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Being denied student support has thrown my plans into bedlam. But I'm determined

As I move from the country to the city and start my life as a university student, I’m disheartened by the lack of support from CentrelinkRead Bethany’s first diary entry hereRead Bethany’s second diary entry hereRead how the pandemic-fuelled recession will affect Australia’s young people hereName: Bethany CastleAge: 17So much has happened in such a short time. All of a sudden, it feels as if life is progressing too fast, when only a week ago I was impatiently waiting for my new life in the city ...
Tags: Australia, Society, Australia news, Unemployment, Young People, Youth Unemployment, Bethany, Coronavirus, Bethany CastleAge, CentrelinkRead Bethany

Taking it to the streets: 'The movements making noise are being led by young people'

In spite of all the challenges of the world they will inherit, young people are embracing activism to make changeRead how the pandemic-fuelled recession will affect Australia’s young peopleWhen Alice Rummery sees a problem, she has one overriding thought: “What are we going to do about it?”That’s been the driving force of an activism that was first ignited as a university student in 2018 when she was a critical part of a campaign for women’s safety in cities. Trained and supported by Plan Intern...
Tags: Activism, Australia, Society, Australia news, Sydney, Young People, Black Lives Matter Movement, Alice Rummery

How Isaiah survived Australia's juvenile justice system

As a kid, Isaiah couldn’t escape the police. He went on to spend his teenage years in and out of youth detention. Now this young Dunghutti man is trying to change how our justice system treats Indigenous childrenThis episode is part of the childhood in custody series, you can read the feature on Isaiah here. Continue reading...
Tags: Human Rights, Law, Australia, Australia news, Indigenous Australians, Isaiah, Indigenous incarceration, Dunghutti

I thought my eating disorder was my protector, but I have been anorexia's prey | Melis Layik

With university online and no job to go to thanks to Covid, it has become easier to spend hours in front of the mirror berating my appearanceRead Melis Layik’s most recent Dreams interrupted diaryRead how the pandemic-fuelled recession will affect Australia’s young peopleName: Melis LayikAge: 21I increased my dosage of antidepressants today. With the loosening of Victoria’s Covid restrictions and the surge of New Year’s weight loss marketing, my eating disorder has once again overwhelmed me with...
Tags: Health, Australia, Society, Australia news, Mental Health, Body Image, Eating Disorders, Anorexia, Unemployment, Young People, Victoria, Women's Health, Youth Unemployment, Melis Layik, Melis LayikAge

What the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Law: Part 2

In my last Slaw post (January 12, 2021), the first of two parts, I discussed the characteristics necessary for law to be accepted and effective. Here I consider some of the laws — the legislation, the regulations, orders and, although not law, intended to have a similar impact, advice or recommendations — that have been imposed during the pandemic. I’m focusing on Ontario, although I refer to developments elsewhere. Even so, my discussion is not meant to be exhaustive, but to illustrate laws ena...
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Book Review: Indigenous Water Rights in Law and Regulation–Lessons From Comparative Experience

Several times each month, we are pleased to republish a recent book review from the Canadian Law Library Review (CLLR). CLLR is the official journal of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL/ACBD), and its reviews cover both practice-oriented and academic publications related to the law. Indigenous Water Rights in Law and Regulation: Lessons from Comparative Experience. By Elizabeth Jane Macpherson. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019. xi, 291 p. Includes bibliographic reference...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Australia, Book Reviews, Colombia, New Zealand, Cambridge, Amazon Rainforest, Un, Latin America, Australasia, MacPherson, Maori, Whanganui River, Cambridge University Press, Canadian Law Library Review

InfoTrack Acquires Lawgical, Parent to Process-Serving Sites and Legal Talk Network Podcast Collection

The Australia-based legal technology company InfoTrack, which also operates in the United States, has acquired Lawgical, the parent company of several legal industry brands, including the Legal Talk Network, which produces some 30 law-related podcasts, ServeNow, which says it is the nation’s largest independent network of process service professionals, and ServeManager, a technology platform for process servers to manage service of process. Lawgical, founded in 2003, will continue to operate ind...
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I hear people say that people who receive Centrelink are lazy. Hello, I want to work! | Madeleine Rose

