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‘My son could die’: the disabled Syrian refugees on the sharp end of UK aid cuts – photo essay

Two centres in Lebanon are among the casualties of cuts to British aid, with devastating consequences for thousands of patients and families‘Out of Trump playbook’: UK accused of ‘abandoning’ women with cuts to aidIn January, the British government told its diplomats to start finding 50–70% cuts in aid funding. In March, it was revealed it was slashing aid funding to Syrian refugee projects by a third. Among the many casualties of those cuts is a project in Lebanon.Two centres – in Zahlé and in ...
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Biden restores $200m in US aid to Palestinians slashed by Trump

Former US president had gradually cut virtually all US money to Palestinian aid projectsThe US will restore more than $200m in aid to Palestinians, reversing massive funding cuts under the Trump administration that left humanitarian groups scrambling to keep people from plunging into poverty.“[We] plan to restart US economic, development, and humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people,” the secretary of state, Antony Blinken, said in a statement. Continue reading...
Tags: Israel, US, Society, World news, US foreign policy, US news, Middle East and North Africa, US politics, Palestinian territories, Gaza, Aid, Global development, Humanitarian response, Biden, Trump, Antony Blinken

RAF engaged in 10-day attack on Isis in Iraq this spring

Typhoon planes and cruise missiles used in biggest air raid against group in two years, ‘probably killing dozens’ says forceRAF and other coalition planes last month engaged in the biggest air raids against Isis in two years, in a 10-day mission that attacked up to 100 cave hideouts in Iraq and is likely to have caused dozens of casualties.The attacks concluded on 22 March, the Ministry of Defence said. Continue reading...
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UAE general unsuitable for role of Interpol chief, says UK report

Election of Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi would serve to validate UAE’s record on human rights, ex-prosecutor saysAn Emirati general linked to human rights abuses is unsuited to head Interpol and his possible appointment may be seen as a “reward” for donations to the agency, according to a report by the UK’s former director of public prosecutions.The process of electing a president of Interpol, which is due to happen later this year, is “shrouded in secrecy and opaque”, Sir David Calvert-Smith wrote. Con...
Tags: UK, Law, World news, Middle East and North Africa, International criminal justice, United Arab Emirates, Uae, Interpol, Ahmed Naser Al Raisi, David Calvert Smith

Back in business - how Israel beat Covid: inside the 9 April Guardian Weekly

This week: Behind Israel’s vaccination success story. Plus, Myanmar’s mass exodus, and Britain’s contentious race report.Get the magazine delivered to your doorThe northern hemisphere spring is well on the way: will it bring renewed grounds for optimism as the world wrestles with the Covid pandemic? Many nations still face difficult weeks ahead as cases surge and vaccination rates are slow. But in others, normality is returning fast as infection rates fall to negligible levels.This week’s Guardi...
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‘I miss school’: 800m children still not fully back in classes

Rights groups warn that children across the world are being pushed into abusive situations, from early marriage to child labour Across the world 800 million children are still not fully back in school, Unicef is warning, with many at risk of never returning to the classroom the longer closures go on. There are at least 90 countries where schools are either closed or offering a mix of remote and in-person learning.The UN agency’s chief of education, Robert Jenkins, told the Guardian that the clos...
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Who pays for Suez blockage? Ever Given grounding could spark years of litigation

Ship likely to be centre of protracted legal battle over what caused it to run aground in the Suez and who is to blameAfter hauling its 240,000-ton bulk down the Suez canal a week after blocking the essential waterway, the container ship the Ever Given is likely to become the centre of a protracted battle over who will pay for its rescue.The 1,312-ft-long ship was aground on the banks of the Suez Canal for a week, causing an estimated £7bn loss each day in trade owing to ships stuck on either si...
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British aid cuts to leave tens of thousands of Syrians 'paperless'

Norwegian Refugee Council says move to pull funding for its legal support programme will leave many in ‘destitution’Tens of thousands of Syrians will no longer receive legal support, leaving many “in utter destitution” without documents they need to work, travel or return home, after the British government pulled £4m in funding from a charity programme, according to its director.News of the cut to a Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) project supporting refugees and internally displaced Syrians, com...
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Watchdog steps in over secrecy about UK women in Syria stripped of citizenship

