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SEC Enforcement Chief’s Departure Shows Need For Deeper Recruiting Pool

Coming straight from a big white collar defense firm to the SEC, long a solid career path, proves disastrous.
Tags: Law, Finance, Government, SEC, General Counsel, In-House Counsel, Legal Operations, ATL Finance, Finance Docket, Law Departments

Will Wave Of Early Retirements Caused By Swollen Investment Accounts & Pandemic Fatigue Affect Lawyers?

Can the notably stubborn legal profession maintain its legendary obstinance in the face of sweeping demographic change?
Tags: Law, Retirement, Finance, Lawyers, Early Retirement, Jonathan Wolf

Paul Singer Swears He’s Definitely Not Thinking About Deposing Jack Dorsey With These 3.5 Million New Shares He Just Bought

He just thinks, like, Twitter’s a great business on the right track, which is definitely something he says about lots of companies he’s invested in.
Tags: Twitter, Law, Finance, Paul Singer, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Disappointed Regulator Outsources More Of Deutsche Bank’s Anti-Money Laundering To KPMG

It’s almost as if five years of stern warnings and meaningful shakes of the head haven’t gotten through yet.
Tags: Law, Finance, Deutsche Bank, Kpmg, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Robinhood Customer Service Still Sucks, IPO Still Moving Full Speed Ahead

Call it the Coinbase model of doing business.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Finance Docket, Robinhood Customer Service

Credit Suisse Basically Headquartered In Court These Days

It’s not like the bank’s got other pressing issues it needs to deal with now, right?
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Finance Docket, Credit Suisse Basically Headquartered In Court

The era of the European insurtech IPO will soon be upon us

Phil Edmondson-Jones Contributor Share on Twitter Phil Edmondson-Jones is a principal at Oxx, the specialist SaaS VC backing Europe and Israel's most promising B2B SaaS businesses at the scale-up stage. Once the uncool sibling of a flourishing fintech sector, insurtech is now one of the hottest areas of a buoyant venture market. Zego’s $150 million round at unicorn valuation in March, a rumored giant incoming round for WeFox, ...
Tags: Startups, MetroMile, Column, Europe, Finance, Ipo, Israel, Insurance, Tech, Risk Management, Fintech, Insurtech, EC Column, EC Fintech, Phil Edmondson Jones

Bitcoin, Emissions Credit Company Tesla Posts Record Quarterly Profit

It does some other stuff, too, but they're not relevant to the bottom line.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Analysts Largely Shrug Off Effect Of Higher Capital Gains Tax On Roaring Equities Market

A proposed big increase to the long-term capital gains rate would likely affect higher earners, but not stock indexes.
Tags: Law, Finance, General Counsel, In-House Counsel, Legal Operations, ATL Finance, Finance Docket, Law Departments

Stock Market Roars Six Months After Biden Election, Trump Fans Who Pulled Investments Lick Wounds

The lesson is don't pull your money out of the stock market because you are pouting about an election result.
Tags: Law, Republicans, Finance, Joe Biden, Biden, Stock Market, Donald Trump, Jonathan Wolf, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Finance Docket

Hedge Fund Manager Spent Legitimate Earnings On Race Cars, Allegedly Needed To Commit Fraud To Buy A Place To Keep Them

And that place was an airplane hangar, of course.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Robinhood Gets Some Good News Vis-à-Vis Getting Sued

TD Ameritrade can’t be hit with a class-action over payment for order flow, so the little app that sometimes couldn’t probably can’t, either.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Crypto Hypocrisy

We should not expect corporate America, even those with a 'green' ethos, to manage their addiction to speculative finance.
Tags: Law, Finance, America, Bitcoin, Biglaw, Cryptocurrency, Mandeep S. Minhas

Do None Of The Ps In ‘PPP’ Stand For Ponzi?

How about ‘personal trading accounts’? ‘Poor performance’? No?
Tags: Law, Finance, PPP, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

It’s Best To Monitor Your Autonomous Tesla From The Driver’s Seat, Especially If The Autopilot’s Not On

Lessons from this weekend’s fiery (of course) crash.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Shockingly, Guy Behind $100 Million South Jersey Deli Has A Shady Past

Also, it’s not a $100 million deli. It’s a $1.9 billion deli.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Know Your Regulator: MIT Professor, Cryptocurrency Lecturer Gary Gensler Sworn In As SEC Chairman

The new leader of the Securities and Exchange Commission is a bitcoin nerd, former Goldman Sachs partner, and fierce investor advocate all rolled into one.
Tags: Law, Finance, Government, Mit, SEC, Goldman Sachs, General Counsel, Securities And Exchange Commission, Gary Gensler, In-House Counsel, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Please Please Please Make Warren v. Cooperman Happen Even If I Can’t Be There

It’s the best possible birthday present the universe could give me under the circumstances.
Tags: Law, Finance, Warren, Cooperman, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Ex-Goldman Analyst (Allegedly) Made His Own Bonus

Unfortunately for Brian Maguire, it was also his last.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Brian Maguire, Finance Docket

Ex-Goldman Analyst Made His Own Bonus

Unfortunately for Brian Maguire, it was also his last.
Tags: Law, Finance, ATL Finance, Brian Maguire, Finance Docket

David Einhorn Makes It Through Quarterly Letter About ‘Breaking Markets’ Without Mentioning SPACs

Maybe because the SPAC cops are the only regulators left on a beat.
Tags: Law, Finance, SPAC, David Einhorn, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

In-House Q&A: Emily Menchaca Of Schwan’s Co.

The foods company's senior corporate attorney discusses the restaurant industry, remote work interruptions, and a few surprises about in-house life.
Tags: Law, Finance, House, General Counsel, In-House Counsel, Legal Operations, ATL Finance, Finance Docket, Law Departments, In-House Q&A, Emily Menchaca Of Schwan

FintechOS nabs $60M for a low-code approach to modernizing legacy banking and insurance services

“Challenger” startups in banking and insurance have upended their industries, and picked up significant business, by building more customer-friendly tools and services — more personalized, easier to access, and usually competitively priced — than those typically provided their bigger, incumbent rivals. Now, a startup out of Romania that is building tools to help the incumbents respond with better services of their own is announcing a significant round of funding as its business grows. FintechOS,...
Tags: TC, Europe, UK, Enterprise, Finance, Funding, Insurance, Tech, Romania, Kpmg, Fintech, Coo, Draper Esprit, Digital Banking, Cagr, Societe Generale

Actually, Lynn Tilton Can Mess With The Zohar(s)

There is no meaningful alternative to the dominatrix of debt, legally speaking.
Tags: Law, Finance, Zohar, Lynn Tilton, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Wells, BofA Prove Stimulus Is Working By Not Looking Like Poop In Q1

If even they are inoculated, there’s hope for us all.
Tags: Law, Finance, Wells BofA, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Coinbase Listing The Last Crypto Milestone Gary Gensler Won’t Get To Weigh In On

Yesterday marks the divide between the cryptopast and the cryptofuture, possibly in more ways than one.
Tags: Law, Finance, Gary Gensler, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

Can You Stop Asking Jamie Dimon About Voting Rights And Start Asking Him About That Quarter?

Four hundred percent, people! Four hundred percent!
Tags: Law, Finance, Jamie Dimon, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

What SEC Finding Of ‘Potentially Misleading’ Claims Around Investing ESG Issues Means For You

Learn more about the preliminary results of an ESG regulatory review of investment advisors and funds.
Tags: Law, Finance, SEC, ESG, In-House Counsel, Jonathan Wolf, ATL Finance, Finance Docket

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