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Cause Of Death

The Wyoming Supreme Court explains the historical role of a coroner in holding that it lacked subject matter jurisdiction over a report finding cause of death Coroners originated in England around 1194. Id. at 280. They were, at that time,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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The UK now has a law against upskirting

A law change that comes into force in the UK today makes the highly intrusive practice of ‘upskirting’ illegal. The government said it wants the new law to send a clear message that such behaviour is criminal and will not be tolerated. Perpetrators in England and Wales face up to two years in prison under the new law if they’re convicted of taking a photograph or video underneath a person’s clothes for the purpose of viewing their underwear or genitals/buttocks without their knowledge or consent...
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CCTV could be made mandatory in taxis in England and Wales

Licensing law proposals also include more rigorous regime on driver background checksTaxis and minicab drivers in England and Wales could be forced to install CCTV in their vehicles under government proposals to tighten up licensing laws.Local authorities might also have to conduct enhanced criminal record and background checks on every driver. Continue reading...
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Opening an Estate: California Father Had House in England

My father died a few weeks ago after a long battle with cancer. He lived in CA for most of his life but had a house in England which he inherited from his mother many years ago. I think the house is worth about US$300k. I have no idea how to deal with this house, can my CA attorneys deal with it? Do I need to get probate in the UK? I read a useful probate guide by a company called mylegaladvisor. They have a quiz which seems to say I will need UK probate and to file a tax return. Is that true? W...
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Probate Court Procedure: Probate Procedures for Real Estate the Decedent Owned in Another Country

My father died a few weeks ago after a long battle with cancer. He lived in CA for most of his life but had a house in England which he inherited from his mother many years ago. I think the house is worth about US $300k. I have no idea how to deal with this house, can my CA attorneys deal with it? Do I need to get probate in the UK? Will I need to pay some UK taxes on this? Any help gratefully appreciated!
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Law and Boutier win Vic Open titles as Moynihan makes history

David Law and Celine Boutier triumphed at the ISPS Handa Vic Open. Picture: Getty Images Scotland's David Law clinched a life-changing win in the innovative ISPS Handa Vic Open as Ireland's Gavin Moynihan etched his name in European Tour history.Michael Hoey closed with a 69 to tie for 17th with Paul Dunne, who posted a one-over 73 at 13th Beach Golf Club near Melbourne to leave t...
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Are Canadian Law Societies Ready for the Legal Profession’s Me Too Moment? (Spoiler: Probs Not)

Sexual harassment has happened and is still happening in legal workplaces. This reality, while at one time largely unacknowledged or treated dismissively, is now openly discussed and approached seriously as a problem in need of a solution. The rise of the Me Too movement has given the issue additional prominence over the last year or so. A selection of recent articles and blogs on the subject can be found here, here, and here. One question, however, that has not been given much attention is: how...
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The Law on Fonts and Typefaces in Design and Marketing: Frequently Asked Questions (about commercial and non-commercial use)

The right typeface is often the key to strong brand identity, a well-designed website, sharp looking brochures, and strong marketing materials. But there’s much confusion and misinformation about typefaces, fonts and how designers and marketers can lawfully use them commercially. The truth is that most people, and especially designers and marketers, do not understand the law governing the use of typefaces and fonts. There’s no shame in this. After all, most lawyers don’t understand design or ma...
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Number of bus journeys in England falls by 85m in a year

Labour says official figures show devastating impact of Tory cuts on local services The number of bus passenger journeys in England slumped by 85m last year, according to figures that Labour said highlighted the devastating impact of cuts to local services under the current government. Related: Don’t sneer at Jeremy Corbyn: for millions, buses really do matter | Owen Jones Continue reading...
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Orkney rated Britain's best place to live in terms of quality of life

Scotland and north of England dominate top five as measured by housing, crime and schoolsOrkney is the best place to live in the UK, with cheap houses, low crime, good schools and a population who are among the happiest and healthiest in the country, according to the annual Halifax quality of life survey.The survey found that all the top five best places to live in the UK were in Scotland or the north of England. Richmondshire in the north of the Yorkshire Dales came second, while the appropriat...
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'I've absolutely had enough': Tory MP embarks on anti-austerity tour

