startups, Column, Finance, Insurance, Tech, Life Insurance, Melbourne, Financial Services, Bestow, Embedded Finance, EC Column, EC Fintech, Twitter Melbourne O'Banion, Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association

Morning Docket: 05.20.21

* An association of insurance agents is suing Allstate for breach of contract. Hope the company is in good hands... [Insurance Business] * A California ethics advisory opinion has stressed that lawyers cannot ignore another attorney's mental impairment. [Bloomberg Law] * Amazon is the subject of five lawsuits claiming discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. [Forbes] * Donald Trump was not happy about news that the New York Attorney General has opened up a criminal probe into his b...
Tags: Amazon, New York, Law, California, Nbc News, Donald Trump, South Carolina, Allstate, Morning Docket, Bloomberg Law, New York Attorney General

The Biggest Climate Trial of the Year Was a Chevron-Fueled ‘Charade’

After a week of proceedings, the criminal trial for attorney Steven Donziger—who won a multibillion-dollar case against Chevron over pollution in the Amazon rainforest—wrapped up on Monday. In his estimation, the trial was a “charade.” And yet he was relatively pleased with the outcome.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Law, California, Articles, Chevron, KISSEL, Lewis Kaplan, Merrick Garland, Cori Bush, Paz, Loretta Preska, Steven Donziger, Martin Garbus, Alexandria Ocasio, Law Crime

3 Takeaways From The Amazon Brand Protection Report

Amazon has carved out for itself a unique position as the leading online marketplace. With that success comes a great responsibility to help snuff out sales of counterfeit goods.
Tags: Amazon, Law, Intellectual Property, Gaston Kroub, Amazon Brand Protection Report

Top gadgets for lawyers working from a home office

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** Top Gadgets for Lawyers Working From a Home Office It’s been more than a year since the start of the pandemic, and what a year it’s been! The good news is that as we head into the spring, the light is finally visible at the end of the tunnel as vaccination rates increase. As a result, sometime in the near future we may finally be able to head back to our offices on a full or part-time basis. Of co...
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A California court case over a flammable hoverboard could force Amazon to change its entire third-party sales business model

PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images In 2015, a woman named Kisha Loomis suffered burns when a hoverboard ordered on Amazon caught on fire in her house. Loomis sued Amazon in California, and saw her case against the tech giant receive a summary judgment. Amazon successfully argued that the hoverboard merchant "fell outside the chain of distribution," and that it was therefore not responsible for the accident. But now, an appellate court has cleared the lawsuit to go before a judge an...
Tags: Amazon, Texas, Law, California, China, Trends, Customers, Retail, Wiley, Browning, John Wiley, Loomis, John Browning, Patrick T Fallon, Aine Cain, Insider Amazon

Bill and Melinda Gates' separation agreement likely took at least a year to figure out ahead of the divorce, an expert said

Win McNamee / Getty Images Win McNamee / Getty Images Bill and Melinda Gates don't have a prenup, so they divided assets based on a separation agreement. A separation agreement is a private document in a divorce filing that splits up property. That agreement has likely been in the works for at least a year, a lawyer said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Bill and Melinda Gates filed for divorce in Washington state on May 3 and asked the court to follow a separation agre...
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Anti-Counterfeit Tag Team #2

Securing the cooperation of the online platforms on which the counterfeiting activity takes place is a must.
Tags: Amazon, Law, Intellectual Property, Gucci, Ferragamo, Gaston Kroub

For peat’s sake, get to the crux of the matter | Letter

Readers respond to an article on the battle to burn England’s moorlandsWhy is an otherwise balanced article on the importance of peat bogs (‘It has become them and us’: the battle to burn England’s moorlands, 1 May) framed by the grouse moor landowners’ point of view, beginning with the title and ending with a gamekeeper’s claim that without grouse moors the Yorkshire Dales “wouldn’t be beautiful”?Burning what is recognised as the UK’s equivalent of the Amazon rainforest – upland peat bog – in o...
Tags: Amazon, UK, England, Money, Climate Change, Animals, Environment, UK News, Wildlife, Yorkshire, Hunting, Inequality, Land Rights, Yorkshire Dales, Class issues

Morning Docket: 04.30.21

* A judge has denied a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Amazon challenging the award of a lucrative Defense Department contract to Microsoft. Guess Jeff Bezos doesn't have enough money already... [Verge] * The FBI has purportedly seized a phone from a lawyer who has ties to Rudy Giuliani. [Salon] * A lawyer connected to "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli has resigned from the New York Bar. [Bloomberg Law] * The family of a protester shot and killed by police during the Capitol riot earlier thi...
Tags: Amazon, New York, Microsoft, Law, Nbc News, Fbi, Jeff Bezos, Defense Department, Rudy Giuliani, Martin Shkreli, Capitol, Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli, Morning Docket, New York Bar, Bloomberg Law

California Court Holds Amazon Strictly Liable for Marketplace Items Amazon Didn’t Fulfill–Loomis v. Amazon

