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LawNext Episode 28: Cisco CLO Mark Chandler on Legal Department Innovation

For some two decades, Mark Chandler has been a leading voice for innovation and technology in the operation of legal departments and the delivery of legal services. Executive vice president and chief legal officer at technology giant Cisco, he has been the company’s top lawyer since 2001 and a member of its legal department since 1996, when Cisco acquired Stratacom, where he had been general counsel. In 2010, The National Law Journal named Chandler one of the 40 most influential lawyers of th...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Law, Cisco, Executive, Chandler, National Law Journal, Bob Ambrogi, American Lawyer, Stratacom, Mark Chandler, LawNext

LawNext Episode 28: Cisco CLO Mark Chandler on Legal Department Innovation

For some two decades, Mark Chandler has been a leading voice for innovation and technology in the operation of legal departments and the delivery of legal services. Executive vice president and chief legal officer at technology giant Cisco, he has been the company’s top lawyer since 2001 and a member of its legal department since 1996, when Cisco acquired Stratacom, where he had been general counsel. In 2010, The National Law Journal named Chandler one of the 40 most influential lawyers of th...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Law, Cisco, Executive, Chandler, National Law Journal, American Lawyer, Stratacom, Mark Chandler, LawNext

Morning Docket: 01.24.19

* With Ben Brafman off the case, Harvey Weinstein is going with the Casey Anthony/Aaron Hernandez/Kobe Bryant defense team. For a New York courtroom. [New York Law Journal] * And some of these new Weinstein lawyers previously represented Rose McGowan on an unrelated matter. She is... less than pleased with this development. [Yahoo] * Reed Smith facing $500 million malpractice claim from Zombie Bear Sterns. [American Lawyer] * Deutsche Bank neck deep in global money-laundering inquiry. At leas...
Tags: New York, Law, Iowa, Harvey Weinstein, Abortion, Deutsche Bank, Law Schools, Reed Smith, Legal Ethics, Forbes, Weinstein, American Lawyer, Rose McGowan, Ben Brafman, New York Law Journal, Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 01.16.19

* Neil Gorsuch wrote an opinion in favor of labor rights and against mandatory arbitration. Yes, that Neil Gorsuch. [Slate] * The Trump Administration takes an L: S.D.N.Y. judge rules they can't ask citizenship questions in the census. [New York Law Journal] * Federal courts are now intending to squeak by on funding through January 25th. This is the second extension the Office of Court Administration has been able to muster due to aggressive cost cutting. [National Law Journal] * Kirsten Gill...
Tags: New York, Law, Boston, Npr, Kirsten Gillibrand, Courthouse News Service, Susan Berman, Robert Durst, Beantown, National Law Journal, Davis Polk, American Lawyer, New York Law Journal, Morning Docket, Office of Court Administration, Trump Administration

Morning Docket: 01.14.19

* In this bombshell report, it was revealed that almost immediately after President Trump fired former FBI director James Comey, the agency launched a criminal and counterintelligence investigation into whether Trump was working on Russia's behalf. No collusion? [New York Times] * "They’re not God, after all. They could be wrong." Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani says the president's legal team should be allowed to "correct" special counsel Robert Mueller's report before anyone else gets to read it, in...
Tags: Law, Congress, Washington Post, Russia, Fbi, New York Times, Deaths, Donald Trump, Government Shutdown, Wall Street Journal, Rudy Giuliani, Law Schools, Biglaw, Aba, Hamilton, Ticketmaster

Morning Docket: 12.31.18

* Michael Cohen: The Movie? Cooley Law's most infamous graduate could soon be on the big screen, because Trump's former lawyer/fixer and soon-to-be federal inmate was seen meeting “Pulp Fiction” and “Inglourious Basterds” producer Lawrence Bender. [Page Six] * Judge Reed O’Connor has stayed his ill-conceived ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional since many people have already purchased their health insurance plans. Gee thanks, Your Honor. How considerate! [National Law Journal...
Tags: Money, Supreme Court, Law, Mental Health, Affordable Care Act, Associated Press, Kevin Spacey, Women's Issues, Constitutional Law, Health & Wellness, Trump, John Roberts, Michael Cohen, Roberts, Mueller, Baltimore Maryland

