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Oxfam failed to address sexual misconduct and bullying, finds review

Independent commission says charity lacked robust safeguarding policies and was inconsistent in dealing with complaintsA damning interim review has highlighted Oxfam’s failure to tackle an environment at the charity that allowed sexual misconduct and bullying to go unchecked.The , produced by an independent commission, warned that no uniform system exists for dealing with complaints and said there are “drastic inconsistencies” in the way safeguarding issues are handled across the 90-plus countr...
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Sexual abuse of boys often overlooked by state laws, global study warns

Stronger support urged for young men affected by abuse as researchers find existing measures tailored towards girls Sexual abuse of boys is “barely addressed” by the laws in many countries, according to a global study that warns of a lack of support for young male survivors.The study, which examined child rape laws in 40 countries, found that just under half of jurisdictions lacked legal protections for boys. In many cases, laws were specific to girls and did not recognise boys as victims. Conti...
Tags: Gender, Law, World news, Global development, Sexual Violence

Destroy ‘period huts’ or forget state support: Nepal moves to end practice

After the custom of consigning menstruating women to outdoor sheds claimed three more lives, a new system of penalties offers hope of changeChhaupadi, the practice of banishing girls and women to a hut or shed when they have their periods, is common in Dilu Bhandari’s village in Nepal.But two months ago Bhandari, a 26-year-old mother of four, watched as her husband destroyed the tiny hut in which she had previously been sent to live once a month. The family had been told by local authorities tha...
Tags: Society, World news, South and Central Asia, Nepal, Global development, Menstruation, Bhandari, Dilu Bhandari

'Real risk' of refugees freezing to death in Syria after rains destroy shelters

As temperatures fall, aid workers warn of danger to at least 11,000 people across Idlib, with storms also battering camps in LebanonAt least 11,000 child refugees and their families are facing a weekend of freezing temperatures with no shelter, after torrential rains across Syria’s Idlib province swept away tents and belongings.Aid workers warn there is a real risk people will simply freeze to death as temperatures have already dropped to -1C, amid a shortage of blankets and heating fuel. Contin...
Tags: Society, World news, Syria, Middle East and North Africa, Refugees, Aid, Global development, Lebanon, Migration And Development, Idlib

Safe birth of baby born to Ebola survivor hailed as a medical miracle

Daughter of Congolese woman treated for Ebola in December becomes only second healthy child born in such circumstances The daughter of a pregnant woman who was cured of Ebola has survived and tested negative for the virus, in a case that has been described as a medical miracle.Sylvana, born on 6 January and weighing 3.7kg, is the second baby in the world known to have survived after being born to a woman who had Ebola. It is the first case in which both mother and baby have survived. Continue re...
Tags: Health, Ebola, Society, World news, Global development, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Maternal health, Global Health

Mother and two boys suffocate in Nepal's latest 'period hut' tragedy

Practice of banishing women to small outbuildings during periods claims further victims despite country declaring practice illegal A woman and her two sons have suffocated to death in a windowless shed to which was banished in the latest tragedy linked to the illegal practice of chhaupadi, whereby women in Nepal are forced to sleep in “period huts”.Police said Amba Bohara, 35, had spent four days in the cowshed with her sons Ramit, nine, and Suresh, 12, when her father-in-law discovered their bo...
Tags: Gender, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, South and Central Asia, Nepal, Global development, Menstruation, Suresh, Amba Bohara

'I saw things I'd never imagined': Caracas street children – in pictures

Drugs, violence and harassment are part of daily life for the growing population of homeless children in VenezuelaAll photographs: Miguel Gutiérrez/EPA Continue reading...
Tags: Children, Americas, Society, World news, Global development, Venezuela, Epa, Caracas, Miguel Gutierrez

Children 'still being tortured to confess to Isis links' by Kurdish security forces

Nearly two years after raising the alarm, Human Rights Watch report reveals continued allegations of electric shocks and beatings on boys aged 14 to 17Kurdish security forces in Erbil are continuing to torture children to confess their involvement with Islamic State, according to allegations in a report released by Human Rights Watch.According to the organisation, which first raised the alarm about the mistreatment of child detainees by Kurdish security forces nearly two years ago, it has collec...
Tags: Isis, Human Rights, Law, Islamic State, Iraq, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Global development, Torture, Human Rights Watch, Erbil, Human Rights Watch According

