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How will the intensely (overly) emotional reaction to the Mueller report affect the competition for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party?

Who is helped and who is hurt? Will the Democrats or Donald Trump benefit in the end?I haven't looked for the various reactions from candidates. Are they stirring up Muellermania or demonstrating thoughtfulness and sobriety?There's the Muellermania paradox — a highly emotional reaction to the way Trump seems to have been highly emotional. (Have you heard he said "I'm fucked" when he found out they'd appointed the special counsel?!!! That seems like a perfectly normal reaction to me but a lot of ...
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5 theories on why Pete Buttigieg got so popular.

It's a crowded field of Democratic Party candidates, with notables like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris idling at around 7% and Cory Booker embarrassingly stalled at 3%. So how did Pete Buttigieg break through the pack into 3rd place already? (Only Biden and Sanders outpoll the fast-rising newcomer.)Amber Phillips (at WaPo) has 5 theories, which I'll summarize, interwoven with my commentary.1. He's a "novelty," Phillips says, because he "is from the Midwest, he’s a veteran who served in Afgha...
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Notable new advocacy against a "soft-on-crime prosecutorial agenda"

Kimberly Guilfoyle has this notable new Hill commentary under the headline "Avoid the slippery slope of 'soft-on-crime' policies that progressives want." Much of the piece is focused on immigration policy, but other domestic crime and punishment issues are covered, as revealed by these excerpts: The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is adamant on upending decades of sound law enforcement policies in favor of a radical progressive approach.  Open borders, weak-on-crime prosecutors, and drug i...
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Notably new advocacy against a "soft-on-crime prosecutorial agenda"

Kimberly Guilfoyle has this notable new Hill commentary under the headline "Avoid the slippery slope of 'soft-on-crime' policies that progressives want." Much of the piece is focused on immigration policy, but other domestic crime and punishment issues are covered, as revealed by these excerpts: The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is adamant on upending decades of sound law enforcement policies in favor of a radical progressive approach.  Open borders, weak-on-crime prosecutors, and drug i...
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"Democrats Are Falling Into the Ilhan Omar Trap/By rushing to stand with the controversial congresswoman, the 2020 contenders are allowing Trump to transform her into the face of their party."

Writes David Frum in The Atlantic.Against Omar’s propensity to provoke, the Democratic Party seems institutionally almost defenseless. Pelosi was thwarted when she attempted to pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitic expressions by House members....After Trump’s tweeted attack, Omar will become even more internally uncriticizable and unmanageable, without becoming any more careful or responsible. Indeed, the speech by Omar that provided Trump with the sound bite he exploited—“some people did s...
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"In Washington, she hasn’t done much—let’s be honest, who in the Senate has in recent years?"

"She introduced a few bills: one, with Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, to study reforming the cash-bail system; another, with 13 Democratic colleagues, to begin addressing the high mortality rates black women face in childbirth. She also introduced, with fellow Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker and Republican Tim Scott, a bill to make lynching a hate crime. This last one was classic Harris: tough on crime, seemingly progressive, entirely risk-free. It passed the Senate unanimously."Fr...
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The NYT's Charles M. Blow thinks it's "a mistake to believe that Trump’s supporters don’t see his lying or corruption. They do. But, to them, it is all part of the show and the lore."

Blow writes:[W]hen you survey the constellation of folk heroes, you see that many have been criminals. Bonnie and Clyde. John Dillinger. The Sundance Kid....Perhaps one of the most popular folk heroes in the world is mythological: Chinese folklore’s Monkey King.Please note that Blow is black and Trump is white. If the races were reversed, Blow's career would be over. Ask Roseanne Barr.The British Council wrote of [the Monkey King] legend: “Despite his superpowers, at the heart of the Monkey King...
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Notable new (though incomplete) accounts of the state of death penalty politics

A couple of major news outlets had a couple of recent lengthy stories about modern death penalty politics.  Here are headlines, links, a small snippet and a follow-up comments: From NBC News, "Death penalty repeal sweeping across states as both parties get on board": Hannah Cox, the national manager of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, said that while the issue of repealing the death penalty was once a partisan one, that's changing.  It "was virtually unheard of in 2012 for a Rep...
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Tuesday's Wisconsin Supreme Court election makes national media look again at a state that last fall's election made them think was part of a "blue wall" again.