Morning Docket: 12.12.18

* Yale Law School's list of the most memorable quotes of the year is out, and Rudy Giuliani's "truth isn't truth" and Justice Brett Kavanaugh's "I still like beer" coming in first and second place, respectively. Congratulations on all of your success. [Newsweek] * After some dealmaking with Republicans, Senator Kamala Harris will remain on the Senate Judiciary Committee. The problem here is that another GOP seat will be added, but right now, it seems like there's no one out there who wants to t...
Tags: Law, Washington Post, Government, Senate, Gop, Women's Issues, Rudy Giuliani, Law Schools, Biglaw, Aba, Kamala Harris, Trump, Reuters, Senate Judiciary Committee, Kirkland & Ellis, Newsweek

Morning Docket: 12.03.18

* Young lawyers in Australia are fighting back against Biglaw hours expectations because these snowflakes don't realize that chronic sleeplessness and callously sacrificing relationships with friends and loved ones builds character! [The Guardian] * Comey has reached a deal with the lame duck House committee. He'll still testify in a private hearing, but he'll be given a transcript after the fact. Good plan, it's not like he's been screwed over by this committee before. [National Law Journal] ...
Tags: Law, Australia, House, Associated Press, Benjamin Netanyahu, Huffington Post, Biglaw, James Comey, Comey, Jeffrey Epstein, National Law Journal, American Lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, Morning Docket, Litigation Finance, Boies Schiller

Morning Docket: 11.21.18

* President Trump pardoned two turkeys yesterday with a stern warning that "House Democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas," and that he couldn't "guarantee that [their] pardons won't be enjoined by the Ninth Circuit" since it "[a]lways happens." [NBC News] * In case you missed it, and we're pretty sure that's exactly what was intended here given the timing, President Trump submitted written answers to special counsel Robert Mueller's questions regarding Russian interference with the 2...
Tags: Thanksgiving, Supreme Court, Law, Washington Post, White House, Nbc News, Fbi, Hillary Clinton, House, New York Times, Federal Judges, Department Of Justice, Donald Trump, Justice Department, Biglaw, James Comey

Morning Docket: 11.20.18

* ACLU and Center for Constitutional Rights score win with court order proclaiming the obvious: No, you can't blanket deny asylum seekers. [Associated Press via Huffington Post] * Cyrus Vance accuses someone of seeking publicity over justice. [Variety] * Are you suggesting that law firms and clients don't listen to each other? [American Lawyer] * The Trump administration wanted to share census answers with the cops... which is why they were so hot to get those illegal citizenship questions on...
Tags: Justice, Law, Washington Post, Immigration, Aclu, New Jersey, Harvey Weinstein, SEC, Associated Press, Donald Trump, Huffington Post, Law Schools, Biglaw, Securities And Exchange Commission, Forbes, Trump

Morning Docket: 10.30.18

* Trump says he will end the Fourteenth Amendment by executive order. This is your Andrew Jackson-John Marshall moment right here. Thankfully, he probably knows he can't do this and is just ranting in a desperate bid to energize a racist base to turn out for the Midterms. That's actually what passes for "thankfully" these days. [CNN] * Milwaukee judge puts defense attorney in chains for defending his client. The American justice system of 2018 is cruising along swimmingly. [Journal-Sentinel] *...
Tags: Florida, Politics, New York, Crime, Supreme Court, Law, Government, Milwaukee, Gambling, Immigration, Hillary Clinton, Courts, Ibm, Donald Trump, Huffington Post, Legal Ethics

Morning Docket: 10.19.18

* John Quinn of Quinn Emauel has no plans to step down as managing partner, no plans to retire any time soon, and no desire to do any succession planning (aka "an example of superfluous business school-speak that adds nothing”) for his firm. After all, the business of law "is a pretty dumb business." [American Lawyer] * Elon Musk has been sued by a Tesla shareholder in the Delaware Court of Chancery over his "erratic behavior" and the company's board has been dragged into the suit for their all...
Tags: Elon Musk, Law, Los Angeles, Tesla, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Los Angeles Times, Law Schools, Biglaw, Skirball Cultural Center, McGuireWoods, Delaware Court of Chancery, Quinn Emanuel, American Lawyer, John Quinn, LSAT, Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 10.02.18

