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New Remote Working Guidance And Cybersecurity Best Practices For Lawyers

Welcome to the future. Don't talk about cases in front of Siri or Alexa.
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Attorney/Capitol Insurrectionist Still Filing Motions About ‘Bizarre’ Developments — See Also

Getting Fired -- Twice -- Hasn't Stopped Him! Paul Davis, the attorney who attended the January 6th insurrection, is still busy filing motions. Biglaw To Government And Back Again: Don't expect Merrick Garland to do anything about it. Is Being Married To A Lawyer Worse Than Being One? No, but it still sucks. The Bar Exam Is Coming For Washington State: This is why we can't have nice things. DLA Piper Wants To Grow: Yes, even bigger.
Tags: Law, Washington, Paul Davis, Dla Piper, Don, Merrick Garland, See Also

"Can only have been painted by a madman."

Words by Edvard Munch in tiny letters in the most famous version of "The Scream," The Art Newspaper reports. Can we be sure that the artist wrote these words? Mai Britt Guleng, the curator of Old Masters and modern paintings at the National Museum of Norway, says yes. First, the handwriting matches up to other samples of Munch's handwriting. Second, the writing is tiny: “Had this been an act of vandalism by another person, the size of the letters would probably have been larger and the whole tex...
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Rush Limbaugh, the "isolate."

From "Rush Limbaugh’s Complicated Legacy/He was a gifted entertainer and advocate, but in his later years certain flaws became more evident" by Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal: To create a community of tens of millions of people in fractured, incoherent America was an astounding feat. To pretty much sustain it over 30 years was equally astounding. It is perhaps ironic but probably inevitable that that community was created by a man whom one of his closest friends this week called “an iso...
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Wild Allegations Against Jones Day Attorney In New Lawsuit — See Also

Don't People Know Fear Is A Terrible Way To Motivate Underlings? Apparently they don't tell attorneys that at Jones Day. Well, This Seems Like A Gross Miscarriage Of Justice: A man's dead and misdemeanor charges were filed against the state AG.  No Electricity? No Water? Don't count on law school taking a break for that. Or Maybe Your Heat Is Out: Try burning the law. HLS Student Starts Clothing Company During A Pandemic: Overachiever.
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"First of all, kids don't get the vaccine —get COVID very often... so you're the safest group of people in the whole world, number one."

"Number two, you're not likely to be able to be exposed to something and spread it to mommy or daddy. And it's not likely mommy and daddy are able to spread it to you either. So I wouldn't worry about it, baby. I promise you. But I know it's kind of worrisome. Wait, are you in first grade? Second grade? Oh, you're getting old. Second grade. Well, has your school — have you been in school, honey? No? See, that's — that's kind of a scary thing, too. You don't get to go to school. You don't get to...
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Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Mince Words When It Comes To Donald Trump’s Unlikely Impeachment Conviction

Don't forget: Senate Republicans are complicit in Trump's crimes.
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"If Donald Trump directly caused the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6, then Democrats need to prove it...."

"Americans need to see all the evidence. And I’m worried that Democrats won’t supply enough of it. Citizens need testimony and documentation that painstakingly lays out the theory of the case: how Trump planned to claim fraud well before the election and how he followed through afterward, using false statements and frivolous lawsuits to deceive his followers into believing that he hadn’t really lost; how his political team helped bring the angriest and most extreme of those followers to D.C. on ...
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Clubhouse Meetings on Surveys for Lawyers and The Week in Legal Podcasts

If you’ve listened to The Geek in Review podcast the past couple of weeks, you heard that Marlene and I are enjoying the discussions we’ve joined on Clubhouse. Well, we are going to each host a room this week, and we’d love to have the readers of 3 Geeks and the listeners of The Geek in Review join us. So grab your iOS devices and listen and discuss the following topics this week: Monday, February 8th at 1:00 PM ET – Legal Podcasters Roundtable: What’s On Your Latest Episode? This is a weekly r...
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I Know It Says ‘My’ Pillow But Terms And Conditions Apply — See Also

Taxes Don't Evade Themselves!: Donald Trump is too busy to testify at his own impeachment. Adventures In Disclaiming: OAN hopes to get out of trouble. They won't. Lawyers Love Technicalities: Jeopardy! champ beats Ken Jennings... sort of. Law Schools Need To Step Up: Because students are suffering.
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Here is our first Kentucky Derby Super Six of 2021

I’m kind of proud of the fact that I had Authentic ranked No. 5 when I debuted my 2020 Kentucky Derby Super Six more than a year ago. Of course, he went on to win the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders’ Cup Classic, along with being named Horse of the Year. Now, I won’t bore you with the four horses I ranked ahead of Authentic. That’s all water under the bridge, right? OK, OK. I’ll tell you. After all, transparency is high on my list. I’m embarrassed to reveal my top four Derby contenders on Jan. 1...
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"Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) apologized for her past controversial remarks and embrace of the QAnon conspiracy theory.... Greene told her colleagues that she made a mistake by being curious about 'Q'...."

