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We Have An Amal Clooney Story — See Also

HERE'S SOMETHING TANGENTIALLY RELATED TO AMAL CLOONEY: Everybody is going to read it. IT'S RUTH BADER GINSBURG'S BIRTHDAY: Let's plank. IT'S RUTH BADER GINSBURG'S BIRTHDAY AND PEOPLE ARE AWFUL: She's the target of anti-Semitism, again. LAWSUIT WITH THE BEST CHANCE OF LANDING TRUMP IN A DEPOSITION: The Summer Zervos defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump is still a go. WHY IS THE COLLEGE BRIBERY SCANDAL BEING HANDLED BY BOSTON? The guy who flipped to expose the scam is not wicked smart.
Tags: Law, Boston, Donald Trump, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Clooney, Zervos, See Also, Amal Clooney Story

Cannabis Partner [Sponsored]

Sought by an Am law 200 law firm headquartered in Boston, MA.
Tags: Asia, Law, Boston, Job, Sponsored Content, Job Posting, Kinney Recruiting, Asia Chronicles

Boston Tech Watch: .406, Circle, Haven, Shift, LinkSquares & More

The Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan-led healthcare moonshot has a name. The venture capital dollars continued to roll in for A.I. startups. The Akamai-Janrain deal was pegged at $125 million. And a local VC firm is reloading for a new fund. Read on for more of this week’s Boston technology and innovation news.—Shift Technology, a fraud detection technology startup serving the insurance industry, raised $60 million in a new Series C funding round led by Bessemer Venture Partners. Previo...
Tags: Amazon, Startups, Boston, Trends, Insurance, Tech, Cybersecurity, Fraud, Mit, Harvard, Unemployment, Paris, Fundraising, Cambridge, Deal, Carbonite

Name in the news: Haven

A nonprofit company founded in January 2018 by three billionaire business titans – Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), and Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan Chase) – and headed by a non-billionaire-but-not-doing-badly-at-all celebrity doctor, Atul Gawande, yesterday announced its name: Haven. Connecting the dots?   Haven is being called a healthcare venture, but it’s not a care provider. It’s neither a hospital nor a clinic. Nor is it an insurance company. For now, it will be...
Tags: UK, New York, Medicine, Boston, Insurance, Linguistics, Nashville, Copenhagen, Atul Gawande, Los Angeles County California, Gawande, Naming, Nancy Friedman, København, Slogans and Taglines, Names in the News

Environment roundup

“Everything would be all renewable all the time if we could just pass the right laws.” The wishful underpinnings of the Green New Deal [Cato Daily Podcast with Caleb Brown and Regulation Magazine editor Peter Van Doren] “The U.S. rail system is optimized for freight, vs. European and Japanese systems that are optimized for passengers (it is hard to do both well with the same network). The U.S. situation is actually better, much better, for energy conservation.” [Coyote] Federalist Society d...
Tags: Law, Climate Change, Washington, Boston, Environment, Uncategorized, Canada, Disasters, Recycling, Dc, Public Nuisance, Railroads, CALEB BROWN, Eminent Domain, Colleges and Universities, Washington D.c

Parking and Access: Unregistered Cars Parked in Driveway in Boston

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Massachusetts I currently have tenants that have 2 unregistered cars parked in the driveway of my deceased mothers home. These tenants have historically been late with paying the rent. The home is in my name and is currently in probate. What recourse to I have to make the tenants remove their vehicles? I will be evicting them hopefully within the next 6 months and I want to do it legally.
Tags: Law, Boston, Massachusetts, Landlord-Tenant Law

John Childs Charged With Allegedly Taking His Love Of Leverage Way Too Far

Another Boston bIllionaire busted in Florida prostitution sting.
Tags: Florida, Law, Finance, Boston, John Childs

Sustaining Balance

Lt. Gen. Robert D. McMurry, Jr. is the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center commander at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The organization is the single center responsible for total life cycle management covering all aircraft, engines, munitions and electronic systems. jQuery(document).ready(function($){ // If multiple elements are selected, it will use the first element. var player = new Vimeo.Player($('#a...
Tags: Boston, Military, Delta, Air Force, Einstein, Amara, U S Air Force, McMurray, Kessel, James Richardson, Kessel Run, McMurry, CBM, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Materiel Command, United States Department of Defense

Former Insys Execs In Alleged Opioid Conspiracy Start Criminal Trial In Boston

The trial - of Insys founder John Kapoor and four other defendants - had been scheduled to start Monday morning.
Tags: Law, Drugs, Boston, White-Collar Crime, Health Care / Medicine, John Kapoor

Man who clung to the hood of a car as it drove for miles up to 70 mph says, "He kept going fast, slow, fast, slow, to get me to slide off."

