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The Law Schools Where The Most Graduates Got Government & Public Interest Jobs (2018)

The law schools that will help graduates fight for justice in America.
Tags: Law Schools, Employment Statistics, Government, Job Searches, Public Interest

Will ask government to let insurance firms use Aadhaar for KYC, says IRDAI chairman

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) plans to ask the government to allow insurance companies to carry out Aadhaar-based electronic-KYC, IRDAI chairman Subhash Chandra Khuntia said at the Mint Insurance Conclave in Mumbai. All private companies, including insurers,... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, News, Internet, Government, Digital, Insurance, Policy, KYC, Aadhaar, IRDAI

Senate Officially Confirms Wendy Vitter

Speaking of the systematic destruction of women's rights
Tags: Law, Government, Senate, Abortion, Courts, Senate confirmation, Wendy Vitter

San Diego Outlaws Living In A Van Down By The River

City tries again to make living in your vehicle a crime.
Tags: Law, Government, Homelessness, San Diego

America Will Not Join Call To Stop Extremism Online, Because Republicans Like Winning Elections, I Guess

It would appear the White House thinks violent extremism is a feature, not a bug.
Tags: Law, Government, White House, America, Social Media, Terrorism, First Amendment

A Look At The Staggering Sexual Harassment Numbers In The Legal Profession

These numbers should serve as a wake up call to the legal industry.
Tags: Law, Government, Judiciary, Women's Issues, Sexual Harassment, Biglaw, International Bar Association, The Jabot, Acritas

Bill Barr Embarrasses Himself, His Office, And America, Again

U.S. Butler General William Barr does the bidding of his irrational boss.
Tags: Law, Government, Department Of Justice, Donald Trump, William Barr, Bill Barr

A Celebration Of ‘Not Normal’ Times With Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

What a great description of his time in Trump's Justice Department.
Tags: Law, Government, Department Of Justice, Quote Of The Day, AG, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein

Republican Finally Proposes Non-Idiotic Video Game Law For First Time In Recorded History

This is also the first non-stupid law to be proposed by the Republican Senate in a while.
Tags: Video Games, Law, Government, Republican Senate, Gambling / Gaming, Loot Boxes

Michael Cohen Seems Pretty Depressed About His Prison Sentence

'I never thought the judge was going to throw a three-year fricking sentence,' Cohen said.
Tags: Crime, Prisons, Law, Government, Uncategorized, Quote Of The Day, Cohen, Michael Cohen, Tom Arnold

There Is One Legal Out For Don Jr. And He Might Be Too Dumb To Take It

Meanwhile, Republicans eat each other over the concept of following the law.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Don Jr

Morning Docket: 05.09.19

* In "dog bites man" news, a majority of young lawyers think being a lawyer sucks. [Daily Business Review] * ICE is now curtailing immigrant access to legal counsel. [NBC News] * Republican Senators call on Attorney General to resign for ignoring congressional subpoenas... oh, wait, that was when Holder did it. [Tampa Bay Times] * The FTC wants a national privacy law and it's absolutely not getting one because that would require a functional government. [NY Times] * R. Kelly paid child suppo...
Tags: Law, Government, Immigration, Nbc News, Monsanto, Biglaw, Ftc, R. Kelly, Ny Times, Don, Kelly, Tampa Bay Times, Stoel Rives, Morning Docket, Daily Business Review, Bill Barr

Trump Invokes Executive Privilege, Demands Toothpaste Return To The Tube Forthwith

Trump's executive privilege argument is dumb.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Trump, Executive Privilege, Mueller report

Kamala Harris Stands Up To Support Underfunded, Overworked Public Defenders

Her new bill would establish pay parity between public defenders and prosecutors over the next five years.
Tags: Law, Government, Kamala Harris, Quote Of The Day, Public Defenders, EQUAL Defense Act

Pardon The Injunction

A rundown of the top stories of the last week.
Tags: Podcasts, Law, Government, Biglaw, Thinking Like A Lawyer

Bill Barr Is The Sideshow, Steven Mnuchin Is The One Who Needs To Lose His Job And Go To Jail

Barr is violating norms, Mnuchin is violating laws.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Tax Law, Barr, Mnuchin, Steven Mnuchin, Steve Mnuchin, Bill Barr

This Poll Should End All The ‘Court Packing’ Talk But Probably Won’t

It may thrill liberals to seek vengeance but there's value in thinking long-term.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Government, Courts, Fix the Court

600+ Former Federal Prosecutors Can’t Be Wrong

They have a distinctly different take than the Attorney General.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Biglaw, Obstruction, Bill Barr

State Bar Gets Warmer Reception From California Auditor

A new state audit says increasing attorney fees is warranted, though at a smaller amount than the bar has proposed.
Tags: Law, California, Government, State Bar of California, Audits, Lyle Moran

Impeachophilia: The Democrats’ Futile And Self-Destructive Attraction To Impeachment

With no advantages and concrete risks, the fascination with impeachment is becoming a dangerous weakness.
Tags: Politics, Law, Government, Donald Trump, Impeachment

Kamala Harris Doesn’t Care If You Call Her ‘Nasty’

If pursuing justice makes her a 'nasty woman,' then so be it.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Kamala Harris, Quote Of The Day, Senate Judiciary Committee, William Barr, Mueller report

Bill Barr Stomps Off In A Snit

Perhaps he is genuinely afraid of being questioned by the sharks hired by the Judiciary Committee.
Tags: Law, Government, Elizabeth Dye, William Barr, Bill Barr

IRS Grants Tax Exempt Status To Satanic Temple

Is it appropriate for a government agency to decide which belief system is worthy of tax exemption?
Tags: Law, Government, Religion, Satanic Temple, Irs, Tax Law, Steven Chung

A Tale Of Two Invocations

The difference between two invocations delivered to the Pennsylvania legislature, one by a secularist and another by a Christian, illustrates why religion, and not the rise in non-belief, continues to be the greatest threat to religious freedom.
Tags: Law, Government, Religion, Pennsylvania, Constitutional Law, Tyler Broker, Stephanie Borowicz, Deana Weaver

What To Watch For As Bill Barr Prepares To Gaslight America

I mean, you should watch for the lulz because there won't be anything else of value.
Tags: Law, Congress, Government, Russia, Donald Trump, William Barr, Bill Barr, Gaslight America

Trump’s New Pay-To-Play Asylum Machinations Will Violate Due Process

To say nothing of how they violate common sense, decency, morality, and human dignity.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Trump, Due Process, Immigration Law

Hero Judge Charged With Obstruction For Aiding Immigrants

So I guess right-wingers DO think obstruction is a crime... sometimes.
Tags: Law, Government, Immigration, Ice, Courts

Rod Rosenstein Blames Obama, Praises Trump, In Parting Shots

Rosenstein is just an average man unable to meet extraordinary expectations.
Tags: Law, Obama, Government, Donald Trump, Rosenstein, Rod Rosenstein

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