Heidi Allen joins former Labour MP Frank Field on mission to highlight the poverty caused by her party’s policiesHeidi Allen and Frank Field make an odd partnership at first glance. Allen, 44, the Conservative MP for one of Britain’s richest constituencies, and Field, 76, a Labour MP for 39 years until he resigned over antisemitism in the party, have bonded across the Commons over a shared outrage at poverty. Now they have embarked on a nationwide tour in search of the “other England” shaped by ...
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Canada’s Law Societies Need a National Civil Service

This post summarizes a full-text article with the same title on the SSRN, and refers to Fasken InHouse. The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) is to have a bencher[1] election on April 30, 2019. We should vote only for those candidates that present solutions to the access to justice-unaffordable legal services problem (the “A2J problem”). Governments are now reacting without law societies. Benchers have to be something more than the present part-time amateurs who bring to the job only the expertise of...
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Erstwhile idiot becomes genius.

I just ran across this cartoon from the March 19, 1949 issue of The New Yorker:That caption is: "Wouldn't you think they'd have a place for withdrawals, too?"At the time, she was laughed at as a fool, but from our point of view, she's envisioning the ATM machine. Genius!Why am I reading the March 19, 1949 issue of The New Yorker?, you ask.I wanted to see the old J.D. Salinger story "The Laughing Man," because I was talking about it in the comments to yesterday's post, "With a gun against my bell...
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Man given hospital order for stabbing girlfriend 173 times

Jake Neate and his parents repeatedly raised alarm about his mental health before killingA man who stabbed his girlfriend 173 times has been given an indefinite hospital order, after serious concerns were raised over police and mental health services’ handling of his case.Jake Neate, 37, is detained in intensive care at Rampton hospital in Nottinghamshire, one of three high-security psychiatric hospitals in England and Wales. He is seriously ill and is subject to checks every 15 minutes. Continu...
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Making Beto go away.

They know they have to do it. Here's what the early-stage ousting looks like on Drudge:Reading the links (in order):1. "MEDIA TURNING AGAINST 'BABBLING' BETO..." = "Preseason is over for Beto O'Rourke" (Carter Eskew in WaPo, reprinted at CT): The nation's best and toughest reporters have his number and want nothing more than to take his measure and knock him down.... The love bubble surrounding O'Rourke is leaking. To his would-be Democratic rivals, he's no longer the scrappy, truth-telling, uni...
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Electronic Signatures Revisited (But Why?)

Is an electronic signature valid in law? Twenty-five years after the Internet was opened to commercial use, that may seem to be a surprising question. An off-the-cuff response might be, “why shouldn’t it be?” The law does not prescribe a form or medium for a signature. Any method of associating a legal entity (human being, corporation, government) with a piece of information (document, text, inscription) will do the job, if the legal entity had the intention that the association should be for th...
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Mental health changes give care homes too much power, critics say

Charities, lawyers and Labour warn against government rushing out legislation in England and WalesChanges to mental health safeguards – intended to protect hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people – will hand care home managers and private hospitals far too much power, the government has been warned.The Law Society, mental health charities and Labour have accused the Department of Health and Social Care (DoH) of rushing through legislation that would remove independent scrutiny of the monitori...
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Wales has highest incarceration rate in western Europe – study

Prison population in 2017 was 154 per 100,000 in Wales, compared with 141 in EnglandWales has the highest rate of imprisonment in western Europe, the first study of its kind has revealed.Sentencing and Immediate Custody in Wales: A Factfile found that in 2017 (the latest figures available) there were 154 prisoners per 100,000 of the population of Wales, compared with 141 per 100,000 of England. Continue reading...
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Open Access for Law Book Content

It was in my role as a director of Dunedin Academic Press that recently and with some trepidation, I attended a series of workshops on open access (OA) in relation to scholarly monographs. Issues surrounding open access, as they apply to the academic journals market are now substantially rehearsed but they are less so in relation to books and the various markets for them. While most of the discussion and progress made thus far is in the academic market and primarily in such fields as humanities ...
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Police Struggle To Stop Flood Of Firearms Into UK

The Guardian: Police and border officials are struggling to stop a rising supply of illegal firearms being smuggled into Britain, a senior police chief has warned. Chief constable Andy Cooke, the national police lead for serious and organised crime, said law enforcement had seen an increased supply of guns over the past year, and feared that it would continue in 2019. The Guardian has learned that the situation is so serious that the National Crime Agency has taken the rare step of using its leg...
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Depression of fathers and their daughters linked, survey finds

