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Law School Deans Want More Time To Report Job Statistics Due To COVID-19

Delayed bar exams caused a major problem in the employment pipeline.
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ABA offers ethical guidance on responding to negative online reviews

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** ABA Offers Ethical Guidance on Responding to Negative Online Reviews Now that we live in a digital world, online reviews are becoming increasingly useful tools for consumers. Using these reviews, consumers are able to make more informed decisions when making purchasing decisions about products or services. Online reviews are great for consumers, but for business owners, navigating the world of o...
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The ABA Addresses How To Deal With Negative Online Criticism In An Unsurprising And Probably Unfair Way

The committee’s 'best practices' recommendations are seldom likely to get the results the attorney wants.
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Albatross Of Six-Figure Student Loan Debts Stymieing Young Lawyers’ Pursuit Of Meaningful Work

Three-quarters of graduates finish law school with at least $100,000 of student loan debt.
Tags: Law, Finance, Student Loans, Student Loan Debt, Law Schools, American Bar Association / ABA, Jonathan Wolf, Debt Forgiveness

Litigation Finance And The ABA — A Mixed Bag Of Best Practices (Part II) [Sponsored]

Marla Decker of Lake Whillans discusses how the recent American Bar Association recommendations compare to current standard practices.
Tags: Law, American Bar Association, Aba, Marla Decker, Sponsored Content, American Bar Association / ABA, Litigation Finance, Lake Whillans, Lake Whillans Litigation Finance

Litigation Finance And The ABA — A Mixed Bag Of Best Practices (Part I) [Sponsored]

Highlighting key issues raised by the ABA and offering suggestions on how counsel might best interpret the document.
Tags: Law, Aba, Sponsored Content, American Bar Association / ABA, Litigation Finance, Lake Whillans, Lake Whillans Litigation Finance

On Legal Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

There continues to be extensive discussion about artificial intelligence and law, and concerns are regularly raised about the ethical and moral issues this presents, so I was happy when Marcelo Rodríguez invited me to be on a panel at the American Association of Law Libraries Conference on “Legal Ethics in the Use of Artificial Intelligence” with Kristin Johnson, Steven Lastres, and with Kim Nayyer moderating this year. Here’s the session description: There is a pressing need for both innovators...
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Got Law School Debt? Win This Contest To Pay It Off!

How would some loan relief impact your world?
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La Verne Law School Opts For State Accreditation Rather Than Closure

The Los Angeles-area school will voluntarily give up its American Bar Association accreditation.
Tags: Law, Los Angeles, Law Schools, American Bar Association, American Bar Association / ABA, Law Students, Law School Accreditation, Lyle Moran, University of La Verne College of Law

Struggling Law School Will Officially Lose Accreditation

At last, the ABA pounded the final nail into the Thomas Jefferson School of Law's coffin.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Aba, Thomas Jefferson, American Bar Association / ABA, Law School Accreditation, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Nominee Tries To Get Away With Mealy-Mouthed Gay Rights Statement And Then Cries About Getting Called Out On It

Don't get distracted by the theatrics -- this is an assault on the ABA as an institution.
Tags: Law, Courts, Aba, Don, American Bar Association / ABA, Lawrence VanDyke

Only A Small Number Of Law Schools Are At Risk Under The ABA’s New Accreditation Standard

Considering that most test takers will pass the bar exam within two years, this might not be such a big deal.
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Morning Docket: 05.20.19

* Anti-money laundering specialists at Deutsche Bank reportedly saw suspicious activity in accounts belonging to Donald Trump and Jared Kushner and thought it ought to be reported to the Treasury Department‘s financial-crimes unit, but... that never happened because “[i]t’a the D.B. way.” [New York Times] * That’s one way to land a Biglaw job: According to Greg Craig, there was nothing “improper or tawdry” about him asking Skansen Arps to hire Paul Manafort’s daughter to get more business. In f...
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Notes From The ABA Tax Conference: IRS Hiring, Modernization, Taxing The Gig Economy, And Tax Inequality

The May tax conference had something for everyone -- from pro bono to M&A.
Tags: Law, Irs, Tax Law, Aba, American Bar Association / ABA, Steven Chung

The Law Schools With The Worst ‘Ultimate’ Bar Pass Rates (2016-2018)

Plus, the law schools with the best 'ultimate' bar pass rates.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, American Bar Association / ABA, Law Students, Bar Exams, Bar Exam Pass Rates, Ultimate Bar Pass Rates

The Law Schools With The Best And Worst First-Time Bar Exam Pass Rates (2018)

Yikes! Some of these pass rates are absolutely horrendous.
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Morning Docket: 04.22.19

