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Morning Docket: 03.02.21

* The Massachusetts Attorney General is suing an orthodontist who allegedly filed false claims worth millions of dollars. Guess the attorney general thinks she's taking a "bite" out of misconduct... [NBC News] * Governor Andrew Cuomo has purportedly hired a criminal defense lawyer after recent sexual harassment allegations were made against him. [Fox News] * A Brooklyn lawyer is facing grand larceny charges after allegedly stealing around $200,000 from a client. [Patch] * Amazon has been hi...
Tags: Amazon, Law, Massachusetts, Softbank, Nbc News, Brooklyn, Fox News, WeWork, Andrew Cuomo, Morning Docket, Massachusetts Attorney General

Morning Docket: 03.01.21

* A California physician Zoomed into a traffic court hearing last week while seemingly performing surgery. Talk about multitasking... [Sacramento Bee] * Governor Andrew Cuomo is asking that an independent counsel review sexual harassments allegations made against him. [CNN] * Check out this article about how the NCAA seemingly turned one of its biggest legal defeats into a legal shield. [Juris Lab] * A judge has approved a $650 million settlement in litigation filed against Facebook over a ...
Tags: Facebook, Law, California, Los Angeles, Ncaa, Andrew Cuomo, Los Angeles Times, Zoom, Hill, Sacramento Bee, Physician, Morning Docket, LA District Attorney, Juris Lab

Morning Docket: 02.26.21

* A lawyer for Britney Spear's dad defended her client's role in Britney's conservatorship. In other words: leave Britney's dad alone! [Los Angeles Times] * TikTok has reached a $92 million settlement to resolve a class action that alleged privacy violations by the platform. [Verge] * The Washington Supreme Court has struck down a law that criminalizes the unintentional possession of drugs. [Seattle Times] * A lawyer told a congressional committee that the Department of Justice and state at...
Tags: Google, Maryland, Law, Britney Spears, Department Of Justice, Ice Bucket Challenge, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Seattle Times, Chesapeake Bay, Britney, Washington Supreme Court, Britney Spear, Morning Docket, Special Olympics, Tiktok

Morning Docket 02.25.21

* A lawyer has pleaded guilty to billing a state for more than 24 hours of legal work in a single day. Maybe he had a time machine... [ ] * Donald Trump, Jr. was deposed as part of an investigation launched by the DC Attorney General concerning the use of funds for President Trump's inauguration. [CNN] * The Supreme Court is evaluating a major case about when police can enter a home without a warrant. [NPR] * A class action has been filed alleging that insurance companies charged excessive ...
Tags: Utah, Texas, Supreme Court, Law, Car Insurance, Back To The Future, Time Machine, Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Morning Docket, DC Attorney General, Texas Attorney General

Morning Docket: 02.24.21

* A Texas electricity utility is being sued over alleged price gouging. Guess it's not normal to get an electric bill for nearly $10,000... [Houston Chronicle] * Immigration lawyers in Massachusetts are asking to be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. [] * Check out this article about the best options for term limits at the Supreme Court. [Bloomberg Law] * Mitch McConnell is backing Merrick Garland's nomination to be Attorney General. [CBS News] * A Pennsylvania lawyer plea...
Tags: Texas, Supreme Court, Law, Cbs News, Boston, Massachusetts, Uncategorized, Pennsylvania, Mitch McConnell, Philadelphia Inquirer, Houston Chronicle, ERCOT, Morning Docket, Merrick Garland, Bloomberg Law

Morning Docket: 02.23.21

* A lawsuit filed on behalf of thousands of New York City fitness studios argues that exercise facilities should be allowed to operate despite COVID-19. Guess people soon might not have an excuse to stay away from the gym... [Pix 11] * The Supreme Court has declined to get involved in the defamation lawsuit Stormy Daniels filed against Donald Trump. [Forbes] * Two New York City lawyers, who allegedly torched an NYPD car last year, have purportedly been offered a plea deal. [New York Post] ...
Tags: New York Post, Supreme Court, Law, California, New York City, Starbucks, Nypd, Donald Trump, Kamala Harris, Forbes, HARRIS, Stormy Daniels, Newsday, Morning Docket, COVID-19, Juris Lab