* Police questioned Brett Kavanaugh over a bar fight he and Chris Dudley apparently got into -- wait, Chris Dudley? This whole "Brett + Alcohol = Violence" equation is becoming a pattern. And a pattern he lies about under oath. [NY Times] * Department of Justice sues California over its net neutrality law. So much for states' rights. [Courthouse News Service] * Law firms are merging at a record pace. This should probably worry people more. [American Lawyer] * This reads more like an exam que...
Tags: Elon Musk, Net Neutrality, Supreme Court, Law, California, Intellectual Property, Biglaw, Securities And Exchange Commission, Trademarks, American Lawyer, Sidley Austin, Law Firm Mergers, Morning Docket, Brett Kavanaugh, Chris Dudley, Brett Alcohol

Morning Docket: 07.06.18

* Bernie Madoff's investment strategy may yield a billion dollar return... for the trustee. [American Lawyer] * Lanny Davis is now representing Michael Cohen, which certainly doesn't bode well for Trump. [Bloomberg] * The fiance of Princess Mako of Japan is going to Fordham next year. [Japan Times] * Federal judge rules that sanctuary city policies aren't obstacles to immigration policy because standing aside is not the same as standing in the way. [NY Times] * A disturbing look at the borde...
Tags: Japan, New York, Supreme Court, Law, Senate, Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo, Law Schools, Trump, Cynthia Nixon, Ny Times, Mother Jones, Michael Cohen, Japan Times, Baker Hostetler, Mako

Morning Docket: 05.29.18

* In a perfect example of everything wrong with GDPR there are now concerns that, under its terms, blockchain is prohibited. So a law designed to protect privacy might derail the most secure privacy protection technology on the market. Good job! [Legaltech News] * For months, I've used the phrase "GDPR-Y2K-2018." Looks like someone agrees with me. [Corporate Counsel] * The lesson we've learned over the past week is that being pro-segregation really boosts your chances for the federal bench th...
Tags: Technology, Privacy, Law, Sesame Street, Federal Judges, Intellectual Property, Courthouse News Service, Blockchain, Gdpr, American Lawyer, Legaltech News, New York Law Journal, Morning Docket, Judicial Nominees, Brian Henson, Payday Lending

Morning Docket: 04.18.18

* President Trump seems to be addicted to lawyers, and maybe someday he'll be able to find another one like Michael Cohen who is "willing to sacrifice reputation, sanity, and perhaps a paycheck" to defend him. [Politico] * Proskauer Rose and Jane Doe, the partner who sued the firm in a $50 million gender bias lawsuit, will be entering mediation to see if they can reach a settlement. At the same time, limited discovery will take place as to whether Doe is an "employee" under the anti-discriminat...
Tags: Money, Law, Shootings, Women's Issues, Donald Trump, DOE, Gender Discrimination, Bonuses, Biglaw, Defamation, Trump, Alex Jones, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Michael Cohen, Mintz Levin, Jane Doe

Morning Docket: 04.05.18

* Good news for Holland & Knight, who successfully escaped a $34.5 million malpractice rap. [American Lawyer] * Wisconsin passes a law requiring disclosure of litigation financers because juries should be gravely suspicious of anyone who can afford to seek legal redress from a corporation. [National Law Journal] * Cleary Gottlieb partner loses battle over rent-stabilized penthouse. While that sentence doesn't make him sound particularly sympathetic, he's actually the good guy here. [New York L...
Tags: Technology, Law, Sexual Assault, Police, Football, Sports, New York Times, Rape, Wisconsin, Times, ABA Journal, Holland & Knight, National Law Journal, American Lawyer, GRE, New York Law Journal

Morning Docket: 04.02.18

* Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a little worried about President Trump's flair for hyperbole, saying that Trump should never "walk into that room with" special counsel Robert Mueller, because when you make "false statements to federal agents, that's a crime, that can send you to jail." [The Hill] * This is not an April Fools' joke. On April 1, Foley & Lardner finalized its Tex-Mex merger with Gardere Wynne Sewell. We repeat, this is not an April Fools' joke. Foley will maintain i...
Tags: New York, Chris Christie, Crime, Law, Government, New Jersey, Donald Trump, Underwear, Long Island, Biglaw, Cryptocurrency, Trump, Foley, Hill, Foley & Lardner, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Why These Global 100 Numbers Should Scare The Bejeezus Out Of You

