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I feel distant from the Washington, D.C. doings.

I'm not watching the TV, not thinking about the inauguration. I'm uninterested in hearing analysis of the speeches, the poetry, the song-belting, the executive orders, the race-and-sex firsts. Bored by social media posts about how happy this or that person I follow happens to be about all those things. I want my distance. Trump got my attention — more than he deserved. There's no reason to pay so much attention to Biden. I know he needs monitoring, but that doesn't make it my job. Talk about a...
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Another bloggiversary: This blog is 17 years old, and the record of blogging every single day is still intact.

That's 6,210 days. There have been 61,712 posts — not counting this one. An average just under 10 posts a day. There were 3,644 posts last year — again, just under 10 posts a year. You can see the number per year and per week for the 17 years in the side bar. I don't count the posts each day — or any day — to see if I'm hitting 10. The number of posts per day isn't a goal. I just have my way of looking around, seeing what's bloggable to me, and hanging out with the blog, mostly in the morning, u...
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Why I put AdSense ads back on the blog — self-defense.

Last October, after years of taking offense at Google for sending me email telling me I had offensive material on this blog, I discontinued my participation in Google Adsense. That is, I opted out of using advertising to monetize this blog.   I'm tired of checking to see what's supposedly a violation. I get so many of these and they're often posts that are nothing but a quote from a commentator in the NYT. But to see that the review didn't okay these pages... it's just mind-bending. I can't was...
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"Trump’s Twitter feed... was a window into his deranged and disordered mind. The insults, grandiosity, lies, threats, bigotry and incitement..."

"He was a menace to the world, but he was a genius of the genre: nasty, irreverent, oddly addictive. It will be strange to revert to humdrum, cautious political platitudes after drinking the wine of uninhibited, free-association populism. Here are some recent tweets by President-Elect Joe Biden. 'In 10 days, we move forward and rebuild — together.' 'In 2020 we’re going to build a brighter future.' 'I’m filled with fresh hope about the possibilities of better days to come.'" Writes Nicholas ...
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A New Year, A Sad Note

Happy New Year to any and all readers of this blog. We have been on line for over 14 years, sustained by the constant stream of bar discipline and legal ethics issues that arise. The things that get lawyers in... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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"It would be nice if the wall-to-wall marathon showings of A Christmas Story on TBS and TNT led to a rediscovery of Jean Shepherd's other work..."

"... and even to a revival of the radio arts, but given that people have so many other things to occupy themselves nowadays, that it's unlikely."  Said Lurker21, in the comments to the Christmas Café. I've never seen "A Christmas Story," though I am one of Jean Shepherd's biggest fans. For years, in the 1960s, I used to get in bed in time to hear the "Call to Post" — which, today, sounds like something about blogging — on my radio tuned to WOR. And then...   Listening to those Jean...
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"Now Ann has baited me into promiscuously spiking my anxiety stew with carnalized onions..."

Ha ha ha. My favorite kind of comment — taking an ingredient from an old post and adding it to the material in the post under discussion. It's fusion commenting, like fusion cooking... and the metaphor in the comment is cooking. And I love that I've got a tag for "onions," though I see various posts with onions that did not get the tag, including posts with the tag "onion rings," onion rings being a special, niche topic here on the blog. Remember these carnalized onion rings? And of course, t...
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Blogging and serendipity.

It's my favorite thing about blogging, and today's occurrence was just about exactly perfect. Following my normal approach to blogging, I found a NYT piece about Dolly Parton and wrote about her interest in the children's book "The Little Engine That Could." I said: "It's the book she wants all kids to read. I can't imagine a left-leaning person saying that." 3 posts later, I was writing about the deceased ex-CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, whose friend declared that he was like The Giving Tree. I di...
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"Althouse captures the exact moment the light pierces the center of the dome — the sign ushering in the season of Brumalia?"

Said Ingachuck'stoothlessARM in the comments to last night's open thread, which had my photograph of a view across Lake Mendota that showed the Wisconsin state capitol building at daybreak.  There's a moment at this time of year when the sun aligns with windows on either side of the dome and it looks, from the distance, as if there's a blazing fire inside. It's just a tiny dot in the photograph, and I was glad to see it noticed.  The commenter cites Brumalia: Brumalia (Latin: Brumalia [bruː...
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"'What happens to us while we are making other plans,' per Allen Saunders" — what?!

So... that's from today's mini crossword in the NYT, and I and — I guess — a million mini-puzzlers are saying who the hell is Allen Saunders and how have I gone so long attributing this witticism to John Lennon?   Wikipedia says:  Allen Saunders (April 24, 1899 – January 28, 1986)[2] was an American writer, journalist and cartoonist who wrote the comic strips Steve Roper and Mike Nomad, Mary Worth and Kerry Drake.  He is credited with being the originator of the saying, "Life is ...
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Why I'm reading about a shooting that took place in 2007 over the question of exactly how tall was James Brown.