It must be so annoying for them. I feel the irksomeness leaking through the lines of "Wisconsin, Ground Zero for 2020 Politics, Looks Like a Tossup Again" (in the NYT). Tony Evers ousted Scott Walker last fall, so that should have meant the state had accepted its blue place. The liberal SCt candidate was presented as way ahead, the conservative was duly smeared as a religious bigot, and then look what happened! How dare the Wisconsin slip away and demand more attention after the Democrats gave M...
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"Obama, these people said, made few if any remarks about Trump or the newly released conclusion of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election."

"Impeachment also never came up. Rather, the evening was casual and friendly. Obama spoke about his own experience in Congress, however brief it was before his ascension to the White House. The former president — who had campaigned for a number of freshmen in the room — said he was proud of them for fighting for what they believed was right."I'm reading "Obama cautions freshman House Democrats about the price tag of liberal policies" (WaPo), reporting on an Obama appearance at a Democratic Party...
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"We don't agree on all issues; I consider myself a political independent, while he's a solid Democrat."

"But I've spent hours and hours having civil discussions of politics and policy with him, not on social media but in person, one on one. For years, we worked closely together on a monthly student publication in high school. So I wasn't surprised in 2014 when I heard Howard Dean, the former head of the Democratic National Committee, say during a TV appearance with him: 'I happen to know Ben, and he's one of the smartest people under 35 in the entire country.' (He's now 38.) If you know Ben, you k...
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The perverse power of the Democrats rule that a candidate with 65,000 donors gets into the debates.

WaPo explains, noting that the obscure candidate John Delaney is offering to give $2 to charity if you give him $1. Delaney is wealthy and self-funded. So he can do something like that easily.The Democratic Party also set the fundraising threshold with the goal of expanding the early debate stage to include as many as 20 candidates, who will be randomly divided to appear on consecutive nights in a two-day June debate hosted by NBC and a two-day July meeting hosted by CNN.Using polling alone to f...
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"Engaged protesters were not able to block the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act or Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, but they did render both toxically unpopular."

"The resistance spurred an unprecedented level of interest in special elections, swinging seats across the country, and powered Democrats to sweeping wins in the 2018 midterms. And then it stopped... The resistance has demobilized.... A swirl of controversy about anti-Semitism and ties to Louis Farrakhan cast a shadow on key leaders of the official Women’s March organization in the months leading up to the third annual march.... [T]he controversies depressed turnout. Nancy Pelosi took over as sp...
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"There’s still a big part of the party that wants to fall in love, and there’s another part of the party that will settle for anything that will beat Trump."

"I think that’s a real, daily tension in the party that’s going to play out in real time.... It just happened that in 2008 and 2012 we fell in love with the most electable candidate.... I would generally make the case that the Democratic Party should always be nominating the next-generation candidate... except I’m not sure any of the old rules apply."Said Democratic Senator Christopher S. Murphy, quoted in "Beto O’Rourke is 46. Bernie Sanders is 77. Does Age Matter Anymore for Democrats?" (NYT)....
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Agustin Huneeus Jr. — charged in the college admissions scandal — "has been a popular big money-political donor to California’s Congressional Democrats from the San Francisco Bay Area, and Napa Valley."

The California Globe reports:In 2016, his family hosted a Democratic mega-donor lunch and wine pairing at their Quintessa Winery for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, with Google’s executive chairman Schmidt as the luncheon speaker.... Huneeus has made seven contributions to House Speaker Nancy Pelois (D-San Francisco), totaling $18,300, and $10,000 to Pelosi’s political action committee, PAC to the Future....Agustin also made:six contributions to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-San Francisco), totaling $21,600.six lar...
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"The Six Wings Of The Democratic Party."