Exclusive: Home Office refusal to disclose how many women are in same position as Shamima Begum prompts actionThe Home Office’s refusal to disclose the number of women who, like Shamima Begum, have been deprived of their British citizenship after travelling to join Islamic State is under investigation by the information commissioner.The watchdog said it would step in after the government refused to share the data with a human rights group concerned about the conditions of British women and child...
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Four-fifths of Sudan's £861m debt to UK is interest

Freedom of information data will increase calls for country to be granted debt amnestyWhen Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, was in Sudan in January he offered £40m in aid to help its poorest people, who are facing unprecedented food scarcity in a debt-laden country where austerity is deepening.Sudan, ruled by an unelected military-led transitional government after longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir was deposed in 2019, owes the UK almost £900m. But the Observer can reveal that almost 80% of that ...
Tags: Business, UK, Africa, Economics, Society, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Sudan, Debt relief, Omar al Bashir, Dominic Raab, International Monetary Fund (IMF

The UK professor, a fake Russian spy and the undercover Syria sting

Ex-Observer journalist tells of role in trap to expose disinformation tactics of defenders of the Assad regimeA more sceptical academic than Paul McKeigue might perhaps have wondered if the emails flooding into his inbox from “Ivan”, a purported Russian spy, were too good to be true.Ivan appeared to share many of McKeigue’s own personal obsessions, particularly his desire to discredit investigators who compile evidence of war crimes committed in Syria. And he claimed access to both ready cash an...
Tags: UK, Law, UK News, World news, Syria, Middle East and North Africa, War Crimes, Ivan, Paul McKeigue, McKeigue

‘Until the law catches up, all we have is our stories’: my year-long fight to hold my attacker to account

When Caitlin McNamara launched a literary festival in Abu Dhabi, she found herself plunged into a busy, exciting world. Then, she alleges, she was raped by an Emirati royalThis time last year, the world watched as Harvey Weinstein was led out of a New York courtroom, having finally been convicted of sexual assault. For many of us, it signified a hopeful shift in the law’s blemished record of allowing rich men to get away with treating women’s bodies as a perk of power.I watched this historic rul...
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Quarter of women and girls have been abused by a partner, says WHO

Largest such study finds domestic violence experienced by one-in-four teenage girls with worst levels faced by women in their 30s One in four women and girls around the world have been physically or sexually assaulted by a husband or male partner, according to the largest study yet of the prevalence of violence against women.The report, conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UN partners, found that domestic violence started young, with a quarter of 15- to 19-year-old girls and youn...
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Aid spending cuts may not get put to Commons vote, No 10 suggests

Denying MPs their say could head off Tory rebellion but potentially open government to legal actionA planned reduction in aid spending may not go to a vote in the Commons, Downing Street has indicated, which would head off a likely rebellion by Conservative MPs but could expose the government to legal action.Pressed repeatedly on whether the cut in the aid budget from 0.7% of national income – which is set out in law under the 2015 International Development Act – would be subject to a Commons vo...
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Displaced Syrians face losing homes to new government fines

Amendment to conscription law means those who have not served must pay £5,700 or have assets seizedA legal amendment in Syria has been greeted with anger and dismay by people displaced by the civil war who are now at risk of losing homes and property they left behind unless they pay exorbitant fines to the government in Damascus.Bashar al-Assad’s sanctions-hit, cash-strapped government, looking for ways to raise money in any way possible, announced a change to an article of the law concerning mi...
Tags: Human Rights, Law, World news, Syria, Middle East and North Africa, Bashar al-Assad, Damascus Bashar al Assad

Why Israel fears the ICC war crimes investigation

Analysis: officials recognise there is a real risk of prosecution over the deadly 2014 conflictThe date of 13 June 2014 listed by the international criminal court’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, as the starting point for its investigation into potential war crimes committed by Israelis and Palestinians is a significant one.The day before, as that year’s World Cup opened, three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered by a Hamas cell on the West Bank while hitchhiking in the occupied Pal...
Tags: Law, Israel, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, West Bank, International criminal justice, International criminal court, Hamas, Icc, Fatou Bensouda

Israeli officials start to feel the impact of ICC investigation

While the probe and any trials that might follow could take years, hundreds are being warned not to travelThe date of 13 June 2014 listed by the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda as the starting point for its investigation into potential war crimes committed by Israelis and Palestinians is a significant one.The day before, as that year’s World Cup opened, three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered by a Hamas cell on the West Bank while hitchhiking in the occ...
Tags: Law, Israel, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, West Bank, International criminal justice, International criminal court, Hamas, Icc, Fatou Bensouda