Video at NBC News, where you can see the man looking straight into the window at the driver and yelling, "Stop the car, stop the car."Police told NBC Boston that Richard Kamrowski, 65, jumped onto the hood of a white Infiniti SUV that belonged to Mark Fitzgerald, 37, after a verbal altercation over a minor traffic accident on Interstate 90 about 20 miles west of Boston.Fitzgerald apparently had enough of the two men’s confrontation at some point after their collision and attempted to drive away,...
Tags: Crime, Guns, Law, Boston, Nbc News, Driving, Survival, Fitzgerald, Mark Fitzgerald, Ann Althouse, Kamrowski, NBC Boston, Richard Kamrowski

Morning Docket: 01.16.19

* Neil Gorsuch wrote an opinion in favor of labor rights and against mandatory arbitration. Yes, that Neil Gorsuch. [Slate] * The Trump Administration takes an L: S.D.N.Y. judge rules they can't ask citizenship questions in the census. [New York Law Journal] * Federal courts are now intending to squeak by on funding through January 25th. This is the second extension the Office of Court Administration has been able to muster due to aggressive cost cutting. [National Law Journal] * Kirsten Gill...
Tags: New York, Law, Boston, Npr, Kirsten Gillibrand, Courthouse News Service, Susan Berman, Robert Durst, Beantown, National Law Journal, Davis Polk, American Lawyer, New York Law Journal, Morning Docket, Office of Court Administration, Trump Administration

Beto bitter over El Paso police-union fight: Here's why that's okay

Grits must admit, I thought a bit more highly of Beto O'Rourke after reading this feature from The Intercept detailing his fraught relationship with the police union in El Paso when he was on the City Council.Police unions have increasingly found themselves in conflict with progressive Democrats in cities across the country, and are notorious for defending even the worst officers on the force against charges of assault or murder. Chris Evans, O’Rourke’s spokesperson, said that when he relayed Th...
Tags: Texas, Law, Senate, Boston, Austin, Wisconsin, Scott Walker, Council, AFL, Sierra Club, BETO, El Paso, Chris Perkins, Ron, Rourke, Moore

Admire The Confidence Of Biglaw — See Also

The Legal Industry Feels Good: Whaddya expect from a bunch of lawyers. Boston Bound: Firm opens up Boston office and steals 13 partners as part of their staff up. The Fifth Amendment: The latest in anti-wall hotness.  Online Education Finally Makes It To Law Schools: And they've got the LSAT scores to prove it. What Kind Of An Excuse Is Chemo? Apparently not a good enough one according to this judge.
Tags: Law, Boston, See Also, Boston Bound

What does it mean for jobs to be "substantially equal" under the Equal Pay Act?

The Equal Pay Act requires that an employer pay its male and female employees equal pay for equal work. The jobs need not be identical, but they must be substantially equal. Substantial equality is measured by job content, not job titles. The Act is a strict liability law, which means that intent does not matter. If a women is paid less than male for substantially similar work, then the law has been violated, regardless of the employer's intent. This strict liability, however, does no...
Tags: Law, Boston, Epa, EEOC, Rowe, Jon Hyman, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Boston Symphony Chamber Players

Morning Docket: 01.04.19

* That was quick! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she'd wait until the Mueller report came out to talk about the possibility of impeaching the president, but one of her colleagues is planning to re-introduce articles of impeachment against Trump on the first day of the new Congress. [CNN] * The Senate Judiciary Committee has set a confirmation hearing for William Barr, the nominee for U.S. attorney general, on January 15, and he'll get the "same fair and thorough vetting process" as all of his ...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Congress, Attorney General, Boston, America, House, Nancy Pelosi, Department Of Justice, Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump, Doj, Ageism, Brad Sherman, Trump, Senate Judiciary Committee

Noting the notable "new crop of reform-minded prosecutors"

Though I do not expect a new wave of progressive prosecutors to radically change American criminal justice system, I do hope they can and will be important contributor to whole new conceptions of how to approach crime and punishment in the USA.  This new AP piece talks about some of the notable new folks taking office this year, and here are excerpts: To get elected as a district attorney, sounding tough on crime used to be the most effective campaign strategy. But in recent years, district att...
Tags: Usa, Law, Boston, Massachusetts, Ap, Philadelphia, Commonwealth, Miles, Suffolk County, Richmond Virginia, Rollins, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Kevin Carroll, LANG, Krasner, Chesterfield County