According to FiveThirtyEight:The Super Progressives — Very liberal on economic and identity/cultural issues, anti-establishment... Prominent examples: Ocasio-Cortez , Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin.... People in this bloc generally see the Democratic Party as too centrist and too cautious...The Very Progressives — Very liberal on economic issues, fairly liberal on identity issues, skeptical of the Democratic establishment. Prominent examples: Bill de Blasio, Sen. Jeff...
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Send in the cats!

"Milwaukee lands 2020 Democratic National Convention" (Wisconsin State Journal).Milwaukee Bucks vice president Alex Lasry — who along with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, helped oversee the city's bid for the convention — hailed the news...."For the next year and a half, everyone will be talking about the ‘Road to Milwaukee,' putting an emphasis on the importance of Wisconsin and the Midwest for winning the presidency," Lasry said....Hail the news... and Hail, ...
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Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen likens Ilhan Omar (and other colleagues) to cats — saying, "The cats have to understand who provides the water and kibble and cleans the litter."

I'm reading "'Like herding cats': Pelosi struggles to unify Democrats after painful fight over anti-Semitism" (WaPo).I know Steve Cohen is wielding the old cliché, It's like herding cats, but I thought it was completely unacceptable these days to equate persons of color with animals. (Ask Roseanne.) And look how bad this is:“Being a speaker — especially on the Democratic side — is like herding cats,” said Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.). “. . . The cats have to understand who provides the water and k...
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"If even a successful businessman and entrepreneur like Governor Hickenlooper can't openly support capitalism in the Democratic primary, it's clear this is Senator Sanders' party now."

Said Howard Schultz (the Starbucks founder who may run for President as an independent), which was quoted on "Face the Nation" this morning, in a question to John Hickenlooper, whose answer was so dispiriting that I turned off the TV in the middle. Transcript:GOV. HICKENLOOPER: I've been-- the point I was making is that we defined people by these labels that- that often have all kinds of associations and baggage with them in that sense. Do I believe in small business? Of course I believe in smal...
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"Omar says the 'hope and change' offered by Barack Obama was a mirage."

"Recalling the 'caging of kids' at the U.S.-Mexico border and the 'droning of countries around the world' on Obama’s watch, she argues that the Democratic president operated within the same fundamentally broken framework as his Republican successor. 'We can’t be only upset with Trump. … His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was,' Omar says. 'And that’s not what we should be looking for anymore. We don’t...
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"I see everything as an opportunity. This is an opportunity once again to declare as strongly as possible opposition to anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim statements [and] white supremacist attitudes."

Said Nancy Pelosi, quoted in "Pelosi Says House Will Condemn All Hate as Anti-Semitism Debate Overshadows Congress" (NYT).She took a shot at President Trump and his equivocal statements after the deadly white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017: “The president may think there are good people on both sides, we don’t share that view.”Democrats are confident that they can unite the caucus, and they want to get the fight over [Ilhan] Omar out of the way....  Ms. Omar, a Minnesota Demo...
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Opinion analysis: The doctrine that dare not speak its name

A laid-off railroad worker goes head to head with the world’s fourth-largest publicly traded corporation over a $3,765 payment that — the worker says — is owed to him because the corporation’s negligence caused him to fall through a snow-covered drainage grate and suffer a severe knee injury. The Trump administration backs the corporation, while a trial lawyers’ group with close ties to the Democratic Party comes in to support the worker. The Supreme Court sides with the corporation, but only ov...
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"I think I'm going to switch over to Hickenlooper."

I say out loud, as I'm reading "John Hickenlooper, Former Colorado Governor, Declares Candidacy for President" (NYT). Last December, as you may know, I suddenly said — also out loud — "Why aren't the Democratic candidates better? I'm just going to be for Amy Klobuchar."But I've been worried about Amy. There was that comb-as-a-fork business, and just yesterday I was thinking there are too many Senators in the race, and I think we need a governor. There's Jay Inslee, but I'm thinking he's all abou...
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"The Overdue Death of Democratic 'Pragmatism'/Centrism in disguise is the wrong strategy for stopping Trump."

