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"Harvard Betrays a Law Professor — and Itself/Misguided students believe that defending Harvey Weinstein makes Ronald Sullivan unfit to be their dean. Apparently the university agrees."

An op-ed by Harvard lawprof Randall Kennedy (in the NYT).In addition to his work as a professor and a lawyer, [Ronald] Sullivan, with his wife, Stephanie Robinson, has served for a decade as the faculty dean of Winthrop House, an undergraduate dormitory where some 400 students live.As a faculty dean, Mr. Sullivan is responsible for creating a safe, fun, supportive environment in which students can pursue their collegiate ambitions. Winthrop House is meant to be a home away from home; faculty dea...
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Kim Kardashian Laments The Amount Of Reading Required For Law School

Assignments for an apprenticeship may be tough, but trust us when we say they're even worse in actual law school.
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Advice for Law Students – From Reducing Stress to Nailing Your Time as a Summer Associate

Welcome to a mini-episode of The Geek In Review. Shot on location in Scottsdale, Arizona. Law School Stress??  No Kidding! This week, we continue our discussion on how law students can have a stressful time in the three years they are in law school. We can’t change what happens during law school, but we’ve asked some experts to tell us what they do to help law students reduce stress as they prep for finals, and what they can do to be successful as summer associates in law firms. We finish our s...
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"Kim Kardashian has revealed she plans on taking the bar exam in 2022."

"In an interview with Vogue magazine, the reality star, 38, said she was inspired to pursue law after working to grant Alice Marie Johnson clemency last year. Kim began a four year long apprenticeship at a San Francisco law firm last summer in order to prepare for the exam, and now studies 18 hours a week with two practicing attorneys. Though Kim did not attend college or law school, she is able to pursue her dream through an alternative path. 'Reading the law' allows people to take the bar by...
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"Above the Law leaked the latest edition of the U.S. News law school rankings last week..."

Wow! I didn't even notice. I really am retired."... but now the actual publication date is upon us, and the 2020 rankings are officially out. We’re very pleased to announce that all of our leaked information has been confirmed (with the exception, of course, of the Penn State schools and Rutgers, all three of which were curiously absent from the leaked data; we know their ranks, and will get to them in a moment)."Above the Law blogs. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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In Memoriam: William C. Powers, Jr. (1946-2019)

I was shocked to learn of the passing of Bill Powers, former Dean of the Law School and President of the University of Texas at... [Author: Brian Leiter]
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"Isn’t it a pity that you need to analyze cases? You can’t just go around with your mouth open waiting for a spoon that will feed it to you in one big, luscious bite!"

"Students should sue. The teachers should just give you the law," said Professor Robert S. Summers, transcribed by my son John when he was a student at Cornell Law School, quite a few years ago and posted to John's blog when Professor Summers retired in 2010. John wrote, "Summers took the Socratic method to the extreme. He rarely made any direct statement about anything, almost always preferring to ask questions instead." Now, we see, "Robert Summers, pre-eminent legal scholar, dies at 85" (Corn...
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The Bottom Is Falling Out Of This Law School’s LSAT Scores

LSAT scores are way down at this law school.
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Advice Columnist Tells Pre-Law Student He’s Too Moronic For Law School

He already failed out of law school. Should he apply again?
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This Law School’s Graduates Have Their Debt Game In Check

Not bad for three years of higher education.
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Admissions Standards Are In Free Fall At This Law School

That's a 23.7 percent decline in only 8 years.
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A piddling elitism obscures a greater elitism.

Things not read this morning (click to enlarge and clarify): [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Law school career services directors need to be skilled in social media

Being the director of career services is not an easy job at most law schools today.  Assuming you’re not working at a top tier law school, you have more grads than jobs. Combine that with declining budgets at many law schools leaving you understaffed. Despite the challenges, career services directors have one thing their predecessors never had, the Internet. Networking through the Internet for building out the reputation of the school, nurturing relationships with potential employers, connec...
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Environmental Law and the core of legal learning: framing the future of environmental lawyers

Environmental law has not been taught or seen as a ‘core’ legal subject, giving environmental law academics freedom to teach the subject in many different ways. This structural sidelining, however, belies important questions about how teaching environmental law relates to the core of legal learning. We are not suggesting that there is a core of environmental law knowledge that every student should learn (although there is lots to learn), but that it is important to reflect on whether there are c...
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"Students Filed Title IX Complaints Against Kavanaugh to Prevent Him From Teaching at Harvard Law."

