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Bill Barr To Become Caporegime With Own Family Within Trump Crime Family

Daughter and son-in-law to take key positions protecting Trump from ever facing justice.
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Acting AG Whitaker makes the case that "law enforcement works"

Today in Washington, DC, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker delivered these remarks to the National Sheriffs’ Association’s Winter Conference. The structure and specifics of what he had to say is quite similar to the message delivered by former AG Jeff Sessions in similar settings in years past, and here are notable excerpts speaking to federal enforcement efforts: In the last fiscal year, the Justice Department charged the greatest number of violent crime defendants since we started to t...
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Liability roundup

“Illinois Supreme Court Allows No-Injury Biometric Information Privacy Act Claims in Complete Victory for Plaintiffs’ Bar” [Locke Lord] Google’s “which museum portrait is your selfie like?” an early local casualty [Illinois Policy and generally on the law] “Class action reform isn’t dead. It’s just not coming from Congress” [Alison Frankel, Reuters] To get around Daimler v. Bauman line of cases, state statutes now provide that by registering to do business in the state an out-of-state bu...
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Top 5 KGB operations on U.S. soil

The KGB recruited spies and carried out numerous operations in the United States.The spies compromised U.S. intelligence and military.Some practices of the KGB continue in modern intelligence. None A 1980's Time magazine article declared that the KGB, a Soviet state security agency, is the world's preeminent information-gathering organization. While the CIA, MI6, Mossad and Interpol may debate such a title, the KGB (1954-1991) was certainly one of the most powerful, feared and successful intelli...
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Consent decrees: an exchange

My piece of two weeks ago for National Review about consent decrees, police, and the Jeff Sessions memo (briefly summarized here) drew a detailed response from Radley Balko in the Washington Post, whose writings on police misconduct I often link here. I’ve now responded in a second NR piece, arguing that while there is much common ground to be found on the issues here, I will stick with seeing the memo as generally on the right track in articulating proper limits to the feds’ constitutional role...
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Highlighting how much punishment comes with the misdemeanor process

LawProf Alexandra Natapoff has a terrific new book titled “Punishment Without Crime: How Our Massive Misdemeanor System Traps the Innocent and Makes America More Unequal,” and you can read part of the book's introduction here at the publisher's website. And over the weekend the New York Post published this commentary penned by Natapoff under the headlined "How a simple misdemeanor could land you in jail for months." Here are excerpts: Just before Christmas, Janice Dotson-Stephens died in a San ...
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SA bail tragedy illustrates how misdemeanors can ruin lives

One of Grits' favorite thinkers on justice topics, Alexandra Natapoff, whose new book about the misdemeanor system, Punishment Without Crime, I hope to review in the coming week, had a column in the New York Post with a Texas anecdote in the lede. It began: Just before Christmas, Janice Dotson-Stephens died in a San Antonio jail. The 61-year-old grandmother had been arrested for trespassing, a class B misdemeanor in Texas. She couldn’t afford the $300 bail, and a mere $30 payment to a bail bonds...
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"Education for Liberation: The Politics of Promise and Reform Inside and Beyond America’s Prisons"

The title of this post is the title of this timely new book of essays edited by Gerard Robinson and Elizabeth English Smith. Here is the publisher's description of the text: Almost 650,000 men and women, approximately the size of the city of Memphis, TN, return home from prison every year. Oftentimes with some pocket change and a bus ticket, they reenter society and struggle to find work, housing, a supportive social network.  Economic barriers, the stigma of a felony conviction, and mental hea...
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Lawyers Need to Be Able to Identify When Clients Have Experienced Abuse

On Friday (January 25th), The Globe and Mail reported on a new risk-assessment tool being developed by Deepa Mattoo, the legal director of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. This much-needed assessment tool joins others that have been recommended or are in development, primarily related to family court matters. While it is important that practising lawyers and judges, among others, learn to recognize the signs of abuse, it is also crucial that law students are prepared to work with client...
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"Federal criminal justice reform is now law: What comes next?"

The title of this post is the headline of this recent Hill commentary authored by Tim Head, the executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. Here are excerpts: Now that the FIRST STEP Act is law, the question becomes what is next at the federal level and what policy innovations can state governments develop to continue the national momentum toward a more efficient and effective justice system. The next order of business for implementation of federal reform is for the U.S. Senate to conf...
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Timely questions on enduringly important topics via The Crime Report

I have praised and promoted work done over at The Crime Report for many years, and the site remains a daily must-read for criminal justice fans.  And in the last few days, TCR has had two new pieces headlined with two questions that are timely and enduring.  Here are the headlines, links and brief excerpts: "Can the U.S. Abolish Life Sentences?" (Q&A with Ashley Nellis) TCR: You write, “Perhaps the most glaring omission of relevant data was the failure of the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS),...
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An Analysis of Title I and Title III of The Music Modernization Act, Part 2 of 2 (Guest Blog Post)

Guest Blog Post by Tyler Ochoa [This is part 2 of a 2-part series on the Music Modernization Act. Check out part 1 before reading this post.] The Musical Works Database One of the most important provisions in the MWM Act is the provision requiring the Collective to “establish and maintain a database containing information relating to musical works (and shares of such works) and, to the extent known, the identity and location of the copyright owners of such works (and shares thereof) and the soun...
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Canada’s Law Societies Need a National Civil Service

This post summarizes a full-text article with the same title on the SSRN, and refers to Fasken InHouse. The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) is to have a bencher[1] election on April 30, 2019. We should vote only for those candidates that present solutions to the access to justice-unaffordable legal services problem (the “A2J problem”). Governments are now reacting without law societies. Benchers have to be something more than the present part-time amateurs who bring to the job only the expertise of...
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Justice Department revamps consent decree rules: what the press missed

