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"The massive search for Sol Pais is over. She is dead from possible self-inflicted wounds..."

"The 18-year-old female suspect was on the run after after making threats that led to the closure of school for more than half a million students on Colorado’s Front Range Wednesday.... The 18-year-old was from Florida and made some comments about the Columbine shooting on April 20, 1999, that apparently caused great concern. She was apparently 'infatuated with the perpetrators of Columbine.' Authorities haven’t said exactly what she said, and it’s not clear if those comments were made before or...
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Spotlighting how reduced support for the death penalty is now a bipartisan reality

Alan Greenblatt has this notable lengthy new piece at Governing under the headline "Why the Death Penalty Has Lost Support From Both Parties."  I recommend the piece in full and here are excerpts: Twenty years ago, most politicians in both parties supported the death penalty.  But today, opposition to it has become increasingly bipartisan.  Democrats have always been more wary, but now more conservatives have also become convinced that capital punishment is another failed government program.  I...
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Fascinating map and data highlighting prevalence and intensity of marijuana's criminal enforcement footprint

Over at the Washington Post, Christopher Ingraham has fully titled "Where the war on weed still rages: In some U.S. counties, more than 40 percent of all arrests are for marijuana possession." The title highlights the piece's themes, but the text and a map therein reinforce the point in various ways: Marijuana possession led to nearly 6 percent of all arrests in the United States in 2017, FBI data shows, underscoring the level of policing dedicated to containing behavior that’s legal in 10 st...
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Eric Swalwell Plans On Coming To Your Home To Confiscate Your Firearms

The awful and childish Jake Tapper interviewed Eric Swalwell on guns. California Rep. Eric Swalwell — a recently announced Democratic presidential candidate — said Sunday his call for a ban on assault weapons was not a step toward broader gun bans. “You know, keep your pistols, keep your long rifles, keep your shotguns,” Swalwell said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper when asked about anxiety from gun owners that an assault weapons ban could be an incremental step to a larg...
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"A Florida man was killed on Friday by what ornithologists say is the 'world’s most dangerous bird'" — the cassowary.

"The man, who police identified as Marvin Hajos, 75, owned the farm where the cassowary was located and the incident took place... Hajos fell, they said, and the bird had attacked him.... A woman who identified herself as Hajos’ fiance told the Gainsville Sun 'he was doing what he loved.'... Cassawaries look like a high-fashion dinosaur; thick black feathers cover their bodies, from which a cobalt blue and vibrant red neck erupts, leading to a head adorned with a keratin 'casque,' or crest. What...
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WIRTW #548 (the “working for the weekend” edition)

I thought I'd update everyone on the summer goings-on of Northeast Ohio's favorite age-15-and-under cover band, Fake ID. They have a busy summer. They will kick it off with a return engagement at Ohio Bike Week. After stealing the festival last year (really, go to the Ohio Bike Week Facebook page and read the reviews), they've been invited back to tear it up again. Loverboy … and Fake ID. My 10-year-old self watching MTV in my grandparents' basement is totally freaking out. Then, the band h...
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Robocaller firm Stratics Networks exposed millions of call recordings

If you’ve ever had a voicemail appear out of nowhere, there’s a good chance Stratics Networks was involved. The Toronto-based company is the self-proclaimed inventor of “ringless voicemails,” providing its customers a way of auto-dialing a list of phone numbers and dropping voicemails without leaving a missed call. The system uses a backdoor voicemail number typically reserved by the carrier to leave a voicemail directly in a person’s mailbox. The company once claimed it can process up to 10,000...
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Defenses to Eviction: HOA Harrassment

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Florida I am currently in a situation where myself and my family are continually harassed by the home owner’s association of the house we are currently renting. We have had issues where the complaint that we are in violation of the HOA rules because of our parking. We spoke the the former president last year here on the property and he told us that as long as we do not park on the street or block the sidewalk we are not in violation of...
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Breaking and Entering

