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Have FINRA’s People, Members Earned A Right To Have An Opinion?

The self-regulator’s new chairperson would like to know.
Tags: Law, Finance, FINRA

South Korean Prosecutors Really Wish Swaps, Stock Were The Same Thing

Then Paul Singer would be sorry. But they’re not, and he’s not.
Tags: Law, Finance, Paul Singer

Supreme Court Orders Joe Biden To Fire CFPB Director On Jan. 20

The CFPB is alive if unwell, and may be ready to get back to business early next year.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Finance, Joe Biden

Regulation Under Late Trumpism

It’s time to do your worst and get the hell out.
Tags: Law, Finance

Banks Pass Coronavirus Section Of Stress Test, We Think

It’s hard to say, but they can get ready to cut some dividend checks.
Tags: Law, Finance

Regulators Unceremoniously Dump Volcker Rule Into Crude Ditch Next To Its Author

But not without delivering another, posthumous 'F.U.' to the late former Fed chief.
Tags: Law, Finance, Fed

Top 8 Reasons That Show Why Insurance Is Important For You

You insure your vehicle and your home. Be that as it may, nothing is a higher priority than your life and your capacity to get by. So it bodes well to safeguard your most prominent resource – you!    As you travel through life, discover an accomplice, raise a family, and perhaps start a business, the significance of insurance in drawn-out plans increments. That is on the grounds that insurance is tied in with giving a money related wellbeing net that causes you to deal with yourself and thos...
Tags: Finance, Marketing, Insurance

Jay Clayton Not At All Happy With Asset Class He’s Eager To Open To More Marks, Er, Investors

Private equity guys, you’re on notice from a guy with one foot out the door. Or not.
Tags: Law, Finance, Jay Clayton

Steve Cohen Can’t Give The Mets $3.1 Billion, But Had To Give Them $2 Million

The 2020 season is not playing out quite as the big guy imagined.
Tags: Law, Finance, Mets, Steve Cohen

Decade After IPO, Despite Pandemic, Recession, And Global Unrest, Tesla Stock Crushes It With Nearly 6,000% Return

As I write this, one share of Tesla stock is valued at $1,008.10.
Tags: Elon Musk, Law, Finance, Tesla, Jonathan Wolf

Best Buds Jay Clayton, Bill Barr Join Forces To Make Exchanges Rue The Day They Tried To Stop Jay Clayton From Rejecting Premium Data Fee Hike

How about no premium data fees at all, you monopolistic bastards?
Tags: Law, Finance, Jay Clayton, Jay Clayton Bill Barr

Supreme Court: Disgorgement Still A Thing, But Not As Much Of A Thing As SEC Would Like

The real winner here is John Roberts, who made everyone happy. Except Clarence Thomas.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Finance, SEC, John Roberts

Jay Clayton’s Homecoming Plans Hit A Snag

A prestigious job he’s not qualified for may not be in the cards, but hey: At least it’s incompetence and not corruption.
Tags: Law, Finance, Jay Clayton

Deutsche Bank Almost As Good At Preventing Spoofing As At Preventing Money Laundering

That, of course, means another round of fines.
Tags: Law, Finance, Deutsche Bank

Global Pandemic To Evolve Into Epidemic Of Fraud Lawsuits

When the going gets tough, those in a tough spot cheat, according to eager lawyers.
Tags: Law, Finance

Stock Exchanges Don’t Have To Do Thing They Very Much Don’t Want To At Their Own Expense

If the SEC wants to know how rebates impact stock trading, they’ll have to figure it out themselves.
Tags: Law, Finance, SEC

Morgan Stanley Solved Its Diversity Problem And So No Longer Needs A Chief Diversity Officer

That has to be the explanation for her firing, right?
Tags: Law, Finance, Morgan Stanley

‘Billions’ Now Accused Of Closet Infringement

The real-life Wendy Rhoades is only a dominatrix in the courtroom.
Tags: Law, Finance, Wendy Rhoades

TCW Sounds Like A ‘Fun’ Place To Work

Who knew bond investing was so arousing?
Tags: Law, Finance, TCW

Did Kyle Bass Go A Little Too Far In Trashing Fraudulent REIT?

I mean, the SEC is grateful for his help, but did he have to use the words 'Ponzi scheme'?
Tags: Law, Finance, SEC

Goldman Said Sorry, Doesn’t Think It Should Have To Also Say ‘Guilty’

Also, isn’t a $2 billion fine for ripping a country off of $6.5 billion sort of excessive, when you think about it, Attorney General Barr?
Tags: Law, Finance, Barr, Goldman Said Sorry Does

Harmless On Their Own, Bitcoins And Gen Z Combined Constitute Serious National Security Threat

The Pentagon is ready for the cryptorebellion come 2025.
Tags: Law, Finance, Pentagon

What, No One Wants To Trade A Hertz Pink Sheet?

That NYSE listing is apparently worth several dollars a share to a stock that’s only worth several dollars a share.
Tags: Law, Finance, Nyse, Hertz Pink Sheet Is Not… Yet

Unlike its predecessor, it’s profitable and still alive a year after its IPO, but…
Tags: Law, Finance

British Man Has Magic Touch With Bond Firms

Were you associated with two investment shops that went under last year? Well, then you’re not John Russell-Murphy.
Tags: Law, Finance

How Much Do Hedge Fund Managers Value Chewing Gum, Spitting?

Probably not enough to keep them in Hong Kong going forward.
Tags: Hong Kong, Law, Finance

Eddie Lampert Of Sears Continuing To Spread International Goodwill

Sears’ COVID-19 survival plan allegedly involves starving some Bangladeshis.
Tags: Law, Finance, Sears, Eddie Lampert, COVID, Sears Continuing To Spread International Goodwill

Compassion For Bernie Madoff In Pretty Short Supply

U.S. District Judge Denny Chin understands math and actuarial tables as well now as he did 11 years ago.
Tags: Law, Finance, Bernie Madoff, Denny Chin

Mike Novogratz Wants A Blockchain For Police Brutality

The cryptocurrency enthusiast is angry, and you wouldn’t want to see Mike Novogratz angry.
Tags: Law, Finance, Mike Novogratz

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