Applying for casual jobs is not an easy process anymore, writes Madeleine Rose. Every employer seems to want at least two years’ experience Read Madeleine Rose’s first Dreams interrupted diary hereRead Madeleine Rose’s second diary, about losing her mother, hereFreedom lost: the generation coming of age in Australia’s pandemic-fuelled recessionName: Madeleine RoseAge: 22Dreams of: Being a teacherAfter a festive, blissful few weeks celebrating Christmas and New Years, I am able to finally relax a...
Tags: Australia, Society, Australia news, Unemployment, Welfare, Young People, Victoria, Madeleine Rose, Madeleine RoseAge

Housing struggles are painted as a rite of passage for young people. Why?|Melis Layik

After a difficult year feeling like her home was a cage, Melis Layik has new digs. She is one of a generation of young Australians whose lives are being shaped by CovidRead Melis Layik’s first Dreams interrupted diaryRead how the pandemic-fuelled recession will affect Australia’s young peopleName: Melis LayikAge: 21I sit in my new apartment encircled by cardboard boxes, looking at the remnants of tape and bubble wrap strewn across the carpet. I’ve moved house since I last wrote a few weeks ago. ...
Tags: Australia, Society, Australia news, Unemployment, Young People, Youth Unemployment, Coronavirus, Melis Layik, CovidRead Melis Layik, Melis LayikAge

Searching for Navy WASPs

Among the six naval aviators recommended for command of an aircraft carrier was Captain Amy Bauernschmidt, a 1994 Naval Academy grad and helo pilot who ticked an essential box on the carrier command checklist when she was the first female to serve as executive officer on a nuclear-powered warship, the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72. It is an assignment long overdue, and with an idle moment wondered why it took so long compared to the female command achievements in the Air Force. Taking the unique r...
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My family is finally together. I hope 2021 will be a year of reunions for everyone | Michelle Lim

Michelle Lim is used to family separations but this year was different. She is one of a generation of young Australians whose lives are being shaped by Covid-19Read Michelle’s first Dreams interrupted diary hereRead how the pandemic-fuelled recession will affect Australia’s young people hereName: Michelle LimAge: 23This morning I woke to a familiar voice chattering away at home. After 10 months overseas, my dad has just returned from mandatory quarantine in a hotel. As he knocked on my door to s...
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Trolls and social media platforms face huge fines in Australia for failing to remove abuse material

Proposed legislation would also give government power to unmask identities of anonymous accounts Australian internet service providers, social media companies and other online platforms will need to remove severely harmful, abusive or bullying content within 24 hours or risk being blocked and fined $555,000 under the federal government’s proposed online safety legislation.Currently, takedown notices for image-based abuse, cyber-abuse, cyberbullying, and seriously harmful online content needs to ...
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Every day has been tougher than the one before. I don't feel ready for 2021 | Bethany Castle

The tumult of 2020, writes Bethany Castle, has left her unprepared for moving into adulthood. She is one of a generation of young Australians whose lives are being shaped by CovidRead how the pandemic-fuelled recession will affect Australia’s young people hereName: Bethany CastleAge: 17 Continue reading...
Tags: Australia, Society, Australia news, Unemployment, Young People, Youth Unemployment, Coronavirus, CovidRead, Bethany Castle, Bethany CastleAge

Death (Of Donor Anonymity) Becomes Her

In many jurisdictions abroad, including parts of Australia, governments have moved to prohibit anonymous gamete donation.
Tags: Law, Australia, Family law, Ellen Trachman, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART, Amanda Troxler, Carole LieberWilkins

Case preview: Foreign sovereign immunity, comity and the Holocaust

The Holocaust (in Hebrew Shoah, or “destruction”) comes to the Supreme Court on Monday. Republic of Hungary v. Simon and Federal Republic of Germany v. Philipp require the justices to decide whether classes of survivors can pursue claims in federal court seeking compensation from the European countries and related entities that took property from their Jewish citizens in the course of the genocide of six million Jews. Both cases ask whether federal courts can abstain from resolving such claims o...
Tags: Europe, Featured, Supreme Court, Law, Congress, Australia, Germany, Nazis, Frankfurt, Hungary, United States, Nazi, Hitler, Adolf Hitler, Simon, D C Circuit

