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Dan Loeb Is Popping Bubbles And Loving It

But not as much as Lee Ainslie is loving the great comeback stories of our time.
Tags: Finance, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

D-List Actor Accused Of Grade-A Ponzi Scheme

He’s allegedly a better forger than thespian.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Private Equity Exec Indicted In College Admissions Scandal Must Really Like Going To Court

The first time wasn’t voluntary, but the lawsuit against Netflix very much is.
Tags: Law, Finance, Netflix, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Seems ‘Insider Trader’ Was A Bit Too Harsh A Description For Two Hedge Fund Managers

You know, when prosecutors really look at it.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance

Delta Flight To MLB Game Without Encountering Any Diehard Trump Supporters: Travel Paradise?

Maybe there is some kind of perverse logic behind Donald Trump’s choice of Easter weekend to release a hate-filled analog tweet to promote his election lies and trash Delta Air Lines, Major League Baseball, and Coke.
Tags: Law, Finance, Georgia, Delta, Mlb, Donald Trump, Major League Baseball, Voter Suppression, Jonathan Wolf, ATL Finance, Delta Air Lines Major League Baseball

What Do SPAC Federal Securities Lawsuits Look Like So Far?

Since NBC recently documented NFTs, it’s on us here at The Juris Lab to demystify SPACs to the world.
Tags: Nbc, Law, Finance, Courts, SPAC, ATL Finance, SPACs, Juris Lab, The Juris Lab

Former CFO Of Badly-Run Company To Become CEO Of Badly-Run Company Hunter

Carl Icahn needs someone who can smell bad governance and also tolerate 99% humidity.
Tags: Law, Finance, Carl Icahn, ATL Finance

Digital Health Companies Raised $6.7B, Breaking A Record For Q1

Digital health startups raised a record-breaking $6.7 billion in the first quarter of 2021. Large funding rounds propelled them past previous months.
Tags: Law, Finance, Health Care / Medicine, ATL Finance, Healthcare Docket, Digital Health Companies Raised

Did Ice Cube Check Himself Before He Wrecked Robinhood’s Name?

It is not quite clear that Ice Cube has a slam dunk case against Robinhood.
Tags: Law, Finance, Ice Cube, Robinhood, Darren Heitner, ATL Finance

Steve Cohen’s Mets Sign All-Star To Three-Quarters-Of-A-Billion-Dollar Deal, Are Still The Mets

Yesterday was not Opening Day for one of the local nine. Today, either.
Tags: Law, Finance, Mets, Steve Cohen, ATL Finance

Maybe SPACs Shouldn’t Just Be A Cash Machine For Sponsors?

You’re not gonna like it, but given how things are going for blank-check companies, IPOs, and NFTs, hear ARS out.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance

Goldman Sachs Trades FUD For FOMO

And Chipotle trades bumretch for blockchain.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Goldman Sachs Trades FUD

Legal Nonprofits Could Lead In Nuking The Counterproductive Mythos Of The 40-Hour Workweek

Just because lawyers in private practice have a garbage culture around work-life balance and must suffer the albatross of the billable hour doesn’t mean that everyone else should have to.
Tags: Productivity, Law, Finance, Legal Profession, Billable Hours, ATL Finance, Legal Nonprofits, Shorter Workweeks

‘Important’ As Meaningless As ‘Integrity And Honesty’ When Goldman Sachs Says It

The Supremes are not at all happy with the Elect.
Tags: Law, Finance, Goldman Sachs, Supremes, ATL Finance

Someone Else Doesn’t Like Elon Musk’s Tweets

Nor, for that matter, is Congress particularly amused by Jack Dorsey’s.
Tags: Elon Musk, Law, Congress, Finance, Jack Dorsey, ATL Finance

GameStop, Robinhood Demonstrate Shared Impeccable Timing

Throw in some Coinbase and Cubes and the future of investing has arrived.
Tags: Law, Finance, Gamestop, ATL Finance

GameStop To Cosplay As Actual Company, Release Irrelevant Earnings

And Elon Musk tries, and fails, to act like a normal corporate executive.
Tags: Elon Musk, Law, Finance, ATL Finance, GameStop To Cosplay As Actual Company

Crypto Exchange Fined $6.5 Million For Trading Cryptos With Itself On Itself

A more perfect addition to the blockchain we can’t imagine.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Crypto Exchange

Practiced Court Witness Crispin Odey Can’t Save Colleagues From Unpleasant Tax Bill

It seems you do have to pay taxes on your bonus, even if they were deferred to satisfy some other meddling regulator.
Tags: Law, Finance, Bill, Crispin Odey, ATL Finance

Leon Black To Spend Even More Time With His Alibis For That Visit To Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Island

And Jay Clayton gets to be called ‘Mr. Chairman’ again.
Tags: Law, Finance, Jeffrey Epstein, Jay Clayton, ATL Finance

China Protecting Soldiers, Executives From Spying, Spontaneous Combustion

There’s a long list of reasons China might not want officials using Teslas, including the one it actually offered.
Tags: Law, Finance, China, ATL Finance

Will There Be Anything Left For Gary Gensler To Do At The SEC?

Interim chief Allison Herren Lee keeps taking things off his plate.
Tags: Law, Finance, SEC, Gary Gensler, ATL Finance, Allison Herren Lee

Wells, JPMorgan Saving A Great St. Patrick’s Day Present For You

Other banks have chosen getting stimulus money to their customers ASAP, but the big guys are planning a green gift on the greenest day.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Wells JPMorgan Saving

Technoking Of Tesla Sued For Tweeting

Sadly, nothing about the above headline is satirical or even exaggerated.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance

WeWork Probably Won’t Be Taking Saudi Money When It Goes Public Because It’s Maybe Starting To Get How This Works

Adam Neumann wants you to know that he understands how this looks...and will maybe stop now that you're watching.
Tags: Law, Saudi Arabia, Finance, Softbank, IPOs, WeWork, Commentary, Adam Neumann, ATL Finance

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