More than 40 months after death sentencing, lawyers for Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev file their 1000+-page appellate brief with First Circuit

As reported in this local article, headlined "Lawyers: Tsarnaev ‘should not have been tried in Boston’," a very long appellate brief has been filed in a very high-profile federal capital case.  A federal jury handed down Dzhokhar Tsarnaev death sentence way back in May 2015, a full month before Donald Trump had even announced he was running for President.  But now, as Prez Trump heads into the second half of his term, Tsarnaev's team of lawyers has fully briefed his complaints about his trial an...
Tags: Facebook, Law, Boston, Boston Marathon, Donald Trump, Appeals Court, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Copley Square, First Circuit, Boston University, Medford, District Court, U S Court of Appeals, Tsarnaev, Boylston Street, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Kevin Spacey puts out a strange video.

He's defending himself somehow, in a puzzling way. The title "Let Me Be Frank" refers to his "House of Cards" character who is named Frank. I didn't watch that show, but I assume he's adopting the persona. The lines, as I heard them, are challenging us to give him a fair process and indicating that he intends to rise from what has been social death.Here's an article about it in Vox, giving some important context:News broke on December 24, 2018, that the two-time Oscar winner would be arraigned o...
Tags: Law, Boston, House, House Of Cards, Viral Video, Kevin Spacey, Vox, Frank Underwood, Claire, Underwood, Spacey, Ann Althouse, Nantucket District Court, Heather Unruh Allegedly Spacey

ICWA, child placement, and ICPC

I’ve got a new piece at Ricochet on the problems with the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, which a federal judge struck down as unconstitutional in October in a ruling (Brackeen v. Zinke) likely to be appealed. Excerpt: One effect is to give tribal governments dangerous power over persons who never willingly submitted to their authority, including persons who have never set foot in Indian country. A couple briefly connect at a bar in Boston or Brooklyn or Baltimore one night and a child is bor...
Tags: Law, Boston, Uncategorized, Brooklyn, New Hampshire, Child protection, Npr, Baltimore, Zinke, ICWA, Skyler, WO writings, Indian tribes, Wade Goodwyn, Brackeen, ICPC

SCOTUS for law students: President George H.W. Bush’s Supreme Court legacy

Shortly before his death in 1826, President John Adams was quoted as saying, “My gift of John Marshall to the people of the United States was the proudest act of my life.” Adams was one of the earliest exponents of the view that nominations to the Supreme Court form a very important part of any president’s legacy. Consider the legacy of President George H.W. Bush. Although he served only one four-year-term in the Oval Office, Bush, who died on November 30, had a profound impact on the Supreme Co...
Tags: Featured, Supreme Court, Law, Congress, Washington, Senate, White House, Boston, United States, Ronald Reagan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Associated Press, Department Of Justice, John Adams, Donald Trump

SoftBank Vision Fund Pours $500M Into Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Last month, Xconomy asked tech CEOs what $100 million in venture capital can buy. How about $500 million?Cambridge Mobile Telematics said Wednesday morning it has pulled in half a billion dollars in an investment from—you guessed it—the SoftBank Vision Fund. That’s Japan-based SoftBank Group’s reportedly $100 billion fund that has made waves in the venture capital world by cutting massive checks to companies across a variety of sectors.Now, the fund has thrown its weight behind Cambridge Mobile...
Tags: Mobile, Apps, Internet Of Things, Japan, Boston, Connected Devices, Trends, Insurance, Tech, Mit, Vc, Software, Driving, Mobility, Iot, Fintech

Boston’s miracle: how free nappies and a little mentoring are curbing crime

The dramatic success of an initiative designed to forestall violence in US cities is gaining worldwide attentionStacy Spell is trying to save lives. The 20-odd youngsters ranged in a semicircle in front of him are healthy enough. But most are on a path towards early death.“If any one of you drops a body, your whole group will be targeted,” Spell booms, pacing the room like a public defender in a courtroom. “Even if you weren’t there, we will come after you.” Continue reading...
Tags: Crime, Boston, US, Communities, Society, UK News, World news, US news, Cities, Young People, US crime, Gangs

