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Creature comfort: why TV nature shows are good for mental health

From Planet Earth to Springwatch and beyond, programmes about animals in the natural world can soothe the nervous system and raise the spiritsFew of us would anticipate feeling an emotional connection with a swarm of ants. But in episode three of A Perfect Planet, when a colony of fire ants build a raft using their bodies to survive flooding in the Amazon, only the concrete-hearted would fail to be moved by their resilience. As the raft sailed across the water, I sobbed.Emotion is often close to...
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Cake and inner calm: 10 ways to improve your mood – without exercising

Not everyone can – or wants to – look after their mental health by getting a sweat on. But there are plenty of other ways to give yourself a boostAs lockdown continues, exercise is often touted as one of the best ways to promote good mental health. But as good as running and cold swimming are if they work for you, they do not appeal to everyone. Nor are they an option if you are ill, injured or living with a disability. I am chronically ill and have been shielding for a year; my greatest exertio...
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'The clouds cleared': what terminal lucidity teaches us about life, death and dementia

Just before Alex Godfrey’s grandmother died from dementia, she snapped back to lucidity and regaled him with stories of her youth. Could moments like this teach us more about the workings of the brain?It was the red jelly that did it. It was Christmas 1999 in Rapid City, South Dakota, and Ward Porterfield, 83, was in a nursing home. He had been diagnosed with dementia three years earlier; he was confused and disoriented and eventually he no longer recognised his daughter, Kay. “When I went in,” ...
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NHS sets up mental health hubs for staff traumatised by Covid

Forty hubs in England will field calls from frontline staff and contact those at higher risk directlyCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe NHS is setting up dozens of mental health hubs to help staff who have been left traumatised by treating Covid patients during the pandemic.There is mounting concern that large numbers of frontline workers have experienced mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder over the last year. Continu...
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Love Island's Dr Alex George: 'If my brother had asked for help, would he still be alive?'

An A&E doctor and social media influencer, George has long advocated better mental healthcare. But after the death of his brother last year, he knew he wanted to do more“Mental health can be such an unsexy subject,” says Alex George. This is the message that the A&E doctor and former Love Island contestant will “really try to get across” in his new job as the government’s youth mental health ambassador. He doesn’t mean that the job is to add sex appeal, although he has 1.8m followers on Instagra...
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7 dimensions of depression, explained

According to the World Health Organization, more than 264 million people suffer from depression. It is the leading cause of disability and, at its worst, can lead to suicide. Unfortunately, depression is often misunderstood or ignored until it is too late. Psychologist Daniel Goleman, comedian Pete Holmes, neuroscientist Emeran Mayer, psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, and more outline several of the social, chemical, and neurological factors that may contribute to the complex disorder and explain why...
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‘Children are not pets, society has to help parents bring them up’

As she prepares to leave office, children’s tsar Anne Longfield says families should be at the heart of MPs’ plansParents have had to become teachers, a footballer has helped expose the plight of deprived families, and local groups across the country have been on the frontline in providing emergency advice and supplies. As a result, the pandemic’s extraordinary impact has helped shift Britain’s attitude to a community’s role in bringing up children, the children’s commissioner for England has sa...
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Pakistan ends death penalty for prisoners with severe mental health problems

Supreme court ruling welcomed by rights activists who say it opens the way to broader prison reformsIn a landmark decision, Pakistan’s supreme court ruled this week that prisoners with serious mental health problems cannot be executed for their crimes.The verdict was hailed by rights activists, who said it laid the groundwork for broader prison reforms in the country. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Human Rights, Law, Society, World news, Mental Health, South and Central Asia, Pakistan, Global development, Capital punishment

Doctors warn of ‘tsunami’ of pandemic eating disorders

Covid-19 isolation blamed as number of children with anorexia and bulimia in England soars amid fears for similar rise among adults Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coveragePsychiatrists have warned of a “tsunami” of eating disorder patients amid data showing soaring numbers of people experiencing anorexia and bulimia in England during the pandemic.Dr Agnes Ayton, the chair of the Eating Disorder Faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said the number of people experien...
Tags: Health, England, Children, Society, Mental Health, Eating Disorders, NHS, Young People, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Coronavirus, Agnes Ayton, Eating Disorder Faculty

A third of Covid patients put on ventilator report PTSD symptoms

One in five admitted to hospital but with no ventilation had symptoms such as flashbacks, study findsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageOne in three Covid patients put on a ventilator experience extensive symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to research, which adds to mounting evidence of the virus’s impact on mental health.The study of 13,049 patients with confirmed or suspected coronavirus, by Imperial College London and the University of Southampton, ...
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Close-ups, cats and clutter: what the online yoga teacher saw

