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"Bret, you’re the perfect Biden pitchman. Really, you deserve a statue."

Said Gail Collins to Bret Stephens in "Is Statue-Toppling a Monumental Error?/Where you place yourself along the vanguard-to-vandals spectrum says a lot about how you see the past — and the future" (NYT).Here's Stephens's perfect pitch:If Bernie Sanders had been the nominee, I’d be writing in someone’s name.... But the idea that a Biden presidency would be a threat to the Republic is laughable: It would be a return to politics as we used to know it before the proverbial sacking of Rome.My pitch ...
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Poland election: Duda forced into second round against liberal challenger

Andrzej Duda, ally of rightwing PiS party, to face Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski in presidential runoffThe incumbent Andrzej Duda won the most votes in Sunday’s Polish presidential election, but fell short of the 50% he needed to win without a second round of voting.Duda, allied with Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, had received 45.2% of the vote, according to results based on 87.2% of the total number of polling districts, with second place going to the liberal mayor of Warsaw, Raf...
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Polish president maintains lead in election first round: majority results

Poland's President Andrzej Duda came top in the first round of the country's presidential election, the majority of results showed on Monday, but fell short of the overall majority needed to avoid what looks set to be a tight run-off vote on July 12. Duda, an ally of the ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party, got 43.67% of the vote, according to results based on 99.78% of the total number of polling districts. Liberal Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, who is standing for the largest op...
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Poland's president leads election first round: partial results

Poland's President Andrzej Duda came top in the first round of the country's presidential election, partial results showed on Monday, but fell short of the overall majority needed to avoid what looks set to be a tight run-off vote on July 12. The re-election of government ally Duda is crucial if the ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party is to further implement its socially conservative agenda, including vowing to protect the traditional family and ward off "LGBT ideology", ...
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Poland should get less from Covid-19 fund due to rights record, claim EU member states

Danish PM among those who say rule of law and LGBT rights issues mean a tougher line should be taken with PolandThe EU’s pandemic recovery fund risks being derailed after an outcry within the bloc that Poland is set to be one of the biggest recipients despite its government’s attacks on the judiciary and LGBT community.The Polish economy has been one of the least affected by the coronavirus crisis and Warsaw has faced heavy criticism over its approach to the rule of law but estimates suggest Pol...
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Poland election: Duda forced to second round, exit poll suggests

Andrzej Duda, ally of rightwing PiS party, could face liberal Rafał Trzaskowski in presidential run-offThe incumbent Andrzej Duda won the most votes in Sunday’s Polish presidential election, but fell short of the 50% he would need to win without a second round of voting, an exit poll has suggested.As polls closed at 9pm local time, the exit poll carried out by Ipsos suggested that Duda, allied with Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, had received 41.8% of the vote, with second place goi...
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Poland holds presidential election delayed by pandemic

Poles began voting in a presidential election Sunday that had been scheduled for May but was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, a ballot taking place amid deep cultural and political divisions in the European Union nation.President Andrzej Duda, a 48-year-old conservative backed by the nationalist ruling Law and Justice party, is running against 10 other candidates as he seeks a second 5-year term. Whether Duda wins or not will determine whether the ruling party keeps its near-monopoly on poli...
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Poles set to vote in postponed presidential election

Incumbent Andrzej Duda expected to face run-off against liberal mayor of WarsawPoles will vote on Sunday in a postponed presidential election that will determine whether the ruling rightwing populist party continues to have full control over the country’s political system.Andrzej Duda, an ally of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, is standing for re-election in a crowded field of candidates, with the closest challenger expected to be Rafał Trzaskowski, the liberal mayor of Warsaw. Continue ...
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The Guardian view on Poland's election: pride versus prejudice | Editorial

A disgracefully homophobic campaign may have backfired on President Andrzej DudaLast week, in Poland’s presidential palace, the incumbent head of state, Andrzej Duda, was presented with a set of grim photographic portraits. The images were of Polish LGBT teenagers who had recently taken their own lives. The activist who presented President Duda with the images said after the meeting: “I told him I hope he will see these kids in his nightmares.”The tone of bitter exasperation was understandable. ...
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How globalisation has transformed the fight for LGBTQ+ rights

