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Judge Amy Berman Jackson Delivers Epic Benchslap In Mueller FOIA Suit

Bill Barr: Exactly who you thought he was all along.
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Meet Victoria Toensing and Joseph diGenova, the Republican power couple caught up in the FBI's Rudy Giuliani investigation

Rudolph Giuliani, Joseph diGenova, and Victoria Toensing, attorneys for then-President Donald Trump, conduct a news conference. Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Image Victoria Toensing was served a search warrant alongside Rudy Giuliani last week. She and her husband and law partner, Joseph diGenova, have been close to Giuliani for decades. They were instrumental in the Ukraine scandal that led to former president Donald Trump's first impeachment. See more stories on Insider...
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Notable NY politician gets furlough from BOP as he is "considered for home confinement"

When I saw the headline of this new New York Post piece, "Sheldon Silver released early on furlough after less than a year in prison," I thought the paper was misusing a term because furloughs from federal prison seem extraordinarily rare. But the story explains it has the right term: Disgraced former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has been sprung from federal prison early on furlough — while he awaits a decision from the agency on whether he can serve out the remainder of his term in...
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Election Lawsuits Just Won’t End — See Also

Another Silly Election Lawsuit: But not an election fraud lawsuit, which as you may guess, is a distinction without difference. Bar Exam Is Getting Worse: I didn't even think that was possible. Getting Excited For Inauguration Day: It'll be historic! When Bill Barr Thinks Your Legal Theory Is Bullshit: It should be a warning sign. New Program To Help Increase The Number Of Black Lawyers: Targeted plan to make a difference.
Tags: Law, Bill Barr, See Also, Number Of Black Lawyers

Trump Banker Makes Like Bill Barr And Retires

Deutsche Bank won’t have Rosemary Vrablic to kick around anymore. But Cy Vance still does.
Tags: Law, Finance, Deutsche Bank, Cy Vance, Bill Barr, Rosemary Vrablic

Trump Lawyers Find Out The Hard Way That He Screws Everyone In The End

Lie down with dogs, wake up with tweets.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Bill Barr, Pat Cipollone

Above The Law’s 2020 Lawyer Of The Year Contest: The Finalists!

From distinguished to despicable, who should be Above the Law’s Lawyer of the Year for 2020?
Tags: Law, Joe Biden, Announcements, Contests, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Rudy Giuliani, Kamala Harris, Jeffrey Toobin, Sidney Powell, Marc Elias, Kayleigh McEnany, Amy Coney Barrett, Stacey Abrams, Bill Barr, Jenna Ellis, Lawyer of the Year

After Being Trump’s AG, Bill Barr May Have A Rough Job Search If He Wants To Work In Biglaw Ever Again

Jones Day would probably be glad to have him on board.
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Morning Docket: 12.15.20

* A federal judge has certified a class action filed by peanut farmers alleging that companies conspired to depress the price of peanuts. Guess the farmers didn't want to be paid "peanuts" for their crop... [Counter] * Pinterest has settled a gender discrimination lawsuit filed by a former executive for $22.5 million. [CNN Business] * Attorney General Bill Barr will resign his position next week. [New York Times] * A probe into Hunter Biden's taxes is purportedly complicating Joe Biden's s...
Tags: Law, Los Angeles, Peanut, Joe Biden, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Class Action, Erin Brockovich, Morning Docket, Hunter Biden, Bill Barr, Attorney General Bill Barr

Judge Sullivan: Flynn Walks, Barr Stinks, Take That Pardon And GTFO Of My Courtroom

Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.
Tags: Law, Government, Department Of Justice, Flynn, Sullivan, Michael Flynn, Emmet Sullivan, Bill Barr

Job Security Ain’t What It Used To Be — See Also

Something Is Rotten In The State Of Justice: Bill Barr is going through a rough patch, you guys. Pay No Attention To That Data Behind The Curtain: NCBE is cheesed off that researchers are starting to seriously evaluate the value of the bar exam. Bonus Season Continues: S&C joins the party. Kramer Levin Too: Quite the day for bonuses. We also heard bonus news from Fenwick.
Tags: Law, Kramer Levin, Bill Barr, See Also

Bill Barr might resign, reports NYT

Plot twist. the New York Times, sources close to Attorney General Bill Barr say he is exploring how to resign from the flaming dumpster fire that is the decomposing Trump administration, before it all ends next month. One source close to Barr who spoke to the Times said he could announce his departure before the end of the year. — Read the rest
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There's a point in this Lou Dobbs rant where — if you been paying attention — you'll cry out loud "He" — Barr — "didn't say that!"