1. In the first post of the morning, I asserted: "Some of the best videos have been made like that, with the singer randomly walking along someplace mouthing the lyrics and interacting with this and that." Instead of naming any actual video, I just wrote, in parentheses and italics, as if that helps, "(Yeah? Which ones?!)"  2. That loose thread nagged at me for 3 hours — from about 4:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. — and I tried to call to mind a great video that fit the description. I came up with "Bras...
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The Simple Practice: Blogging For Your Law Practice

Blogging should be done but isn’t really necessary if you have other marketing strategies.
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"A fellow ain't got a soul of his own, just a little piece of a big soul, the one big soul that belongs to everyone."

  That's the bit from "Grapes of Wrath" that I wasn't able to recite off the top of my head as I was recording my podcast yesterday and got to the item about the historian Jon Meacham, who'd helped write Joe Biden's victory speech.  Meacham has a book titled "The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels" and Biden's speech expressed a desire "to rebuild the soul of America."  Here's the post I was reading in the podcast, and here's the podcast. At 21:40, I begin speaking extemporan...
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Pesky blog problem.

Blogger forced me to accept the new Blogger. Last May, I was getting the message "The legacy interface will still be optionally available" and I kept opting for old Blogger, but now that's been taken away. I'm trying to adapt to it, but it has one terrible problem. When I try to add tags, it no longer makes suggestions as I start to type. Not only do I have to type every letter, I have to remember what tags I already have and in what form. Some names are only the last name, others are first and ...
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I've discontinued Google AdSense ads.

 Email received today from Google was the last straw for me: In the last 24 hours:  New violations were detected. As a result, ad serving has been restricted or disabled on pages where these violations of the AdSense Program Policies were found. To resolve the issues, you can either remove the violating content and request a review, or remove the ad code from the violating pages.  4 pages were reviewed at your request and found to be non-compliant with our policies at the time of the review...
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"Wow. Not a word about Dilbert. I thought I could return to Althouse for the straight skinny on the bizarre Scott Adams meltdown. Guess there’s a lid on Dilbert."

Wrote jacksonjay, in last night's Sunrise Café.It's more work to pick up an issue that is presented in audio. Am I supposed to transcribe and explain? It's not like blogging the written word, where I can cut and paste and edit down to what's important. When people speak in podcasts, they expand and repeat themselves, so even if I were willing to transcribe, I wouldn't get the kind of text I can get from the written word. So there's a big disincentive to blog.As for this recent thing — which I ta...
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"New violations were detected. As a result, ad serving has been restricted or disabled on pages where these violations of the AdSense Program Policies were found."

"To resolve the issues, you can either remove the violating content and request a review, or remove the ad code from the violating pages." Email from Google policing this blog and punishing me with the withholding of ads. I get this sort of thing regularly. Here are some blog posts on which Google has recently claimed to "detect" violations of :1. "The whiteness" — Larry Tribe observed that the audience for Pete Buttigieg is "overwhelmingly white."2. "And I do think — the Democrats, I think, ha...
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"After years of accidents stemming from gender-reveal parties, the woman who is widely credited with starting the trend has a new message for excited parents-to-be: 'Stop it.'"

"'Stop having these stupid parties,' blogger Jenna Myers Karvunidis said in a Facebook post on Monday after learning about the El Dorado Fire. 'For the love of God, stop burning things down.' Karvunidis popularized the gender-reveal party when she threw one to announce her oldest daughter’s sex in 2008. She and her husband cut into a cake filled with pink frosting, and she wrote about the family event on her blog High Gloss and Sauce. But the increasingly dramatic, and often dangerous, events th...
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"I believe in free speech but more so in good editing. This piece is unintelligible."

The top-rated comment at an article that I was going to blog, tried to blog, but gave up on blogging... until I saw that the way to blog it was to blog that comment: "The 'cancel culture' debate gets the fight for free speech entirely wrong" by Eve Fairbanks (WaPo). Here's a quote from the article that I'd picked out, then gave up on: "A robust defense of free speech sounds impossible to dislike. But if you interrogate it, you somehow end up proving the absolutists’ point: that they cannot voice...
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Twitter closes Graham Linehan account after trans comment

Account of Father Ted creator permanently suspended over ‘hateful conduct rules breach’The Father Ted creator Graham Linehan has been permanently suspended from Twitter for breaching the site’s rules on banned words.Twitter said the account, which uses the handle @glinner, had been suspended after “repeated violations of our rules against hateful conduct and platform manipulation”. Continue reading...
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"The box of live cockroaches delivered to their door was the last straw for David and Ina Steiner. For more than two decades..."