Homeless children struggle to survive on the streets of Ethiopia's capital

Driven from their rural homes by family problems and lack of opportunity, more and more children are making for Addis Ababa. Alone and vulnerable, they receive no state supportBehind Addis Ababa’s most iconic public space, Meskel Square, down a cobblestone alleyway in the shadow of half-finished high-rises, lies a small corner of the Ethiopian capital known by locals as “DC”.Nestled between cramped brothels and dimly lit bars, it consists of low-slung, tin-roofed dwellings containing rows of bun...
Tags: Children, Society, World news, Global development, Ethiopia, Social protection, Addis Ababa, Meskel Square

Schoolgirls in Kenya to face compulsory tests for pregnancy and FGM

Girls in Narok County will be made to reveal identities of babies’ fathers and tell police about female genital mutilation Plans to subject schoolgirls in Kenya to mandatory tests for female genital mutilation and pregnancy are a violation of victims’ privacy, campaigners have warned.All girls returning to school this week in Narok, Kenya, will be examined at local health facilities as part of a countywide crackdown. Continue reading...
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'My parents sold me': poverty drives trade in child brides in Zimbabwe | Nyasha Chingono

Married off at 13, Maureen lost her education and her health. Her plight is common in a country racked by economic turmoilThe end of Maureen’s days at a primary school in north-eastern Zimbabwe marked the beginning of her life as a wife.At 13, the brightest student in her class in Mudzi, Mashonaland, she was married to a man three times her age. Continue reading...
Tags: Africa, Society, World news, Poverty, Social exclusion, Global development, Zimbabwe, Child marriage, Maureen, Mudzi Mashonaland

Experts urge Egypt to rethink two-child population strategy

Medics say limiting families s not the answer for a country where a baby is born every 15 secondsIn the cramped office of New Cairo hospital’s family planning clinic, Safah Hosny sets a box overflowing with contraceptives next to the visitors’ ledger on a small desk.There are eight condoms for one Egyptian pound, about 4p, or ampoules of injectable birth control, for just under 9p. A contraceptive implant lasting three years costs 22p, while copper IEDs – the most popular form of birth control o...
Tags: Health, Society, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, Population, Contraception and family planning, Global development, New Cairo, Hosny, Safah Hosny

Inside Mother Camp: the woman tackling Afghanistan's drug problem

Laila Haidari risks her life to run the country’s only private rehabilitation centre, helping hundreds of addicts a yearLaila Haidari is considered a criminal, despite never committing a crime. The 40-year-old works with drug addicts in Kabul. “The addicts I work with are considered criminal and dangerous and by extension I am considered criminal,” she says.Despite opposition and death threats, eight years ago, Haidari opened the city’s only private drug rehabilitation centre, which so far has h...
Tags: Drugs, Society, World news, Afghanistan, South and Central Asia, Global development, Kabul, Drugs trade, Haidari, Laila Haidari

Save the Children UK chairman resigns after staff complaints

Peter Bennett-Jones, who was criticised over tackling of sexual harassment, quits as UN sack aid worker in UgandaThe chairman of Save the Children UK has resigned after complaints by staff that he was not doing enough to address allegations of sexual harassment.The charity said Peter Bennett-Jones was standing down following objections to remarks he made during recent discussions with staff about the organisation’s future. Continue reading...
Tags: Africa, Society, World news, Uganda, Charities, Voluntary sector, Global development, Un, Sexual Harassment, Save the Children UK, Children UK, Peter Bennett Jones

'I'm here to work, not for sex': battling violence against women in Rwanda | Sophie Cousins

A culture of victim-blaming and high levels of sexual and physical abuse are being tackled with tough laws as well as dedicated centres to help survivorsDressed in a red and green dress, Elise* sits clutching her friend’s hand as she recounts her story to a social worker at the Isange One-Stop Centre.Signs such as “Break the silence when you see gender-based violence” and “I’m here to work, not for sex” adorn the small centre, which is situated next to the bustling maternity ward inside Kacyiru ...
Tags: Gender, Law, Africa, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, Global development, Elise, Rwanda, Kigali, Kacyiru, Sexual Violence, Sophie Cousins, Rape and sexual assault