Study of 3,176 UK families finds raised risk of 18-year-olds with depression if their fathers had similar feelings after their birthA teenage girl is more at risk of developing mental health problems if her father has experienced post-natal depression, according to research.A study of more than 3,000 families in the Bristol area in England found that one in 20 fathers experienced post-natal depression in the weeks after their child was born. Researchers found a link between men with the conditio...
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Leona in touch as Bronte Law blasts 62 to lead card chase

Ladies European Tour 2018. Final Qualifying School, Amelkis Golf Club, Marrakech, Morocco. December 15-20 2018. Leona Maguire of Ireland during the third round. Credit: Tristan Jones England’s Bronte Law fired a tour record nine birdies in a row in a 10-under 62 to leave former Curtis Cup teammate Leona Maguire five shots adrift at the Lalla Aicha Tour School in MoroccoThe Stockpo...
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Church of England issues transgender advice for clergy

Guidance encourages use of chosen names but does not offer transition blessingThe Church of England has published advice on how to welcome transgender people into the Anglican faith.The pastoral guidance stops short of offering a new service or blessing but it does advise Anglican clergy to address transgender people by their chosen name. It notes: “For a trans person to be addressed liturgically by the minister for the first time by their chosen name may be a powerful moment in the service.” Co...
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F-35A Lightning II

The F-35A Lightning II is a fifth-generation fighter combining advanced aerodynamics, survivability in high-threat environments and an enhanced ability to provide pilots and allied assets across operational domains with robust situational awareness. var tag = document.createElement('script'); = 'iframe-demo'; tag.src = ''; var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName(...
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This is what 'going viral' looks like

Sometimes I blog about something and it goes nowhere, much like this girl's domino: Sometimes I blog about something and it continues to weave its way to the many corners of the internet, much like this: But, sometimes I blog about something and it starts a chain reaction that looks more like this (I looked for a domino video that featured fireworks and confetti but came up short): via In other words, it goes viral. Now, on November 11, I blogged about Tim Klein's "puzzle montages" and I beli...
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Argument analysis: Majority appears ready to uphold “separate sovereigns” doctrine

When Terance Gamble was pulled over by police in Alabama three years ago for having a faulty headlight, he probably didn’t think that prosecutors would make a federal case out of it. And he certainly wouldn’t have imagined that his case would make national headlines – not so much for its own sake, but because of what a win for Gamble might mean for prosecutions arising from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election. Both of these thing...
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Asylum seekers 'too afraid' to seek NHS care, report says

Watchdog says people failing to seek care over fear of upfront costs and of data being shared with the Home OfficeAsylum seekers who need NHS care have been left in “considerable fear” because of the government’s “hostile environment” policies, according to the human rights watchdog.In a highly critical report the Equality and Human Rights Commission says people have gone without medical help since ministers forced the NHS in England to impose upfront charges to access care last year. Continue r...
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Argument preview: Justices to consider whether Eighth Amendment ban on “excessive fines” applies to the states

Next week the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in the case of Tyson Timbs, an Indiana man who lost his Land Rover after his conviction on state drug charges. A state trial court agreed with Timbs that requiring him to forfeit his car went too far, violating the Eighth Amendment’s ban on “excessive fines,” but that won’t be the issue before the justices. Instead, the question is whether the Eighth Amendment applies to state and local governments at all. The justices’ eventual answer will b...
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Towards a National Security Regulator

I had always presumed, erroneously, that all those entering the legal field would have some modicum of interest in public policy, equity issues, and promoting the rule of law. A significant chunk of the profession certainly do share those concerns, even while differing in the positions they may take. But I was bewildered by those I encountered early in my legal education who simply were indifferent towards politics or any legal topic that did not directly impact their professional pursuits. I co...
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The Mercedes-Benz Gruma Hunter X-Class Truck

Here at TFB we very rarely write about Automobiles, but when we do they are probably the best Automobiles in the World – for our needs. When we covered luxury SUVs for hunting and fishing England had a clear win with their Bentley Benteyga. If hunting with Falcons is your thing, there can also only […] Read More … The post The Mercedes-Benz Gruma Hunter X-Class Truck appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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