ICC opens investigation into war crimes in Palestinian territories

Inquiry expected to investigate alleged crimes committed by both Israelis and PalestiniansThe International Criminal Court has launched an investigation into alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories, including the period covered by the 2014 Gaza war, potentially placing hundreds of Israelis – including soldiers and senior political figures – at risk of prosecution.The long-awaited probe, which has been fiercely resisted by Israel, comes after years of deliberations over whether the ICC ...
Tags: Law, Israel, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Gaza, International criminal justice, International criminal court, Arab and Middle East unrest, Icc, PalestiniansThe International Criminal Court

ICC to open formal investigation into war crimes in Palestine

Decision to open inquiry into both sides in conflict is result of nearly five years of work, says prosecutorThe prosecutor of the international criminal court has announced that her office will open a formal investigation into war crimes in Palestine that will examine both sides in the conflict.The court ruled on 5 February that it had jurisdiction in the case, a move that prompted swift rejection from the US and Israel. The Palestinian Authority welcomed the decision. Continue reading...
Tags: Law, Israel, US, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Gaza, Palestine, International criminal justice, International criminal court, Arab and Middle East unrest, Icc, Palestinian Authority

We’ve cut aid to Yemen and children will starve – is this what global Britain means?

Monday’s announcement confirmed my worst fears – not even those in the most desperate crises are safe from aid cutsThree weeks ago, foreign office minister James Cleverly told me that in the face of drastic cuts to the UK’s aid budget, Yemen would remain a UK priority country and the government would use the full force of its diplomatic efforts to bring about peace.On Monday, those words rang hollow when he announced the UK was slashing humanitarian aid to Yemen by more than 50% compared with la...
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Criminal complaint filed against Mohammed bin Salman in German court

Reporters without Borders accuses Saudi heir of crimes against humanity over persecution of journalistsSaudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other high-ranking Saudi officials have been accused of committing crimes against humanity in a criminal complaint filed in Germany by Reporters without Borders (RSF), the press freedom group.The 500-page complaint, filed with the German public prosecutor in general in the federal court of justice in Karlsruhe, centres on the “widespread and systematic...
Tags: Europe, Human Rights, Media, Law, Washington Post, Saudi Arabia, Germany, World news, Newspapers & magazines, US news, Middle East and North Africa, Journalist safety, Karlsruhe, Mohammed bin Salman, Jamal Khashoggi, Biden Administration

Shamima Begum court decision brings shame on UK | Letters

Readers respond to the supreme court decision that Begum will not have her citizenship restoredEvery day it seems the Guardian serves up another reason for being ashamed to be British. On Friday, it was the case of Shamima Begum (Shamima Begum loses fight to restore UK citizenship after supreme court ruling, 26 February). It makes it particularly difficult that I’m tutoring someone who is hoping to take an A-level in British politics. All the books list human rights and explain how carefully pro...
Tags: Politics, UK, Human Rights, Media, Law, Islamic State, Syria, Middle East and North Africa, UK criminal justice, UK supreme court, Human Rights Act, Chagos Islands, Shamima Begum, Priti Patel, Begum, Jeremy CushingExeter

Security consultant hired by Foreign Office linked to string of hacking complaints

Lawyers for Stuart Page say no findings of hacking or misuse of private information made against him A British private investigator and security consultant whose company has just completed a four-year contract to protect the UK’s embassy in Tel Aviv is linked to a string of telecommunications hacking complaints dating back more than 20 years, according to high court judgments.A court judgment that touches on the career history of Stuart Page – the 69-year-old founder of the private security and...
Tags: Politics, UK, Law, Tel Aviv, UK News, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Espionage, Foreign, Foreign Office, Page Group, Commonwealth and Development Office, Stuart Page

The tourists who flock to Dubai seem happy to overlook a few missing princesses | Catherine Bennett

