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Global Covid vaccine rollout threatened by shortage of vital components

Pharmaceutical firms warn of delays to items such as the large bags in which vaccine cells are grownCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageVaccine-makers around the world face shortages of vital components including large plastic growbags, according to the head of the firm that is manufacturing a quarter of the UK’s jab supply.Stan Erck, the chief executive of Novavax – which makes the second vaccine to be grown and bottled entirely in Britain – told the Observer that the sh...
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‘A small, sanitised existence’: what effect will the pandemic have on today’s babies?

When my first child was born, there were parties, flights, bus trips, visitors. My second son arrived into a very different worldMy son, 0, doesn’t know any different. One of around 600,000 babies born in Britain in the plague year of 2020, he has spent all eight months of his life (and most of his gestation) in a world defined by distance and disease.His circle is small. He doesn’t get out much. When he does, the faces that peer in at his pushchair are concealed by masks. A baby is usually a ma...
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UK Covid cases could rise again despite vaccine progress – WHO official

Exclusive: Dr Catherine Smallwood says there is potential for surge unconnected to increases in EuropeThe success of Britain’s vaccine programme is not enough to protect it from another wave of coronavirus unconnected to rising cases in Europe, a senior World Health Organization expert has said.Dr Catherine Smallwood, a senior emergency officer at WHO Europe, also said confidence in vaccines may have dipped after changes to the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab rollout, with under-30s to be offered alterna...
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Back in business - how Israel beat Covid: inside the 9 April Guardian Weekly

This week: Behind Israel’s vaccination success story. Plus, Myanmar’s mass exodus, and Britain’s contentious race report.Get the magazine delivered to your doorThe northern hemisphere spring is well on the way: will it bring renewed grounds for optimism as the world wrestles with the Covid pandemic? Many nations still face difficult weeks ahead as cases surge and vaccination rates are slow. But in others, normality is returning fast as infection rates fall to negligible levels.This week’s Guardi...
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Dozens of aristocrats claim under UK furlough scheme

Dukes, earls and marquesses, some of them owners of inherited estates, have drawn on public fundsDozens of members of Britain’s land-owning aristocracy have claimed under the taxpayer-funded furlough scheme to pay staff at their ancestral estates and personal businesses.Analysis of publicly available data reveals the names of at least 50 nobles, including dukes, earls, viscounts, barons and marquesses, who have drawn on public funds. Continue reading...
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A year of Covid crisis: a glimmer of economic hope at the end of the tunnel

Twelve months after the pandemic struck the Guardian’s economic tracker reveals real risk of lasting damageUK economy poised to recover after Covid-19 second waveAndy Haldane: only a skills plan can protect against falloutWhen Boris Johnson announced the first stay-at-home order, effectively shutting down whole sections of the economy, it was hoped the tide could be turned within 12 weeks. As many months later, lockdown measures are being relaxed for a third time and Britain still faces a length...
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Two suspended after 'lockdown breach' by east Midlands hunt

Masters of Foxhounds Association launches inquiry as police examine activities of Quorn Hunt membersOne of Britain’s most prestigious hunts has suspended two managers over an apparent breach of national lockdown regulations after taking to fields as part of a 70th birthday “surprise”.Police are also examining the circumstances in which figures from the Quorn Hunt in Leicestershire engaged in an event organised for the birthday of Joss Hanbury, its senior hunt master. Continue reading...
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Boris Johnson warns EU not to ban Covid vaccine exports to UK

PM says Europe would be the loser if it were to impose a blockade in the latest salvo in row over suppliesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBoris Johnson has told the EU that Europe would be the loser if it imposes a Covid vaccine blockade on Britain, as Brussels empowered officials to prohibit shipments to countries with a better record in vaccinating their population.The UK had been singled out by EU officials for failing to export any doses to the the bloc as the Eur...
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UK army, navy and RAF all to be cut back, defence review confirms

Cuts come despite pledge by Boris Johnson during election campaign not to cut armed services ‘in any form’Britain’s army, navy and air force will all be cut back over this parliament, despite promises made by Boris Johnson during the election campaign “not to be cutting the armed services in any form”.A five-year defence review, published on Monday afternoon, confirms that the army target size will be cut by 9,500 to 72,500 by 2025, its lowest level since 1714, and the number of navy frigates an...
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Monday’s Mix

Each Monday we present brief excerpts of recent posts from five of Canada’s award­-winning legal blogs chosen at random* from more than 80 recent Clawbie winners. In this way we hope to promote their work, with their permission, to as wide an audience as possible. This week the randomly selected blogs are 1. Hull & Hull Blog 2. Library Boy 3. RT Blog 4. Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog 5. Employment & Human Rights Law in Canada Hull & Hull Blog Zoom Court: Best Practices The Federal Court o...
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Vaccine wars: the week that rocked the UK’s Covid jab rollout