This is another lawsuit over a fiery Chinese-manufactured hoverboard sold through Amazon’s marketplace. In Bolger v. Amazon from August 2020, a California appellate court held that Amazon was strictly liable for marketplace items it fulfilled, and Section 230 immunity didn’t apply. A second California appellate court has endorsed Bolger but goes further: strict liability applies even if Amazon doesn’t do the fulfilment. This puts Amazon is a legally dicey spot, and its countermoves will likely s...
Tags: Amazon, Law, California, Ebay, E-commerce, Customers, Fox, Lg, Wiley, Illinois, State Farm, Ucla, Osu, McDonald, Loomis, Hinton

44 clever and fun gifts for dogs and the humans who love them

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Chewy We rounded up the most thoughtful and unique gifts for dog lovers and their pups. Show them you care with customizable dog socks, a dog-approved food puzzle, or a gourmet treat maker. Here are 44 useful, entertaining, and adorable gifts dogs and their humans will love. For more gift ideas for everyone in your life, check out all of Insider Reviews gift guides. To a dog lover, the best gift of all ...
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Elon Musk makes the phallic nature of space travel — which was never subtle — explicit.

I'm reading "Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos in Twitter spat over Nasa moon funding/Musk has attacked Bezos on Twitter after a protest about Nasa awarding SpaceX $2.9bn to build a space rocket, Tom Knowles writes" (London Times): Blue Origin, the space rocket company founded by Bezos, has filed a lengthy protest against Nasa’s decision to award $2.9 billion to Musk’s SpaceX team to build the rocket that will return astronauts to the moon by 2024.  In response, Musk has tweeted that Bezos “can’t get it ...
Tags: Amazon, Spacex, Elon Musk, Technology, London, Law, Nasa, Jeff Bezos, Musk, Bezos, Ann Althouse, Phallic Symbol, Tom Knowles

"The reality TV ordeal of a Russian who joined a Chinese boy band show by accident – and made it to the final despite urging fans to vote him off – has finally ended..."

"... after nearly three months. Vladislav Ivanov, a 27-year-old from Vladivostok, was kicked out of the Produce Camp 2021 on Saturday after viewers ignored his pleas to leave and backed him all the way to the final. Ivanov, who speaks Mandarin, joined the show as a Chinese translator. But he said he was invited to sign up as a contestant after the directors noticed his good looks.... He appeared to regret his decision almost immediately but could not leave without breaching his contract. His l...
Tags: Amazon, TV, Law, China, Netflix, Xi Jinping, Pop Culture, Slavery, American Idol, Howard Stern, Worst, White, Communist Party, Reuters, Smiling, Keaton

What Will the Future of Law Practice Be?

Earlier this year, I attended a virtual, all-day workshop, Building the Next Legal Practice, by the Center of Legal Innovation in Australia for LegalTech Week. At the event, were asked to envision the future legal industry of 2025. Compared to Canada, Australia has had non-lawyer ownership for over 20 years and as such, Australian lawyers operate under a different regulatory environment. Australian lawyers had very different predictions for the future of practicing law than a similar group of Ca...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Law, Australia, ERP, Canada, Legal Technology, Ontario, Canada Australia, CLM, CRM Customer Relationship Management, Thomas Alsop, Institute of Future Law Practice

Amazon Can’t Force Arbitration of Minors’ Privacy Lawsuit Over Alexa Recordings–BF v. Amazon

Minors allege that Amazon’s Alexa service improperly stores or utilizes their voiceprints. The district court denied Amazon’s request to force arbitration of the claims based on the fact that the plaintiffs, who were minors, were not signatories (or had not agreed to) to the terms of service for the Alexa device. There is no dispute that if the parents had brought the claims, their claims would be subject to arbitration. The district court held that as non-signatories, Amazon can’t force the mi...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Law, Washington, E-commerce, Alexa, Privacy/security, Eric, Townsend, Ninth Circuit, Lawsuit Against Apple, Washington State Supreme Court, EKD, Licensing/Contracts, BF, Minor Children Moves Forward

"'I didn’t come here to be insulted,' she murmured at one point, and Roth burst out laughing. 'But of course you did, he said. We all did.'"

"'That’s what I want carved on my gravestone. Philip Roth. He came here to be insulted.'" From "Excerpt: Novelist Philip Roth’s Unsettled Marriage to Claire Bloom 'God, I’m fond of adultery,' Roth liked to say. 'Aren’t you?'" by Blake Bailey (Vulture). That's from an excerpt from the Philip Roth biography we've been talking about, the one the publisher has been withholding because of allegations about the biographer. I've been reading about this book — have read several articles — and blogged it...
Tags: Amazon, Books, Cats, Writing, Law, Language, Grammar, Philip Roth, Roth, Chaplin, Chaucer, Ann Althouse, Insults, Claire Bloom, Blake Bailey, Blake Bailey Strange Claire Bloom

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