'A gift to feminists': how Trump's 'gag rule' inspired a worldwide movement

Born as a response to Trump’s aid cuts, SheDecides has blossomed into a vast movement, with women across the globe joining its rallying cryOn Monday 23 January 2017, three days after he was inaugurated into the White House, Donald Trump signed an executive order that put the lives of millions of women around the world at risk.The reintroduction of the Mexico City policy – or “global gag rule” as it’s commonly known – banned overseas NGOs from receiving US federal funding if they provided any abo...
Tags: US, Society, World news, Ronald Reagan, Mexico City, Global development, Reproductive Rights, Trump, Reproductive rights (developing countries, White House Donald Trump, Global gag rule

Kenya lifts ban on Marie Stopes abortion services after warning lives are at risk

Clinics reopen in country where backstreet abortions kill seven women a day and hospitalise 320The Kenyan government has lifted a ban preventing the international charity Marie Stopes from providing any abortion services, following warnings the ruling endangered the lives of thousands of women.The Kenyan ministry of health said on Thursday that an audit of Marie Stopes’ clinics had been completed and that the charity could resume post-abortion care services under “regular supervision”. Continue ...
Tags: Health, Africa, Women, Society, World news, Global development, Abortion, Kenya, Reproductive Rights, Marie Stopes, Reproductive rights (developing countries

Girl, 10, dies after female genital mutilation in Sierra Leone

Renewed calls for country to end practice after girl bleeds to death following mass initiation into secret societyA 10-year-old girl has died after undergoing female genital mutilation during a mass initiation into a secret society in Sierra Leone.The girl, one of 68 involved in the rite, bled to death on Tuesday following complications from the FGM procedure. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Africa, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, Sierra Leone, Health & wellbeing, Global development, Fgm, Female genital mutilation (FGM

Healthcare to get $100bn boost as India aims to cut maternal deaths

Spending on health will double by 2025, with India intent on improving its record on mortality of mothers and infantsIndia has pledged to spend $100bn (£79bn) more on healthcare over the next seven years in a move partly aimed at reducing maternal mortality rates.The country will more than double its health spending from just over the current 1% of GDP to 2.5% by 2025, prime minister Narendra Modi announced. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, India, Women, Narendra Modi, Society, World news, South and Central Asia, Global development, Maternal mortality, Maternal health, Infant and child mortality, Global Health

The untold story of how India's sex workers prevented an Aids epidemic

Beating Aids is India’s greatest public health achievement. A new book says it wouldn’t have happened without womenIn 2002, a major report predicted an Aids catastrophe in India. The country would have 20-25m Aids cases by 2010. People were being infected at the rate of about 1,000 a day. Aids orphans numbered 2 million. This scourge would ravage families, society, and the economy. India was going to be the Aids capital of the world.But 2010 came and went. India averted an Aids epidemic. That vi...
Tags: India, Society, World news, South and Central Asia, Global development, Aids and HIV

Claims that NHS rubber gloves made by forced labour spark inquiries

UK and Malaysia investigations launched after Guardian reports allegations that firms are exploiting workersRead more: NHS rubber gloves made in Malaysian factories accused of forced labour Related: NHS rubber gloves made in Malaysian factories accused of forced labour The UK and Malaysian government have launched separate investigations after the Guardian reported allegations that factories supplying rubber gloves to the NHS were exploiting migrant workers in conditions of forced labour. Cont...
Tags: Health, UK, Society, UK News, World news, Asia Pacific, Malaysia, NHS, Global development, Slavery, Guardian

'I was sexually abused, humiliated and beaten. Legal victory was a great balm'

After the inter-American court ruled in her favour against the Venezuelan state, Linda Loaiza tells of her long fight for justiceIn March 2001, when I was only 18, I was kidnapped and for almost four months I was kept forcibly bound and gagged, deprived of my freedom, subjected, threatened with death and held without any communication with my family.I was sexually abused, burned with cigarettes, humiliated and beaten. I was forced to consume drugs. The man who kidnapped me called me his girlfrie...
Tags: Law, Americas, World news, International criminal justice, Global development, Venezuela, Sexual Violence, Linda Loaiza