Morning Docket: 02.22.21

* A Georgia lawyer, who some believed may have been the inspiration for the "Matlock" character, has passed away. Wonder if he wore Matlock suits himself... [WSB TV] * A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit that alleged James Franco created a sexually exploitative environment at an acting school. [New York Times] * Authorities say that the man who killed the son of Judge Esther Salas last year may have also targeted Justice Sonia Sotomayor. [NBC News] * A lawsuit has been filed against ...
Tags: Texas, Supreme Court, Law, Nbc News, Georgia, Cnn, New York Times, James Franco, Ivy League, Biden, Sonia Sotomayor, Hill, Matlock, WSB TV, Devin Nunes, ERCOT

Morning Docket: 02.19.21

* Prosecutors are allegedly expected to file federal weapons and drug charges against a former member of the band Panic! At The Disco. Bet he's hoping to be "victorious"... [Court TV] * Court filings allege that Facebook knowingly provided less accurate data about the reach of potential advertisements on the platform. [NBC News] * Former wrestlers are asking the Supreme Court to hear a case they filed against the WWE. Would be interesting if the justices ordered them to resolve their issues...
Tags: Facebook, New York Post, Supreme Court, Law, Cbs News, Nbc News, Georgia, Wwe, Panic! At The Disco, Michael Cohen, Morning Docket, Michael Avenatti

Morning Docket: 02.18.21

* A lawsuit has been filed over the name for Corona Hard Seltzer. Maybe they can resolve the despite by kicking back a few... [Chicago Tribune] * A California woman is accused of impersonating two lawyers and committing PPP loan fraud. Going to refrain from making a My Cousin Vinny reference here... [SF Gate] * A former Disney employee is accusing the company of bad accounting in a new lawsuit. Maybe they just lost track of their Star Wars money. [Orlando Sentinel] * The defense teams of t...
Tags: Law, California, Uncategorized, Disney, PPP, Chicago Tribune, Star Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Vinny, Corona, My Cousin Vinny, Morning Docket, Hard Seltzer, George Floyd, Jurislab, Juris Lab

Morning Docket: 02.17.21

* Donald Trump has reportedly dumped Rudy Giuliani as his personal lawyer. Wonder if he was told "you're fired"... [CNN] * Lawyers for an alleged Capitol rioter are reportedly trying to use Mitch McConnell's words about President Trump's actions to their advantage. [Law and Crime] * A former Florida lawyer, whose pants literally caught on fire during a trial in 2017, has allegedly been charged with cocaine possession. [New York Post] * A new lawsuit filed by a Democratic Congressman alleges...
Tags: New York Post, Florida, Law, Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Trump, Reuters, Newsweek, Morning Docket, Mike Lindell, MyPillow, Dominion Voting Systems, Capitol Riot, Democratic Congressman

Morning Docket: 02.16.21

* Facebook has created a kind of Supreme Court to decide free speech matters on the platform. Wonder if the tech types on the tribunal wear robes or hoodies... [New Yorker] * Two people have been arrested in connection with the killing of a popular DC-area attorney. [Fox News] * Sean "Diddy" Combs has filed a lawsuit over his "Vote or Die" slogan. [Page Six] * Check out the profiles of candidates who may be Manhattan's next District Attorney. [Wall Street Journal] * A lawyer who erroneous...
Tags: Facebook, Supreme Court, Law, Manhattan, Fox News, Dc, Diddy, Wall Street Journal, Irs, Sean Diddy Combs, Morning Docket, Manhattan District Attorney, Whittier Daily News

Morning Docket: 02.15.21

Ed. note : Due to the Presidents’ Day holiday, we will not be publishing today. We will be back in full force tomorrow. * An impeachment lawyer for Donald Trump said he was "going to Disney World" following Trump's acquittal. Did he pour Gatorade on himself too? [Business Insider * The home of a lawyer representing Donald Trump at his impeachment trial was vandalized last week. [Forbes] * Amazon has filed a lawsuit against the New York Attorney General over employment practices at the comp...
Tags: Amazon, Texas, Law, Connecticut, Donald Trump, Trump, Reuters, Disney World, Morning Docket, New York Attorney General, Attorney General of Texas, Forbes -RSB- Amazon, Thinking Amazon

