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Britain must reset its compass, from housing to wages, says archbishop of York

Stephen Cottrell says the nation has learned to live with wrongs when it should be trying to change themBritain needs to reset its compass in a political climate in which “we’ve learned to accommodate things that we know are wrong”, the archbishop of York has said.Stephen Cottrell, who was enthroned in October, told the Observer: “Our compass has slipped; we’ve allowed ourselves to believe that things can’t change, that this is just the way the world is. Politics has, I think, shrunk. There’s a ...
Tags: Housing, Religion, Society, UK News, Poverty, Homelessness, Britain, Social exclusion, Christianity, Anglicanism, York, Stephen Cottrell

Doctors fear new child mental health crisis in UK, made worse by Covid

Surge in cases expected as schools reopen and charities report 70% rise in demand for services A surge in child mental health cases is expected to emerge as schools reopen next week, amid warnings of a “crisis on top of a crisis” hitting vulnerable children during the pandemic.Paediatricians, psychologists and charitable groups providing mental health support all told the Observer they were seeing increasing demand and warned of another surge as lockdown is lifted. Several reported longer waitin...
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The Glasgow Effect: examining the city's life expectancy gap – a photo essay

Documentary photographer Kirsty Mackay examines the causes of the ‘Glasgow Effect’ in a highly personal project. She looks at Glasgow’s excess mortality in comparison to the UK average and shifts the focus from the individual to government policy.The Fish That Never Swam will be published as a book later this year.In Glasgow people’s lives are cut short: male life expectancy in Possil is 66, in Penilee three young people took their own lives within the space of one week this June, suicide in Gla...
Tags: UK, Scotland, Society, UK News, Poverty, Culture, Art and design, Glasgow, Inequality, Westminster Continue, Kirsty Mackay, Possil, Penilee

From dealing drugs to delivering food: Pastor Mick on Burnley's Covid crisis – video report

Pastor Mick Fleming has devoted all of his time in this lockdown to supporting the poorest communities in Burnley. But his life hasn’t always been this way. He tells us how he swapped a life of crime ​for delivering food parcels​ seven days a week, holding funerals for free and counselling people through drug relapses. He says the suffering of the poorest people in his town should make society deeply uncomfortableMick's Church on the Street charity: the UK and ...
Tags: UK, Australia, Drugs, US, Society, UK News, Poverty, Ireland, Social exclusion, Burnley, Mick, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Lifeline, Mick Fleming

Seeking the west coast of Yorkshire | Brief letters

Charity coffers | David Cameron | Hard crosswords | Yorkshire | Johnson’s journalism | Vaccine passportsBefore asking for government bailouts (UK charities urgently call on PM to set up emergency fund, 17 February), big charities should spend their own reserves. Cancer Research UK entered the pandemic with over £300m in the bank; the National Trust had £320m. I would urge everybody to be as generous as possible to charities, but choose carefully. You don’t want to see your hard-earned gift being...
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Failure to enact public duty law 'has worsened England inequality in pandemic'

Exclusive: government urged to activate part of Equality Act that would impose duty on public bodies to tackle inequalityCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe failure of successive governments to enact part of the Equality Act, which would have imposed a duty to address socio-economic disadvantage, has exacerbated inequalities in England during the coronavirus pandemic, a thinktank has claimed.The Runnymede Trust’s report, Facts Don’t Lie, says that the public sector du...
Tags: Politics, England, Society, UK News, Poverty, Social exclusion, Local Government, Inequality, Equality Act 2010, School meals, Runnymede Trust, Coronavirus

'A pandemic of abuses': human rights under attack during Covid, says UN head

Exclusive: Freedoms have been crushed and free speech impeded by governments around the world, says António GuterresThe world is facing a “pandemic of human rights abuses”, the UN secretary general António Guterres has said.Authoritarian regimes had imposed drastic curbs on rights and freedoms and had used the virus as a pretext to restrict free speech and stifle dissent. Continue reading...
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Human rights in the time of Covid: 'a pandemic of abuses’, says UN head

Exclusive: The ‘biggest international crisis in generations’ has rolled back years of progress and been used as a pretext to crackdown on freedoms, says António GuterresThe world is facing a “pandemic of human rights abuses”, the UN secretary general António Guterres has said.Authoritarian regimes had imposed drastic curbs on rights and freedoms and had used the virus as a pretext to restrict free speech and stifle dissent. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Human Rights, Society, World news, Poverty, United Nations, Global development, World Health Organization, Un, World Bank, Inequality, Antonio Guterres, Coronavirus, António GuterresThe

The number of people in need is frightening – we need a global response | Axel van Trotsenburg

We can rise to the challenge of a green, resilient and inclusive recovery from Covid, but only if critical changes are madeThe numbers are well-publicised but bear repeating. Around 120 million more people were pushed into extreme poverty in 2020, a number that could rise to 150 million in 2021. An estimated 250 million jobs have been lost around the world, and the number of people affected by acute food insecurity was estimated to have doubled to 272 million by the end of last year. A decade of...
Tags: Health, Gender, Education, Society, World news, Poverty, Global development, Food Security, Debt relief, Coronavirus, COVID, Axel van Trotsenburg

One year of COVID-19: What will we learn?

