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Cop charged with murder after shooting man in car

Jonathan Brown, a police officer in Bristol, Va., was charged with murder this week after shooting and killing Jonethen Kohler, a local resident. Brown, on duty and in uniform, was among officers responding to a "shots fired" call early in the morning on March 30, according to prosecutors. — Read the rest
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Prohibiting Harmless Consensual Or Self-Regarding Acts By Adults Is Bad Law And Policy

Overcriminalization results in tremendous and unnecessary human costs, so why is it so difficult to scale back the law?
Tags: Crime, Law, Police, Tyler Broker, Overcriminalization

Bar President Resigns After Prostitution Charge

He stepped down the same day charges were filed.
Tags: Crime, Law, Prostitution, Legal Ethics, David Eric Schwager

America’s prison catastrophe: Can we undo it?

The United States is the world's largest prison warden. As of June 2020, America had the highest prisoner rate, with 655 prisoners per 100,000 of the national population. But according to experts, doing something the most doesn't mean doing it the best.The system is a failure both economically and in terms of the way inmates are treated, with many equating it to legal slavery. American prisons en masse are expensive, brutal, and ineffective, so why aren't we trying better alternatives? And what ...
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London killings: ‘It’s like a war zone. How did it come to this?’

The shooting and stabbing of a teenager in broad daylight on a street in Canning Town is just the latest chapter of what has become Britain’s most violent gangland feudRachid has no idea what the future holds, apart from the certainty that he’ll never visit east London’s Canning Town. “If I set foot there, I’ll get stabbed.” He has just turned 19, and two of his friends have already been murdered on the streets.A trip to the nearest corner shop has become a daunting ordeal. “You’re constantly lo...
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"Of 70 people bailed out of jail since last May by six social-justice activists, 25 have been charged with 108 felonies and 49 misdemeanors or municipal code violations alleged to have occurred after they were freed..."

"... a far higher re-arrest rate than typically seen among people released on bail nationally," The Wisconsin State Journal reports. “I don’t know of any research that examines the issue of who posts a defendant’s bail on the likelihood of committing new crimes,” said Danielle M. Romain Dagenhardt, an assistant professor of criminal justice at UW-Milwaukee. “I would imagine that it could be the case that an individual who posts bail from an outside source’s money would have less-vested stake in ...
Tags: Crime, Law, UW Milwaukee, Wisconsin State Journal, Pilar, Ann Althouse, National Bail Fund Network, Danielle M Romain Dagenhardt, Pilar Weiss, Community Justice Exchange

‘Stop the Breast Pest’: MP’s ‘horror’ at being photographed while breastfeeding

Stella Creasy launches campaign to change law after a boy took pictures of her feeding her baby on a trainAn MP has described her “horror” after she was photographed while breastfeeding on public transport, as she and a fellow MP launch a campaign to criminalise the taking of such pictures.Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow, said she was breastfeeding her then four-month-old on a overground train near Highbury and Islington in north London when she noticed a teenage boy laughing and ta...
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Lawyer Who Shot Up Co-Counsel’s Office Given… 5-Year Suspension?

This seems too light, but the court has its reasons.
Tags: Crime, Law, Legal Ethics, Small Law Firms, Lawyer Who Shot Up Co Counsel

Joe Biden Had ‘No Idea’ Rudy Was Getting Raided

Meanwhile, Trump was busy lamenting the country-loving patriot's plight on Fox News.
Tags: Crime, Law, Government, Joe Biden, Justice Department, Rudy Giuliani, Trump, Quote Of The Day

Rudy Gets Raided

Imagine the former prosecutor's surprise at discovering the feds using aggressive investigative tactics!
Tags: Crime, Law, Government, Department Of Justice, Rudy Giuliani

Joshua Schiller Case Dropped, But Remains Case Study For Law Firms

It's not a position firms want to be in, but with a good process, it's one firms can handle.
Tags: Crime, Law, Biglaw, Boies Schiller & Flexner, Joshua Schiller

Another Australian Man Arrested for Owning Inanimate Child Sex Dolls

The Australian government is once again fixated on harmless chunks of silicone as yet another man has been arrested for owning sex dolls of child-like proportions, with the culprit said to have also had “child exploitation material”. 45-year-old male culprit Terry Dunnett pleaded guilty in court to “two counts of possessing a child sex doll, […]
Tags: Crime, Children, Law, Australia, International, Anime, Dolls, Fetish, Bans, Terry Dunnett

A Law Professor Wrote The Stupidest Tweet Ever And Now It’s The Law

The erosion of the rule of law is becoming parody.
Tags: Crime, Law, Government, Racism, Glenn Reynolds, Tennessee Law

Is there an "adultification bias" that "uniquely plagues Black girls"?

I'm reading "The Columbus mayor called Ma’Khia Bryant a ‘young woman.’ Here’s why people are angry. Some said it exemplified ‘adultification bias’ against the Black 16-year-old girl who was fatally shot by police" (The Lily/WaPo): Earlier that night, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther (D) took to Twitter to share news of the killing, calling Ma’Khia a “young woman.” Replies quickly poured in, noting that Ma’Khia was a child — not an adult. At the news conference a few hours later, Ginther acknowledge...
Tags: Crime, Mississippi, Supreme Court, Law, Police, Court, Journalism, Teenagers, Abortion, Ohio, Bill, Columbus, Jim Crow, Black, Jones, Montgomery

Former MoFo Manager Pleads Guilty To Stealing From The Biglaw Giant

He allegedly charged gold chains, designer jeans, a pinkie ring, and more to the firm.
Tags: Crime, Law, Andrew Robertson, Biglaw, Morrison & Foerster, Mail Fraud

Chauvin Trial Ends… Can White Folks Try Not To Make It About Themselves For Five Minutes?

There's a right way and a wrong way to write a law school statement addressing a verdict like this.
Tags: Crime, Law, Police, Uncategorized, Racism, Law Schools, Derek Chauvin

Derek Chauvin Pleads The Fifth, Defense Rests

Hey, Twitter lawyers, you have the right to remain silent on Twitter, too.
Tags: Crime, Law, Police, Government, Derek Chauvin

When Going To Trial Isn’t Worth It

The trial penalty is neither fair nor necessary.
Tags: Crime, Law, Courts, Small Law Firms, Toni Messina, Criminal Defense Attorneys, Trial Penalty

Hollywood actor arrested in $227m ponzi scheme

Zachary Horwitz, 34, stage name Zach Avery, stars in low-budget genre thrillers. He is also, say prosecutors, the operator of a massive ponzi scheme that cheated 200 investors out of $227 million. The alleged hook was fictitious film deals with HBO and Netflix backed by his slim but factual Hollywood resume. — Read the rest
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Solitary Confinement, The Cruelest Form Of Punishment

In decades of practicing criminal law, solitary confinement has been the go-to, knee-jerk response to inmate misbehavior.
Tags: Crime, Prisons, Law, Solitary Confinement, Criminal Law, Toni Messina, Criminal Defense Attorneys

Lockdown brings alarming rise in modern slavery

Sexual exploitation rose by a quarter and criminal exploitation by 42% in 2020, analysis of helpline data showsReports of sexual and criminal exploitation have risen alarmingly during the pandemic, according to new data measuring the scale of modern slavery and trafficking in the UK.Cases of sexual exploitation, which includes people held captive in brothels and coerced into prostitution, rose by a quarter in 2020 compared with the previous year. Nearly a quarter of cases involved children. Cont...
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