The Hill reports, based on 2 sources who were in "a heated closed-door House GOP conference meeting."  I wish I had a verbatim quote, because I'm interested in whether she used the word "curious" and whether she apologized for being curious.  I think we are in a very dangerous phase of cultural development if people are learning that it is wrong to become interested in things and to read and talk about notions that are not the entirely mainstream, agreed-upon stories. Are doors closing, wit...
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"When you increase the number of female executive members, if their speaking time isn’t restricted to a certain extent, they have difficulty finishing, which is annoying."

Said Yoshiro Mori, president of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee, quoted in the WaPo article "Tokyo Olympics chief says women talk too much at meetings, calls it 'annoying'" by Matt Bonesteel. I'm including the reporter's name because I just love it. Matt Bonesteel.  But how about this Yoshiro Mori character?! When I was growing up, back in the 1950s and 60s, it was stock repartee to say that women talk too much. But it's 2021! You don't just say women talk too much, let alone stake out ...
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"A crash-course in how to smell train."

  I'm watching that — and I ordered this — after listening to the Daily podcast, "The Forgotten Sense/What can the coronavirus's strangest symptom teach us about the mysteries of smell," and hearing about "smell training" for the first time. I've never had covid 19 (as far as I know), but I have had a profound (but not complete) loss of the sense of smell for more than a decade. The loss of smell is getting a lot of attention these days, and it hasn't been taken very seriously in the past. ...
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The Reason Behind Employee Wellness Programs

I couldn’t find the original comic that I saw once upon a time, but I went to a meme generator and reproduced it to the best of my memory. If you manage employees, you have probably been in one of these management meetings where the big boss or the HR staff conduct a brainstorming session on how we can help our employees deal with stress. On the surface, these meetings are structured with the idea of our employees are struggling with some external/internal stress (currently, of course, that woul...
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Latest Election Lawsuit Seems Headed Toward The Fires Of Mount Doom — See Also

Even A Trump Judge Thinks This Election Lawsuit Is 'Without Merit': Actually, 'without merit' is pretty much the nicest thing you can say about the lawsuit. Not Used To Reading Indictments: Don't get fooled by the hype. Robinhood Class Action Filed: Only took a matter of hours. DLA Piper Bonuses Are Out: But a disappointment to many. Justice Kagan's Poker Prowess: Revealed on Jeopardy.
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STOP Committing Suicide

El Paso, Texas Yon-Genre Mind Dump, sans edit Been a long day. Started a few days ago, and this morning was down on the border doing a live interview on War Room Pandemic. See here: After that, long drive out of Texas into New Mexico, finally into Mexico by foot, and then back to New Mexico and back to Texas. Many things were seen and heard. This border is not secure and Border Patrol are spread thin, but the...
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How to write a book.

  Photographed by me, just now, from a book that appears in my earliest childhood memories. I've never read the book, but I saw it and played with it before I could read, and when I could read, I read and puzzled over the title. I knew my parents loved the author, a radio comedian who died, too young, in 1956. The book is  © 1956.  I kept the book for my own library after my parents were gone, and I knew exactly where to find it in my disorganized shelves when the author's name came up in...
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Republicans Rediscover ‘Norms’ As Biden Fires Labor Board General Counsel

Don't burn that bridge if you plan to walk across it.
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"Remember in the Lion King when Scar cheated to win the title as king? And the pride land was overrun with the hyenas? And all of the lions lost everything they had built and maintained? Just asking. No reason."