Teaching via Instagram and Zoom is both more and less intimate than a real-life classFifteen people lie down in rectangles on my screen. I am telling them to relax their jaws and soften the muscles around their eyes. I am also having a silent, hand gesture-based conversation with a five-year-old girl in one of the rectangles. This morning the girl’s mother sent me an email that read: “I’m going to attempt as much of the class as she will allow me to do – sometimes she is fine with it, and someti...
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‘My personal lockdown has been much longer’: on chronic illness, before and after Covid

Life before was a little different, but not a lot. Now I feel a new resilience and hopeRead more: Laura Barton on how a daily call to California got her through lockdown and Elle Hunt on moving to the other side of the world and the pandemicI’ve been inside my cramped terrace house for nearly a year now. There haven’t been walks outside, or trips to the shops. Every morning, I wake into a day the same as yesterday. I reach out a hand to the cat who I know will be curled by my right side, listen ...
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'They are scared to try new things': how is home school impacting young children?

After nearly a year of disrupted learning, primary school children in the UK have missed key milestones - as well as their friends. What will be the long term cost?• In pictures: pets, plants and cuddly toys: a child’s eye view of home schooling It is fair to say that Wells, eight, does not enjoy remote learning. “It’s horrible,” he tells a group of fellow year 4 children over a video call. “I can see my friends, but I can’t talk to them.” Emily, nine, finds home schooling tough, too: “It’s real...
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‘It is only now I realise the toll the pandemic has taken’: a letter from the other side of Covid

I moved from London to New Zealand, where the sense of normality is surrealRead more: Laura Barton on how a daily call to California got her through lockdownNew Zealand doesn’t exist. So goes the meme, an internet in-joke arising from the frequency with which the island nation is left off world maps, and amplified by the whimsical news stories that often emerge there. For instance: a city road was recently closed for an entire month to allow safe crossing for a family of sea lions. How is New Ze...
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'Pandemic burnout' on rise as latest Covid lockdowns take toll

Increasing number of people report feeling worn out and unable to cope due to period of sustained stress‘Be kind to yourself’: tips on coping with lockdown stressCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coveragePsychologists are reporting a rise in “pandemic burnout” as many people find the current phase of lockdowns harder, with an increasing number feeling worn out and unable to cope.They warn that many are finding the latest lockdown more difficult due to a realisation that coronav...
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Inquest finds mother took overdose after removal of benefits

Coronor says Philippa Day’s experiences with DWP were ‘predominant factor’ in her decisionA severely mentally ill young mother died from a deliberate overdose after the removal of her disability benefits left her destitute, trapped in a months-long state of high anxiety and haunted by suicidal thoughts, an inquest has concluded.The coroner, Gordon Clow, said Philippa Day’s long struggle with the benefits system had been a “stressor” in her decision to take the overdose in August 2019. She was fo...
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Lockdown cabin fever? 56 tried, tested and terrific ways to beat the boredom

Shaun Ryder keeps chickens, while Mel Giedroyc organises chutney tastings. These small, affordable suggestions won’t end lockdown misery – but they might helpIf you live with someone else, draw each other. My boyfriend, a professional artist, has a gross advantage – so I hold the most atrocious pose possible to challenge him. Then I challenge the foundations of our relationship by trying to depict him in a fashion that won’t result in him dumping me. Our relationship survived the last time, alth...
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Lockdown cabin fever? Here are 56 tried, tested and terrific ways to beat the boredom

Shaun Ryder keeps chickens, while Mel Giedroyc organises chutney tastings. These small, affordable suggestions won’t end lockdown misery – but they might helpIf you live with someone else, draw each other. My boyfriend, a professional artist, has a gross advantage – so I hold the most atrocious pose possible to challenge him. Then I challenge the foundations of our relationship by trying to depict him in a fashion that won’t result in him dumping me. Our relationship survived the last time, alth...
Tags: Health, Life and style, Society, Mental Health, Health & wellbeing, Shaun Ryder, Mel Giedroyc, Coronavirus

Covid linked to risk of mental illness and brain disorder, study suggests

One in eight people who get coronavirus also have first psychiatric or neurological illness within six months, research findsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageOne in eight people who have had Covid-19 are diagnosed with their first psychiatric or neurological illness within six months of testing positive for the virus, a new analysis suggests, adding heft to an emerging body of evidence that stresses the toll of the virus on mental health and brain disorders cannot be i...
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Met police officer faces new hearing over death of mentally ill black man