"... the professional collectors ran a niche e-commerce blog out of their home in the Boston suburbs, with a focus on Inc. and eBay Inc. Then, last August, the couple started receiving threatening emails and tweets. Not long after, according to federal investigators, a package arrived with a mask of a bloody pig’s head. Next, they received a funeral wreath. Neighbors were sent pornographic videos addressed to one of the Steiners. Strange cars seemed to follow them around... [T]he loca...
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"Is it me, or do we seem to have a problem with sculpture today? I don’t mean contemporary sculpture..."

"... whose fashionable stars (see Koons, Murakami et alia) pander to our appetite for spectacle and whatever’s new. I don’t mean ancient or even non-Western sculpture, either. I mean traditional European sculpture — celebrities like Bernini and Rodin aside — and American sculpture, too: the enormous universe of stuff we come across in churches and parks, at memorials and in museums like the Bode. The stuff Barnett Newman, the Abstract Expressionist painter, notoriously derided as objects we bump...
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"Scroll casually through your platform of choice and you’ll see kids. Kids protesting on Pinterest; kids posing on Instagram..."

"... kids socially distanced proms and graduations on Facebook. Kids of people you know I.R.L. and kids of people you don’t. Kids who most likely haven’t given their permission for you and me to see them or who have simply accepted this exposure as part of modern life. Every time we post a picture, we’re telling a story, crafting the myth of our own life. Images of our children become part of that mythology. A shot of kids frolicking on the beach or posing at Disney World tells a story about pro...
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Blogger is talking like a robot.

Here's a message that's been appearing lately on the pages I'm seeing as I work on Blogger:In late June, the new Blogger interface will become the default for all users. The legacy interface will still be optionally available. We recommend trying the new interface by clicking “Try the New Blogger” in the left-hand navigation. Please file any critical issues encountered.Please file any critical issues encountered? Is that any way to talk to a human being? It sounds like they're saying if you don'...
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Remember when we all laughed at Mitt Romney for blowing out the candles on his birthday cake...

... by pulling them out of the cake — one by one — and blowing on them individually? He was mocked as some sort of germophobic freak.But look at the video now, and you'll think it's not enough — he needs to turn away from the cake and blow in the opposite direction or the entire tradition of candles on a birthday cake is over.That was a bit over a year ago. I noticed it just now because I'd gone into my "birthday" tag because — in last night's café — the first commenter, Andrew, asked me, "Did y...
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At the Star-of-Bethlehem Café...

You can talk all night... with the social distancing of moderation. Don't expect the back-and-forth. Maybe something contemplative and solitary.....The Star-of-Bethlehem is the Ornithogalum umbellatum. Above, you see its midday openness, but it looks like this at dawn: All closed up. But the Café is open, in its way. And please do remember to use the Althouse Portal to Amazon. The "portal" link is always there in the sidebar. So is the Paypal button, which lets you make a one-time donation to...
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"Should Your Blog Be on Medium, WordPress, Substack, or Ghost?/A realistic comparison of 2020's top blogging platforms."

This is a question I have — right now, quite pressing — and the piece is on Medium, but okay.... it's on topic. I've been looking at WordPress. I've even signed up and paid, but I have the right to back out. I noticed — writing the last post — that Matt Taibbi is on Substack, and I looked at that site and it immediately popped out as much cleaner and more user-friendly than WordPress, so I'm eager to read this.The author of this piece, Sah Kilic, doesn't present Medium as something that would wo...
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At the Sunrise Café...

... you can talk about whatever you want... including our new plan for this blog, revealed in the comments to last night's café, here, and already bringing some encouragement.The sunrise was photographed at 5:34. The "actual" sunrise time was 5:32. I was at my vantage point at 5:33, but the sun had not crossed the line into my view yet. I can assure you that 5:34 was the earliest glimpse of the famous fiery orb. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"To better understand Locals, think of it as an intersection of Patreon, YouTube, and social media, or as Rubin calls it, 'digital homes for creators.'"

"To participate, content creators with some established following buy into Locals, which works with them to develop a website or app — depending upon needs and objectives — allowing each creator to operate their own personal website and community of followers and crowd-funders. Each creator determines his own rules of conduct for his community and monetary threshold for access. For instance, Rubin’s rules for his site are essentially don’t do anything illegal and don’t be a trolling jerk, and hi...
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"Mx. Baggs was concerned that autism awareness had become a trendy catchphrase..."

"... 'whether it’s parent groups who throw the word "autism acceptance" around to sound current but don’t actually accept the slightest thing about their autistic children, or whether it’s autistic people who’ve fallen in love with the words and forgotten the meaning.' There were blog posts about hir father’s death, hir cats and the 'snake words' used in the disabilities-services industry that sounded helpful to clients but, Mx. Baggs said, were actually harmful. ('Apologies to actual snakes,' o...
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