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Deductions for all! 22 tax write-offs without itemizing

Thanks to much larger standard deduction amounts under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), fewer filers are itemizing deductions. But that doesn't mean they aren't still writing off some tax-deductible expenses. During this first filing season after the many changes wrought by the latest tax reform law, taxpayers are still claiming what used to be called above-the-line deductions. Technically, they are and always have been adjustments to income. They got the above-the-line moniker because they pr...
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Put Your Shark Hat On – AALL’s Innovation Tournament

  A few creative go-getters ready to pitch their ideas — ideas that beat out all the others to reach this stage. A panel of judges comprised of the industry’s thought leaders, waiting to be wowed. A rapt audience, eager to see who will sink or swim. It’s the showcase of a major network (legal knowledge network, that is), truly “must-see” stuff. It’s not Shark Tank. It’s the return of AALL’s innovation tournament. Ready to jump in? Simply put, innovation is change that adds value, and the Amer...
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The Sinoloa Cartel Declares War On Water In California

From Wirecutter’s Place, this disturbing piece from California. Quite some time ago, the Sinoloa drug cartel took up shop in Humboldt County, CA. Today, they are controlling much of the marijuana trafficking from a region that is now often referred to as the Emerald Triangle. They engage in illegal water diversion to irrigate their crops courtesy of Nancy and Paul Pelosi. They have trouble with rodents and small animals eating through the PVC piping. Subsequently, the Sinoloas spread and extreme...
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The Not-So-Wild West Hollywood has a clever way of distorting our perspective on history, and a great example of this is Western film – a movie genre we’ve all come to love. Cattle rustlers, guns blazing, outlaws running loose, and vigilantes dishing out vengeance indiscriminately. These scenes have become more synonymous with the American Frontier than Winchester and their “Cartridge That Won the West.” But these fictional tales have produced more than entertainment for over a century; they’ve also contri...
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Gender pay gap: Five things to bear in mind

Don't just blame companies for the imbalance. Society needs to change, say experts.
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Dealing With Loss

I’ve avoided writing this post.  I knew it would be painful, but I’ve just now been able to formulate what I wanted to say.  At least, sort of.  I need to say just enough, but I can’t say too much. I’ve had a hard four months.  At the end of November, 2018, I was hit with a reduction in force (RIF) where I worked, which of course, means I was laid off.  I’ve always hidden my employer from my writing, never even once mentioning my company. This is what I did with Duke Energy.  I’m a nuclear engin...
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Pete Buttiegieg On Gun Control

News on Pete Buttiegieg: Buttigieg, an Afghanistan war veteran and lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve, could become America’s first openly gay president. If it wasn’t apparent from how much money he’s raised so far, he’s gained an incredible amount of momentum since launching his presidential exploratory committee on January 23, 2019. When it comes to key issues like gun control, Buttigieg has made it clear over the years where he stands: He supports universal background checks, and kn...
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Board Question #91708: Can you make a Dante's Inferno style thing about the ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,Can you make a Dante's Inferno style thing about the worst types of fellow student to have class with, and the appropriate punishments they should have to endure?-Alighieri A: Dear Dante, Limbo Limbo is reserved for the virtuous unbelievers. So in other words, people who were good but apparently are still going to hell, according to Dante. These are the people who sit right next to you when there are tons of open seats available. Is their crime that bad? Not really. Are ...
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"Iowa 2020: Biden and Sanders neck and neck in Democratic Field, Mayor Pete jumps to double digits."

It's Emerson’s second poll of the Iowa caucus.... former Vice President Joe Biden narrowly leads the Democratic field with 25%, followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at 24%. Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana has surged to 11%. Senator Kamala Harris of California follows with 10% - the only other candidate to clear double digits in Iowa....Buttigieg was at 0% in the previous Emerson poll, in January.Sanders maintains a lead among 18-29 year olds with 44%, followed by Buttigieg with...
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"Don't Worry, I'll Get More"

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ordered a six-month suspension of an attorney Attorney Templeton was admitted to practice law in Wisconsin in 2004 and practiced in Menasha. He has no prior disciplinary history. Effective May 31, 2017, his license to... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Pets and Animals: Neighbor Dogs Trespassing