What do Dentons and Applebee's have in common?
Tags: Money, Law, Rankings, Biglaw, Applebee, American Lawyer, Partner Profits, Profits Per Partner, Global 100

The Global 100: Fractured Futures At The Richest Law Firms In The World (2017)

Uncertain times may be ahead of us given their financial performance.
Tags: Money, Law, Rankings, Biglaw, American Lawyer, Partner Issues, Partner Profits, Profits Per Partner, Global 100, Profits Per Equity Partner

How Baby Boomers Destroyed the Legal System

Well, now that the election is over, at least we will have something newto argue about: “The American Bar Association tracks certain demographic information about lawyers.  One of which is the age of lawyers. The information is woefully dated (from 2005!) but it does show that close to 60% of lawyers were baby boomers 10 years ago.  And the numbers don’t seem to be improving. American Lawyer just published an article about the complete stranglehold boomer lawyers continue to maintain on law firm...
Tags: News, Law, Careers, Law Firms, American Bar Association, Being a Lawyer, American Lawyer

Morning Docket: 10.14.16

* Senator Mike Lee, an influential member of the Senate Judiciary Committee (and a former Supreme Court clerk himself), explains why Republicans won't confirm Judge Merrick Garland to SCOTUS in the lame-duck session. [Washington Post via How Appealing] * Jaroslawa Zelinsky Johnson, former managing partner of Chadbourne & Parke's defunct Kiev office, wants in on Kerrie Campbell's sex discrimination suit against the firm. [American Lawyer] * In other news about alleged gender bias in Biglaw, it ...
Tags: Asia, Supreme Court, Law, Scotus, Washington Post, China, Philippines, New York Times, Shanghai, Hogan Lovells, Women's Issues, Donald Trump, Gender Discrimination, Mike Lee, Biglaw, Theranos

The Global 100: The Richest Law Firms In The World (2016)

Which law firm had the highest revenue on the planet?
Tags: Money, Law, Rankings, Profits, Biglaw, American Lawyer, Partner Issues, Partner Profits, Profits Per Partner

Midlevels Are Actually Happy — Ranking Associate Satisfaction (2016)

As it turns out, midlevels are more satisfied than ever before.
Tags: Law, Rankings, Biglaw, American Lawyer, Job Satisfaction, Happy News

What Firms Are Atop The A-List? (2016)

Who are the American Lawyer Top 10 A-List firms?
Tags: Law, Rankings, Biglaw, Gibson Dunn, American Lawyer, Paul Hastings, Milbank Tweed, Ropes & Gray, Kirkland & Ellis, Debevoise & Plimpton, Munger Tolles

Morning Docket: 07.20.16

* The “Federal Criminal Discovery Blue Book” -- which is exactly what it sounds like, a trial manual by federal prosecutors for federal prosecutors -- is protected from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act as attorney work product. [Wall Street Journal] * Donald Trump Jr. seems to have "borrowed" lines from his convention speech from his own speech writer. And the defense of Melania Trump's plagiarism at Monday night's RNC keeps getting more and more outlandish. Now it involves My Li...
Tags: Texas, Supreme Court, Law, Scotus, Turkey, Hacking, Plagiarism, Mlb, Baseball, Department Of Justice, Merger, Major League Baseball, Wall Street Journal, Houston Astros, Rnc, Melania Trump

The 2016 Am Law 200: Revenue Swirling Down The Drain

While some firms came out on top, others were merely surviving. How did the Am Law 200 stack up?
Tags: Law, Rankings, PPP, Biglaw, American Lawyer, Partner Issues, Partner Profits, Profits Per Partner

Reinventing The Law Business: Year-Over-Year Growth Comparisons – Dumb And Dumberer

Managing partner Bruce Stachenfeld warns against putting too much stock in year-over-year comparisons.
Tags: Money, Law, Rankings, Biglaw, American Lawyer, Small Law Firms, Bruce Stachenfeld, Duval & Stachenfeld, Boutique Law Firms, Bruce M. Stachenfeld, Partner Issues, Partner Profits, Profits Per Partner, Am Law 100

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