Human rights abuses cut little ice with holidaymakers who rush to the beachHow many abducted and imprisoned princesses would it take for British tourists to turn their backs on Dubai? Three? Four? Ten? Because two “disappeared” princesses doesn’t look like being enough, even now that a secretly filmed account by one of them, saying she had been captured, assaulted, drugged and repatriated, has appeared on the BBC – corroborating the fact-finding of a UK judge, published a year ago.Sir Andrew M...
Tags: UK, Human Rights, Law, UK News, World news, Bbc, Middle East and North Africa, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Uae, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Catherine Bennett, Commonwealth Office, Latifa, Andrew McFarlane, Shamsa

From Syria to China, dictators are still getting away with murder | Jonathan Freedland

Faced with evidence of crimes against humanity, we can’t rely on the glacial pace of international law to provide justice It’s a scene that’s been played out both in high drama and a blockbuster thriller, in Death and the Maiden and in Marathon Man – a victim chancing many years later upon their tormentor – but in Berlin in 2014 it happened for real. Anwar al-Bunni was in a grocery shop when he ran into a fellow Syrian émigré whose face was familiar. It took him a while to realise that the man w...
Tags: Law, China, Berlin, World news, Syria, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, International criminal justice, International criminal court, International court of justice, Torture, Assad, Bashar Al Assad, Koblenz, Jonathan Freedland, Bunni

Shamima Begum is a victim of trafficking – and the UK should treat her as such | Maya Foa

It is much easier to deprive someone of their citizenship and rights when they have been reduced to a caricatureMaya Foa is the director of the human rights charity ReprieveToday’s supreme court judgment in Shamima Begum’s case offers little resolution to an issue our government wishes would go away. While the court deferred to the home secretary’s decision to bar Begum from returning to Britain, it offered no solution to the intractable problem of her continued detention in a dangerous and unst...
Tags: Politics, UK, Law, Islamic State, UK News, World news, Syria, Britain, Middle East and North Africa, Foreign Policy, Shamima Begum, Begum, Maya Foa, Foa, Camp Roj

The Guardian view on the crimes of Assad’s regime: slow, uncertain justice | Editorial

The conviction of an intelligence official in Germany marks the end of impunity – but will more senior figures be held accountable?Ten years on from the uprising against his brutal regime, Bashar al-Assad still reigns supreme, with his cronies around him, committing the same crimes. Hundreds of thousands have died. The cash extorted from the families of detainees is likely to be cushioning the impact of sanctions for the elite, a report recently suggested. The contrast between the enormity of th...
Tags: Law, Germany, Syria, Middle East and North Africa, International criminal justice, International criminal court, Bashar Al Assad, Assad, Damascus, Koblenz Germany

Yazidis have been forgotten during Covid. They need justice, jobs and a return home | Nadia Murad

Survivors of Islamic State brutality are pushed further into the margins as the pandemic causes the world to turn inwardStaring at the same four walls day after day, unable to find work, reunite with relatives, or send your children to school. The Covid pandemic has rendered this bleak picture a reality for many people across the globe. Yet for many who have survived or are living through conflict, these hardships are hardly novel.For the Yazidi ethnic minority in Iraq, Islamic State’s 2014 geno...
Tags: Isis, Law, Islamic State, Iraq, Society, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Refugees, Global development, IDP, Iraq Islamic State, Nadia Murad, Rape and sexual assault, Coronavirus

Yemen risks worst famine on planet in 'decades', say UN officials

Tens of thousands more civilians could be displaced due to attacks by Houthi rebels in Marib provinceThe conflict in Yemen has taken a “sharp escalatory turn” and the country is speeding towards the worst famine the world has seen in decades, UN officials have warned, as the US under Joe Biden takes a renewed interest in finding a diplomatic solution to the war.In one of his more downbeat monthly assessments, the UN special envoy Martin Griffiths told the security council attacks by the Houthi r...
Tags: US, Famine, Society, World news, Joe Biden, Middle East and North Africa, United Nations, Global development, Un, Yemen, Security Council, Marib, Martin Griffiths, Marib province

'People want imperfection': Hiam Abbass on Succession, Ramy and playing complex women

She is enigmatic Marcia Roy in Succession, but as the Egyptian-American mother in the award-winning Ramy, she’s a hoot. The Palestinian actor examines her many-layered rolesYou would be hard pressed to find two TV characters in 2021 with less in common than Marcia Roy and Maysa Hassan. The former is the enigmatic, sophisticated wife of billionaire patriarch Logan Roy in the HBO hit Succession. While the series is dominated by huge personalities, she is a mysterious presence – albeit one who is d...
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