My question involves personal property located in the State of: Texas We are having a problem with the neighbor's dogs (minimum of 6) constantly coming onto our property every day and multiple times a day - peeing and defecating in both our front and back yards, plus coming onto our property when we are outside and constantly barking at us. They have gotten into our garage twice and torn up garbage bags and anyone who drives up to our house is afraid to even get out of their vehicle due to th...
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New Zealand Gun Owners’ Reaction To Coming Gun Ban

To be sure, there are those who are trying to get semi-automatic long guns before the ban, but these reactions are the most telling. Some rushed to their trusted online dealers and stores to stock up on semiautomatic assault-style rifles. Others unlocked their secure cabinets, picked up their firearms and turned them in to police stations, no questions asked. [ … ] John Hart, a gun owner, said on Twitter that he has given up his AR-15 rifle and ammunition because his “convenience doesn’t outweig...
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When No One Believes In The First Amendment Anymore

David Codrea: … the new climate in Florida where even some Republicans are scrambling to support citizen disarmament edicts. Pizzo is now pushing a bill that, along with “lock up your safety” infringements, makes “posting or publishing of a picture of a firearm, BB gun, air or gas-operated gun, or device displayed to resemble a firearm to social media” by minors a criminal act that will result in guns being “promptly seized by a law enforcement officer and disposed of,” and other penalties. Do s...
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The NYT "Daily" podcast traps Jerry Nadler into an implicit confession that his investigation into Trump is biased and political.

I'm listening to today's episode of the NYT "Daily" podcast, which is the 3rd part in a series about what to expect from the Mueller report. It's an interview with Representative Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which is investigating President Trump and where an effort to impeach Trump would begin.The NYT interviewer is the host of the "Daily" podcast, Michael Barbaro, and, at about 8 minutes into the conversation, he traps Nadler with this stunning question: "You sa...
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Trumped By ‘Covfefe’ II: Yet Another Reason NOT To Trademark Trending Names And Catchphrases

Don't even waste your time, because the USPTO is really pushing back on this issue.
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Send in the cats!

"Milwaukee lands 2020 Democratic National Convention" (Wisconsin State Journal).Milwaukee Bucks vice president Alex Lasry — who along with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, helped oversee the city's bid for the convention — hailed the news...."For the next year and a half, everyone will be talking about the ‘Road to Milwaukee,' putting an emphasis on the importance of Wisconsin and the Midwest for winning the presidency," Lasry said....Hail the news... and Hail, ...
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"You remind me of a celebrity, but I can’t remember which one — who’s someone you relate to?"

Oh, no! This article about making small talk suggests that question. Be forewarned. If someone asks you that, it's not really because you reminded them of a celebrity. Don't be tricked into offering up the secret part of yourself within which you imagine that you're like a particular celebrity.But you can tell me: What celebrity do you think you remind people of?Also: If you get that question some day, here are some responses you can use:1. "Did you get that question from an article about how to...
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Morning Docket: 03.08.19

* Paul Manafort got 4 years out of a possible 24. A lot of breathless ranting will come out of this but the reality is 4 years is a significant amount of time to be incarcerated and the guidelines are crazy. Don't be mad that Manafort got too little, be mad that the system generally (and Judge Ellis in particular) unquestioningly applies the guidelines to give far too much to poor and minority defendants. [CNN] * Frankly, the charges that should earn Manafort heavy jail time are the charges of ...
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New Mexico Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce Universal Background Checks

News from New Mexico: ALBUQUERQUE – A bill to expand background checks on private gun sales in New Mexico that’s awaiting the governor’s promised signature is presenting a key question for law enforcement as it heads for her desk: How do they expect to enforce it? Debate over the bill exposed a rift in the state over gun rights before it won final approval in the Legislature this week and was sent to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who has described it as common-sense reform. A large majority of s...
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A tale of two approaches to Texas property-theft thresholds

A pair of bills heard in two Texas House committees this week demonstrate opposing philosophies when it comes to incarcerating people for low-end property theft.At Monday's Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee hearing, state Rep. Gene Wu, a Houston Democrat, proposed HB 760 making theft of packages delivered to someone's front porch an automatic state-jail felony, even if the value of the stolen items were just a few dollars. Wu said this was justified because going onto someone's porch ...
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"Silencing music by a dead person who committed crimes does nothing to stop those kinds of crimes from happening in the future."