The US is approaching 500,000 COVID-19 deaths. What can we learn from one year of loss and chaos?The lessons are clear. Among them are realizing our fragility as a species, our codependence as humans, and the urgent need to move beyond social injustice and inequity.As with the Renaissance following the Black Plague of the 14th century and the explosive creativity of the 1920s post Spanish influenza, this is our turn to redefine the course of history. Let's not mess this up. It's been almost a y...
Tags: Science, Environment, US, Society, Poverty, History, Earth, Cnn, Virus, Innovation, Inequality, Humanity, Coronavirus, COVID

Activist Catherine Flowers: the poor living amid sewage is 'the final monument of the Confederacy'

In rural Alabama where Martin Luther King marched for civil rights, Flowers has waged a long fight for environmental justiceHave you faced sanitation issues? We want to hear from youCatherine Flowers stumbled upon the defining cause of her life by accident. She was working as an economic consultant for Lowndes county, the historic African American community through which the Selma to Montgomery marchers passed in 1965, lighting a flame under the civil rights movement. Continue reading...
Tags: Environment, Alabama, Society, World news, US news, Poverty, Pollution, Selma, Martin Luther King, Montgomery, Catherine Flowers

'Fighting for life': Bangladesh shrimp farmers destitute in wake of cyclone

Natural disaster compounded by the collapse of a lucrative export during the pandemic has thrust people into povertyThis time last year the west coast of Bangladesh was a thriving place for shrimp farmers. It was a decent enough living and there was a healthy export market.Majnu Sardar, who lives in Koyra upazila (administrative region) in Khulna district, used to earn enough to feed, clothe and educate his family of six. Now they are living in a small mud hut, with a canopy of leaves as a roof,...
Tags: Society, World news, Poverty, Hunger, South and Central Asia, Infectious Diseases, Global development, Bangladesh, Food Security, Natural Disasters, Khulna, Coronavirus, Majnu Sardar, Koyra, Kapotaksha River

How Covid could be the 'long overdue' shake-up needed by the aid sector

Analysis: as need outstrips funding, experts are making the case for overhauling ‘old-fashioned’ donor-recipient narrativesCoronavirus – latest updatesRead more in the series: The return of extreme povertyThis year one in every 33 people across the world will need humanitarian assistance. That is a rise of 40% from last year, according to the UN. More than half of the countries requiring aid to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic are already in protracted crises, coping with conflict or natu...
Tags: Gender, Africa, Women, Society, World news, Poverty, Hunger, Infectious Diseases, Aid, Global development, Un, Humanitarian response, Women in politics, Inequality, African Union, Inequality and development

Rishi Sunak is paying Covid bills off the backs of the poor. It shames our country | Gordon Brown

A savage reversal of aid is happening at the very moment people need our help most. MPs must join together to stop itNothing shames our country more than the Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, paying the bills for Covid off the backs of the poor – at home and abroad.He has recently pushed off his plan to cut £20 a week from the already low universal credit paid to 6 million of Britain’s poorest families. Continue reading...
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Deaths among Rome's rough sleepers surge as shelters turn many away due to Covid

About 3,000 homeless people in Italian capital sleep on the streets every nightCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageMore people are sleeping on the streets in Rome after being turned away from shelters due to coronavirus restrictions, while the number of homeless people dying from the cold has surged this winter.There are about 8,000 homeless people in the Italian capital, of whom 3,000 have no shelter for the night, according to figures provided by the Catholic charity Co...
Tags: Europe, Housing, Communities, Society, World news, Poverty, Rome, Homelessness, Social exclusion, Italy, Coronavirus, Catholic charity Community of Sant

Malawi sex workers protest at 'targeted police brutality' after Covid-19 curfew

Petition urges government to extend closing times for bars as women go hungry and are forced to skip HIV medicationCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageDozens of sex workers took to the streets of Malawi’s capital Lilongwe on Thursday to protest against what they described as “targeted police brutality” following new Covid-19 restrictions.The protests were led by the Female Sex Workers Association (FSWA), which has about 120,000 members across the country, according to its...
Tags: Africa, Society, World news, Poverty, Global development, Sex trade, Malawi, Lilongwe, Coronavirus, Female Sex Workers Association FSWA, Zinenani Majawa

