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Clarence Thomas Snapchatting ‘F*** The First Amendment’ To All His Friends

Cheerleader wins case against school for off-campus speech. Thomas files lonely dissent.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Courts, Free Speech, Thomas, Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito, Clarence Thomas Snapchatting

Putting The Review Back In Inter Partes Review

When a SCOTUS decision is rendered on a sexy patent topic, there is a good chance that the reaction will be both more intense and accelerated.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Scotus, Courts, Intellectual Property, Inter Partes Review, Gaston Kroub, Patent Litigation

SCOTUS Limits Patent Judges’ Power But Preserves PTAB Review

The justices ruled that the authority of the judges of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board is unconstitutional, but by giving the USPTO director greater oversight, the highest court likely saved this favored tool of generic patent challengers.
Tags: Law, Uspto, Courts, Patent Trial and Appeal Board, Health Care / Medicine, PTAB Review, Healthcare Docket

The NCAA Is Not Above The Law

Supreme Court hands NCAA a loss in Alston case.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Sports, Courts, Ncaa, Alston, Darren Heitner, NCAA v. Alston

Citations To Briefs In Oral Arguments And Opinions

Briefs are the most important component of presenting a Supreme Court case. How are the justices using them?
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Courts, Adam Feldman, Juris Lab, The Juris Lab

Federal Judge Charges Marshals With Criminal Contempt For Being… You Know, Contemptuous

Not exactly the historic agency's finest look.
Tags: Law, Courts, Charles Kornmann, U.S. Marshals Service, COVID-19

The US Landscape For Qualified Immunity Decisions

A look at 200 cases from the past year where qualified immunity was identified as a defense.
Tags: Law, US, Courts, Adam Feldman, Juris Lab, The Juris Lab

Uma Musume Phoenix Wright Parody Dashes Into View

A dedicated individual who admires both smartphone phenomenon Uma Musume and over-the-top lawyer series Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) has combined both franchises together for a video parody, thrusting the cute horsegirls into the court room as an incident has taken place, and sure to be highly praised even by those unfamiliar with either series. The […]
Tags: Games, Law, Parody, Smartphones, Courts, Anime, Image Gallery, Phoenix Wright, Uma Musume, Casuals, Uma Musume Phoenix Wright

Amicus Briefs On The Merits For The 2020 Supreme Court Term

This term alone, groups filed almost 940 amicus briefs on the merits in the 58 argued cases.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Courts, Adam Feldman, Supreme Court Term, Juris Lab, The Juris Lab

9th Circuit Judge Tries To Be Funny, Fails

But, I mean, he's right about the Star Wars movies.
Tags: Law, Courts, 9th Circuit, John Owens, Kenneth Lee

Deep Sigh: No, Amy Coney Barrett Has Not Been Arrested

There's an insidious reason this 'satire' is making the rounds.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Abortion, Courts, Satire, Reproductive Freedom, The Jabot, Amy Coney Barrett, Real Raw News

The Trajectory Of Civil Cases In Federal Court

How long will a case take to reach resolution?
Tags: Law, Courts, Juris Lab, The Juris Lab, Trajectory Of Civil Cases In Federal Court

Trying Out My Trial Skills In A New Virtual Reality Courtroom

It did not feel real. But it felt much closer to real than if I had been simply standing in my office, trying to imagine it all.
Tags: Technology, Law, Courts

Judge Says Juvenile Arrest OBVIOUS Outcome Of Liking The Rap Music

Judge reaches into bag of stereotypes for cringey hearing.
Tags: Law, Racism, Courts, Legal Ethics

Pennsylvania Legislators Draft Draconian Abortion Law, Urge Ladies To Think Of Men’s Feelings

Pretty sure men's feelings are the cause of most pregnancies, but OK.
Tags: Law, Government, Pennsylvania, Abortion, Courts

TMZ Reveals The Contents Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Will

She was such a pop culture icon that even TMZ is giving her a nod.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Deaths, Courts, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trusts and Estates

In-Person Court Conferences Should Not Be Completely Eliminated

Although court conferences may not need to occur in person as frequently as before the pandemic, eliminating in-person conferences may do damage to the judicial process.
Tags: Technology, Law, Courts, Small Law Firms, Jordan Rothman, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Well, This Judge Seems Like A Real Frickin’ Delight

(Alleged) Racism! Sexism! And tantrums! Oh, my!
Tags: Law, Alabama, Courts, Judicial Ethics, Randy Jinks, Real Frickin

Texas Abortion Bill Opens Courthouse Doors To Pure Lunacy

Everyone has standing to sue anyone. That sounds like a super efficient plan!
Tags: Texas, Supreme Court, Law, Abortion, Courts, State Law

The Alston Oral Arguments: A Citations-Focused Perspective

The NCAA antitrust case is likely to have major implications for intercollegiate athletics. Here's a look at the cases cited by the attorney-advocates and justices.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Courts, Ncaa, Juris Lab, The Juris Lab, NCAA v. Alston

The Geek in Review Ep. 118 – Unicourt’s Josh Blandi on Improving Access to Federal, State, and Local Court Data

As much as we complain about the PACER federal dockets, it pales in comparison to most of the state court docket systems when it comes to tracking and searching cases at the state and local levels. Josh Blandi, the co-founder, and CEO of Unicourt is leveraging APIs and normalizing court data across multiple state and local courts to help clean up the data and make searching and tracking better. Josh joins us to discuss how they are gathering the information, the roadblocks that state courts and ...
Tags: Apple, Utah, Podcast, UK, New York, Texas, Supreme Court, Law, Colorado, California, Washington, Kentucky, Uncategorized, US, Georgia, Bloomberg

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