A headline that makes me sad. The article, at The New Republic, is by Alex Shephard.Substantively, it's another one of these Amy-Klobuchar-must-be-destroyed articles. [T]he press has cemented her identity as a pragmatist because she fills a key narrative role in the 2020 race: serving as a contrast to the supposed idealists who are driving most of the conversation (and most of the voter excitement) in the Democratic primary. This is shaping up to be the defining conflict of the race...This is no...
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Richard Cohen (the WaPo) columnist doesn't "quite know what a handbasket is, but the Democratic Party is heading in one to electoral hell with its talk of socialism and reparations."

He's got an image, but he can't picture it. I picture something like this:But damn, I find it annoying, starting off a column so lazily.I don't quite know what a handbasket is, but the Democratic Party is heading in one to electoral hell with its talk of socialism and reparations. Given a Republican incumbent who has never exceeded 50 percent in Gallup's approval ratings poll and who won the presidency thanks to a dysfunctional electoral college, the party is nevertheless determined to give Dona...
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"The kids whom Feinstein was talking to are going to be dealing with climate chaos for the rest of their lives.... This means that youth carry the moral authority here..."

"... and, at the very least, should be treated with the solicitousness due a generation that older ones have managed to screw over. Feinstein’s condescension, though it’s less jarring in the video of the full encounter, which also shows gracious moments—including one when she offers a young person an internship—echoed that of Nancy Pelosi, from earlier this month, when the Speaker of the House talked about 'the green dream, or whatever they call it. Nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, r...
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On the Monday after the weekend when Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar announced their candidacy for President, is there any new evidence that the NYT has already picked a winner?

Look how the NYT home page structures the coverage this morning (click to enlarge and clarify):I've had the tag "NYT pushes Kamala" since December 29th, when I wrote "The NYT makes its 2020 presidential choice obvious."There are 5 women running in the race for the Democratic Party nomination — so many that I have to stop and try to remember them all. I count on my fingers and I google to check my work. And I feel that the NYT is always there to say, Don't worry, don't be confused, there's Kamala...
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The Green New Deal — don't ask if it's practical, it's "aspirational," and people are looking for "dreamers."

That's the message Markos Moulitsas (founder of The Daily Kos) delievered — with an assist from WBUR news correspondent Kimberly Atkins — on “Meet the Press" today (transcript).The moderator Chuck Todd got the conversation going by reading Trump's tweet:"I think it is very important for the Democrats to press forward with their Green New Deal. It would be great for the so-called carbon footprint to permanently eliminate all planes, cars, cows, oil, gas, and the military even if no other country ...
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CNN's Nina Turner stomps on a Democratic Congresswoman's effort to blame Trump for the problems with the Democratic Party leadership in Virginia.

I loved this exchanged on "State of the Union" this morning. (Transcript and video.) Jake Tapper was moderating a panel about the mess in Virginia involving the Governor and the Attorney General, both white men who wore blackface years ago, and the black Lieutenant Governor, whom 2 women have accused of rape. Tapper asked Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragan (a woman of Mexican heritage) to confirm that she wouldn't want the 3 men — all Democrats — to resign, given that it would make the Republic...
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"Historically, the antinuclear movement didn’t emerge from environmental concerns, which is why arguments for nuclear’s environmental advantages often fall on deaf ears."

"The movement originated out of a panic among European and American intellectuals in the 1950s and ’60s about overpopulation, expressed most luridly in such popular books as the entomologist Paul Ehrlich’s 1969 'The Population Bomb.' They believed more power plants would exacerbate human density and urban growth. But nuclear power champions like Alvin Weinberg, the longtime director of America’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, countered that nuclear could supply energy enough to forestall the soc...
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