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St. Louis Gun-Waving Lawyers Deliver Funniest Republican Convention Speech Of The Night

Grabbing the latest Fox News cause celebre for a prime speaking role might have been a mistake.
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"Coming into the convention, I thought I would be making fun of the gun-wielding McCloskeys’ predictably lame speech at the Republican National Convention."

"Instead, I realized just how well their story would play to a lot of folks I know. Now, if you’re a liberal Democrat who lives in a cosmopolitan area, you probably won’t appreciate this. But if you’re a suburban college-educated mom who voted for Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio, you probably found yourself nodding along more than you might have imagined."Writes Matt Lewis at The Daily Beast. I can't read the whole thing because it's "members only." But, here, watch it yourself:It's easy enough to i...
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AR-15 Couple Teach Us All About Adverse Possession!

Fun with everyone's favorite Property law principle.
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Opening Up The Above The Law Mailbox… Of Hate Mail!

People really don't like our coverage of the St. Louis AR-15 people.
Tags: Law, Racism, Small Law Firms, Mark McCloskey, Patricia McCloskey, St Louis AR

I'll just show you one example of the mockery I've seeing of this poor couple, who were beset by a mob and unable to get help from the police.

Fox News has done to our parents what they thought gangsta rap would do to us — Seltzer In Place (@VernorsHerzog) June 29, 2020 That went up this morning — after it's been in the news that these people are not uneducated right-wingers. They are lawyers (i.e., educated) and they are Democrats (with a record of donations). [UPDATE: Snopes says the reports that he donated to Democrats were wrong — mistaking him for someone else with the same name: "According to the FEC,...
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St. Louis Lawyers Wave AR-15 At Protesters Like Totally Normal, Totally Not Bonkers People

How long has he been waiting for an opportunity to point his toy at people?
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