Boston Tech Watch: Gradifi, Numerated, Jibo, Corvus, Botkeeper

A wave of cash for finance and insurance tech startups, a robotic assistant goes dark, and a medical transportation startup’s move across the Bay State make up the latest in Boston technology news. Read on for details.—The former head of PayPal’s (NASDAQ: PYPL) Boston office, David Chang, has been named CEO of Gradifi, a Boston-based employee benefits startup offering student loan refinancing and college savings plans. Gradifi was bought by First Republic Bank (NYSE: FRC) two years ago for $32 ...
Tags: Deals, Startups, Balderton Capital, Technology, College, Boston, Trends, Insurance, Paypal, Vc, Ford, Gm, Venture Capital, Fiat, SEC, Toyota

More online sales tax collection this holiday shopping season, but few expect it to dampen cyber sales

The post-Thanksgiving shopping ad inserts, stacked at left, consumed more newsprint than my local newspaper in which they were stuffed! Welcome to the first holiday shopping season after the U.S. Supreme Court's Wayfair decision. That ruling last June OK'ed states' efforts to collect sales tax from companies even if they don't have a physical presence, aka nexus, in the locales. Some states were champing at the bit and quickly enacted or tweaked laws mandating at least some sellers, gener...
Tags: Amazon, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Business, Taxes, Supreme Court, Law, Congress, Boston, Online Shopping, Web/Tech, South Dakota, Sales Tax, Nexus, Jeff Bezos, Nrf

Texas voters think justice system rigged for the wealthy, NY Times reporting repeats forensics fail, pay to play in Harris County juvie appointments?, and other stories

Here are a few browser clearing odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention: State should end practice of letting untrained guards work in jails Untrained jailers legally working on probation status at the privately managed Parker County Jail  were involved in the violent death of an inmate. Excellent story, go read it. The Texas Legislature should close the loophole allowing jailers to work in county jails before they've received training. They should have to fulfill training requirements...
Tags: Texas, Law, Washington Post, Boston, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York Times, Philadelphia, Association, State, Ny Times, Houston Chronicle, HARRIS, Harris County, Texas Legislature, Gritsforbreakfast

Law and Entrepreneurship Association - Call for Papers

The 13th annual meeting of the Law and Entrepreneurship Association (LEA) will be held on April 5, 2019 at Boston College Law School. The LEA is a group of legal scholars interested in the topic of entrepreneurship—broadly construed. Scholars include those who write about corporate law and finance, securities, intellectual property, labor and employment law, tax, and other fields related to entrepreneurship and innovation policy. Our annual meeting is an intimate gathering where each participan...
Tags: Law, Boston, Lea, Gordon Smith, Newton Massachusetts, Boston Logan Airport, Boston College Law School, Entrepreneurship Association LEA, Renee Jones

Advice from Whitey Bulger

From notorious Boston mobster Whitey Bulger, slain in prison earlier this month, some career advice for students: “If You Want To Make Crime Pay, Go To Law School” [Paul Caron/TaxProf] Tags: Boston, crime and punishment, law schools, lawyers
Tags: Law, Boston, Uncategorized, Lawyers, Law Schools, Whitey Bulger, Crime And Punishment, Paul Caron TaxProf

LawNext Episode 18: Adam Ziegler on How Harvard Put 360 Years of Caselaw Online

The recently launched Caselaw Access Project is the capstone to a massive undertaking executed over three years to digitize all U.S. case law, some 6.4 million cases dating back to 1658. Leading the project was Adam Ziegler, director of the Library Innovation Lab at Harvard Law School, which partnered with Ravel Law to digitize the school’s entire library of U.S. cases. In this episode of LawNext, Ziegler joins me as my guest to describe the project and its significance for legal researchers....
Tags: Facebook, Law, Washington, Boston, Harvard University, Harvard Law School, Ravel Law, Suffolk University Law School, Bob Ambrogi, Adam Ziegler, Library Innovation Lab, Berkman Klein Center for Internet Society, LawNext, LawNext Ziegler, Library Innovation Lab Ziegler

LinkedIn is becoming more like Facebook – and that’s good

LinkedIn is becoming much more like Facebook – and that’s a good thing for lawyers looking to build relationships and a reputation. Facebook has always been a place to share professional and personal items, stay abreast of news and information and to engage each other through likes and comments as well as messages through Facebook Messenger. The Facebook algorithms work overtime to put in front of you the posts and people you want to see. This results in networking on steroids both on Faceboo...
Tags: Facebook, Law, Boston, Linkedin, Facebook Messenger The Facebook, Niki Black of MyCase

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