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Top Court In Massachusetts Says Prosecutors Must Provide Info On Bad Cops To Criminal Defendants

Bad cops are on notice there's pretty much nothing they can do to escape the consequences of their own actions.
Tags: Law, Police, Massachusetts, Constitutional Law, Techdirt

The Constitution Was Not Made Only For A Religious People

Our collective history as a nation has shown the Constitution is wholly adequate to the government of believers and nonbelievers alike.
Tags: Law, Constitutional Law, Tyler Broker

The Ninth Circuit Doesn’t View Commonly Used Gun Magazines As Unusual

In an era that has seen extraordinary decreases in rates of gun violence, California’s attempt to criminalize magazines that come standard on many guns has failed.  
Tags: Law, California, Handguns, Constitutional Law, Second Amendment, LCMS, Tyler Broker

Nonbelievers Must Stand Up For Their Free-Conscience Rights

Although government has granted religious belief (of all kinds) extraordinary preference, in order for nonbelievers to assert their free conscience rights they will have to face a hostile and openly disdainful judiciary. 
Tags: Law, First Amendment, Constitutional Law, Establishment Clause, Tyler Broker

Newsweek Says Kamala Harris Essay Not ‘Racist Birtherism’ (Psst, It’s Totally Racist Birtherism)

This time it's not WHERE she was born but HOW she was born. Totally different!
Tags: Law, Government, Racism, Constitutional Law, Kamala Harris, Newsweek, Josh Hammer

No, Shut Up, We’re Not Postponing The Election

Not unless we want to make Patrick Leahy president.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Constitutional Law, Patrick Leahy

Portland Is A Totem

When it comes to the protests and law enforcement in Portland, many only see what they want.
Tags: Law, Portland, Constitutional Law, Tyler Broker

The Trump Amendments To The Constitution

Could we see the passage of Constitutional amendments which will try to stitch the country together again after this time of divisiveness?
Tags: Law, Donald Trump, Constitutional Law, Mark Herrmann

After SCOTUS Smackdown On Census Question, Trump Tries To Achieve Same Goal Via Executive Order

It’s a blatantly unconstitutional move from the ‘law and order’ president.
Tags: Law, Government, Immigration, Constitutional Law, Lorelei Laird, Census 2020

No, ‘Proactive Arrests’ Are Not A Thing!

DHS Secretary garbles law, teargasses moms, and still makes time for Fox News hits
Tags: Crime, Law, Government, Dhs, Fox News, Constitutional Law

Why Is Proving Race Discrimination A Lot Harder Than Proving Religious Discrimination?

Proving race discrimination requires proof of discriminatory treatment and intent, while proving free exercise violations can be done without either.
Tags: Law, Constitutional Law, Tyler Broker

More Speech Means More Of Everything, Including Intolerance

It has never been easier to express yourself or to be exposed to new (but also bad) information and ideas.
Tags: Law, Constitutional Law, Tyler Broker, Cancel Culture

Trust Us, States Really Can Make You Wear Masks

Explaining federalism to federalists who suddenly don't seem to care about federalism.
Tags: Law, Government, Constitutional Law, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Megan E. McKenzie, COVID Cast Podcast, Featured Podcasts

Has 35 Years Of Deterioration Of Establishment Clause Protection Finally Given The Theocrats Their Victory?

That government not only can, but now must force you to subsidize religion is a stunning rebuke of Establishment Clause protection.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Courts, First Amendment, Constitutional Law, Tyler Broker

Has Anyone Told Kelly Loeffler The Second Amendment Applies To Everyone?

A lot of work remains in regard to viewing black gun ownership in a positive light, or even just a neutral light.
Tags: Law, Constitutional Law, Second Amendment, Guns / Firearms, Kelly Loeffler, Tyler Broker

Andrew Cuomo Invokes Lesser-Known ‘Turnabout Is Fair Play’ Doctrine To Impose Quarantine Order

Who told me this sort of thing was illegal... oh, right, Andrew Cuomo from two months ago.
Tags: Law, Government, Andrew Cuomo, Constitutional Law, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Why Gorsuch’s Textualist Approach In Bostock Is Not A Trap

Many are understandably, but also perhaps mistakenly, wary that Justice Gorsuch’s textualist opinion will be used to subvert a broader protection of rights.
Tags: Law, Constitutional Law, Gorsuch, Neil Gorsuch, Bostock, Tyler Broker

The Rule Of Law Is A Precarious Thing

The most astounding development in the past few years is that increasing agreement can be found from all political sides that major problems with police accountability exist.
Tags: Law, Police, Constitutional Law, Tyler Broker

3 Things Political Candidates Should Consider When Using Audiovisual Works In Campaigns

No matter how appealing, assuming that the use of another’s artwork or video in a political ad or campaign video qualifies as fair use of the work is ill-advised.
Tags: Law, Constitutional Law, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA, Tom Kulik, Communications Decency Act

Chief Justice Strikes A Blow For Balanced Religious Liberty

The theocratic movement is far from finished, but it appears more and more that the Chief Justice is willing to draw the line.
Tags: Law, First Amendment, Constitutional Law, Tyler Broker, Coronavirus, COVID-19

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