After a week of bans, U-turns and warnings of supply shortfalls, public confidence in vaccination has been dented. Can Britain get back on the fast track out of lockdown? Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFor Stacey Harris, the hardest part of organising vaccinations over the last couple of months has been fending off patients. “They’d be ringing up, coming into the surgery saying ‘I want my vaccine,’” she told the Observer.But last week that popularity evaporated. On T...
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Less than half of Britons expected to tick ‘Christian’ in UK census

Snapshot of Britain will see many reject church as immoral or irrelevant, academics predictThe “post-Christian era” in the UK will be cemented by data emerging from Sunday’s census which is expected to show further generational disengagement from organised religion, according to a leading academic.The once-a-decade snapshot of the country has included a voluntary question about religion since 2001. In 2011, returns across England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland showed 59.3% ticking Chr...
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Dominic Raab 'totally misunderstands' Northern Ireland Brexit terms, warns EU

European vice-president Maroš Šefčovič says claim about Brussels trying to erect barrier down Irish Sea undermines UK’s reputationBritain’s foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has been accused by Brussels of displaying a “total misunderstanding” of the Brexit deal after claiming the EU was trying to erect a barrier between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.Maroš Šefčovič, the European commission’s vice-president, said Raab’s comments raised major questions, and warned that Britain was tarnishing i...
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China may need Britain more than it cares to admit | Jeevan Vasagar

The value of British cultural capital in China makes the souring of relations all the more painfulWhen it is fully open later this year, the Londoner Macao hotel will be a kitsch recreation of tourist Britain, with a facade modelled on the Houses of Parliament, actors in bearskin hats performing the changing of the guard, and an English fried breakfast served at a restaurant called Churchill’s Table.The new casino resort in China is one of the more tacky examples of the country’s fondness for Br...
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The Guardian view on defence and foreign policy: an old-fashioned look at the future | Editorial

A reconsideration of Britain’s place in the world is necessary. But this paper fails to meet the challenges of the 21st century The integrated review offers a nostalgic – at times, even anachronistic – response to the challenges of the 21st century. Its intent is laudable: acknowledging that attempting to defend the status quo is not enough, and seeking to carve out a path ahead. It recognises the multiple threats that the UK faces – from future pandemics to cyber-attacks – and the need for seri...
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Claude James obituary

My friend and colleague Claude James, who has died aged 90, was the first black person to be elected to a railway trade union executive committee and the first black manager of Euston station. He fought for fairness and and against racism in the UK.The eldest of six, Claude was born in Guyana to Gladys and Cyril, and lived in Kitty village. His grandmother was influential in his early life, taking him to meetings to discuss current affairs. He enjoyed his time at Britain high school in Queenstow...
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UK defence policy review lacks clarity on China and Indo-Pacific

Analysis: focus shifts away from cooperation with the EU but fails to balance far east investment and security issuesProf John Bew, the historian appointed by Boris Johnson to write the foreign and defence security review, has privately insisted the document should not be seen as an apology for Brexit or a turning away from Europe, the charge sometimes levelled by pro-EU critics such as the former national security adviser Lord Ricketts and Sir Simon Fraser, the former foreign office permanent s...
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Cap on Trident nuclear warhead stockpile to rise by more than 40%

Exclusive: Boris Johnson announcement on Tuesday will end 30 years of gradual disarmament Britain is lifting the cap on the number of Trident nuclear warheads it can stockpile by more than 40%, Boris Johnson will announce on Tuesday, ending 30 years of gradual disarmament since the collapse of the Soviet Union.The increased limit, from 180 to 260 warheads, is contained in a leaked copy of the integrated review of defence and foreign policy, seen by the Guardian. It paves the way for a controvers...
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Brigadier Furdoon “Duck” Mehta: Obituary

Brigadier Furdoon “Duck” Mehta, the Royal Indian Artillery officer who survived a bullet passing through his cap and later became military attache in Washington, has passed away on his 101st birthday on March3. Cut to March 1944: flying a single-seater Auster over the Bm1nese jungle while direct­ing artillery fire, Captain “Duck” Mehta always had to dodge the flak and the bullets. Having taken off before dawn one morning to locate Japanese gm1 positions in the Shan Hills, and seeing nothing, he ...
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Why Britain is tilting to the Indo-Pacific region

Critics warn of imperial fantasy but the economic and political forces pulling the UK back to the region are realSome will call it a tilt, others a rebalancing and yet others a pivot but, either way, the new big idea due to emerge from the government’s foreign and defence policy review on Tuesday will be the importance of the Indo-Pacific region – a British return east of Suez more than 50 years after the then defence secretary Denis Healey announced the UK’s cash-strapped retreat in 1968.Boris ...
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Johnson plans to use defence overhaul to strengthen UK union

