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Biglaw And GCs Join Forces And Speak Out Against Attempts To Suppress The Vote

It's time for America's business leaders to stand up and denounce actions like this.
Tags: Biglaw, Election Law, In-House Counsel, Quote of the Day

A Nuanced Kind Of Humility

Sometimes, being driven involves more humility than confidence.
Tags: In-House Counsel, Uncategorized, Humility, Olga V. Mack

Cancel Culture Versus Assassination Culture

What's the difference between something that will get you fired versus something that will get you shot?
Tags: In-House Counsel, Cancel Culture, Mark Herrmann

The Road To In-House: How Do I Leverage My Contacts? [Sponsored]

Make it easy for people to help you: be as specific as possible in outlining your ask.
Tags: Networking, Law, Advice, Career Advice, Sponsored Content, In-House Counsel, Networking Advice, Job Searches, Lateral Link, Abby Gordon

In-House Q&A: Thomson Reuters’ Steve Rubley

The president of Thomson Reuters' government segment discusses a digital evidence product he's developing along with home-office style.
Tags: Law, Finance, House, General Counsel, Thomson Reuters, In-House Counsel, Legal Operations, Finance Docket, Law Departments, Steve Rubley

Introducing Finance Docket!

Dealbreaker and Above the Law detail the latest in litigation, regulation, transactions, and trends for in-house counsel in the financial services sector.
Tags: Law, Finance, General Counsel, In-House Counsel, Legal Operations, Finance Docket, Law Departments

ALSPs’ Role In Legal Industry Diversity Efforts [Sponsored]

Expanding staffing choices opens avenues for change.
Tags: Law, Diversity, Sponsored Content, In-House Counsel, Paragon Legal, Legal Industry Diversity Efforts

Spring Is Here — And So Are More Jobs! [Sponsored]

A remote business-side position, great opportunities for junior litigators, and more.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Litigation, Litigators, Capital Markets, Sponsored Content, In-House Counsel, Boutique Law Firms, Job Searches, Lateral Link

Is Viet Dinh The Most Powerful Lawyer In America?

Reports of his power are greatly exaggerated, says Fox’s top lawyer — but there’s no denying that he's had a most interesting and impressive career.
Tags: Politics, Law, America, Fox, Fox News, Fox News Channel, Paul Clement, Harvard Law School, Mark Filip, In-House Counsel, Media and Journalism, Viet Dinh, Fox Corporation

‘Tech’ To The Future

Some parts of the legal profession really take it out of you.
Tags: Technology, Law, In-House Counsel, Olga V. Mack

Stat Of The Week: Law Departments Take On ‘Crisis Management’

Survey reveals ‘shifting’ outside counsel demand amid pandemic. 
Tags: Law, In-House Counsel, Stat of the Week

Transitioning From Law Firm Lawyer To Corporate Counsel: Tips And Strategies

Carefully distinguish between the nuances of the different skills in law firm roles versus corporate counsel roles.
Tags: Law, In-House Counsel, Wendi Weiner

In-House Counsel: Tell Us About Your Outside Law Firms

Please take this very brief survey for our forth annual list of the best firms.
Tags: Law, Surveys, Biglaw, In-House Counsel, Outside Counsel

Sleep Is Not Currency

Your clarity of mind is critical and directly related to your sleeping habits.
Tags: Sleep, Law, In-House Counsel, Olga V. Mack

The Reality Of A Comic Strip

Scott Adams, who pens Dilbert, must eavesdrop on every single conversation and act that occurs in the corporate world.
Tags: Law, Scott Adams, Dilbert, In-House Counsel, Jill Switzer

Key Considerations For Modern Document Management [Sponsored]

Here are a few questions that legal operations specialists should ask to ensure they are picking the right document and email management solution for their in-house teams.
Tags: Technology, Law, Sponsored Content, In-House Counsel, Document Management System, Imanage, Legal Operations

Why Companies Fall Short In Digital Recordkeeping [Sponsored]

As remote work continues to add to the myriad challenges involving compliance and eDiscovery, our friends at Pagefreezer present a detailed rundown of processes that will meet the moment.
Tags: Technology, Law, Compliance, Ediscovery, Sponsored Content, In-House Counsel, White Paper, Data Infrastructure, Pagefreezer, Digital Recordkeeping

FOMO: Lawyer Edition

Working all night is encouraged and is one of a plethora of bad practices in the legal industry. Why is this the norm?
Tags: Technology, Law, In-House Counsel, Olga V. Mack

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