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Morning Docket: 03.22.19

* It's cliché to label this, "but their emails" right? [NY Times] * R. Kelly wants to see this sex tape. Let's presume it's for defense purposes. [TMZ] * Navigating the privacy waters between GDPR and CCPA. [Corporate Counsel] * Gordon Caplan has a court date with Aunt Becky. [American Lawyer] * While eDiscovery has been a thing for over a decade, a new study confirms that a lot of firms still don't understand it. [Legaltech News] * The SPLC removed its founder...folks around the work they ...
Tags: Morning Docket, eDiscovery, GDPR, Gordon Caplan, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Privacy, Southern Poverty Law Center

Morning Docket: 03.21.19

* What does Wachtell think of George Conway's Twitter profile? Silly rabbits, Wachtell doesn't have opinions unless they're billable. [American Lawyer] * Kirkland will remain atop the Am Law 100 rankings with its warm and fuzzy business model. [American Lawyer] * Western State lives! At least for a few more months. [The Recorder] * Judge aborts law. [Louisville Courier-Journal] * Lawyer turns blogging into a $30 million side hustle. That's pretty much how Above the Law works. [Forbes] * Aft...
Tags: Law, Bankruptcy, Atlantic, Sears, Biglaw, Kirkland, Louisville Courier Journal, Eddie Lampert, Morning Docket, Kirkland & Ellis, Wachtell, Western State, Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz, George Conway, Maria Butina, Western State College of Law at Argosy University

Morning Docket: 03.20.19

* "It’ll never happen. I guarantee it won’t happen for six years." Contrary to what Democratic presidential candidates are suggesting, President Trump doesn't want anything to do with expanding the size of the Supreme Court. [Reuters] * As it turns out, special counsel Robert Mueller was investigating Michael Cohen much sooner than he originally led on, and the Cohen probe was handed off to the S.D.N.Y. long before campaign-finance violations were even discovered. [Wall Street Journal] * Tha...
Tags: Real Estate, Crime, Supreme Court, Law, Donald Trump, Campaign Finance, Law Schools, Trump, Reuters, Cohen, Michael Cohen, National Law Journal, Robert Kraft, Robert Mueller, Georgetown Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Morning Docket: 03.19.19

* Michael Flynn and his business partner are sparring over documents the partner wants to defend himself in his criminal case. [Politico] * "It's the corporate equivalent of the death penalty." Maybe let's not trivialize the death penalty by comparing it to a $1 million fine. [Law360] * Quinn partner eyed for Ambassador to Mexico role. Maybe he can get them to pay for the wall. [Reuters] * Some law firms are getting verein, verein rich. Ugh, that's just terrible. [American Lawyer] * When law...
Tags: Law, Mexico, Quinn, Biglaw, Reuters, Michael Flynn, Quinn Emanuel, Manatt, Brown Rudnick, Morning Docket, Vereins

Morning Docket: 03.18.19

* Sorry, bro, but one of them doesn’t like beer anymore: The Tenth Circuit denied 20 appeals of its earlier decision to dismiss misconduct complaints against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but this time, the panel was split, with one judge saying the "entire council should be disqualified." [National Law Journal] * "It’s not enough to legalize marijuana at the federal level — we should also help those who have suffered due to its prohibition." If you're a Democratic candidate running for presiden...
Tags: Politics, Supreme Court, Law, Marijuana, Nbc News, Diversity, New York Times, Gloria Allred, Thomson Reuters, Trump, Preet Bharara, Democratic, Election 2020, Sonia Sotomayor, Southern District of New York, Tenth Circuit

Morning Docket: 03.15.19

* "This is not a normal vote. This will be a vote about the very nature of our constitution and the separation of powers." The Senate voted to reject President Trump's declaration of the national emergency, with 12 Republicans joining with their Democratic colleagues. Now, we'll wait for the reality TV spectacular that will be the president's first veto. [Washington Post] * A poster of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the target of anti-Semitic graffiti in New York. The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task F...
Tags: Law, Congress, Washington Post, Senate, Copyright, New York Times, House Of Representatives, Deaths, Department Of Justice, Title IX, Donald Trump, Nirvana, Marc Jacobs, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice Department, Kurt Cobain