Fresh misconduct proceedings will be held into senior officer cleared over death of Kevin Clarke in south LondonA senior police officer cleared of misconduct over the high-profile death of a mentally ill black man is to face fresh disciplinary proceedings because of failings in the original case, the Observer can reveal.After a misconduct meeting last year the officer – who has not been named – was told they had “no case to answer” over the death of Kevin Clarke, who was restrained by up to seve...
Tags: Health, London, Law, Police, Society, UK News, Mental Health, Kevin Clarke

Teenagers can 'catch' moods from friends, study finds

UK study investigates impact of individuals’ moods within shared social network Teenagers can “catch” moods from their friends and negative moods appear to be more contagious than positive, a study has found.The study by Oxford and Birmingham universities investigates “emotional contagion” among teenagers, to see the impact of individuals’ moods within a shared social network. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, UK, Children, Society, UK News, Mental Health, Oxford, Birmingham

I thought my eating disorder was my protector, but I have been anorexia's prey | Melis Layik

With university online and no job to go to thanks to Covid, it has become easier to spend hours in front of the mirror berating my appearanceRead Melis Layik’s most recent Dreams interrupted diaryRead how the pandemic-fuelled recession will affect Australia’s young peopleName: Melis LayikAge: 21I increased my dosage of antidepressants today. With the loosening of Victoria’s Covid restrictions and the surge of New Year’s weight loss marketing, my eating disorder has once again overwhelmed me with...
Tags: Health, Australia, Society, Australia news, Mental Health, Body Image, Eating Disorders, Anorexia, Unemployment, Young People, Victoria, Women's Health, Youth Unemployment, Melis Layik, Melis LayikAge

Covid restrictions on visits to detained children and parents are 'cruel', MPs told

Prison, care home and mental health institution visit limitations failing to consider impact on family life, campaigners sayCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageChildren with parents in prison have been forgotten during lockdown, campaigners have told MPs.The cross-party human rights committee is looking at the impact on the right to family life, with a focus on people in institutional settings including prisons, care homes and mental health facilities. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Family, Politics, Children, Society, UK News, World news, Mental Health, UK criminal justice, Prisons and probation, Parents and parenting, Coronavirus, Cross Party Human Rights Committee

Authorities had four warnings about Reading attacker's mental health

Refugee support chief warned of Khairi Saadallah carrying out ‘London Bridge-type scenario’• Reading attacker Khairi Saadallah given whole-life prison sentenceRepeated warnings were given that Khairi Saadallah, who murdered three men in a Reading park last summer, could carry out a “London Bridge-type scenario” shortly before the killings took place, the Guardian has learned.Documents reveal that Nick Harborne, chief executive of the Reading Refugee Support Group (RRSG), who had had dealings wit...
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Why it's time to stop pursuing happiness

Positive thinking and visualising success can be counterproductive – happily, other strategies for fulfilment are availableLike many teenagers, I was once plagued with angst and dissatisfaction – feelings that my parents often met with bemusement rather than sympathy. They were already in their 50s, and, having grown up in postwar Britain, they struggled to understand the sources of my discontentment at the turn of the 21st century.“The problem with your generation is that you always expect to b...
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My lockdown meltdown drove me to try therapy – did it help?

When my Spice Girls-related coping mechanism stopped working, a friend suggested cognitive behavioural therapyTips on finding the right therapistColour me kooky, but I have not enjoyed living through a pandemic. For me, it’s basically been a social experiment in what happens when you take an already neurotic person and strip them of all semblance of routine. The results have been roughly as chaotic as Big Brother’s fight night, had the housemates been given hallucinogens.Initially, I did what I ...
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I teach a course on happiness at Yale: this is how to make the most of your resolutions

Forget tough love. Adopting a positive mindset and being kind to yourself is a more effective way to make a changeTo say that 2020 wasn’t the best year is an understatement. For many of us, it felt like a giant global dumpster fire. Not surprisingly, the stresses of living through a pandemic have had a terrible impact on our collective mental health, with rates of depression and anxiety skyrocketing. Many of us feel we can’t say goodbye to last year fast enough.And that means we’re entering 2021...
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Silence your inner critic: a guide to self-compassion in the toughest times

Is your internal monologue friendly, calm and encouraging – or critical and bullying? Here is how to change it for the betterTobyn Bell still remembers the precise moment when his self-compassion practice paid off.He had just arrived home from work and was turning over in his mind the mistakes he had made that day, what he could or should have done – the kind of self-critical thoughts he had struggled with for years. Then, unexpectedly, another voice piped up in response, calm and steadying, add...
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