EU 'not fit for purpose' to reduce poverty in Europe, says UN envoy

Brexit risks exacerbating poverty issues, says human rights envoy after two-month investigationThe European Union is “not fit for purpose” in the task of reducing poverty in Europe and Brexit risks exacerbating the problem, the UN’s special envoy on human rights has said after a two-month investigation.Prof Olivier De Schutter, who was given access to senior officials across the bloc’s institutions, said the EU’s “constitutional framework” was driving a race to the bottom in corporation and inco...
Tags: Europe, Eu, European Union, Society, UK News, World news, Poverty, Social exclusion, United Nations, Un, Brexit, Olivier De Schutter

‘They use old cloths’: Sri Lanka to give schoolgirls free period products

In a country where women often still resort to rags as sanitary towels, campaigners are trying to break down a damaging tabooIn a village school near the beach, Koshala Dilrukshi teaches English to students from Uswetakeiyawa, a Sri Lankan fishing village. On most days, Dilrukshi says, some of the girls in her class will be missing. They go absent when they have their periods.It’s not uncommon throughout Sri Lanka. More than half of the adolescents responding to a Unicef study in 2015 did not wa...
Tags: Education, Women, Society, Poverty, South and Central Asia, Global development, Unicef, Sri Lanka, Menstruation, Koshala Dilrukshi, Uswetakeiyawa, Dilrukshi

Covid leaves Boris Johnson with an expensive 'levelling down' problem

The prime minister’s promise to level up the UK north will be four times more difficult, warns thinktankCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe economic impact of Covid will leave Boris Johnson’s government with a costly “double challenge” to level-up the north and Midlands while protecting the affluent towns and cities in southern England suffering most job losses, according to a report.Warning that the prime minister’s election promise to rebalance Britain’s lopsided ec...
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Marcus Rashford: the making of a food superhero

Coaches, charity workers – and the footballer himself – reveal what drives the man who twice tackled Boris Johnson on child hunger and wonShow me the child at seven and I will show you the man, the old wisdom says. But in football terms, you never know, not really, which kids are going to make it as players at that age and which are not. Still, looking back at his memories of Marcus Rashford, Dave Horrocks, his first football coach, does remember one thing about him very clearly.Rashford had fir...
Tags: Activism, Football, Sport, Society, Poverty, Social exclusion, Food Banks, Food poverty, Boris Johnson, Children's Rights, Rashford, Marcus Rashford, Horrocks, Fletcher Moss Rangers, Marcus Rashford Dave Horrocks

Jack Monroe on food poverty and fury: 'I just wake up, look at the news, and get angry'

The cook and campaigner barely slept last week as the row raged over inadequate food parcels for kids. She discusses austerity, cronyism and why she’ll never stop fightingI speak to Jack Monroe, cook, author and campaigner, towards the end of a tumultuous week in food poverty. On Monday, a Twitter user, , posted a photo of a “hamper” she said was intended to replace her child’s free school lunches for two weeks. The provider, Chartwells, claimed it covered one week and was funded at £10.50. The...
Tags: Food, Education, Children, Society, Poverty, Social exclusion, Schools, Food poverty, Paul Walsh, Monroe, Jack Monroe, Chartwells

'I’ve tried to do this for my kids': families who took on unjust benefits decisions

In our latest report for the 2020 Guardian and Observer appeal, we talk to Child Poverty Action Group and those it has helped• Please donate to our appeal hereWhen Trudi and Gavin Scott moved back to the UK from New Zealand with their severely disabled son, Theo, in December 2016, it was the start of a “horrendous” few years of financial struggle triggered by the family being refused disability living allowance.At one point, when Gavin had to give up work to look after Theo while Trudi was recov...
Tags: UK, Human Rights, Children, Law, Benefits, Society, Poverty, Charities, Voluntary sector, New Zealand, Gavin, Observer, Theo, Trudi, Child Poverty Action Group, Gavin Scott

Bob Grose obituary

For some people, the work they do and the life they lead are in perfect alignment. My friend and colleague Bob Grose, who has died aged 71, was one of those people.He did historically important work on HIV/Aids for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Africa, and for polio, HIV and leprosy for the Overseas Development Administration (ODA, later DfID) in India. Writing for War on Want in the mid-1980s, Bob was one of the first to predict that truckers would be high-risk vectors for the HIV epid...
Tags: Health, Africa, Society, Poverty, Aid, Global development, Who, Geneva, Vaccines and immunisation, Polio, Bob, Aids and HIV, Global Health, UNAIDS, Global Programme, Bob Grose

