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Giving It The Old College Scam Try

Joe and Elie take a dive into the college admissions scandal going on with celebrities and their children.
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Morning Docket: 03.20.19

* "It’ll never happen. I guarantee it won’t happen for six years." Contrary to what Democratic presidential candidates are suggesting, President Trump doesn't want anything to do with expanding the size of the Supreme Court. [Reuters] * As it turns out, special counsel Robert Mueller was investigating Michael Cohen much sooner than he originally led on, and the Cohen probe was handed off to the S.D.N.Y. long before campaign-finance violations were even discovered. [Wall Street Journal] * Tha...
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"Mexico has one gun shop. So why all the murders?"

Asks BBC.Short answer: It's the U.S.'s fault.New question: Can't Trump use this in his argument for his wall? [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Alice Ruggles' family: police and army could have prevented murder

Council review of killing by ex-partner Trimaan Dhillon makes 20 recommendationsThe army and the police could have prevented the death of a 24-year-old woman who was murdered by a jealous and controlling soldier, her family have said.Alice Ruggles had contacted police about Trimaan Dhillon’s stalking in the days before he broke into her Gateshead home and repeatedly cut her throat in October 2016. Continue reading...
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New York City Spreads The Wealth And Backlogged Rape Kits Get Tested

Information from the kits generated DNA evidence 'that will help solve crimes for decades to come.'
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Facing up to the challenge of violence and gangs | Letters

Readers discuss tackling knife crime in the face of cuts to police and youth servicesSally Weale shines a light on the British Red Cross initiative Life Not Knife (‘It’s about confidence’: pupils learn how to cope with attacks, 15 March). While training teenagers in self-defence and first aid is to be welcomed, much more is needed, and this crisis cannot be left to charity.In education, we need to start younger too. In some areas, there are huge pressures on children to be drawn into gangs. Many...
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Knife and weapon offences reach highest level since 2009

In 2018 21,484 knife and offensive weapon offences were recorded in England and WalesThe criminal justice system dealt with the highest number of knife and offensive weapon offences in nearly a decade last year, official figures have shown.In 2018, 21,484 knife and offensive weapon offences were recorded, the highest number dealt with since 2009, when 25,103 offences were registered, according to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Continue reading...
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"Huffman was arrested in L.A. on Tuesday in relation to the charges, but her famous husband William H. Macy was not."

"Transcripts from wiretapped phone calls included in the documents mention Huffman’s 'spouse,' and even have quotes from him. But Macy is never named in the documents and has not been charged so far, unlike Loughlin’s fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli."From "The 10 most shocking revelations from the Operation Varsity Blues scandal court docs" (Entertainment Weekly).Any thoughts about how William H. Macy escaped getting accused? [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Willkie Farr Finally Speaks About Their Partner’s Role In The College Admissions Cheating Scandal

Biglaw firm responds to their connection to the college admissions scandal.
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Paul Manafort Gets 7.5 Years, Which Is Fine. It’s Fine.

All in, Paul Manafort is going to jail for a while, which is as good as it gets.
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I'm seeing an awful lot of stuff like, "The bribery scandal is no more abhorrent than the completely legal industry that helps many wealthy kids get into the schools of their dreams."

That's the sub-headline of a column at the NYT that I am not bothering to read. I'm seeing this argument all over Facebook and on the front pages of plenty of newspapers, and I don't like it.It strikes me as the equivalent of letting a robber, caught red-handed, argue that there are so many things that are essentially theft — worse things really! — so what's the big deal?In fact, I'd be more sympathetic to the robber, since he may have grown up as a deprived outsider who might think the rules ne...
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Trinity Love Jones: Mom’s Boyfriend, a Convicted Child Abuser, Charged With Murder of 9-Year-Old Girl Found in Duffel Bag

The boyfriend of Trinity Love Jones’ mother faces a murder charge in the death of the 9-year-old girl whose body was found partially stuffed in a duffel bag on a trail east of Los Angeles. PREVIOUSLY: 9-Year-Old Trinity Love Jones Identified As Girl Found Dead in Duffel Bag, Mom’s Boyfriend Arrested The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced in a press release Tuesday (Mar. 12) that 38-year-old Emiel Lamar Hunt was arrested in connection with the death of Trinity Love Jones.Emiel Hunt...
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"Olivia Jade Giannulli... is the daughter of the actress Lori Loughlin and the designer Mossimo Giannulli.... a social media influencer with close to two million YouTube subscribers and over a million Instagram followers."

"In September, she posted two paid advertisements on Instagram that highlighted her identity as a student. The legitimacy of her college acceptance has been called into question as a result of a Justice Department indictment, along with that of a number of others.... The fall semester at her school began on Aug. 20; a day later, Ms. Jade announced on Twitter that she had just arrived in Fiji.... Ms. Giannulli’s parents were described in the investigation as having paid multiple bribes amounting ...
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Half of children shot by police stun guns are from BAME groups – report

Rights campaigners also reveal sharp rise in use of spit hoods on under-18s by policeHalf of the children shot by police with stun guns, and a third of those restrained using spit hoods, in England are black or from other minority ethnic groups, according to figures obtained by children’s rights campaigners.The data, compiled from freedom of information requests, showed that in the first nine months of last year police across England used electronic stun guns 839 times on people aged under 18, c...
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Half of children who are tasered come from BAME groups – report

Rights campaigners reveal sharp rise in use of spit hoods on under-18s by policeHalf of the children tasered by police, and a third of those restrained using spit hoods, in England are black or from other minority ethnic groups, according to figures obtained by children’s rights campaigners.The data, compiled from freedom of information requests, showed that in the first nine months of last year police across England used Tasers 839 times on people aged under 18, compared with 879 uses on childr...
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Should Michael Jackson Be ‘Canceled’?