The Harvard Crimson reports, naming a student who supposedly said she'd filed a complaint with the University’s Office for Dispute Resolution and has been urging other students to do the same. We're told that "at least 48 students had signed an online petition certifying they had filed a Title IX complaint against the nominee."The student who got this started argued that Kavanaugh could be accused of gender-based harassment under Harvard's definition: "verbal, nonverbal, graphic, or physical agg...
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Harvard Law School Lets Kavanaugh Take The Gentleman’s Way Out

If there's a way Harvard can allow a white man to save face, they're going to take it.
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"Mr. Trump’s contempt for non-Ivy-educated lawyers is all the more striking, given that he has surrounded himself with them."

"His own lawyer, Jay Sekulow, took his law degree from Mercer University, in Macon, Ga. Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer for many years and tasked with more than a few important lawyerly duties, is a graduate of the Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School, in Lansing, while another personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, went to New York University for law school. The president’s current White House counsel, Don McGahn, attended the Widener University School of Law, in Wilmingt...
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Classism In Academia II: Your Improbable Path From Lower Socioeconomic Status (SES) To Professor At A Top 10 Law School

If you're still throwing anecdotal evidence at LPB, then you're never going to let go of privilege.
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Podcast Episode 9 – Getting Law Students Familiar with Legal Tech

Marlene (@gebauerm) and Greg (@glambert) talk with the University of Oklahoma School of Law’s Director of Technology Innovation, Kenton Brice. Kenton discusses how OU is leveraging the advances in technology to expand upon the university’s commitment to not only teach students how to think like a lawyer, but to also have a grasp of some of the skills needed to practice law efficiently. The Geek In Review also received a nod from The Legaler Blog as one of the best legal podcasts right now...
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Lessons From Law School’s GRE Experiment: Harvard Law School Speaks Out

The GRE has passed its first, all important test.
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Be Prepared To Know Your Classmates Really Well At This Law School

You won't have many classmates at this law school.
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"If Tiffany Trump wants to be just another Georgetown Law student, her plan isn’t working."

That WaPo headline sound like a jerk. Do they know what she wants? No. But if that's what she wants, would it mean she has a "plan"? No. There are 2 assumptions before the ha, ha, she's failing announcement, and only one of them is put in an "if" clause. The other, that she has a plan to achieve what she might want, is trampled over in the rush to taunt her for not scheming properly.But it's just a headline. From the article:The children of presidents are generally left alone during their underg...
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Studying law in the UK: Are you ready?

Your favourite club at school was the debating society, and you managed to negotiate an increase in pocket money as a teenager – it was obvious you were going to study law. But how much do you really know about studying for a law degree in the UK? How many people apply? And what pathways are available once you graduate? Take our quiz to find out.   Featured image: “Lecture Theatre” by Ian Barbour. CC0 Public domain via Flickr. The post Studying law in the UK: Are you ready? appeared first on ...
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Woman Is Sexually Assaulted While Visiting Law School

She probably doesn't want to enroll at this school anymore...
Tags: Law, Sexual Assault, Law School, Law Schools, Law Students, Pre-law Students, Gonzaga University School of Law

From The Career Files: Empowering Proficiency With The Legal Tech Assessment

Ari Kaplan speaks with Casey Flaherty, the founder of Procertas and the creator of the Legal Tech Assessment
Tags: Law, Lawyers, Law School, Career Center, Casey Flaherty, Legal Tech Assessment, Career Files, ATL Career Center, Ari Kaplan, Am Law 100, E-Filing, Procertas

Wellness at Law School

The move towards wellness programs at law school is both puzzling and important. Important because, in some ways, it is terribly overdue. But puzzling because it is happening at all. At law school of all places. Law school is hard. It always was. But conversations with alumni of the past sixty years have really convinced me that law school today is harder than ever. It is certainly harder to get in – our students have higher LSAT scores than ever, and stunning academic achievements. The move tow...
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