Dispatch 47: White House and Australian "War Crimes"

Been a long day. Now after midnight and finally back to hotel after 12 hours of glorious meetings, and a Christmas Reception at the White House. I did not meet or see President Trump, and my meetings were not in the White House. They have very good shrimp and grits at the White House. I went back for seconds. Some fine books in the library. Check out this nine volume series on the history of the South. Wish I had a month alone in the library just to study these nine books. Alas. War is in...
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Reviewing again links between lead exposure and crime rates

Long-time readers may recall that I have always been intrigued by the (often overlooked) social science research that suggests lead exposure levels may better account for variations in crime rates than just about any other single variable.  In an number of older posts (linked below), I flagged some articles on this topic, and I have always been eager to note work by researcher Rick Nevin who has been talking up the lead-exposure-crime-link evidence for many years.  Mr. Nevin sent me a note today...
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The mysterious metal monolith that was found last week in the Utah desert has vanished.— The New York Times (@nytimes) November 29, 2020 I question whether the monolith has vanished. If you're with me in a room, then you leave and come back a week later, and I am not there, it would be a gross failure to follow Occam's Razor to say that I had "vanished." In all likelihood, I walked out, and I continue to exist. I've gone somewhere else. You just don't know where. The qu...
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The New Normal

Confirmed by the U.S. Senate in December 2019, the Honorable Dana Deasy is the Department of Defense chief information officer. With more than 38 years of experience leading and delivering large-scale information technology strategies and projects, Deasey serves as the primary advisor to the Secretary of Defense for matters of information management, information technology and information assurance, as well as non-intelligence space systems, critical satellite communications, navigation and timi...
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The alleged Afghanistan war crimes that shocked Australia

The Brereton report details 21 cases where there is ‘credible information’ that Australian soldiers murdered non-combatantsFull report: ‘A disgraceful and profound betrayal of the ADF’Key findings of the Brereton reportChris Barrie: We must act as quickly to set the moral compass of our defence force rightThe Brereton report has uncovered credible evidence of 39 alleged murders carried out by Australian Defence Force personnel in Afghanistan.But details of the alleged killings are not provided i...
Tags: Law, Australia, Australia news, Afghanistan, War Crimes, Australian military, ADF, Brereton, Law (Australia, Brereton report

On LawNext: Stevie Ghiassi, Founder of Legaler, Legaler Aid and the Global Legal Tech Report

To say that Stevie Ghiassi is a busy man is an understatement. In addition to founding Legaler , a secure video meeting platform for lawyers,the Australia-born entrepreneur is the founder of the recently launched Legaler Aid , a charity to support social justice legal cases worldwide, and founder of the Global Legal Tech Report , which will release its final report in December after nearly a year of surveying legal tech around the world.  As if those projects were not enough t...
Tags: Law, Australia, Los Angeles, ASG, Bob Ambrogi, Legaler, Allen Rodriguez, LawNext, Stevie Ghiassi, Ghiassi, Australian Legal Technology Association, LawNext Ghiassi

Veterans Day, 2020 – In front of the White House: Washington, D.C.

My apology up front: this is a NO EDIT STREAM OF CONCIOUSNESS – am very busy here: Let’s roll: Black Lives Matter has defaced the road with gang markings in front of the White House. I am right here right now but about 50 meters away from that top photo. Buildings around Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Portland, and many other cities are pasted with “BLACK LIVES MATTER.” Businesses are boarded up to ward off the Flat Screen Rioters (FSRs) encouraged by team-Biden. Some readers will say...
Tags: Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, Featured, Australia, Navy, Washington, Osama Bin Laden, White House, China, Iraq, America, Syria, Fox, Afghanistan, Thailand

Virtual Hearings, Access to Justice and Privacy

Under ordinary circumstances, I would not remotely contemplate imposing such an unsatisfactory mode [videoconference] of a trial on a party against its will. But these are not ordinary circumstances and we have entered a period in which much that is around us is and is going to continue to be unsatisfactory. I think we must try our best to make this trial work… Justice Perram, Capic v Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited (Adjournment) [2020] FCA 486 (Australia) Like many adjudicators working ...
Tags: Microsoft, Law, Australia, Canada, Ford, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, CRTC, Dispute Resolution, Amy Salyzyn, My Slaw, Capic, Justice Perram Capic, Justice Perram

