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Busy General Assembly Session for 2019 Just Getting Started (Part 2)

Yesterday, I tackled the bills floating around the Senate-side of the Connecticut General Assembly,  In today’s post, let’s look at the House side to see what bills are under consideration there: House Bill 5003 is the mirror-image bill of Senate Bill 1 on Paid Family & Medical Leave.  Yesterday’s post gave the highlights, which apply equally to this bill too. Similarly, proposed House Bill 5004 would raise the minimum wage in the state. The details are still to be drafted, but the CBIA has bee...
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Busy Legislative Session Has Lots of Employment Law Bills On Tap (Part 1)

The Connecticut General Assembly is already busy with a full compliment of employment law bills under consideration.  At this point, it seems likely that several will pass in one form or another and thus employers should be playing close attention to the developments. Here are a few of the Senate ones that I’m watching (I’ll tackle the House bills in tomorrow’s post): Senate Bill 1 – This is the Paid Family and Medical Leave bill that has been kicking around for a few years.  Late last week, th...
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Paid FMLA — And Perhaps Big Changes to FMLA — Passes Hurdle

Yesterday, one of the measures floating around the Connecticut General Assembly regarding Paid Family Medical Leave passed a key committee vote. The bill still has a ways to go.  Indeed, as first reported by CT News Junkie, even the speaker of the house described it as a “work in progress”.  But now that’s closer to passage, it’s time employers start focusing on some of the key aspects – as framed currently. The bill (House Bill 5387) would require all private sector employees to contribute 0.5 ...
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What’s Next for Mandatory Arbitration Provisions?

One of the interesting strains to come out of the new round of publicity surrounding sexual harassment is a renewed focus on mandatory arbitration provisions. And it comes from an unexpected source: former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson. Indeed, Carlson recently gave an interview with former ESPN producer and self-titled “Commander-in-She” Valerie Gordon that may have slipped under radar in which she talks about such provisions. She notes that mandatory or “forced” arbitration provisions enabl...
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Two Weeks Until New Protections for Pregnant Employees Become Effective

For those unfamiliar with the way a lot of Connecticut laws get implemented, October 1st could seem like just another day.  (Though for my kids, they would be impressed that it was a different October 1st in 1982 that EPCOT opened at Disney World.) But a lot of bills that are passed by the Connecticut General Assembly go into effect on October 1st each year. This year is no exception. For employers, the biggest of these bills is the new law concerning “Pregnant Women in the Workplace”.  I’ve pre...
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Legislative Recap: Pregnancy Accommodations But No Paid FMLA

Well, the Connecticut General Assembly ended earlier this week and, as predicted, it ended with a whimper and not a bang.  Many employment law proposals failed to receive votes, including those on minimum wage and Paid FMLA, leaving many employers (and the CBIA) breathing a bit of a sigh of relief. I’ve previously recapped most of the bills here and here, so I’m only going to recap the session here in the interests of time. The Governor is expected to sign a bill expanding the requirements for ...
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Last Regular Session Day of Connecticut Legislature: Where We Stand

Today is the last day of the Connecticut General Assembly regular session.  So it’s a good time to take a look at some of the bills pending or passed.  Strangely, things seem pretty quiet on the employment law front.  But after the dust settles, I’ll have another update. Here is where we stand as of early this morning (Wednesday). Last night, the Senate approved of the measure (House Bill 6668) expanding protections in the workplace for workers who are pregnant.  It was previously passed by the...
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The Dialogue: What Legislation We’re Keeping Our Eyes On

If at first you succeed, try it again.  Well, that may not be how the saying goes, but the first back-and-forth post between me and Nina Pirrotti, an employee-side attorney, was so well received that we’re back for another conversation.  Today’s topic: What legislation are we both keeping our eyes out for at the Connecticut General Assembly?   The Dialogue Begins Dan Schwartz: So Nina, our first post was such a hit that I think we’re due for an encore.  Thanks for being up for this. It has only ...
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Connecticut Legislative Session Preview: Is a New State Overtime Rule In Play?

The Connecticut General Assembly is back in session and with significant budget deficits looming, it’s not going to be an easy year for legislators. From a labor and employment law session, once again it will be interesting to see what will be seriously considered. A Bloomberg Law article late last week suggested that Democrats in several states, including Connecticut, are planning bills to try to replicate the federal overtime-pay overhaul that has been held up in federal court.   Without citin...
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Legislative Update: CTFMLA Expands to Cover Military Qualifying Exigencies

Air Force Memorial in Arlington, VA Continuing to recap various employment law bills out of the Connecticut General Assembly, the legislature passed a measure Wednesday night that brings Connecticut’s FMLA law more in line with the federal counterpart. The federal FMLA was amended back in 2008 (prior post on the subject here) to provide coverage for any “qualifying exigency” arising out of the fact that the spouse, son or daughter, or parent of the employee is on active duty or has been notifie...
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