Tweeted Donald Trump Jr., quoted in "Ivanka praises her own work in farewell message as bitter Don Jr compares Biden to The Lion King’s Uncle Scar/Members of the Trump family signed off after four tumultuous years in the White House" (The Independent). Don't compare human beings to animals. Don't say "pride land was overrun with the hyenas"! Your father was called a racist for his statements and policies on immigration, and "pride" resonates with white pride and Proud Boys. Why would you do th...
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Another Reminder that Contracts are Powerful in Virginia

Regular readers of this construction law blog are likely tired of my refrain that the contract is king here in Virginia.  With few exceptions, some of which have been passed in the last few years, the contract can and does essentially set the “law” for the transaction.  A recent opinion from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals confirms this principle. In , the Court looked at the question as to whether parties can contractually limit the statute of limitations in which a plaintiff or arbitration...
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Rudy Giuliani Reminds Mob That Winter Is Coming — See Also

So Maybe Borat Was Just Rudy Offering Sexposition: Rudy Giuliani blames "Game of Thrones" for inciting a riot. Now You Don't See It...: Now You Still Don't: Acting U.S. Attorney finds zero evidence of election fraud, just like the guy he replaced. Oh Right, Lawyers Are Still Getting Bonuses: MoFo announces. Back To Work: When are you going back to the office?
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If the "Capitol mob" was "a raging collection of grievances and disillusionment" as The Washington Post says...

... in its headline, here, then doesn't that mean it wasn't an "insurrection" or much of a plan at all, just a coming together of disparate elements? Let's look at the long article. I'm reading it for the first time and making excerpts and comments as I go. I'm doing this without an agenda, just wanting to figure out what the hell happened and what it means. Those who made their way to the grounds of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday hail from at least 36 states, along with the District of Columbia ...
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Morning Docket: 01.11.20

* A Georgia lawyer, who was purportedly present at the Capitol riot last week, claims the rioters were like "tourists." Don't think any of them were on a guided tour... [New York Post] * Musician Nicki Minaj has lost a defamation lawsuit filed by artist Tracy Chapman over music Minaj allegedly misappropriated from Chapman. [NPR] * Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is in hot water for allegedly supporting individuals involved in the riot at the Capitol last week...
Tags: New York Post, Florida, Supreme Court, Law, Nicki Minaj, Georgia, Pornhub, Don, Chapman, Capitol, Orlando Sentinel, Yahoo News, Tracy Chapman, Clarence Thomas, Minaj, Morning Docket

‘New And Improved Bar Exam’ Promises To Be Neither New Nor Improved

The bar exam is potentially changing in 2026. Don't get too psyched.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Don, Bar Exam, NCBE

Inhouse Counsel Salaries – 2021 Guide

Inhouse Counsel Salaries – Introduction Inhouse counsel salary data is not easy to find or consistently reported, but we’ve collected resources to help you in your search. There are many ways to compare your inhouse counsel salary or law firm salary with those of your peers, and to help you determine if you are being compensated fairly. You may want to review some of the guides we have listed, speak to recruiters or test the waters yourself by applying for an in-house counsel job or General Co...
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Young people drowning in debt: 'Don't borrow your way out of a recession'

It’s getting harder for young people to establish themselves as independent adults. Irresponsible lending practices will threaten that even moreEverything has been going right for Tash Drujinin of late.A few months ago the 29-year-old landed a stable job in the financial services sector. When many thousands were being laid off with the pandemic, she was made permanent and the security meant she could finally pay off the $20,000 she owed in credit card bills and personal loans. Continue reading.....
Tags: Money, Society, Australia news, Young People, Youth Unemployment, Don, Tash Drujinin

Whereas Lawyers Shall Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas — See Also

'Twas the night before Christmas: A very lawyerly version of the holiday poem we know and love. Did your law firm hand out lumps of coal or wads of cash? Don't forget to check out our list of all the firms that have announced 2020 bonuses thus far. The best law firm holiday card: The competition is getting close in our contest. The best -- or worst -- lawyer of 2020: It's up to you to choose which lawyer will the latest to join Above the Law's hall of fame/infamy. It's almost 2021, and you ...
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Morning Docket: 12.24.20

* Netflix has defeated libel claims related to The Laundromat, a film about the "Panama Papers." Maybe the judge was moved by Meryl Streep's performance... [Hollywood Reporter] * A lawsuit has been filed over alleged abuse of migrant women in detention centers run by ICE. [NBC News] * A typo in a Georgia election lawsuit says the lawyer verified the allegations under "plenty of perjury" instead of "penalty of perjury." [ABA Journal] * Judges of the Southern District of New York exercised a ...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 99 – The Who, What, and Why of #LegalTech with Kristin Hodgins and Jason Wilson

As we near the end of a very strange year, we thought we’d ask a couple of big thinkers to come on and have a no-holds-barred discussion on Legal Technology and Innovation. Kristin Hodgins is the Project Manager for Legal Innovation at Osler, Hoskins & Harcourt LLP in Toronto. Jason Wilson is a legal publisher and author who has worked at Thomson Reuters and O’Connor’s Publishing for over 20 years. We cover topics ranging from who are the thought leaders and where is the best community for legal...
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