Morning Docket: 03.14.19

* With those big, complex planes grounded, it's time to start gearing up for some lawsuits. [] * Another lawyer involved in the college entrance cheating and bribery scandal. [The Recorder] * Speaking of lawsuits and the admissions scandal... the first class action has been filed. [Courthouse News Service] * Biglaw firm posts record revenue and profits. This story is basically interchangeable with all the other ones from the past couple weeks. Whether or not it's sustainable is another...
Tags: Law, Cbs News, Cy Vance, Susan Collins, Biglaw, Courthouse News Service, Morning Docket, Debevoise & Plimpton, Paul Manafort

Morning Docket: 03.13.19

* Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) of the House Intelligence Committee is none too pleased with the Justice Department at the moment. Apparently two unnamed senior officials said the DOJ might refuse to share special counsel Robert Mueller's report with Congress, a claim Schiff called "absolutely insupportable." [ABC News] * Last week, Paul Manafort was sentenced to under four years in jail by Judge T.S. Ellis III (just a little less than the 19 to 24 years called for in the sentencing guideline...
Tags: Elon Musk, Law, Congress, Breastfeeding, Theresa May, Department Of Justice, Usa Today, House Intelligence Committee, Women's Issues, Abc News, Sexual Harassment, Doj, Wall Street Journal, Justice Department, Brexit, Securities And Exchange Commission

Morning Docket: 03.12.19

* Baker McKenzie jerks around partners the way most firms jerk around associates. [American Lawyer] * Amazon agrees to stop doing that thing that looks a lot like an antitrust violation. [Axios] * Should Ty Cobb be mouthing off about the Mueller probe in public? [The Hill] * Bankruptcy trial features travel agents explaining how American Airlines has ruined competition in the airline industry. In other news, there are still travel agents? [Law360] * "Squirrel Sex" is the go-to explanation fo...
Tags: Amazon, Law, Donald Trump, American Airlines, Harvard Law School, Mueller, Harvard Gazette, Baker & McKenzie, Ty Cobb, Robert Mueller, Morning Docket, Entertainment Law

Morning Docket: 03.11.19

* According to House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), special counsel Robert Mueller is making “a mistake” by not putting President Trump under oath for in-person testimony, since “he's made plain in the past [that] he feels it's perfectly fine to lie to the public.” [NBC News] * Per his lawyer, Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann will be suing CNN for at least $250M because the news network was “probably more vicious in its direct attacks” than the Washington Post. [The Hill]...
Tags: Reality TV, Texas, Maryland, Law, Washington Post, Government, Cnn, Serial, Deaths, Women's Issues, Donald Trump, Adnan Syed, Law Schools, Sxsw, Trump, Reuters

Morning Docket: 03.08.19

* Paul Manafort got 4 years out of a possible 24. A lot of breathless ranting will come out of this but the reality is 4 years is a significant amount of time to be incarcerated and the guidelines are crazy. Don't be mad that Manafort got too little, be mad that the system generally (and Judge Ellis in particular) unquestioningly applies the guidelines to give far too much to poor and minority defendants. [CNN] * Frankly, the charges that should earn Manafort heavy jail time are the charges of ...
Tags: Crime, Law, Uncategorized, New York Times, Jackson, Donald Trump, Trump, Don, Michael Cohen, Ellis, ATL, George Mason, Orrick, New York Law Journal, Amy Berman Jackson, Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 03.07.19

* Paul Manafort sweating today as he only has a few more hours to commit more crimes. [NY Times] * Wilbur Ross broke the law and violated the Constitution over census question. [Washington Post] * As a change of pace from the daily updates on the criminal activity of those in Trump's orbit, Canada's government is embroiled in a corruption scandal too. But it's a polite scandal. [CBC] * Driverless vehicles are going to revolutionize everything -- including the law. [Legaltech News] * A wide-r...
Tags: Crime, Supreme Court, Law, Washington Post, Fox, Canada, Fox News, Justin Trudeau, Cbc, Trump, Ny Times, Jimmy, FSU, Morning Docket, Wilbur Ross, Dan Markel