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida: Unlawful breaking and entering. This situation will require a lengthy explanation and I state up front it is a bizarre situation. I will try to be concise. We are seasonal residents who own a condo in Florida. The subject of this post lives in an adjoining unit with a firewall existing in the attic between the two units. Subject exhibits bizarre behavior. Without provocation he has accused us as well as other residents of steali...
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An Email Inbox Isn’t a “Place” for Purposes of Florida Privacy Law–Hall v. Sargeant

One of the most venerable cyberlaw questions: is cyberspace a physical place, and does it matter legally? For purposes of Florida’s privacy invasion law, a federal district court answers: no and yes. This case involves long-running litigation and drama between people who have more money than you or I have. Harry owned part of a family business and had an email account on the family business’ servers. The email account commingled business and personal emails. Harry got ousted from the business an...
Tags: Facebook, Florida, Law, Harry, ECPA, Hall, Nlrb, State, Daniel, Decker, Ouellette, Sargeant, CFAA, Publicity/Privacy Rights, Internet History, Private Facebook Group

Florida Man Convicted In $1.3B Medicare And Medicaid Fraud Scheme

It is the largest healthcare fraud scheme ever charged by the Department of Justice.
Tags: Florida, Law, Health Care / Medicine, Medicaid Fraud Scheme

Custody and Visitation Issues: Guardian Ad Litem Appointed and Not Needed

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: FLORIDA Fast background of my situation....3 years ago my Ex-wife decided to move out of state and try to take my son with her without telling me until last minute. She filed nothing with the courts and just assumed I would agree with it. I filed paperwork for an emergency hearing to stop her from taking my son and then a long court battle started. After a year and half in court, I am now the Primary parent, my son lives with me full-...
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Infringing by Using a System vs Making/Selling the System

by Dennis Crouch Omega Patents LLC v. CalAmp Corp. (Fed. Cir. 2019) Omega’s patents cover remote control and monitoring systems for vehicles.  The defendant, CalAmp, helps companies and governments monitor their vehicles (location and status, such as battery health and vehicle speed).  In the infringement trial, a Florida jury sided with the patentee – finding the patents willfully infringed and not invalid.  The district court then trebled the damages and awarded attorney fees — for a tidy sum...
Tags: Motorola, Florida, Law, Patent, Omega, Fed, Federal Circuit, CalAmp, Dennis Crouch, Intellectual Ventures, Omega Patents LLC, CalAmp Corp Fed, Centillion Data Sys LLC, Qwest Commc

Are more re-enfranchised former offenders now registering as Republicans rather than as Democrats?

The question in the title of this post is prompted by this notable New York Sun piece headlined "Trump’s ‘First Step’ Toward 2020."  Here are excerpts: Could President Trump’s bipartisan criminal justice reform — known as the First Step Act — prove to be a first step in a political revolution?  We ask because of a startling disclosure by one of the President’s shrewdest lieutenants in the campaign for First Step, Jared Kushner.  It turns out, he said, that greater numbers of ex-cons being grant...
Tags: Florida, Law, White House, Mitt Romney, Republican Party, Trump, Mueller, Laura Ingraham, Ingraham, New York Sun, Kushner, Douglas A Berman, Prez Trump, Jared Kushner, Sunshine State Florida

Relocation: Change Venue to Another State with Children Involved

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Colorado I have a divorce case with my husband. We have three children together. The case has been getting dragged out by my husband for over a year now. He was previously abusive and has a prior criminal record, including domestic violence against me. He doesn’t really want the divorce, hence why he has been holding it off. Some days he supports the idea, other days he opposes it. With him being bi-polar, you never know what yo...
Tags: Florida, Law, Colorado, Child Custody, Tampa, Support And Visitation

Spotlighting how "politicians are catching up with American voters" on criminal justice reforms

