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Collection and Enforcement: Contempt of Court Hearings for Unpaid Child Support

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Colorado Ok, maybe not spicy but maybe so. You be the judge. #1 I have an upcoming contempt hearing for contempt for my ex not paying child support (and other stuff but that's detracting from this). In a past contempt hearing for him not paying Court Ordered money owed for things unrelated to child support, he produced money orders he paid to me that were actually paid to me as child support as I understood it at the time and he g...
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2 Procedural Questions (Spicy)

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Colorado Ok, maybe not spicy but maybe so. You be the judge. #1 I have an upcoming contempt hearing for contempt for my ex not paying child support (and other stuff but that's detracting from this). In a past contempt hearing for him not paying Court Ordered money owed for things unrelated to child support, he produced money orders he paid to me that were actually paid to me as child support as I understood it at the time and he g...
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Austin Eubanks, Columbine victim who worked against painkillers, dies at 37

Campaigner was wounded twice in 1999 school shootingFamily: he ‘lost battle with disease he helped others face’Austin Eubanks, a victim of the 1999 Columbine school massacre who became a prominent campaigner on the danger of opioids after he developed an addiction to painkillers, has died. He was 37. Related: Columbine at 20: how school shootings became 'part of the American psyche' Continue reading...
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The famous architect I.M. Pei has died at the age of 102.

I'm reading "Six of I.M. Pei’s Most Important Buildings/The architect’s legacy includes some of the world’s most recognizable buildings, including the Louvre Pyramid" (NYT).First on the list is National Center for Atmospheric Research, which we walked around just a few weeks ago. Here's a photograph of it that I took in 2014. The NYT has a close up photo of the building, but I liked the distant view, which showed how it fit with the rocks in the landscape in Boulder, Colorado.Fifth on the list ...
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Spotlighting how federal drug prosecution patterns have changed in recent years

I noted here that yesterday the US Sentencing Commission released its 2018 Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics covering Fiscal Year 2018.  There are lots of interesting data to mine from this big new resource, and I am pleased to see the folks at Marijuana Moment highlighting one particular story under the headline "The Feds Prosecuted Even Fewer Marijuana Trafficking Cases In 2018." Here are the details: Federal marijuana trafficking cases dropped again in 2018, continuing a trend that...
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"Denver first in U.S. to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms."

The Denver Post reports."Psilocybin possession would remain illegal but would become police’s 'lowest law-enforcement priority.'"So... it's not like marijuana. You won't be able to go to Denver and buy these mushrooms at the mushroom store. It's just that if you have them, they want you to know they'll leave you alone. It's not mushroom tourism time. Yet.Supporters extolled emerging research showing potential health benefits with psychedelic mushrooms.... Last fall, the U.S. Food and Drug Admini...
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Social Justice Warriors Still Pushing Ruger On Smart Guns

News from New Hampshire: Ruger CEO Christopher Killoy responded during the meeting that rolling out a line of these weapons would be a financial loser. “While people think there is often a great market for ‘smart guns,’ or user-authorized technology, we are not seeing it,” he said. The company’s decision to not pursue smart guns frustrated Colleen Scanlon, an activist investor with Catholic Health Initiatives, which is based in Colorado, where a school shooting on Tuesday killed one student and ...
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At the Cloud-Over-Flatiron Café...

... creep on in here. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Colorado School Shooting

News from Colorado: The school does not have a school resource officer, but the school does have private security, Kluth said. School staff notified emergency dispatchers “almost immediately” after the first gunshots were fired, and deputies were on scene within two minutes and engaged the suspects, Spurlock said. Sorry folks, but that’s not nearly fast enough as this incident goes to show.  A lot of people can get hurt in two minutes, and that’s a fast response time for most PDs. This recapitul...
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Tuesday round-up

Briefly: In the latest episode of SCOTUStalk (podcast), Tom Goldstein and Kevin Russell join Amy Howe “to discuss the Supreme Court’s announcement that it will weigh in next term on whether federal employment discrimination laws protect LGBT employees.” Kimberly Robinson reports at Bloomberg Law that the Supreme Court is entering what Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has called “’flood season’”: “the ‘well-known crunch’ as the end of the U.S. Supreme Court term approaches,” with “40 of the court’s e...
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At the Green Rock Cafe...