NHS rubber gloves made in Malaysian factories accused of forced labour

Exclusive: firms supplying health service allegedly exploit thousands of migrantsThe NHS is using medical gloves made in Malaysian factories where migrants are allegedly subjected to forced labour, forced overtime, debt bondage, withheld wages and passport confiscation.A Guardian investigation has revealed that at least two companies supplying rubber gloves to the NHS – Top Glove and WRP – are allegedly subjecting thousands of migrant workers from Nepal and Bangladesh to exploitative working con...
Tags: Health, Society, World news, Asia Pacific, Malaysia, NHS, Nepal, Global development, Bangladesh, Forced Labour

'My babies need to eat': children enveloped by crisis in CAR – in pictures

The resurgence of violence in Central African Republic has made life for the country’s children harsher and more dangerous than ever before. Two-thirds are in need of humanitarian assistance and yet, with schools, hospitals and places of worship increasingly under attack, the places they can go to for protection, support and medical assistance are ever fewerAll photographs by Ashley Gilberston for VII Photo/Unicef Continue reading...
Tags: Children, Africa, Society, World news, Global development, Central African Republic, Conflict and arms, Ashley Gilberston

UK aid to Yemen is eclipsed by weapons sales to the Saudi coalition

UK aid to Yemen is eclipsed by the billions brought in through the bungling, deceitful sale of British weapons to Saudi ArabiaThe war in Yemen has killed as many as 57,000 people since March 2015, left 8.4 million people surviving on food aid and created a cholera epidemic. The British government claims to have been at the forefront of international humanitarian assistance, giving more than £570m to Yemen in bilateral aid since the war began.Yet the financial value of aid is a drop in the ocean ...
Tags: UK, Saudi Arabia, Society, UK News, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Aid, Global development, Yemen, Arms trade, Conflict and arms

Gideon Mendel's best photograph: a mother carries her HIV-infected son

‘Joseph had been sick for 10 years. He said he liked listening to the radio, friends would pass by, his life was rich. He died a few months later’I shot this image of Dorika Gabriel carrying her son, Joseph, in 1997. I had travelled to their village on the Ugandan border of Tanzania, close to Lake Victoria, to photograph local responses to HIV and Aids. At the end of the day I was taken to meet people who were living with the disease. Joseph was sitting under a shelter outside his home. As I was...
Tags: Health, Photography, Activism, Africa, Society, World news, Culture, Art and design, Global development, Tanzania, Aids and HIV, Joseph, Lake Victoria, Global Health, Gideon Mendel, Dorika Gabriel

'Diabolical' diets: four in 10 children consume sugary drinks daily

Global study finds one-third of children do not eat fruit daily as countries rich and poor fail to make inroads on malnutritionMore than four in 10 children drink sugary drinks every day and one in three never eat fruit every day, according to a global report that warns most countries are unlikely to meet nutrition targets.Researchers warn the standard of diets around the world is “diabolical”, and that problems such as obesity, anaemia and micronutrient deficiency are being neglected. Continue ...
Tags: Health, Children, Obesity, Society, World news, Global development, Malnutrition, Stunting

'Diabolical' diets: four in 10 children consume sugary drinks every day

A third of children never eat fruit every day with malnutrition a concern in both rich and poor countries, warns global report More than four in 10 children drink sugary drinks every day and one in three never eat fruit every day, according to a global report that warns most countries are unlikely to meet nutrition targets.Researchers warn the standard of diets around the world is “diabolical”, and that problems such as obesity, anaemia and micronutrient deficiency are being neglected. Continue ...
Tags: Health, Children, Obesity, Society, World news, Global development, Malnutrition, Stunting

Global food system is broken, say world’s science academies

Radical overhaul in farming and consumption, with less meat eating, needed to avoid hunger and climate catastropheThe global food system is broken, leaving billions of people either underfed or overweight and driving the planet towards climate catastrophe, according to 130 national academies of science and medicine across the world.Providing a healthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly diet for all people will require a radical transformation of the system, says the report by the InterAca...
Tags: Health, Food, Obesity, Climate Change, Environment, Society, Hunger, Global Economy, Global climate talks, Global development, Extreme Weather, Overconsumption, InterAcademy Partnership IAP

Civil rights 'under serious attack' across the globe

More than half of countries use censorship, harassment or violence to repress public debate, warns a reportNearly six in 10 countries are seriously restricting people’s freedoms, according to a new report that warns of a growing repression around the world.According to the study, there is little or no space for activism in countries such as Eritrea and Syria, and also worrying signs in countries where democracy is considered well established, such as France, the US, Hungary and India. Continue r...
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