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A Country, And A Mind, Divided: Two Posts In One

Columnist Mark Herrmann’s mind is divided by the state of society, so he writes two remarkable contrasting posts in one.
Tags: Law, Government, Mark Herrmann

Rod Rosenstein Is Real Sorry About All Those Kids Separated From Their Parents. Oopsies!

He was just following ... well, you know.
Tags: Law, Government, Immigration, Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein

News Is A 4-Letter Word

Did these lawyers take evidence, a required course in law school? Do they understand the concept of facts to lay a 'foundation'?
Tags: Law, California, Government, Jill Switzer

Owens Gifts Autonomous Drivers

  The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) today has issued a final rule, all 147 pages of it, designed to roll back numerous Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and clarify what they termed as ambiguities in current occupant protection standards, for vehicles equipped with automated driving systems (ADS). These […] The post Owens Gifts Autonomous Drivers appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Technology, Government, Insurance, Green, Autonomous, Electric Vehicles, Autos, Autonomous Vehicles, Dot, Nhtsa, Ev, James Owens, News Blog, Studies & Reports, BrightDrop, Owens Gifts Autonomous Drivers

The Country’s Long Tradition Of Impeachment

Though Donald Trump is the only one impeached twice...
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Trivia Question of the Day, Impeachment

Turns Out There’s No Voter Fraud In Georgia After All. Surprise!

Trump's handpicked US Attorney confirms there's "no there, there."
Tags: Law, Government, US, Georgia, Donald Trump, Trump, Election Law, Bobby Christine, Byung Pak

Brooklyn Judge’s Son Arrested After Giving Interview From Capitol Siege

More consequences meted out following the attack on the Capitol.
Tags: Law, Government, Brooklyn, Coups, Donald Trump, Aaron Mostofsky, Shlomo Mostofsky

Lawmaker Loses His Son, Survives A Coup, Then Drafts Final Article Of Impeachment Against Trump

He's been drawing his strength from thoughts of his son during these unprecedented times.
Tags: Law, Suicide, Government, Uncategorized, Deaths, Donald Trump, Quote Of The Day, Jamie Raskin, Impeachment, Impeachment Against Trump, Coup Attempt, Thomas Bloom Raskin

On The Expulsion Of U.S. Senators

Can't imagine why this is a topic of conversation right at this moment in time.
Tags: Law, Government, Senators, Trivia Question of the Day

Over 7,000 Lawyers Sign Petition To Have Josh Hawley And Ted Cruz Disbarred

More petition problems for the senators.
Tags: Law, Government, Ted Cruz, Coups, Incitement, Josh Hawley, Disbarment

Storming The Capitol: A Few Thought Experiments

Every American must read Mark Herrmann’s breathtaking thought experiments about last week’s assault on the Capitol.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Mark Herrmann, Impeachment

Always Take The Opportunity To Learn

Take opportunities where you find them, including in unrelated situations.
Tags: Technology, Law, Government, Nancy Pelosi, Matthew W. Schmidt

How will we govern super-powerful AI?

The question of conscious artificial intelligence dominating future humanity is not the most pressing issue we face today, says Allan Dafoe of the Center for the Governance of AI at Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute. Dafoe argues that AI's power to generate wealth should make good governance our primary concern.With thoughtful systems and policies in place, humanity can unlock the full potential of AI with minimal negative consequences. Drafting an AI constitution will also provide the oppor...
Tags: Technology, Government, Future, Society, War, Policy, Peace, Innovation, Oxford, Global development, Machine Learning, Ai, Dafoe, Big Problems, Allan Dafoe

Merrick Garland Is Here To Save The Rule Of Law In America

He'll bring integrity back to the role of attorney general.
Tags: Law, Government, America, Department Of Justice, Quote Of The Day, Merrick Garland

White House Counsel’s Legal Advice: Stay Away From Trump!

That's the stellar legal advice a T-14 law degree gets ya!
Tags: Law, Government, White House, Coups, Treason, Donald Trump, Pardons, Biglaw, Trump, Kirkland & Ellis, Pat Cipollone

The social determinants of health, explained

Social determinants of health, such as income and access to healthy food, affect well-being long before people may enter medical facilities. They're one reason neighborhoods in the same city can maintain life expectancy gaps larger than a decade. With growing awareness of how societal ills determine health, medical professionals and their partners are devising more holistic approaches to health. New York City is a vibrant, vivacious city. No one knows this better than the people who live on...
Tags: Health, Government, New York City, Society, Poverty, Policy, Chicago, Brooklyn, United States, Innovation, Manhattan, Health Care, OECD, Upper East Side, Inequality, Central Park

Rudy Giuliani Challenges Antifa To Fight Him Mano-a-Mano

If there we're ever rails, we're well and truly off 'em.
Tags: Law, Government, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Election Law, John Chapman, Lin Wood

Trump’s MAGA Coup Attempt Must Be ‘Condemned’

It's time for the 'Party of Law & Order' to bow to the rule of law.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Trump, Quote Of The Day, Letitia James, Insurrection, Coup Attempt

Legal Twitter Reacts To The Rule Of Law Collapsing

Story is updating as more information becomes available.
Tags: Law, Government, Coups, Josh Hawley

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