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Giving It The Old College Scam Try

Joe and Elie take a dive into the college admissions scandal going on with celebrities and their children.
Tags: Crime, Podcasts, Law, Law Schools, Joe, Elie, Thinking Like A Lawyer

How Will The ‘Access To Education’ Scandal Impact Access To Justice?

Kids who might have gone to elite undergrad institutions and would have had a chance at law school may be overlooked in the law school application process.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Education / Schools, Access to justice, Jill Switzer, College Admissions Scandal

18 Hot Tech Jobs For Law School Graduates

Tech-related jobs abound in this brave new legal landscape.
Tags: Technology, Law, Law Schools, Job Searches, Law Students, Hot Tech Jobs For Law School Graduates

The Best Law Schools For Intellectual Property (2020)

Are you surprised by the law schools at the top?
Tags: Law, Rankings, Intellectual Property, Law Schools, U.S. News 2020 Law School Rankings

Morning Docket: 03.20.19

* "It’ll never happen. I guarantee it won’t happen for six years." Contrary to what Democratic presidential candidates are suggesting, President Trump doesn't want anything to do with expanding the size of the Supreme Court. [Reuters] * As it turns out, special counsel Robert Mueller was investigating Michael Cohen much sooner than he originally led on, and the Cohen probe was handed off to the S.D.N.Y. long before campaign-finance violations were even discovered. [Wall Street Journal] * Tha...
Tags: Real Estate, Crime, Supreme Court, Law, Donald Trump, Campaign Finance, Law Schools, Trump, Reuters, Cohen, Michael Cohen, National Law Journal, Robert Kraft, Robert Mueller, Georgetown Law, Georgetown University Law Center

The Reason Why Competition To Get Into Top Law Schools Is So Stiff

It's all about the jobs and the high salaries at the other end of the degree.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Quote Of The Day, Law Students, Nora Demleitner

The Law Schools With The Highest LSAT Scores (2019)

Plus, the law schools with the lowest LSAT scores.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, LSAT, Law Students

They Really Needs To Fire This Repair Company

Can they get anything right? Elevators are breaking all over the place.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Elevators, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Repair Company

Law School Offers Program Teaching Corporate Executives To ‘Not Be Criminals’

The LLX program moves legal education into a new market.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Loyola Law School - Los Angeles

Law School’s Revolutionary ‘Third Year Anywhere’ Program Is Just What Legal Education Needs

Finish law school anywhere on earth while gaining hands-on practice experience? Yes, please!
Tags: Law, Uncategorized, Law Schools, Washburn University School of Law, Job Searches, Law Students, 3Ls, Third Year Anywhere

Can You Get Away With Bribing Your Way Into Law School?

Of course you can, silly, and you won't have to go to jail over it.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Quote Of The Day, Bribes, Law School Admissions, Anna Ivey

When Life Gives You Broken Elevators, Make Bad Puns

Some 8-year-old out there has lost their joke book.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Biglaw Offer Rates For Law School Student Recruitment Reaches Historic Highs

These figures are even better than rates measured before the recession.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Biglaw, Job Searches, Law Students, James Leipold, National Association for Law Placement (NALP, Offer Rates

This Western State Law Student Has Experienced A ‘Double Whammy’

The 3L also attended Whittier Law School the year it announced its planned closure.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Whittier Law School, Western State College of Law at Argosy University, Lyle Moran, Jamila Ha

This Is Why The Rankings Matter

They may seem unfair, but they serve a purpose.
Tags: Law, Rankings, Law Schools, U.S. News Law School Rankings

Let’s Talk About These Rankings

Our first impressions of this year's rankings.
Tags: Podcasts, Law, Rankings, Law Schools, Thinking Like A Lawyer

A Look At The Trend Of Moving Up The U.S. News Rankings

Impressive results for lots of law schools this year.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Trivia Question of the Day

What Would Law School Look Like In A World Without The U.S. News Rankings?

Things could be a whole lot better if lawyers weren't so obsessed with prestige.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Quote Of The Day, Dan Rodriguez, U.S. News 2020 Law School Rankings


Join LawProfBlawg in the audience for a gathering of some of his favorite #LawTwitter judges, professors, and attorneys.
Tags: Twitter, Law, Social Media, Law Schools, Law Professors, LawProfBlawg, Conferences / Symposia

The OFFICIAL 2020 U.S. News Law School Rankings Are Here

Did Rutgers and the Penn State schools get ranked? And just how screwed are law grads with high debt and low job prospects?
Tags: Law, Rankings, Law Schools, Penn State, Rutgers, Law Students, U S News Law School Rankings, U.S. News 2020 Law School Rankings

This Law School Had A Great Year — At Least According To The Latest U.S. News Rankings

After a big snafu last year, the law school's back on track.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Trivia Question of the Day, Latest U S News Rankings

What The Future May Hold For Legal Recruiting

Where do we stand with the loss of the NALP Recruiting Guidelines?
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Career Services, Law Students, Nicholas Alexiou, NALP Recruiting Guidelines

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