"If we consistently threw out all music by people who once acted horribly, we’d have no John Lennon, no Beatles, no Miles Davis. Of course, the Beatles revolutionized rock and pop music, and Miles Davis revolutionized jazz. So we’d be left musically impoverished, just to make ourselves feel good."Writes my son John (at his blog post, "Should we stop listening to Michael Jackson?"), adding, "And yes, I am that guy!," linking to an Onion piece, "Man Always Gets Little Rush Out Of Telling People Jo...
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As seen on Reddit: Salary discussion bans are a BIG legal no-no

AriesAviator posted the following question in the LegalAdvice subreddit: Boss just threatened to fire me and another co-worker because we were discussing a raise we both got- what should I do? We both got pulled into a group chat over the app our work uses, and the first message reads as follows; Hey I don't want to here about your raises with the other crew members we talked about this before, other places have strict rules either termination or reversal of the raise this is not okay, Don't ...
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Do Me a #SOLID

The legal industry is tiny.  It’s full of cliques and special interest groups; kind of like high school, except with inverted popularity, where the geeks and the nerds are ‘the cool kids’.   And given the opportunity to be ‘cool’ the geeks tend to step up and rise above the petty jealousies of adolescence.  We are an open clique.  We share our ideas, theories, and models.  And we are effusive with praise for each other and quick to give credit to our friends, colleagues, and fellow legal geeks....
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Non Sequiturs: 03.03.19

* Several weeks after its release, Over My Dead Body, Wondery's new podcast exploring the Dan Markel case, continues to top the podcast charts -- and creators Matthew Shaer and Eric Benson have some thoughts on why the case has seized the public imagination. [Inside Edition] * The Keith Tharpe case, far from representing an isolated injustice, reflects and embodies the racist roots of the death penalty in America, according to Stephen Cooper. [CounterPunch] * The fight against racism in the ju...
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In the view from my window right now: How many cardinals?

Did you find them all? Don't miss the females! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Grown-ups Are Stupid! How to Travel + See the World Like a Child

I t was 4:48 a.m. 4:49 … I awoke to a pattern of lights gliding across my bedroom ceiling. A pale, yellow apparition in the shape of my window that twisted in upon itself before vanishing. Seconds later, another. Then … a third. For a moment, I was captivated. In the quiet morning hours, it felt like a special light show that someone had choreographed just for me. As I was still half-asleep, it felt alien, yet calming and beautiful. Within seconds I realized it was the mere reflection of headlig...
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February 27 roundup

In move to protect itself against patent trolls, Apple plans to close retail stores in the troll-favored Eastern District of Texas [Joe Rossignol, MacRumors; Sarah Perez, TechCrunch] Don’t: “Civil Rights Lawyer Faked Cancer to Delay Cases, Illinois Bar Authorities Say” [Scott Flaherty, American Lawyer] Don’t: “* lies about joint stipulation for extension * FABRICATES OPPOSITION BRIEF * constructs false chain of emails, forwards to partner. Dude, just doing the work would have been WAY les...
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Speeding Tickets: Speeding Ticket in Pennsylvania, Accutrac

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Pennsylvania I got a ticket this morning where the cop said I was going 46 in a 25. This surprised me, because the road before a small straight part if windy and I stopped and went slow to look at the creek. After the bend, I can see maybe I was going 35, but not 46, especially when I was getting ready to make another turn. The cop used Accutrak. My issue is this. On the ticket, for miles timed, it says .027. Pennsylvania Code Law 3...
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Why is the white album the Beatles album that has sold the most copies?

It's the double album, so it's the most expensive, and yet it's sold 24 million copies, while "Abbey Road" has sold only 12 million. They don't multiply by 2 because it's a double album, I don't think.The white album (officially called "The Beatles") is by far the highest-selling multiple-disc album, and it's also the fourth highest-selling album of all time. Ahead of it, in addition to "Thriller," are 2 Eagles albums.My question is, why the white album? It's more of a grab bag of songs. I like ...
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"Low-level employees were asked to perform duties they described as demeaning, like washing her dishes or other cleaning — a possible violation of Senate ethics rules, according to veterans of the chamber."

I'm afraid I must do a third post on the NYT article "How Amy Klobuchar Treats Her Staff." I just want to focus on the subject of a U.S. Senator asking low-level staff to do cleaning and the journalism of calling it "a possible violation of Senate ethics rules, according to veterans of the chamber."Why can't we have better reporting? Who are these unnamed people who make vague statements about ethics rules? Is this good journalistic ethics? What makes someone a "veteran of the chamber"? Could yo...
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