Alex Busansky and Eli Lehrer have this notable new Hill commentary under the headline "Voters are driving justice reform."  Here are excerpts: When crime rates soared between the 1970s and early 1990s, Democrats and Republicans alike did everything possible to avoid being labeled “soft on crime.”  As crime has dropped, however, reforms that ease punitive measures, reduce correctional populations from the current level of more than 2.2 million, and give people who are formerly incarcerated a fre...
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'Racist' Florida Republican bill raises deportation threat: 'People are afraid'

State bill 168 designed to speed up removal of ‘bad criminals’ from US but ordinary families say they are at increased riskFive-year-old Roxana Gozzer hasn’t seen her father for weeks and does not know the next time she will. Walter Gozzer-Sing never returned home from a “routine” check-in with immigration officials in February. After a month in detention, he was placed without notice on a flight from Miami to Peru. His sudden deportation left the family – including two US citizen children – wit...
Tags: Florida, Human Rights, Law, US, World news, US news, Peru, Miami, US immigration, El Paso, Roxana Gozzer, Walter Gozzer

In Groundbreaking Settlements, Attorneys General Find Fake Social Media Engagement Illegal

Tiffany Quach and Alexa Meera Singh On January 30, 2019, the Office of the New York Attorney General (“NY AG”) and the Office of the Florida Attorney General (“Florida AG”) announced settlements with Devumi LLC and its offshoot companies (“Devumi”), which sold fake social media engagement, such as followers, likes and views, on various social media platforms. According to the NY AG, such social media engagement is fake in that “it purports to reflect the activity and authentic favor of actual pe...
Tags: Florida, New York, Law, Social Media, United States, NY AG, Florida AG, Endorsement, Tiffany Quach, Devumi, Devumi LLC, Alexa Meera Singh, Office of the New York, FDUTPA

Can I Get a Restricted Dl in Florida While Waiting for Illinois Decision

My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Illinois revoked my licence 18 years ago, I've been eligible for full reinstatement for 10 years, I've moved to Florida and sent in my Out-Of-State hearing application 2 weeks ago. This process can take 4-6 months, I've turned in a very complete application and dont see a problem receiving relief of my privlages to drive. Is there a way to get a restricted drivers licence in Florida for the interim period? I've done all treatment In...
Tags: Florida, Law, Illinois, Driver's Licenses, State

New reform reports from Florida and Ohio with broader ideas and lessons

This week I came across two notable and reader-friendly reports that each focus on developments in one (swing) state and do so in ways that suggest broader ideas and lessons for reformers working in any jurisdiction. Here are links to these reports with some of their introductory text: From the Urban Institute, "Smart Reforms to Prison Time Served Requirements in Florida": Florida’s criminal justice policy decisions, including strict time served requirements, have resulted in an unsustainably la...
Tags: Florida, Law, Ohio, General Assembly, Douglas A Berman, Urban Institute Smart Reforms, Justice Americans for Prosperity Ohio

Rounding Up Three Recent Keyword Advertising Cases–Comphy v. Amazon & More

Three interesting recent keyword advertising cases: Comphy Co. v., Inc., 2019 WL 1128519 (W.D. Wash. March 12, 2019) Comphy makes high-end linens. It chooses not to sell directly on Amazon. Nevertheless, Amazon has purchased search engine keyword ads triggered by the term “Comphy.” Amazon also auto-completes the characters “comph” with “comphy sheets,” “comphy company sheets,” “comphysheets,” and other unrelated terms. Searching for “Comphy” sheets on Amazon leads to competitive produ...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Florida, Law, California, Court, Marketing, E-commerce, Search Engines, Tennessee, Marriott, Michigan, Illinois, Trademark, BPI, Expedia

Crime and punishment roundup

Bloodstain analysis convinced a jury Julie Rea killed her 10-year-old son. It took four years for her to be acquitted on retrial, and another four to be exonerated. Has anything been learned? [Pamela Colloff, ProPublica] Forensics’ alternative-facts problem [Radley Balko] The chemists and the coverup: inside the Massachusetts drug lab scandal [Shawn Musgrave, Reason, earlier here, here, here, etc.] “I would say, you know, as a parting gift, if you’d like to throw in some iPhones every year, w...
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Debt Collectors: When Will a Credtior Sue You Over Your Unpaid Debt