... you can talk all night. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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You know that I recently returned from a cross-country road trip. Who knows what a long strange trip can do to your mind? I don't know all the things, but about an hour ago, 3 days after returning home, I noticed one thing.I'd completely forgotten about the older-than-one-day comments that sit around in my "awaiting moderation" file! I'm not sure what jogged my memory, but I suddenly remembered. I think it was the ridiculous spam that was getting published in today's posts. Yes, that made me th...
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What's this bird?

Seen last week on the hike to Realization Point (near Boulder, Colorado). On the hike, I talked to a man who was looking for the specific point called "Realization," and I wasn't sure exactly where it was. Then I ran into a man who was sitting on a rock waiting for his brother who'd gone ahead, fixated on finding Realization Point. I said, "Sometimes the best realization is that there is no point." The rock-sitting brother seemed to like that notion. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse...
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Character Takes Flight

In his book, “The Spirit of St. Louis,” Charles Lindbergh admits that he wasn’t completely sold on the idea when contemplating his first parachute attempt, “The thought of crawling out onto the struts and wires hundreds of feet above the earth, and then giving up even that tenuous hold of safety and of substance, left me a feeling of anticipation mixed with dread, of confidence restrained by caution, of courage salted through with fear,” he wrote. Lindbergh isn’t alone in this feeling. Tell some...
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Argument preview: Justices to weigh constitutionality of state law allowing blood test of unconscious drivers without a warrant

In 2013, police officers found Gerald Mitchell wet, shirtless and covered in sand on a beach in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Mitchell was slurring his words, and he told police that he had parked his car nearby “because he felt he was too drunk to drive.” After a preliminary breath test – the results of which are not admissible in court – revealed that Mitchell’s blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit, police arrested Mitchell, first taking him to the police station. But he was so drunk t...
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"The massive search for Sol Pais is over. She is dead from possible self-inflicted wounds..."

"The 18-year-old female suspect was on the run after after making threats that led to the closure of school for more than half a million students on Colorado’s Front Range Wednesday.... The 18-year-old was from Florida and made some comments about the Columbine shooting on April 20, 1999, that apparently caused great concern. She was apparently 'infatuated with the perpetrators of Columbine.' Authorities haven’t said exactly what she said, and it’s not clear if those comments were made before or...
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Spotlighting how reduced support for the death penalty is now a bipartisan reality

Alan Greenblatt has this notable lengthy new piece at Governing under the headline "Why the Death Penalty Has Lost Support From Both Parties."  I recommend the piece in full and here are excerpts: Twenty years ago, most politicians in both parties supported the death penalty.  But today, opposition to it has become increasingly bipartisan.  Democrats have always been more wary, but now more conservatives have also become convinced that capital punishment is another failed government program.  I...
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Fascinating map and data highlighting prevalence and intensity of marijuana's criminal enforcement footprint

Over at the Washington Post, Christopher Ingraham has fully titled "Where the war on weed still rages: In some U.S. counties, more than 40 percent of all arrests are for marijuana possession." The title highlights the piece's themes, but the text and a map therein reinforce the point in various ways: Marijuana possession led to nearly 6 percent of all arrests in the United States in 2017, FBI data shows, underscoring the level of policing dedicated to containing behavior that’s legal in 10 st...
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The Camera In The Bathroom

The Louisiana Supreme Court imposed reciprocal discipline based on sanctions ordered in Colorado. The facts By way of background, respondent was admitted to practice in Colorado in 1976. He operates his law practice in a commercial condo space in Denver,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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New Mexico Attorney General Tries To Extort Sheriffs

News from New Mexico: Attorney General Hector Balderas’ warning comes after at least 26 New Mexico counties passed “Second Amendment sanctuary” resolutions in opposition to guns laws decided by state lawmakers this year, including the measure requiring background checks. Counties in several states, including Colorado and Illinois, have passed similar resolutions recently in opposition to newly passed or potential gun restriction measures. Balderas, a Democrat, wrote in a letter to the...
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Relocation: Change Venue to Another State with Children Involved

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Colorado I have a divorce case with my husband. We have three children together. The case has been getting dragged out by my husband for over a year now. He was previously abusive and has a prior criminal record, including domestic violence against me. He doesn’t really want the divorce, hence why he has been holding it off. Some days he supports the idea, other days he opposes it. With him being bi-polar, you never know what yo...
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Collection and Enforcement: Ex Lied to Avoid Contempt, Now What