The social determinants of health, explained

Social determinants of health, such as income and access to healthy food, affect well-being long before people may enter medical facilities. They're one reason neighborhoods in the same city can maintain life expectancy gaps larger than a decade. With growing awareness of how societal ills determine health, medical professionals and their partners are devising more holistic approaches to health. New York City is a vibrant, vivacious city. No one knows this better than the people who live on...
Tags: Health, Government, New York City, Society, Poverty, Policy, Chicago, Brooklyn, United States, Innovation, Manhattan, Health Care, OECD, Upper East Side, Inequality, Central Park

Guardian and Observer charity appeal hits £1m

More than 9,000 readers contribute to charities supporting young people through Covid crisisPlease donate to our appeal hereWith more than a week still to go, the Guardian and Observer 2020 appeal has raised an amazing £1m for its three partner charities supporting disadvantaged young people living in communities hit by the Covid pandemic.More than 9,500 readers have donated to the appeal since it launched in early December, including hundreds who called journalists to donate through the annual ...
Tags: Children, Society, UK News, Poverty, Mental Health, Social exclusion, Guardian, Child Poverty Action Group Continue, charities UK Youth YoungMinds

The Guardian charity telethon - talk to your favourite journalists

Help disadvantaged young people by calling Marina Hyde, John Crace, Jonathan Freedland and others on SaturdayPlease donate to our appeal hereIt’s your chance to discuss this extraordinary year, one-to-one, with your favourite journalists. Marina Hyde, John Crace, Jonathan Freedland, Anushka Asthana, Owen Jones and others will be taking your calls and donations at the Guardian and Observer 2020 charity appeal telethon this Saturday.This year’s appeal cause is disadvantaged young people, and we ar...
Tags: Health, UK, Children, Society, Poverty, Mental Health, Charities, Social exclusion, Voluntary sector, Young People, Marina Hyde John Crace Jonathan Freedland, Child Poverty Action Group Continue

Unicef to feed hungry children in UK for first time in 70-year history

UN agency will help fund food parcels for those affected by coronavirus crisis in Southwark, south LondonCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageUnicef has launched a domestic emergency response in the UK for the first time in its more than 70-year history to help feed children hit by the Covid-19 crisis. The UN agency, which is responsible for providing humanitarian aid to children worldwide, said the coronavirus pandemic was the most urgent crisis affecting children since t...
Tags: UK, London, Society, UK News, Poverty, Social exclusion, Food Banks, United Nations, Un, Food poverty, Unicef, Southwark, Coronavirus

'Our school had children who couldn't afford event days'

The Child Poverty Action Group helped a Dundee primary make life better for deprived families Please donate to our appeal hereIt was the “special occasions” at her children’s school that Anna (name changed) struggled with. She and her partner both work but, with four children, stumping up the cash for Halloween costumes, Christmas jumper days or pyjama days was tricky.“Sometimes we could manage, other times we couldn’t,” she said. “I’ve kept my kids off school in the past when we couldn’t afford...
Tags: Education, Society, Poverty, Teaching, Charities, Social exclusion, Voluntary sector, Dundee, Schools, Primary schools, Anna, Child Poverty Action Group

Rich countries leaving rest of the world behind on Covid vaccines, warns Gates Foundation

Deals struck by wealthy nations to secure treatments could leave the world’s poorest people unvaccinated without urgent actionCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIt could be too late for any kind of fair distribution of coronavirus vaccines because of the deals already made by rich countries, according to Mark Suzman, chief executive of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.Despite the unprecedented pace of scientific progress on the development of vaccines, he said it rema...
Tags: Health, Science, Society, World news, Poverty, Global development, Vaccines and immunisation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates Foundation, Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, Coronavirus, Mark Suzman

Covid has 'cut life expectancy in England and Wales by a year'

Exclusive: Life expectancy has regressed to 2010 levels, say scientists, with poor hardest hitCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe Covid-19 pandemic has cut life expectancy in England and Wales by roughly a year, scientists have estimated, reversing gains made since 2010.A study, conducted by Oxford researchers, found that life expectancy at birth (LEB) had fallen by 0.9 and 1.2 years for females and males relative to 2019 levels respectively. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, England, Science, Wales, Society, UK News, Poverty, Social exclusion, Oxford, Office For National Statistics, Life Expectancy, University of Oxford, Coronavirus, COVID, LEB

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