My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida PayPal credit charged off my account in Sept of 2017. They told me they could not accept my $1000 payment because they charged the account off the day before and it was going to be sold. After 9 months of not hearing anything I called them. The in house collections department proceeded to tell me that I had sent a "cease and desist" to them therefore they were never able to sell the account. she said, " we are not going to pur...
Tags: Florida, Law, Paypal, Debts and Collections

‘Worst Case Scenario’: Florida GOP Bill Threatens Ex-Felon Voting Rights

The next few weeks will determine the fate of a high-profile campaign to restore the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of formerly incarcerated Floridians. That effort took its most substantive blow to date on Tuesday, with the state House Criminal Justice Committee voting on party lines to approve a bill that would severely restrict who could apply to get their voting rights back. The 10 Republicans who form a majority on the committee say their intention is simply to clarify the intent...
Tags: Florida, News, Law, House, Aclu, Voting Rights, Thomas, Allegra Kirkland, Department of Corrections, Tampa Bay Times, TPM, Ron DeSantis, Phil Telfeyan, Telfeyan, Muckraker, House Criminal Justice Committee

March 20 roundup

Sports betting: best to ignore the leagues’ special pleadings and let federalism work [Patrick Moran, Cato, related podcast] Everything you thought you knew about corporate personhood in the law is wrong [David Bernstein reviews Adam Winkler’s We the Corporations] Federal judge John Kane, on lawyer’s filings: “I have described them as prolix, meandering, full of unfounded supposition and speculation, repetitive and convoluted almost to the point of being maddening.” And he’s just getting sta...
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Social media law roundup

Was this an entry in a contest to draft the most unconstitutional bill? “Florida Bill Would Make It a Crime for Minors to Post Pictures of Guns on Social Media” [Eugene Volokh] “Everyone involved in politics has bad days, when one’s interests conflict with one’s ideals.” But conservatives should resist the temptation to call in government to regulate the Internet [John Samples] New Republican interest in antitrust explainable by wish to bust corporations considered unfriendly to Republicans [...
Tags: Facebook, Florida, Guns, Law, Uncategorized, Elizabeth Warren, Social Media, Antitrust, Warren, Lafayette, Eugene Volokh, Steven Greenhut, Wrong Right, Scott Shackford, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, John Samples

Life Estate

My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Florida My father passed leaving a will. Aside from insurance policies he no longer had at death, he "bequeath(ed) the rest, residue & remainder of property, real, personal", etc., in fee, to his children. He "specifically, bequeath(ed) Life Estate in favor of" his ex wife whom he divorced in the 80's, but spent the past 17 years living with. Will further states, " She shall remain in sole possession of the home until she decides to move,...
Tags: Florida, Law, Estate Planning, Administration And Probate, Life Estate

Do Adjacent Organic Search Results Constitute Trademark Infringement? Of Course Not…But…–America CAN! v. CDF

One of the screenshots from the complaint A charitable fundraising organization, America CAN!, has a registered trademark in the phrase “Write off the car, not the Kid.” The organization purports to help the education of high risk youths, and it claims that “100% of the net proceeds go to the kids.” So the “kid” in the trademarked phrase appears to refer to disadvantaged youths, not tax writeoffs for being a parent. As a parent, the pun didn’t work for me. The lawsuit relates to Make-a-Wish Nor...
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When No One Believes In The First Amendment Anymore

David Codrea: … the new climate in Florida where even some Republicans are scrambling to support citizen disarmament edicts. Pizzo is now pushing a bill that, along with “lock up your safety” infringements, makes “posting or publishing of a picture of a firearm, BB gun, air or gas-operated gun, or device displayed to resemble a firearm to social media” by minors a criminal act that will result in guns being “promptly seized by a law enforcement officer and disposed of,” and other penalties. Do s...
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