Morning Docket: 03.06.19

* Happy birthday, Your Honor! More than a thousand of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's fans signed up to plank on the steps of the Supreme Court for her 86th birthday on March 15. Do you love the RBG enough to plank for justice? [Washingtonian] * Allison Jones Rushing, a Williams & Connolly litigation partner, was confirmed to the Fourth Circuit in a vote of 53-43. Rushing is now one of the youngest federal appeals judges to be appointed by President Trump. [National Law Journal] * According to a new pol...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Congress, California, Kanye West, Student Loans, Donald Trump, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Law Schools, American Bar Association, Cnbc, Trump, Insider Trading, Cohen, Fourth Circuit, Michael Cohen

Morning Docket: 03.05.19

* Another woman alleges Morrison & Foerster held back her career by placing her on a "mommy track." These Mofos. [American Lawyer] * Ty Cobb thinks Robert Mueller is "an American hero" underscoring why Cobb's no longer running the president's defense. [ABC News] * Being no fools, Team Cohen tried to secure a pardon before finally deciding to cooperate with the government. [WSJ] * Jane Mayer reports that Trump ordered his underlings to block the Time Warner deal in an effort to punish CNN for ...
Tags: Law, Time Warner, Sexism, Government, Cnn, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bail, Donald Trump, Abc News, Mariah Carey, Courthouse News Service, Trump, Jane Mayer, Michael Cohen, Cobb, Morrison & Foerster

Morning Docket: 02.05.19

* Another woman alleges Morrison & Foerster held back her career by placing her on a "mommy track." These Mofos. [American Lawyer] * Ty Cobb thinks Robert Mueller is "an American hero" underscoring why Cobb's no longer running the president's defense. [ABC News] * Being no fools, Team Cohen tried to secure a pardon before finally deciding to cooperate with the government. [WSJ] * Jane Mayer reports that Trump ordered his underlings to block the Time Warner deal in an effort to punish CNN for ...
Tags: Law, Time Warner, Sexism, Government, Cnn, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bail, Donald Trump, Abc News, Mariah Carey, Courthouse News Service, Trump, Jane Mayer, Michael Cohen, Cobb, Morrison & Foerster

Morning Docket: 03.04.19

* Was Michael Cohen involved in any talk about potential pardons? Lawmakers are now very interested in exploring this topic to find out if anyone was allegedly obstructing justice. [Washington Post] * As we've been hearing for a while now, special counsel Robert Mueller will submit his final report soon, and it's going to turn into a political firestorm. [Bloomberg] * Meanwhile, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, says it’s "very clear" that President Trump obs...
Tags: Law, Washington Post, White House, Bloomberg, Comcast, Donald Trump, Pardons, Law Schools, Biglaw, American Bar Association, Legal Ethics, Trump, Chicago Tribune, Michael Cohen, House Judiciary Committee, Mueller

Morning Docket: 03.01.19

* Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows have referred Michael Cohen to the Justice Department, claiming that they have evidence that Trump’s former fixer “committed perjury and knowingly made false statements“ during his testimony before the House Oversight Committee. [CNN] * Meanwhile, thanks to Cohen’s testimony, Allen Weisselberg, the longtime chief financial officer of the Trump Organization who has already been granted immunity by SDNY prosecutors, will be called to testify before the House In...
Tags: Law, Time Warner, Senate, Nbc News, Copyright, AT&T, Antitrust, Cbs, Pornography, Department Of Justice, House Intelligence Committee, Cyberstalking, Wall Street Journal, Justice Department, Law Schools, Biglaw

Morning Docket: 02.28.19

* Uh-oh! In the wake of Michael Cohen's testimony, Chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings of the House Oversight Committee sent letters to President Trump's tax attorney from Morgan Lewis and the Trump Organization's outside counsel from Michael Best requesting their appearance for a “transcribed interview.” [National Law Journal] * After widespread rebuke, the Florida Bar has officially opened an ethics investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz's alleged witness tampering of Michael Cohen via tweet prior to h...
Tags: Money, Law, Bill, Women's Issues, Law Schools, Biglaw, Tax Law, Aba, Legal Ethics, ABA Journal, Trump, Florida Bar, Elijah Cummings, Michael Cohen, Milbank, Florida Bar Association