Much progress has been made in attitudes towards sexual equality and gender identity – but in many places a dramatic backlash by conservative forces has followed. By Mark GevisserOn a visit to Senegal in 2013, Barack Obama held a press conference with the Senegalese president Macky Sall. “Mr President,” asked an American journalist, “did you press President Sall to make sure that homosexuality is decriminalised in Senegal? And, President Sall,” the journalist continued, “as this country’s new pr...
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Polish president issues campaign pledge to fight 'LGBT ideology'

Andrzej Duda launches ‘family charter’ to appeal to base as race tightens in run-up to election Gay rights and homophobia are likely to be major issues in Poland’s delayed presidential election after the frontrunner pledged to “defend children from LGBT ideology”.Andrzej Duda, the incumbent president, who is allied with the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, made the pledge while launching a so-called “family charter”, in what appears to be a move to energise the party’s conservative base as po...
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Polish ruling coalition postpones Sunday presidential vote

Poland's ruling party leader and a partner in the governing coalition announced an agreement late Wednesday to postpone Sunday's presidential election, saying a new date will be chosen later. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of the ruling Law and Justice party, and Jaroslaw Gowin, leader of a small party in the conservative coalition, announced in a joint statement that they had agreed to cancel Sunday’s vote and set a new date. The ruling party had sought to stick to the election date by making it a ...
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Friday, April 24, 2020

The LinkedIn Legal Blogging Group grew by over one hundred members from eighteen different countries in the last day. Egypt, Poland, India, US, Canada, UK, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Jamaica, Nigeria, Argentina and Columbia. Amazing. My teammates and I at LexBlog, moderators of the Legal Blogging Group for the last twelve years, are going to work to restore the group to a valuable place for insight, ideas and networking. In approvi...
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Polish parliament delays decision on new abortion restrictions

Proposal would ban terminations even on grounds of serious foetal abnormalitiesPoland’s parliament has deferred a final decision on a bill that seeks to tighten the country’s already strict abortion legislation.The bill would outlaw abortion on the grounds of serious foetal abnormalities, one of a small number of exceptions to a near-total ban on abortion currently in place in the country. It has been sent back to a parliamentary committee for further work. Continue reading...
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Concerns over Polish government tightening abortion laws during Covid-19 crisis

With street protests now an impossibility, human rights groups fear that Poland’s conservative government will push through ‘dangerous legislation’Poland’s parliament will this week discuss a controversial proposal to tighten abortion laws in the country, as opposition politicians and women’s rights groups warn that the country’s conservative government may use the distraction of the coronavirus pandemic to push through the legislation.Poland already has some of the strictest legislation in Euro...
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Polish government still planning to hold presidential election

Based on current polling, current president Andrzej Duda, would gain more than 50% of the voteCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe Polish government intends to hold a presidential election in May, despite a growing chorus of voices saying that doing so amid a pandemic would be unfair, undemocratic and potentially dangerous.Based on current polling, current president Andrzej Duda, an ally of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, would be likely to gain more than 50% o...
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New Right Wing Director Of Warsaw’s Contemporary Art Center Cancels Shows, Cuts Funding

The Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art is now seen by many in Poland’s contemporary art community as a new front in the country’s culture wars, as the ruling Law and Justice party attempts to exert greater control over state-sponsored institutions and promote artists aligned with its patriotic, pro-family views. – The Art Newspaper
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An activist couple spent Valentine’s day morning naked in bed on the site of a planned canal which Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party wants to cut across a narrow strip of land that separates its eastern coastline from the Baltic Sea. (Thanks to Ralph)
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Poland's Overhaul Of Its Courts Leads To Confrontation With European Union

The country's ruling Law and Justice party has sought to dramatically reshape the courts, triggering popular protests and threatening Poland's status within the EU parliamentary process. (Image credit: Omar Marques/Getty Images)
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A Right-Left Tug-Of-War Over Poland’s Museums