Major strategic review will increase defence manufacturing and create jobs in all four nationsBoris Johnson’s long-awaited overhaul of Britain’s defence strategy will be published on Monday, when the prime minister will sell it domestically as a boost to the economy and the union between the UK’s four nations. The Integrated Review, commissioned over a year ago, will promise to “strengthening the UK’s core industrial base” and outline plans to expand manufacturing and create jobs outside London....
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‘Imperially nostalgic racists’ target Empireland author with hate mail

Sathnam Sanghera speaks out against ‘vicious’ abuse he is receiving over his bestselling book: ‘Empire has been weaponised by the right wing, ever since Black Lives Matter’Sathnam Sanghera’s Empireland, a journey through Britain’s imperial past, has been a bestseller since it was pubished last month, acclaimed by critics as “unflinching … moving and stimulating” (the Guardian), and “excellent” and “balanced” (the Sunday Times). And yet, from the British public the author has received handwritten...
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£1bn to ‘level up’ towns … but Tories already cut £2.4bn

Slashed budgets since 2010 outweigh the help announced for 45 local authoritiesIt was supposed to redraw the economic map of Britain. But funding announced by Rishi Sunak last week for 45 struggling towns across England is worth less than half the amount cut from their local budgets under the Conservatives, according to an Observer analysis.Using the budget to restart the government’s levelling-up agenda after dealing with the Covid pandemic, the chancellor announced £1bn of funding from the fla...
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Daughter calls for Kent man to be recognised as UK's first Covid victim

Peter Attwood died in hospital on 30 January last year, weeks before first UK Covid death was declaredThe daughter of a man who died of Covid in Kent before the virus had been detected in the UK has called for her father to be officially acknowledged as Britain’s first victim of the pandemic.Peter Attwood, 84, a retired company secretary from Chatham, died on 30 January last year at Medway hospital. A postmortem report completed last August based on retained samples from his lungs found that “th...
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Julie Felix: the brilliant Black ballerina who was forced to leave Britain

She was told there was no room for a ‘brown swan’ in the London Festival Ballet, so she went to the US. There she found enormous success, dancing for everyone from Michael Jackson to PrinceThe turning point in Julie Felix’s career came in 1975. A student at Rambert ballet school in London, she was selected to dance in Rudolf Nureyev’s production of Sleeping Beauty with the London Festival Ballet (now the English National Ballet). Nureyev was the god of British ballet – and he lived up to his rep...
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Birmingham residents ask: will it be open for business again

Lockdown has left a city centre that bet on retail deserted and unemployment is at nearly 8%Birmingham, with its proud manufacturing heritage, has been hit hard by the Covid jobs crisis and is in the unhappy position of being among one of the areas with the highest unemployment rates in the country at 7.8%.Five of the 10 constituencies with the highest level of unemployment in the country are in Britain’s second city, and average gross weekly pay currently sits at £548.60 – below the averages fo...
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We’ve cut aid to Yemen and children will starve – is this what global Britain means?

Monday’s announcement confirmed my worst fears – not even those in the most desperate crises are safe from aid cutsThree weeks ago, foreign office minister James Cleverly told me that in the face of drastic cuts to the UK’s aid budget, Yemen would remain a UK priority country and the government would use the full force of its diplomatic efforts to bring about peace.On Monday, those words rang hollow when he announced the UK was slashing humanitarian aid to Yemen by more than 50% compared with la...
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Brazilian Covid variant: what do we know about P1?

Six cases have been detected in Britain. What threat does the variant pose, and how is it different?Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageTwo coronavirus variants have been detected in Brazil, or in people who have travelled from Brazil, called P1 and P2. They are similar but it is P1 that is causing concern in the UK, after the detection of six cases – three in England and three in Scotland. The hunt is on for more – and to identify one of the people infected, who appears ...
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Brazil Covid variant: what do we know about P1?

Six cases have been detected in Britain. What threat does the variant pose, and how is it different?Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageTwo coronavirus variants have been detected in Brazil, or in people who have travelled from Brazil, called P1 and P2. They are similar but it is P1 that is causing concern in the UK, after the detection of six cases – three in England and three in Scotland. The hunt is on for more – and to identify one of the people infected, who appears ...
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Britain must reset its compass, from housing to wages, says archbishop of York

Stephen Cottrell says the nation has learned to live with wrongs when it should be trying to change themBritain needs to reset its compass in a political climate in which “we’ve learned to accommodate things that we know are wrong”, the archbishop of York has said.Stephen Cottrell, who was enthroned in October, told the Observer: “Our compass has slipped; we’ve allowed ourselves to believe that things can’t change, that this is just the way the world is. Politics has, I think, shrunk. There’s a ...
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