Morning Docket: 02.27.19

* Cooley Law's most infamous graduate goes down: Following his guilty pleas on federal felony charges -- some of which were allegedly related to his work for Donald Trump -- Michael Cohen has been disbarred. [New York Law Journal] * Meanwhile, Michael Cohen is going to be testifying today before the House Oversight Committee, and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL 1st District) allegedly took it upon himself to tamper with the witness via tweet. [Tampa Bay Times] * Here’s Michael Cohen’s opening statement,...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Police, Senate, Virginia, Russia, Religion, America, United States, New York Times, House Of Representatives, Donald Trump, Law Schools, Legal Ethics, Cnbc, Trump

Morning Docket: 02.26.19

* Michael Cohen's three days in the sun begin. [CNBC] * Lawyers trying to hold back release in Kraft massage parlor matter. [WPTV] * Firm GCs are volunteering to mentor Biglaw on diversity. If they'd just live up to their commitment to take business away from firms that either don't make or make only a token attempt at diversity, they wouldn't need to hold these cute mentorship meetings. [American Lawyer] * Elon Musk is either completely ignorant of his legal obligations or doesn't care that ...
Tags: Elon Musk, Law, Washington Post, Sex, Marijuana, Diversity, Human Trafficking, Intellectual Property, Donald Trump, Biglaw, Cnbc, Securities And Exchange Commission, Trump, Michael Cohen, National Law Journal, Robert Kraft

Morning Docket: 02.25.19

* Some think Justice Clarence Thomas may be dropping hints that he's about to retire (e.g., this little First Amendment gem), but those who know him well think he's getting ready for a conservative revolution, and he's got an army of former clerks to back him up. [CNN] * It’s Mueller time! Special counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing memo for Paul Manafort is 800 pages long and makes the president’s former campaign chairman out to be a "hardened" and "bold" criminal who “repeatedly and brazenly”...
Tags: New York, Supreme Court, Law, Bloomberg, Mtv, New York Times, Cy Vance, Usa Today, Donald Trump, R. Kelly, Chicago Tribune, Mueller, Clarence Thomas, Brooklyn Law School, Robert Mueller, Shazim Uppal

Morning Docket: 02.22.19

* Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is in hot water for brokering the 2008 plea deal for Jeffrey Epstein. District Judge Kenneth Marra said the actions of then prosecutor Acosta violated federal law. [Slate] * When saying you're sorry just isn't enough: Roger Stone gets slapped with a gag order by Judge Amy Berman Jackson after Instagram debacle. [] * One of Michael Avenatti's sources has been identified as IRS analyst John C. Fry... and he's in trouble for disclosing Suspicious Activity...
Tags: Hbo, Law, Labor, Jackson, Michael Jackson, Irs, Hill, Roger Stone, Jeffrey Epstein, Acosta, Amy Berman Jackson, Morning Docket, Alexander Acosta, Alex Acosta, Kenneth Marra, Michael Avenatti

Morning Docket: 02.21.19

* Accountants are the new bakers when it comes to discriminating against gay people. I guess this means tax prep is more a matter of artistic interpretation, which in fairness explains Amazon's tax bill last year. [Fox News] * Tesla GC self-driven back to Williams & Connolly after two months. [National Law Journal] * "Lawyer likens R. Kelly to Beethoven to explain studio move." Who can forget that "immortal beloved" letter about urolagnia? [Star Tribune] * A good look at the renewed effort to...
Tags: Amazon, Law, Government, Diversity, Tesla, Copyright, Beethoven, Fox News, Lgbtq, Intellectual Property, Law Schools, Biglaw, Strip Club, R. Kelly, Star Tribune, Rosen

Morning Docket: 02.20.19

* Hail Mary pass interference? President Donald Trump reportedly asked then-acting AG Matthew Whitaker if U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman (S.D.N.Y.) -- a "perceived loyalist" -- could be put in charge of the Michael Cohen probe even though he'd already recused himself. [New York Times] * Chief Justice John Roberts once again sided with the Supreme Court’s liberals in refusing to agree with a Texas court’s decision to execute a death row inmate with intellectual disabilities, writing that the lowe...
Tags: Texas, Technology, Supreme Court, Law, Washington Post, Finance, Government, IPOs, Copyright, New York Times, Courts, Capital punishment, Pornography, Intellectual Property, Emoji, Donald Trump