Will Michael Jackson’s legacy survive or will it fall prey to the cancel culture?
Tags: Crime, Law, Sexual Assault, Michael Jackson, Wade Robson, Criminal Defense, Toni Messina, James Safechuck, Leaving Neverland

Teenage knife crime calls for cohesion and education | Letters

Readers discuss solutions to knife crime, the importance of schools and the benefits of youth servicesGary Younge’s questioning whether the solution to teenage knife crime lies in increasing police numbers is welcome recognition of the more complex reasons for the actions causing it (Teenagers are being killed. More policing is not the answer, Journal, 7 March).Disadvantaged young people have suffered a succession of austerity measures dating back to 2010, including decimated youth services, red...
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Biglaw Associate Shot, Firm Is Offering A Reward To Find The Gunman

The firm knows just how unusual it is to find itself in the position of offering a reward in a shooting case.
Tags: Crime, Shooting, Law, Biglaw, Robbery, Mark Stewart, Ballard Spahr, Spencer Hill

"There’s even a genre of YouTube videos devoted to documenting hungry eaters picking clean a new crab-leg serving, metal tongs battling one another for every last leg."

"'Mostly the customers argue [over] the crab legs because when the crab legs come out people just rush and take them,' a buffet manager recently told the New York Post. 'If we have a few guests when they come out, after maybe one or two minutes [the crab legs are] gone.' But the Hobbesian scramble — blink and those crab legs are kicked — has recently spiraled into flying fists, general mayhem, and 911 calls. Remarkably, twice within the same 48 hour stretch last month buffet lines were the scene...
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Morning Docket: 03.08.19

* Paul Manafort got 4 years out of a possible 24. A lot of breathless ranting will come out of this but the reality is 4 years is a significant amount of time to be incarcerated and the guidelines are crazy. Don't be mad that Manafort got too little, be mad that the system generally (and Judge Ellis in particular) unquestioningly applies the guidelines to give far too much to poor and minority defendants. [CNN] * Frankly, the charges that should earn Manafort heavy jail time are the charges of ...
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"At some point during the winter break last month, someone covered the playground of a public school in the Rego Park section of Queens with swastikas and other anti-Semitic sentiments."

"Either poor spellers or unfamiliar with the exact phrasing of the Nazi salute, whoever was responsible inscribed the words 'Hail Hiter' on the ground in chalk. Several days later, two boys were arrested and charged with aggravated harassment. They came from the neighborhood, one that has long been predominantly white and Jewish but grown more diverse in recent years with an influx of Asian immigrants.... In this case the face of hate was the face of two children of color — one black, the other ...
Tags: Crime, Children, Law, Queens, Nazi, Anti-semitism, Rego Park, City Life, Ann Althouse, Swastika, Childish Misbehavior

Morning Docket: 03.07.19

* Paul Manafort sweating today as he only has a few more hours to commit more crimes. [NY Times] * Wilbur Ross broke the law and violated the Constitution over census question. [Washington Post] * As a change of pace from the daily updates on the criminal activity of those in Trump's orbit, Canada's government is embroiled in a corruption scandal too. But it's a polite scandal. [CBC] * Driverless vehicles are going to revolutionize everything -- including the law. [Legaltech News] * A wide-r...
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The Church Sex Abuse Conference: Too Little Too Late, Or Has It Made A Difference?

Change must come to the church, or credibility (already eroding) will be lost forever.
Tags: Crime, Law, Religion, Catholic Church, Sex Abuse, Toni Messina

Knife crime boosted by 'toxic mix of cuts to police and youth services'

Backlash over Theresa May’s denial of link between crime levels and officer numbersThe prime minister sparked a backlash over the government’s handling of rising knife crime after she insisted there was “no direct correlation between certain crimes and police numbers” amid new evidence of a sharp rise in teens using knives.Police and crime commissioners, senior officers and youth workers pushed back against Theresa May’s comments as a political row erupted over the government’s grip on knife cri...
Tags: Politics, London, Crime, Police, Society, UK News, Theresa May, Police and crime commissioners, Young People, Sajid Javid, Knife crime, North Of England

Alleged Law Student Arrested On Grand Larceny Charges

Somebody doesn't seem to know how law school works.
Tags: Crime, Law, Law Schools, Law Students, Elizabeth Yadgarova

San Francisco Giants CEO filmed manhandling wife in public

Larry Baer, the CEO of the San Francisco Giants, was filmed manhandling his screaming wife in public, prizing away a cellphone from her grasp, and finally dropping her to the ground. He claimed she fell over due to a injured ankle: Larry Baer spoke with the San Francisco Chronicle after the incident. "My wife and I had an unfortunate public argument related to a family member, and she had an injured foot and she fell off her chair in the course of the argument," he said. "The matter is resol...
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"For weeks, President Trump has been criticized for exaggerating the brutality experienced by migrant women on the border as he makes his case for a wall."

"A Rose Garden address in January was only one of the times when Mr. Trump has made the claim: 'Women are tied up. They’re bound. Duct tape put around their faces, around their mouths. In many cases, they can’t even breathe. They’re put in the backs of cars or vans or trucks.' If the president was suggesting that such savagery occurs daily on America’s southern border, then he was indeed exaggerating.... But there is some truth to the president’s descriptions of the threat of sexual assault and ...
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