The feds plan to be less heavy-handed in using consent decrees to micromanage states and cities, and there’s a good case for that, I argue at National Review. Alas, as I explain, national media bungled the story in November by characterizing Jeff Sessions’s memo as if it were primarily aimed at reducing oversight of police. “Not once in its seven pages does the word ‘police’ even appear.” My short piece doesn’t take up the question of how the well-documented problems of consent decrees in other ...
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Challengers urge justices to dismiss census case after district court ruling (Updated)

UPDATE: On Friday, January 18, the Supreme Court announced that it had removed the case from the February argument calendar and suspended the briefing schedule “pending further order of this Court.” Although the justices will not hear oral argument in the case in February, today’s order does not foreclose the possibility that the case could be argued later in the term, at which point the justices could also potentially review the district court’s decision blocking the government from including t...
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Challengers urge justices to dismiss census case after district court ruling

On February 19, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral argument in U.S. Department of Commerce v. U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, a dispute over evidence in a challenge to the Trump administration’s decision to reinstate a question about citizenship on the 2020 census. The justices agreed in November to review the case, but they also rejected the government’s request to put the trial in the case on hold. The district court went ahead with the trial, and on Tuesday...
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On Emojis And Shutdowns

Here are two concepts that shouldn't fit together, but welcome to 2019.
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"The Clemency Process Is Broken. Trump Can Fix It."

The title of this post is the title of this notable new Atlantic commentary authored by Rachel Barkow, Mark Holden and Mark Osler.  Here are excerpts: It took six years of intense wrangling to get the First Step Act passed. Clemency reform, however, requires the action of only one man. The president can act alone to fix what Congress did not. ​Even the First Step Act’s primary nemesis, Republican Senator Tom Cotton, has acknowledged a role for clemency, saying as part of his attack on the legis...
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Morning Docket: 01.15.19

* States win big victory blocking Trump's birth control rules from taking effect. Now I guess he'll have to build a wall around vaginas too. [Law360] * Former Sullivan & Cromwell chief John Merow and his wife were killed in an apartment fire on Saturday. [New York Law Journal] * Quinn Emanuel adds Sandra Moser to co-head the firm's white collar practice. [National Law Journal] * Are the days of law firm expansion coming to an end? I'm guessing no. [] * William Barr will now face the S...
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Impact on Legal & Public Information of Partial US Government Shutdown

The US federal government has been in partial shutdown since just before Christmas 2018. There has been a lot of well deserved focus on how the shutdown is affecting the hundreds of thousands of US federal employees who are not being paid. Or air travel. Or the poorly housed. The list goes on. Many observers are now starting to worry about how this will impact access to various kinds of government and legal information south of the border. The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) issued ...
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Rod Rosenstein Will Spare Bill Barr The Effort Of Pushing Him Out

The Deputy AG was unlikely to survive any Trump nominee.
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Morning Docket: 01.04.19

* That was quick! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she'd wait until the Mueller report came out to talk about the possibility of impeaching the president, but one of her colleagues is planning to re-introduce articles of impeachment against Trump on the first day of the new Congress. [CNN] * The Senate Judiciary Committee has set a confirmation hearing for William Barr, the nominee for U.S. attorney general, on January 15, and he'll get the "same fair and thorough vetting process" as all of his ...
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Non Sequiturs: 12.30.18

* In 2018, what did Donald Trump talk about when he talked about the courts? Adam Feldman dives into the data to find out. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of President Trump and the judiciary, he continues to appoint federal judges at a record pace -- but the Democrats are doing everything they can to slow down his progress. [Bench Memos / National Review] * If you care at all about affordable housing, then you should be heartened by these developments in the fight against exclusionary zoning, a...
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Justice Department Lawyers Unable To Do Their Jobs Thanks To Government Shutdown

Always helpful when the government screws up the way the justice system functions.
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Spotlighting the enduring challenges posed by risk-assessment mechanisms built into FIRST STEP Act

LawProf Brandon Garrett has this important new Slate commentary headlined "The Prison Reform Bill’s Implementation Will Be Tricky; Here’s how to ensure it’s a success." I recommend the piece in full, and here are excerpts: The First Step Act, the federal prison reform bill that President Donald Trump signed into law on Friday, represents a bipartisan and major effort at making the criminal justice system fairer.  This step will only be a baby step, however, if the engine that drives the entire ...
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Morning Docket: 12.26.18

* The D.C. Circuit awarded more than $501M in damages to the family of Otto Warmbier, the student who tortured so badly in North Korea that he was left deaf, blind, unable to speak, and died shortly after he returned home. [New York Times] * Trump's DOJ has filed many emergency SCOTUS requests to bypass lower courts, but here are the ones to watch: the asylum ban, the DACA wind-down, the transgender military ban, the citizenship census, and kids' climate change. [PBS NewsHour] * Ex-district ...
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Justices release February argument calendar

The Supreme Court . The justices will hear eight hours of oral argument over five days, including in two of the highest-profile cases of the term so far, involving factfinding in the dispute over the decision to add a question about citizenship to the census and a challenge to the constitutionality of a cross on public land. The February sitting begins on February 19 with Department of Commerce v. U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, the census case. The case has its ro...
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Justices rebuff government on asylum ban

Last week the federal government went to the Supreme Court, asking the justices to block a ruling by a federal judge that bars the Trump administration from denying asylum to immigrants who enter the United States illegally from Mexico. Today the justices turned down the government’s request, which means that the government will not be able to enforce its new policy on asylum while the government appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit and, if it comes to that, the Supreme Court...
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