Morning Docket: 02.19.19

* 16 states, including New York and California, filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump yesterday -- yes, on President's Day -- challenging his declaration of a national emergency. [NBC News] * Meredith Watson, one of the women to accuse Virginia Lieutenant Governor and MoFo partner Justin Fairfax of sexual assault, writes in an op-ed that she's willing to publicly testify about the allegations. [Washington Post] * North Carolina elections shenanigans: state investigators the allege Rep...
Tags: New York, Law, California, Washington Post, Virginia, Marijuana, Nbc News, New York Times, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Donald Trump, Huffington Post, Justice Department, Online Gambling, Gibson Dunn, Tony Evers

Morning Docket: 02.15.19

* Today begins the national emergency of "not enough constitutional law scholars to fill every cable news interview slot." [NY Times] * Great when the new AG starts off his tenure with some light corruption. [Vanity Fair] * The Supreme Court's assault on the bar is unsurprisingly spreading. [National Law Journal] * The demands of in-house hiring folks can make them their own worst enemy. [Corporate Counsel] * Amazon has bailed on its NYC headquarters putting an end to one of the most comical...
Tags: Amazon, Texas, Supreme Court, Law, Vanity Fair, Ny Times, AG, In-House Counsel, Morning Docket, Morrison & Foerster, Bill Barr

Morning Docket: 02.14.19

* Paul Manafort is the Energizer Bunny of lying and he'd now botched his own plea deal. [Huffington Post] * Apple attorney in charge of insider trading compliance charged with... insider trading. [Law360] * John Roberts declared himself the First Amendment's most passionate defender at the Supreme Court, which is absolutely true if you limit the First Amendment to political bribery and bigots with cake shops. [National Law Journal] * EU adopts new copyright law! It's... not good. [EFF] * The...
Tags: Apple, UK, Supreme Court, Law, America, Eu, Harvard, Courts, Affirmative Action, Huffington Post, Biglaw, Insider Trading, John Roberts, Proskauer, Energizer Bunny, Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 02.13.19

* Former Attorney General Eric Holder headed to Iowa earlier this week, but claims that he's still deciding whether or not he's going to throw his hat into the already crowded ring for the 2020 Democractic presidential nomination. [ ] * Michael Cohen was supposed to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, but his testimony was postponed for the third time this month, this time "due to post surgery medical needs." What's he getting done before jail? [CNN] * In the “mommy trac...
Tags: Politics, Law, Eric Holder, Mental Health, Iowa, Deaths, Women's Issues, Senate Intelligence Committee, Biglaw, Reed Smith, ABA Journal, Health & Wellness, Election 2020, Michael Cohen, Morrison & Foerster, Senate Intelligence

Morning Docket: 02.12.19

* When trying to credibly disavow past comments making light of sexual assault victims, try to do it sometime before your entire career hinges on pantomiming remorse. [National Law Journal] * Steptoe the latest firm to unveil a new strategy to promote diversity. [American Lawyer] * In the latest ABC News "The Investigation" podcast, John Dowd describes the Mueller investigation that's tripped up 30+ actual and alleged wrongdoers "a terrible waste of time." [The Investigation] * EU has logged ...
Tags: Privacy, Law, Sports, Eu, Soccer, Fifa, Gdpr, Cyberdyne Systems, Second Circuit, Mueller, National Law Journal, John Dowd, Morning Docket, Steptoe & Johnson, McKool, Pierce Bainbridge

Morning Docket: 02.11.19

* “We take the allegations against Justin very seriously.” Justin Fairfax, the lieutenant governor of Virginia who’s embroiled in a sexual assault scandal, has taken a leave of absence from Morrison & Foerster, where he’s a partner, as the firm itself conducts its own investigation into the allegations. [National Law Journal] * High revenue and even higher demand resulted in law firms posting their best results since just before the recession, with Am Law 50 and niche/boutique firms outperformi...
Tags: Politics, Television, Crime, Supreme Court, Law, Sexual Assault, Virginia, Massachusetts, Marco Rubio, Miami, Amy Klobuchar, Pbs, Biglaw, Finding Your Roots, Election 2020, Justin

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