“Over the past five years, Poland’s art institutions have increasingly become a vehicle for the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party’s cultural reform efforts. … [There’s now] a nationwide battle over who shapes Poland’s cultural institutions, with both sides claiming that they are being silenced. The stakes are high: the dispute has the potential to shape the art shown in Poland and the history taught to the public for decades to come.” – Artnet
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'Declaration of war': Polish row over judicial independence escalates

MPs vote through legislation just as top court rules its provisions unlawfulA confrontation between the Polish government and senior judges has escalated dramatically after the country’s supreme court and parliament issued conflicting rulings on the legality of judicial reforms.The rival rulings, which concern attempts by the ruling rightwing Law and Justice party (PiS) to assume direct control over the judiciary, have thrown the country’s legal order into chaos, with judges now liable for prose...
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What do people around the world think about climate change?

Climate change is reversible – that's the view of 80% of Chinese people, according to a report from the European Investment Bank (EIB). That level of optimism isn't, however, a global phenomenon. Large numbers of people in the EU and US believe there is nothing that can be done. Northern Europeans, in particular, share this concern; approximately 40% of people in France and Poland think we have gone beyond the tipping point, compared to just over one-quarter in Italy and Spain. Percent of c...
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Judges From Across Europe March to Defend Polish Peers Against Controversial Legislation

(WARSAW, Poland) — Judges from across Europe, many of them dressed in their judicial robes, marched silently in Warsaw on Saturday in a show of solidarity with Polish peers who are protesting a bill that would allow the government to fire judges who issue rulings officials don’t like. The judges visiting the Polish capital descended the steps of the Supreme Court to applause and chants of “Thank you!” from a large crowd. Their show of support came amid a four-year struggle to protect judici...
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My Interview on AMERICAN THOUGHT LEADERS premieres

At 1100EST on 28 December 2019. This interview compares the Poland of the 1980s with Hong Kong in 2019: [Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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Poland, Spain and Italy Have Growing EU Exit Movements

A recent poll in Italy had 40% distrust of the EU. Spain’s third-largest political party is considering adopting a Spanish exit platform. They are under pressure from a right-way grassroots... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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With its lurch to the right, Britain is no longer special in Europe | Stefan Bielik

The left are crushed. The UK government is starting to look like just another authoritarian European oneAround Europe, the UK general election was followed with huge interest. Leftists were paying particularly close attention, as they understood that a victory for a genuine social democratic party would have an enormous impact on parties and movements around the continent and beyond. Meanwhile, in the brutally simplistic and, ultimately, effective methods of Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, we cou...
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More on Poland's persecution of Sydney law professor Wojciech Sadurski...

...who has been a vigorous critic of the reactionary regime in his native country. [Author: Brian Leiter]
Tags: Law, Sydney, Poland, Brian Leiter, Wojciech Sadurski

Poland broke EU law by trying to lower age of retirement for judges

Ruling by EU’s highest court is second landmark judgment against Poland’s judicial policy in recent monthsThe European Union’s highest court has ruled that Poland broke the law when it sought to lower the retirement age for judges, in a further defeat for the country’s nationalist government.The European court of justice (ECJ) found that a 2017 policy to lower the retirement age for ordinary judges in Poland was unlawful because it gave too much power to the executive, and ruled that a decision ...
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Scarier Than Halloween: Polish Government Legalizes Involuntary ‘Donation’ Of Embryos

This has created a grim situation for 'non-traditional' families.
Tags: Law, Family law, Poland, Ellen Trachman, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF, Assisted Repro

Poland changed its laws regarding IVF, denying women access to their own embryos

IVF had been available in Poland for years, but, as Anna Louie Sussman explains for The New Yorker, it became a wedge issue: Anti-IVF rhetoric takes a number of forms. Polish politicians and religious leaders have sometimes described IVF using nationalistic overtones that scholars have connected to a resurgent anti-Semitism. Catholic media routinely depict children conceived through IVF as unnatural and genetically suspect; in a survey of Polish articles about IVF children, Radkowska-Walkowicz f...
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