Lou Dobbs absolutely loses it over Bill Barr saying there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud, accusing Barr of joining "the Deep State and the Resistance" before saying this:"He is either a liar or a fool or both. He may be – perhaps compromised."— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) December 1, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Law, Evidence, Barr, LOU DOBBS, Ann Althouse, Trump 2020, William Barr, Bill Barr, Justin Baragona

Bill Barr And The Cavalcade Of Awful — See Also

This Is Not Okay: And the only reason it isn't a bigger story is because [gestures wildly to the state of the world]. Speaking Of Awful: Trump administration is still making waves in immigration. Get Used To Working From Home: What to wear while you're doing it. The Best Legally Themed Halloween Costume: A palate cleanser, if you will.
Tags: Law, Trump, Bill Barr, See Also

Bill Barr Did WHAT? How Is This Not The Biggest Story In The Country Right Now?

Oh look, the DOJ dropped an investigation against his client as soon as he took over.
Tags: Crime, Law, Government, Department Of Justice, Doj, Caterpillar, Kirkland & Ellis, Rod Rosenstein, Bill Barr

Even Bill Barr’s Justice Dept. Can’t Deny The Obvious Where Jeffrey Epstein Is Concerned

The A.G.’s old colleague Alex Acosta definitely could have done a better job with the whole thing.
Tags: Law, Department Of Justice, Jeffrey Epstein, Alex Acosta, Bill Barr

Prosecutors who AG Bill Barr dispatched to investigate Trump's evidence-free claims of mass election fraud say they found no substantial irregularities

US Attorney General Bill Barr speaks during a press conference in Chicago on September 9, 2020. KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Prosecutors assigned to investigate baseless allegations of irregularities in vote tallies told Attorney General William Barr that they found no "substantial irregularities," The Washington Post reported.  Barr sent a memo on Monday requesting prosecutors to investigate "substantial claims" of fraud.  Some in the Department of Justice have said the request was bas...
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Bill Barr has Unleashed the Full Power of the DoJ... investigate election fraud.They're on the case!! [Author: [email protected] (Kevin)]
Tags: Politics, Guns, Law, Kevin, Bill Barr, Had Enough Yet

Court Rules Defaming Women Is Not Actually The President’s Job

His job is spreading covid at MAGA rallies. Obviously.
Tags: Law, Government, Courts, Lewis Kaplan, Roberta Kaplan, Bill Barr, E. Jean Carroll

In a blow to Trump, AG Barr's investigation into Flynn's 'unmasking' ended without criminal charges or a public report

Donald J. Trump arrives to speak to supporters from the Blue Room balcony during an event at the White House on Saturday, Oct 10, 2020 in Washington, DC. Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images An investigation into whether Obama-era officials improperly "unmasked" former national security adviser Michael Flynn's name in US intelligence reports found no substantive wrongdoing, The Washington Post reported. Attorney General William Barr tapped US attorney John Bash to lead the i...
Tags: Post, Politics, Law, Obama, Washington Post, Washington, White House, Russia, US, Trends, Joe Biden, Fbi, Fox News, Biden, Donald Trump, National Security Agency

Bill Barr: Let 1,000 Vote Fraud Investigations Bloom. IN PUBLIC.

So much for not interfering in an election. Or not announcing a pending investigation.
Tags: Law, Government, Department Of Justice, Election Law, Bill Barr

Trump's DOJ Clears the Path for Voter Fraud Fearmongering

The Department of Justice is reminding U.S. attorneys that they are free to break with nearly 40 years of precedent and publicly air unproven claims of voter fraud before the 2020 elections on Nov. 3.Read more...
Tags: Elections, Science, Military, Usps, Department Of Justice, Donald Trump, Doj, Trump, United States Postal Service, 2020 Election, William Barr, Bill Barr, Fraudulent Voter Fraud

Rightwing Militia Planned To ‘LIBERATE MICHIGAN’ By Kidnapping The Governor

But Bill Barr said Antifa was the real danger. So confusing!
Tags: Crime, Law, Government, Racism, Department Of Justice, Antifa, Bill Barr, Gretchen Whitmer

Judge Earns Legacy She Deserves — See Also

Be Careful What You Wish For: ACB wanted a nickname, and she got one. How Much Damage Can He Do From Home?: Bill Barr self-quarantines. Shots!: Kim Kardashian needs shots to study for law exams... certainly it has nothing to do with her husband becoming a political laughingstock. 87-Year-Old's Attempt To Take The Bar Exam Likely Futile: And it's probably not the only story of futile exam taking we'll get today.
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