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Jay Powell Is The Maestro Of Misery

No one has ever quite mastered being no things to all people quite like the Fed chief.
Tags: Finance

Operatically Chivalrous Hedge Fund Lawyer Defends Right To Defend Wife’s Sullied Coat

But seriously, did it have its own ticket?
Tags: Law, Finance

Jay Powell’s Next Big Chance To Screw With The Markets Is Here

Actions speak louder than words, even than words in Fedspeak.
Tags: Law, Finance, Jay Powell

Consider This Your Friendly Tax Season Reminder That Trump’s Supposed Tax Cut Was Just Another Scam

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was a corporate giveaway and a messaging scam.
Tags: Law, Finance, Tax Cuts, Donald Trump, Tax Law, Share Buybacks, Jonathan Wolf, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

New Policy Ensures That There’s A 50 Percent Chance A Future Bald CEO Of Goldman Sachs Will Be A Woman

DJ D-Sol looking to spin way more ladies nights at 200 West St.
Tags: Law, Finance, Goldman Sachs

Company With No Profits Aims For Biggest IPO In American History

Lyft is about to take everyone for quite a shared ride.
Tags: Law, Finance

SEC Fines Wedbush For Taking An IDGAF Approach To Employee Supervision

Even this SEC can't overlook 'a long-running pump-and-dump scheme targeting retail investors.'
Tags: Law, Finance, SEC

Crypto Gambling Billionaire Tweets Out Pics Of Fun Evening Spent Watching VERY Young Girls Twerk For Him

Even John McAfee might be a little skeeved out by Calvin Ayre's Twitter feed.
Tags: Law, Finance, John Mcafee, Calvin Ayre

Russia’s Law To Ban Online ‘Disrespect’ Of Its Government Isn’t Just Morally Repugnant, It’s Bad For Russian Innovation

It doesn't seem smart to fine and jail people for doing something that would actually improve your country's competitiveness.
Tags: Politics, Law, Vladimir Putin, Finance, Government, Russia, Jonathan Wolf

Deutsche Bank Can Finally Stop Worrying About Whether It’s Gonna Get Subpoenaed For That Trump Stuff

The NY Attorney General has eased Deutsche's burden of worry by issuing a subpoena.
Tags: Law, Finance, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche

Jay Powell Hates Running The Fed So Much That He’s Now Daring Trump To Fire Him On Television

Pack your bags, Jim Cramer, you're getting called up to the big show.
Tags: Law, Finance, Fed, Jim Cramer, Jay Powell

What Can Tech Deals In Healthcare, Finance, And Legal Sectors Tell Us About The Shape Of Things To Come?

A new report looks back on some of the notable tech M&A deals and IPOs that punctuated the worlds of healthcare and biotech, legal, finance, and cybersecurity in 2018 and the outlook for those deals this year.
Tags: Technology, Law, Finance, Cybersecurity, Venture Capital, M&a, Biotech, Health Care / Medicine

Martin Shkreli ‘Didn’t’ Call The WSJ From Prison To Remind Everyone That He Is Still Doing Crimes

Giving a thinly veiled anonymous interview on a contraband cellphone to brag about how he is illegally running a pharma business from prison reminds us why we miss this guy.
Tags: Law, Finance, Martin Shkreli

Comcast Is Basically Just A Lawsuit Factory At This Point

Maybe Comcast ripping you off is the great uniting force we all need in 2019.
Tags: Law, Finance, Comcast, Antitrust, Consumer Protection, Jonathan Wolf

John Havens Gently Tugged Into Retirement By His Own Hedge Fund

Getting caught paying $70 for a South Florida handjob is one way to get out of the hedge fund industry.
Tags: Law, Finance, South Florida, John Havens

Michael Cohen’s Testimony Was Brutal For Public Funding Of Sports Sites

Trump Links is just the tip of the sh**ty iceberg.
Tags: Law, Finance, Michael Cohen, Trump Links

Fidelity Has New, Questionably Legal Solution To Its Mutual Fund Problem

What announced expense ratios can’t do, perhaps a mysterious and hidden fee will.
Tags: Law, Finance

Goldman Upgrades Potential 1MDB Fine To ‘World Of Pain’

It’s gonna take a lot of suitcases filled with soiled underwear to stand in for $2 billion.
Tags: Law, Finance, Goldman Upgrades Potential

John Childs Charged With Allegedly Taking His Love Of Leverage Way Too Far

Another Boston bIllionaire busted in Florida prostitution sting.
Tags: Florida, Law, Finance, Boston, John Childs

Danske Bank Less And Less A Bank, More And More A Repository For Subpoenas

The SEC’s getting in just as Danske’s getting out—of Estonia.
Tags: Law, Finance, SEC, Danske, Danske Bank Less

Parent Of Private Company That Charges Taxpayers $750 A Day For Housing Migrant Children Wants $100 Million IPO

The company lists as a risk the fact that it derives about 88 percent of its revenue from contracts with the federal government.
Tags: Law, Finance, Immigration, IPOs, Detention, Jonathan Wolf, Comprehensive Health Services, Migrant Children, Caliburn International

Morning Docket: 02.20.19

* Hail Mary pass interference? President Donald Trump reportedly asked then-acting AG Matthew Whitaker if U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman (S.D.N.Y.) -- a "perceived loyalist" -- could be put in charge of the Michael Cohen probe even though he'd already recused himself. [New York Times] * Chief Justice John Roberts once again sided with the Supreme Court’s liberals in refusing to agree with a Texas court’s decision to execute a death row inmate with intellectual disabilities, writing that the lowe...
Tags: Texas, Technology, Supreme Court, Law, Washington Post, Finance, Government, IPOs, Copyright, New York Times, Courts, Capital punishment, Pornography, Intellectual Property, Emoji, Donald Trump

Educating Associates In Finance And Accounting (And Offering Expert Witnesses Too) [Sponsored]

Are you an associate seeking to improve your knowledge of finance and accounting, or a partner looking to educate your associates about these subjects? Train up with this expert boot camp.
Tags: Law, Finance, The Economist, Corporate Law, Continuing Legal Education, Sponsored Content, Accounting / Accountants, Expert Witnesses, Accountants, Securities Law, Continuing Legal Education / CLE, Commercial Litigation, J.W. Verret, J.W. Verret Custom

Jamie Dimon Hates Crypto So Much That He Made His Own To Prove How Dumb It Is

JPMCoin is the first financial instrument built to troll a whole class of financial instruments.
Tags: Law, Finance, Jamie Dimon

SEC Says Guy Who Was Being Paid To Keep Apple Employees From Insider Trading Apple Stock Had Sweet Side Gig Insider Trading Apple Stock

Gene Levoff allegedly took a 'Think Different' approach to his day job.
Tags: Law, Finance, SEC, Gene Levoff

The Battle Of The Billionaires As Elon Musk And Jeff Bezos Try To Out-Carnegie Each Other

At least these guys are using their wealth to fund interesting, Carnegiesque endeavors.
Tags: Elon Musk, Money, Law, Finance, Wealth, Jeff Bezos, Andrew Carnegie, Jonathan Wolf, Philanthropic

Donald Trump Nominates David Malpass To Bring Some Of His Bear Stearns Magic To The World Bank

A man who is literally a bad move is America's latest gift to the world economy.
Tags: Law, Finance, America, World Bank, Donald Trump, David Malpass

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