* Impeachment proceedings are “possibly coming”: It’s got a little less oomph than the Game of Thrones tagline that the president is a fan of commandeering, but House Democrats are working on it in the wake of the Mueller report’s findings. [NBC News] * Per Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, there’s “nothing wrong with taking information from Russians.” And besides which, “Who says it’s even illegal?” But would he have done the same when he was running for president? “I probably wouldn’t...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Washington Post, White House, Russia, Nbc News, House, House Of Representatives, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Law Schools, Biglaw, American Bar Association, Jones Day, Morning Docket, American Bar Association / ABA

Non Sequiturs: 03.24.19

* In the wake of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's retirement, I predicted that Chief Justice John Roberts, a staunch institutionalist when it comes to the Supreme Court, would serve as a moderating influence at SCOTUS -- and so far that seems to be the case, with Adam Feldman noting a "a mild liberalizing over time" in JGR's jurisprudence. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of SCOTUS, it's high time for the Court to resolve the messy circuit split on email privacy under the Stored Communications Act, ac...
Tags: New York, Technology, Email, Supreme Court, Privacy, Law, Scotus, Rankings, Free Speech, Emails, Law Schools, American Bar Association, Fastcase, Trump, JGR, John Roberts

Morning Docket: 03.06.19

* Happy birthday, Your Honor! More than a thousand of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's fans signed up to plank on the steps of the Supreme Court for her 86th birthday on March 15. Do you love the RBG enough to plank for justice? [Washingtonian] * Allison Jones Rushing, a Williams & Connolly litigation partner, was confirmed to the Fourth Circuit in a vote of 53-43. Rushing is now one of the youngest federal appeals judges to be appointed by President Trump. [National Law Journal] * According to a new pol...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Congress, California, Kanye West, Student Loans, Donald Trump, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Law Schools, American Bar Association, Cnbc, Trump, Insider Trading, Cohen, Fourth Circuit, Michael Cohen

Morning Docket: 02.28.19

* Uh-oh! In the wake of Michael Cohen's testimony, Chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings of the House Oversight Committee sent letters to President Trump's tax attorney from Morgan Lewis and the Trump Organization's outside counsel from Michael Best requesting their appearance for a “transcribed interview.” [National Law Journal] * After widespread rebuke, the Florida Bar has officially opened an ethics investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz's alleged witness tampering of Michael Cohen via tweet prior to h...
Tags: Money, Law, Bill, Women's Issues, Law Schools, Biglaw, Tax Law, Aba, Legal Ethics, ABA Journal, Trump, Florida Bar, Elijah Cummings, Michael Cohen, Milbank, Florida Bar Association

Is An ‘Unhealthy’ Lawyer An Unethical Lawyer?

Let’s be clear. The mere fact of struggling with a mental health issue does NOT, in itself, make a lawyer 'unethical.' 
Tags: Law, Mental Health, Legal Ethics, Health / Wellness, Brian Cuban, American Bar Association / ABA, The Addicted Lawyer

Morning Docket: 01.30.19

* What do Trump "fixer" Michael Cohen, Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland, and Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino all have in common? They may soon be inmates together at FCI Otisville, one of America's "cushiest" prisons. Oooh, looks like we've got a situation! [INSIDER] * "New York State’s campaign finance system is generally a scandal, and this is another example of it." Disgraced former New York AG Eric Schneiderman used campaign funds to pay the law firm that represented him during an in...
Tags: Prisons, Supreme Court, Law, America, Associated Press, Campaign Finance, New York State, Biglaw, Aba, ABA Journal, Trump, Jersey Shore, Michael Cohen, Clarence Thomas, New York AG, Eric Schneiderman

Morning Docket: 01.23.19

* “Trump is screaming. He’s so mad at Rudy.” After yet another botched interview, President Trump is reportedly “furious” with Rudy Giuliani, and word on the street is that he’s being told to dump the former New York mayor before any additional damage can be done. Best of luck, because he very obviously needs it. [Vanity Fair] * Justice will prevail... at least until the end of the month: The federal judiciary is still clinging to life amid the government shutdown, and the Administrative Office...
Tags: New York, Supreme Court, Law, Washington Post, Social Media, Courts, Donald Trump, Government Shutdown, Rudy Giuliani, Law Schools, Aba, Second Amendment, Trump, Stormy Daniels, House of Delegates, ATL

Morning Docket: 11.18.18

* "You were very busy. Wow. Wow. I always knew I liked him." President Trump posthumously awarded the Medal of Freedom to the Justice Antonin Scalia on Friday and managed to crack a joke about the late justice's sex life when referring to his wife and their nine children. Wow. [USA Today] * Speaking about birth control... President Trump has proposed a new way for employers to get around the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate by creating a Title X loophole that would "hijack" programs ...
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