Morning Docket: 02.12.21

* A Florida lawyer who became famous dressing up as the "grim reaper" on beaches to warn about COVID-19 may face discipline for an appeal he filed. Hope he didn't wear the "grim reaper" outfit to court... [ABC News] * Megan Markle won a lawsuit against a company that published portions of a private letter she wrote to her father. [Harper's Bazaar] * Check out this group of Harvard Law grads who are trying to eliminate harassments and discrimination in the legal profession. [New York Times] ...
Tags: New York Post, Florida, Bruce Springsteen, Law, New York Times, New Jersey, Abc News, Grim Reaper, Harper, Bazaar, Harvard Law, Morning Docket, Lawyerly Lairs, Megan Markle, DWI, Jupiter California Check

Morning Docket: 02.11.21

* Starbucks is being sued for allegedly failing to have real vanilla in its chilled Frappuccinos. Hope the plaintiff doesn't settle like Kramer... [National Law Review] * A California lawyer was arrested earlier this week for allegedly defrauding investors of nearly $5 million on a bogus real estate opportunity. [KTLA] * A Texas lawyer is claiming that receiving stimulus money can lead to a higher divorce rate. [CBS News] * A lawyer has been sentenced to a prison term for charging a client...
Tags: Texas, Law, California, Cbs News, Divorce, Starbucks, Donald Trump, Trump, Kramer, KTLA, Morning Docket

Morning Docket 02.10.21

* A woman is apparently considering a lawsuit against the maker of Gorilla Glue after she purportedly sustained damage from using the product in her hair. Not sure the claims will "stick"... [Fox News] * Alan Dershowitz added his own voice to the chorus of commentators who believe Donald Trump's impeachment lawyers did not do a good job on the first day of the impeachment trial. [Yahoo News] * An animal rights lawyer is accused of hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband and his girlfriend. [N...
Tags: Law, Attorney General, Senate, Disney, United States, Fox News, Donald Trump, New York Daily News, Hill, Yahoo News, Alan Dershowitz, Morning Docket, Merrick Garland, Gorilla Glue, President Trump

Morning Docket: 02.09.21

* A lawsuit has been filed following the Rose Bowl being played in Texas this year because of COVID-19. They should have a bowl game to resolve the dispute... [Fox News] * President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen has apologized to Stormy Daniels for putting her through "needless pain." [Yahoo News] * A Pennsylvania lawyer, who allegedly helped clients commit insurance fraud, has been disbarred. [Bloomberg Law] * Robinhood is facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a coll...
Tags: Texas, Law, Washington Post, Football, Pennsylvania, Fox News, Robinhood, Justice Department, Rose Bowl, Trump, Melania Trump, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, Yahoo News, Morning Docket, Bloomberg Law

Morning Docket: 02.08.21

* President Trump's impeachment lawyer has asked that the impeachment trial be paused for the Jewish Sabbath. Guess he doesn't roll shomer shabbos... [CNN] * A Florida lawyer accidentally flashed his medical marijuana card instead of his driver's license in a video that has gone viral. [Fox News] * The Supreme Court has ruled that some of California's restrictions on in-person worship are unconstitutional. [NPR] * Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager accused of shooting protestors in Kenosha, Wis...
Tags: Florida, Supreme Court, Law, California, Subway, Marijuana, Fox News, Jewish, Trump, Kenosha, Yahoo News, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Rittenhouse, Kenosha Wisconsin, Morning Docket, Impeachment

Morning Docket: 02.05.21

* Merrick Garland said he will sell his stocks after he is confirmed as Attorney General. Maybe he is just unloading his GameStop shares... [Barrons] * A Roger Ailes accuser is alleging that lawyers for Fox News are using improper litigation tactics against her. [Daily Beast] * Two Attorneys General of Alaska have resigned in around six months. And it's not because of the weather... [New York Times] * A New Jersey attorney has been disbarred for using client money on personal expenses, incl...
Tags: Law, Cbs News, Attorney General, Uncategorized, Walmart, Alaska, New York Times, New Jersey, Fox News, Gamestop, Roger Ailes, Market Basket, Morning Docket, Merrick Garland, Barrons