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Colorado In my separation agreement with my ex, he agreed to pay me back for a couple things by a certain date. He did not and I filed contempt charges. At the hearing he said that checks/money orders he had sent me were to cover these debts and that the debts had been satisfied so the contempt charges are moot. Based upon this sworn testimony, he was able to avoid the contempt charges. I provided no contradictory testimony on this ma...
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Unauthorized Practice of Patent Law and State Regulators

by Dennis Crouch People v. Dak Steiert and Intelligent Patent Services, LLC (Co. 2019) A recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court has ordered Mr. Dak Steiert (and his company Intelligent Patent Services) to cease unauthorized practice of law in Colorado. Steiert’s website ( touted its patent expertise: “our patents are drafted entirely by patent attorneys with at least 5 years experience. Unlike any other firm, we do not use paralegals to draft patents. we don’t let rook...
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"The reaction would have been absurdly sexist..."

I ran @HillaryClinton’s Instagram account for the 2016 campaign & you never saw posts like these from us because:1) The reaction would have been absurdly sexist2) There *aren’t* photos like this of HRC b/c she knew there are different rules for men & women running for office — John Buysse (@JohnBuysse) March 19, 2019 I found that at a WaPo article, "John Hickenlooper asks why female candidates aren’t pressed about naming a male running mate." Excerpt:John Hickenloop...
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Colorado AG Tells Sheriffs To Resign Or Enforce Red Flag Law

Via David Codrea, news from Colorado: It’s not even the law yet, but state Attorney General Phil Weiser is already telling sheriffs to resign if they follow locals laws passed in 26 counties that declared themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuaries. But wait, there’s more. Weiser blinked. He also said this during his testimony in favor of the bill at a state Senate committee meeting: “Any commission that says ‘I don’t want my sheriff upholding an unconstitutional law,’ they’re on solid ground,” Weiser ...
Tags: Colorado, Senate, Military, Gun Control, David Codrea, Weiser, Colorado Ag, Phil Weiser, Colorado Gun Laws

Starting a Business: Multi State Business, Holding, Operating Company, Invest Co and Subsidiary

My questions involves business law in the state of: Colorado and Delaware. Hi Guys, I have been tasked with finding information about the best way to proceed for my family's new business venture and my head is spinning. :wallbang: Summary: I would like to know the best way to proceed and in which states to form parent/holding company (Colorado and Delaware) and if having a subsidiary will give the greatest benefit to the company in the form of decreased taxes. First, I have an LLC formed ...
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Thursday round-up

Briefly: At The Daily Caller, Kevin Daley notes that “Chief Justice John Roberts has made common cause with the Supreme Court’s liberal bloc as late, breaking with his conservative colleagues on cases relating to abortion, the death penalty and President Donald Trump’s revised rules for asylum seekers,” and that “[i]n isolation, it’s difficult to know what to make of the chief’s votes.” In an op-ed for Fox News, Kristen Waggoner hopes that the recent settlement between Colorado and Christian ba...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Colorado, Indiana, Atlantic, Fox News, Christian, Illinois, Donald Trump, Madison, Round-up, John Roberts, International Finance Corporation, Jam, NLRA, Marbury

Tuesday round-up

Briefly: At Bloomberg, Greg Stohr reports that in a letter yesterday, “[t]he Trump administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court to expand its scheduled April showdown over the 2020 census[, Department of Commerce v. New York,] to decide whether the Constitution lets the government ask whether people are American citizens.” Pamela Wood reports for The Baltimore Sun that Maryland “Gov. Larry Hoganhas filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court [in Lamone v. Benisek,] seeking to back up the claims of...
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Second Amendment Sanctuaries and the Constitutional Rule of Law

Michelle Lujan Grisham at a rally. (AFGE) New Mexico/Colorado – -( Recently some very pro-Second Amendment localities have begun to take a page from opponents of the enforcement of immigration laws. That page is to declare their counties to be “Second Amendment sanctuary” jurisdictions. It is very ironic that the very anti-Second Amendment politicians, many of whom also support the “sanctuary city” concept, are now quite irritated about this new development. Look, Second Amendme...
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Modification of Support: Ordered to Pay Child Support but My Son Lives with Me

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Texas So I was served some court documents recently and I have no idea what they mean, I was wondering if you of you guys could help me out. First off I'll start with some background on the case, then I'll post the documents I received, then I'll post some questions I have about them. BACKGROUND: So back in 2011 my son lived with his mom and we went to court for child support. I was ordered to pay every month. About two months later ...
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