Legaler Aid Aims To Tackle The Justice Gap Through Crowdfunding And Blockchain

Way back in 2018, I reported here on the plan by Australia-based company Legaler to create a blockchain-based legal charity to allow social justice legal cases to be supported through crowdfunding and matched with lawyers willing to handle them. Today that project, Legaler Aid, is officially launching, promising to connect litigants in social justice cases with the lawyers and funding they need “to navigate an overpriced legal system.” Formed as a charitable organization in both the U.S. and Aus...
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"The term Generation Alpha is usually credited to Mark McCrindle, a generational researcher in Australia who... told me that the name originated from an online survey he ran in 2008..."

"... that yielded a slew of now-discarded monikers, many of which focused on technology (the 'Onliners,' 'Generation Surf,' the 'Technos') or gave the next round of humans the burden of undoing the damage done by the last (the 'Regeneration,' 'Generation Hope,' the 'Saviors,' 'Generation Y-not'). One popular option from the survey was 'Generation A,' but, McCrindle told me in an email, he thought the name for a cohort that would shape the future shouldn’t 'be labelled by going back to the begin...
Tags: Law, Australia, Babies, America, Atlantic, Millennials, Woodman, Ann Althouse, These Kids Today, Technos, Mark McCrindle, McCrindle, Generation Alpha, Coronavirus, Dan -RSB- Woodman, MTV Generation

Australia: Pride in Law expands into WA with HBA Legal - HBA Legal

HBA Legal supports Pride in Law. Explanation of Pride in Law.
Tags: News, Law, Australia, WA, HBA

Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: Dimitry Serov: American Aires Announces New Design Patent Approved (Source: Yahoo Finance) Chris Burt: Apple Proposes Biometric Authentication for Digital ID Document Access in Patent Application (Source: Biometric Update) Clint Jasper: Australia’s Cattle Industry Chalks up Another Loss in Bid to Overturn US-Controlled Cattle Genome Patent (Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Paddy Baker: Blockchain Payments Technology Firm Ripple has Won a Patent f...
Tags: Law, Australia, Uspto, Patent, Elizabeth, Yahoo Finance, Ana Santos Rutschman, AMICI CURIAE, Bits and Bytes, Juvan Bonni, Chris Burt, Michael A Carrier, Dimitry Serov, Clint Jasper, US Controlled Cattle Genome Patent Source, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Paddy Baker

Do Peremptory Challenges Help Make a Jury More Impartial?

“Peremptory challenges, by enabling each side to exclude those jurors it believes will be most partial toward the other side, are a means of eliminat[ing] extremes of partiality on both sides… assuring the selection of a qualified and unbiased jury.” – Justice Scalia in Holland v Illinois. Today, the Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments in the Pardeep Singh Chouhan case about the significance of peremptory challenges in jury selection. In doing so, the hearing touched on the issue of jury imp...
Tags: Law, Australia, United States, Ford, Holland, Scalia, BC Civil Liberties Association, Case Comment, Jury Selection, Roger Ford, Peremptory challenges, Jury Impartiality, Pardeep Singh Chouhan, Illinois Today the Supreme Court of Canada, BCCLA, Hans Zeisel Shari Seidman Diamond

Judicial Independence: An Ethical Issue for Individual Judges

When we think about judicial independence in the Canadian context, we usually think about judges’ tenure, judges’ salaries and judicial administrative independence, all of which affect all judges as relevant. Administrative independence can affect the judicial system as an institution, but there are times judges are asked to apply law that they consider fundamentally flawed or when the judicial system is merely one aspect of a morally questionably regime. What should individual judges do in resp...
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Two 800-Pound Gorillas?

Q: Where does an 800-pound gorilla sleep? A: Anywhere it wants to. I was recently interviewed by the South China Morning Post [SCMP] with respect to Premier of China Li Keqiang’s comment this May about China and the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership [CPTPP]. A short article written with a quick turn-around time for publication does not allow those interviewed to provide an in-depth response. It is a good piece and gives an accurate snapshot of my “at this moment” view that ...
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