Morning Docket: 02.04.21

* A woman accused of assaulting a police officer for impounding her pig has been assigned counsel. Guess the government is paying that lawyer's "bacon"... [Texarkana Gazette] * The Justice Department has dropped a lawsuit against Yale University alleging that the school discriminated against Asian and white applicants. [CNN] * The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Germany in an action filed by the heirs of individuals who had their art stolen by the Nazis. [SCOTUSBlog] * A Cleveland lawye...
Tags: Texas, Supreme Court, Law, Germany, Nazis, Dallas, Cleveland, Justice Department, Yale University, Pig, Cleavland, Texarkana Gazette, Morning Docket, Attorney General of Texas

Morning Docket: 02.03.21

* Whole Foods is facing a lawsuit alleging the retailer misled customers by calling a product "Honey Graham Crackers" when it actually wasn't that healthy. Guess you do attract more flies with honey... [Fox News] * A Florida lawyer has been disbarred for filming sexual encounters with inmates in jail. [New York Daily News] * The Manhattan District Attorney is apparently investigating Stephen Bannon following his federal pardon by President Trump. [Washington Post] * Check out a summary on a...
Tags: Florida, Law, Whole Foods, Washington Post, Manhattan, Fox News, Robinhood, San Antonio, Gamestop, New York Daily News, Trump, Alamo, Morning Docket, Stephen Bannon, President Trump, Manhattan District Attorney

Morning Docket: 02.02.21

* A Michigan lawyer is giving away a free divorce for Valentine's Day. How romantic... [Fox News] * Google is paying millions to resolve allegations that it discriminated against female and Asian job applicants. [Bloomberg Law] * A paralegal in Texas is accused of embezzling around $40,000 from her former employer. [ABC News] * A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit about the alleged lack of Spanish-language voting materials in Florida. [NBC News] * Quinn Emanuel is apparently operatin...
Tags: Google, Florida, Texas, Law, Nbc News, Atlanta, Valentine's Day, Fox News, Michigan, Abc News, Quinn Emanuel, Morning Docket, Bloomberg Law

Morning Docket: 02.01.21

* The Supreme Court may soon decide if churchgoers have the right to sing indoors during the pandemic. This could be the plot of another sequel to Sister Act... [Vox] * Donald Trump has named two additional lawyers who will defend him at his upcoming impeachment trial. [AP News] * The general counsel of Coca-Cola is getting tough with law firms who do not promote diversity. [ABA Journal] * A class action has been filed alleging that a smoked cheese brand was misleading since the company use...
Tags: New York Post, Coca Cola, Supreme Court, Law, Peru, Donald Trump, ABA Journal, Sister Act, Morning Docket, Impeachment

Morning Docket: 01.29.21

* A lawyer is demanding to know whether the FBI has uncovered $400 million of gold from the Civil War. Sounds like a sequel to National Treasure... [New York Post] * The New York Attorney General alleges that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo underreported nursing home deaths from COVID-19 in New York. [CNBC] * PACER apparently crashed yesterday because so many people were looking at class-action filings against Robinhood involving GameStop stock. [Law & Crime] * President Biden has started st...
Tags: Apple, Google, Facebook, New York Post, New York, Supreme Court, Law, Attorney General, Fbi, Civil War, Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Robinhood, Cnbc, Gamestop, Pacer

Morning Docket: 01.28.21

* A new lawsuit alleges that tuna served at Subway is not really tuna. Guess they knew something smelled fishy... [Washington Post] * A prominent entertainment attorney, who represented novelists like Dan Brown and John Grisham, has passed away at 77. [Variety] * A New York attorney has been charged for allegedly defrauding real estate investors. [Department of Justice] * Investors are suing AstraZeneca for allegedly sustaining losses due to purported issues testing the company's COVID-19 v...
Tags: New York, Law, Washington Post, Subway, Joe Biden, Astrazeneca, Dan Brown, Department Of Justice, Biden, Tuna, Carter, John Grisham, Morning Docket, COVID-19, COVID

Morning Docket: 01.27.21

* Jeff Bezos is seeking $1.7 million in legal fees spent defending a failed defamation lawsuit filed against him by his girlfriend's brother. That's probably pocket change for a guy like Bezos... [New York Post] * An emoluments lawsuit against President Trump has been dismissed as moot. [New York Times] * President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has been temporarily suspended from a YouTube partner program. [Jerusalem Post] * Nicholas Sandmann, the teenager who went viral for a confr...
Tags: New York Post, Law, Youtube, New York Times, Jeff Bezos, Herald, Rudy Giuliani, Trump, Bezos, Jerusalem Post, Courier Journal, Lysol, Morning Docket, President Trump, Emoluments, Nicholas Sandmann

Morning Docket: 01.26.21

* Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, is filing a defamation lawsuit against a tabloid that said he was having an affair. Guess people should stop circulating "pillow" talk... [E! Online] * An attorney has been sentenced to two years in prison for failing to file tax returns and pay taxes. [Chicago Tribune] * A Texas lawyer and client were ordered to pay $150,000 for "outright lies" in court. [Texas Lawyer] * A Chicago attorney is racking up wins on the game show Jeopardy! [Chicago Tribune] ...
Tags: Texas, Law, Chicago, Fox News, Starbucks, Jeopardy, Chicago Tribune, Morning Docket, Mike Lindell, MyPillow

Morning Docket: 01.25.21

* A class action has been filed against Allstate for allegedly using unqualified expert witnesses to drive up legal costs. Hope the company is in good hands... [Texas Lawyer] * A Tennessee lawyer has had his law license suspended for allegedly advising someone on how to kill another and make it look like self defense. [New York Post] * A South Carolina law firm that purportedly assisted in a scheme to defraud retirees and others has been ordered to pay restitution. [Post and Courier] * Thre...
Tags: New York Post, Texas, Law, Kentucky, Tennessee, Upper East Side, South Carolina, Allstate, Class Action, Randy Mastro, Gibson Dunn, Morning Docket, Breonna Taylor, Attorney General of Kentucky

Morning Docket: 01.22.21

* Google is asking that an antitrust lawsuit filed against it be moved from Texas to California. Interesting, seems like Silicon Valley types keep moving from California to Texas... [Reuters] * A group called Lawyers Defending American Democracy are calling for Rudy Giuliani to face professional discipline over his work for President Trump. [Hill] * A judge has ruled that a lawsuit seeking to dissolve the National Rifle Association can move forward. [ABC News] * Numerous lawsuits have been ...
Tags: Google, Texas, Law, California, Senate, Nba, Antitrust, Silicon Valley, Kobe Bryant, Usa Today, Abc News, Rudy Giuliani, Trump, Reuters, Nra, Hill

Morning Docket: 01.21.20

* Tyson Foods is paying $221.5 million to settle a poultry price-fixing lawsuit. Guess the chickens are coming home to roost... [Food Business News] * The Supreme Court reportedly received a bomb threat while the inauguration of President Biden was underway yesterday. [Business Insider] * The National Rifle Association says it is "not afraid" of a lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General, and it will continue to fight the litigation. [Bloomberg Law] * A lawyer for the "QAnon Shaman" s...
Tags: New York, Supreme Court, Law, Cbs News, Lil Wayne, Biden, Trump, National Rifle Association, Tyson Foods, Morning Docket, Bloomberg Law, Food Business News, President Trump, QAnon Shaman, President Biden

Morning Docket: 01.20.20

* The New Jersey Supreme Court has thrown out a conviction because a prosecutor referenced The Shining during a trial. And it wasn't even a "redrum" case... [New Jersey Law Journal] * Chief Justice Roberts will be swearing in another person today who opposed his confirmation to the Supreme Court. [Yahoo News] * An attorney said "I bet I don't appear again. Goodbye!" last week in response to being denied leave to withdraw from a case. Of course this happened in Florida, and check out the vide...
Tags: Florida, Supreme Court, Law, Joe Biden, New York Times, The Shining, Roberts, Yahoo News, New Jersey Supreme Court, New Jersey Law Journal, Eau de Toilette, Morning Docket, Tiffany Trump, Chief Justice Roberts, Michael Boulos

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